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  1. That's impossible on a bus from Ekkamai. It'll be at least 4 and more likely 4.5 or 5.
  2. Ekkamai has the government 999 buses which are much better than the Cherdchai tour buses/service. But they're not VIP. From Pattaya if you wanted to get a big bus you'd have to travel out to the main road where the bus goes past, which is at least 30-45 minutes away from Pattaya I guess. And you'd obviously have to book and pay in advance and let them know where to pick you up from. Essentially it'd be a lot of hassle. Minivans from Pattaya are easy enough, I always try and sit at the back of them, if you crash better survival rate I reckon.
  3. Yes saw a load of marigolds being set out at the front of a condo near me today. A pick-up truck full.
  4. As I said, he would have been charged, not just interviewed. The interview would have been nothing more than procedural red tape. With 8 complainants it's very likely he would have been found guilty, as well. In the past you needed evidence to charge somebody. Now you don't, you just need quantity.
  5. Of course that's only once the meat-on-a-stick carts have gone home for the night.
  6. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    I read somewhere that some hotels cannot take foreign guests - they need a special license? Anybody heard of that?
  7. Chaeng Wattana customs office for post and parcels

    Yes those options tax you everytime which is why I only use (or buy from people using) normal airmail (Thaipost). Then you just have to cross your fingers Chaeng Wattana don't get their hands on it. From my limited experience with the couriers like the ones you mentioned, they make the payment process easy. You don't have to go anywhere, you can pay on the doorstep, and I think you can even pay online. The customs office could do the same but choose not to.
  8. depends what you look like and how desperate they are, doesn't it.
  9. With that amount of complaints he would have been charged, not just interviewed.
  10. Shoot them and sell the corpses to the Vietnamese. These things live a pitiful existence and are a pest. If you can't kill them, at least neuter them.
  11. Even after clicking the link I have no idea what the volunteers are expected to do. Man food and drinks stalls?
  12. Chaeng Wattana customs office for post and parcels

    Let's say you are a regular Thai person, you can't afford 800 baht on taxis so you have to go by public transport. Is it reasonable to expect them to take a day off work (lost earnings of at least 500 baht for most) and spend 200 baht just to get there and back? I assume Chaeng Wattana covers the whole of BKK so it would apply even for people living out near Bang Na and Bearing. Add an extra 30-60 minutes on and an extra few baht each way for those guys. It's ridiculous to the point that it becomes prohibitive unless the parcel has significant value.
  13. Not necessarily a troll but the views are extreme enough to be considered nonsense by most. It's arguably stupid riding a motorbike here. I can at least agree to disagree with that. But the part about taking kids away from their families who are doing their best to provide for them, is way off the extremity scale.
  14. Chaeng Wattana customs office for post and parcels

    The gripe is that I have to travel so far. Once you have spent half a day getting there and back the other inconveniences bother you more than they might usually. The actual process at the office once I have got there is unnecessarily bureaucratic, but I have no complaints about the actual collection of the taxes. Yes, I think postmen should collect import duty to save everybody a trip, it makes perfect sense. After all they all work for and are paid by the same government and are going to your house anyway.
  15. The money is huge really isn't it, relatively at least. It's the difference between borderline poverty and the top 5% earners. Your lifestyle would completely change. If I was a Thai girl I'd be tempted.