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  1. Sorry to be a pedant but a trial would only happen if he plead not guilty.
  2. That's detection times, I assume how long you can detect it in your system. Nothing to do with prison unless I'm missing something.
  3. So if it is bail it is refundable, right?
  4. Koh Tao isn't expensive for a foreigner; hostels from 200 baht a night and rice dishes from 50 baht.
  5. There is no court on Tao. If you remember when the two British kids were murdered, their supposed murderers were tried in Samui.
  6. I don't see the problem. Hitchhiking is common in most countries. In Thailand in the national parks it's completely normal to hitchhike and most pick-ups offer lifts if they see somebody walking. Even outside the national parks when I've found myself stuck at a pier or something with no public transport in sight, I've started walking and within a few minutes been offered a lift, usually for free. When I see somebody walking and I'm driving I do the same. Hitchhiking isn't the same as begging on the street.
  7. As an aside Koh Tao seems pretty hot on drugs. I was on the island way out near Mango Bay, the road is basically deserted, miles from Sairee beach and I was offered 'weed' by a random Thai guy. The only other time I've been openly offered drugs in Thailand was at Railay in Krabi at a bar. The people selling it really seem to have no worries that they might be caught, and you can probably assume from that they have some sort of protection and/or are in on it with the police. Drugs checks on Tao are common as well, coming out of Sairee, also some of the quieter roads, I was with a Thai both times and they had no interest in searching the Thai; only searching me, the foreigner. Always no interest in helmets or licenses, just drugs.
  8. All previous reports on this sort of situation when people have paid money up front state that it has made no difference and they have lost the money. But, maybe they will let him go once money has been paid, who knows. If it goes to court the police are going to get nothing. I would offer them 10,000 now and another 10 when he's been released from the police station. 49,000 would be too much for me to consider paying, I'd just wait for the court hearing, but other people have different outlooks on life/are richer than I am. If it goes to court the fine will likely be significantly lower but I don't know how fast that process it - maybe it could take a long time. I wouldn't listen to any advice the police give about bail or how long it would take or about anything else because they will lie or exaggerate to suit their agenda. Embassy advice should be listened to as they have experience dealing in such matters and have no reason to lie. By the way, are we all assuming he won't go to jail for this? I know it's cannabis not meth but even so, drugs in Thailand are dealt with pretty harshly. If jail is a possibility, particularly if any sentence is likely to be months rather than days, I'd be more inclined to pay the 49,000 and hope for the best.
  9. For men who have sex with men it's free, apparently.
  10. Thailand is at least a generation away from reducing plastic bottle usage. Only first world countries have water that's drinkable out of the tap. Thailand is not anywhere near a first world country yet. You have to do what is realistically possible first, which Thailand is doing.
  11. They aren't miniscule. They cover beaches and inland areas. What do you suggest they do, ban plastic bottles?
  12. Why? There are lots of cigarette butts on the beaches. The authorities don't want them there so ban smoking on beaches. Seems sensible to me. Same like national parks have banned foam. Same like the plastic on the top of water bottles is being phased out. Thailand is doing something about its rubbish problem, but the doomsayers on TV don't want to recognise it as that would spoil their narrative.
  13. What type of snake is this ?

    Agree. Kukri snake. Short stubby heads.
  14. I run a lot, some road races, some trail races. I get the injuries from running, usually my leg not foot. I've found that you have to rest it for more than you think; weeks rather than days. It can be tempting when it starts to feel okay again to start running again, but when I've done that the injury has flared up again. Proper stretching before and after running is important but not some stretches for some types of injuries (hamstrings?) as that might make it worse. Running on sand is good advice. Running on a slight incline too (especially on treadmills). If you do trail running, the downhill part is hard on the legs because of the impact. And obviously buy some decent branded running shoes and replace them when they start to wear out. This can get expensive if you run a lot for long distances and especially if you run trail races - one 70km trail run can totally destroy a new pair of trainers.
  15. Where to buy inflatable kayak?

    Thanks, cheapest kayak/SUP is about 9000 on there and the website doesn't seem to work anyway, there's no add to cart button. I can get an Intex inflatable kayak for 3500 on eBay plus 2500 shipping. Trying to buy locally to avoid the shipping charge but can't find anything competitively priced on Lazada etc. It's to use on Khao Sok lake. I wanted a packraft actually but I can't justify the price, I'd rather carry the extra kgs than spend 5 times as much.