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  1. I've been through this process and did the PIN thing the same as you describe. That was months ago and no issues since. I'm from the UK and it's always drummed into you never to type your pin anywhere on the internet or tell it to anybody on a phonecall. Seems Thailand is different. Also the SCB pin is 6 digits, I'm used to 4-digit pins.
  2. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I disagree with the speak like men part. They ALL speak weird, their voice is halfway between a man and woman and it's clearly unnatural. The voice is always the giveaway. I don't even bother to check their feet or how tall they are, I just wait for their mouth to open.
  3. Cheap GPS?

    Why don't you want to use a phone, out of interest? It seems to me GPS devices are made almost obsolete by the emergence of the GPS apps.
  4. Truck/Mover to Move a King Sized Mattress

    I was trying to do the same, just about 1-2km though, so only a 20-minute job. I just couldn't carry it. I carried a fridge by myself and a bunch of other stuff but the mattress is not carry-able. In the end I went to the local songtaew parking lot and someone there charged me 500 baht to put it on the roof. Far too expensive but I was out of options and needed it moved that day. I moaned a bit but he wasn't budging from 500.
  5. A 'small hamburger with lettuce' is clearly not the same as a full plate of rice with fresh seafood, is it?
  6. Good grief. A lot of drugs are no worse than alcohol. I take it you don't drink?
  7. Not sure where you're eating. At any local market or food court the average rice dish is 30 baht and the average seafood rice dish is 50 baht. The portions are generally large as well.
  8. "If the experts have decided that this is an incurable behavior, the why not life in prison? " Because it is a mental condition. Not a choice. Also bear in mind that there are reports that this guy was off his face on drugs. The same drugs that has made people eat other people's faces. I very much doubt that if not on drugs those people would want to eat another human face. So that raises the possibility that it is possible to rape a child whilst you are high on drugs, when ordinarily you would have no sexual desire for children.
  9. nasanews a neolithic caveman could come up with better arguments than this. The guy understands what you're saying he just thinks it's stupid.
  10. For the same reason as 99% of numbers, prices and dates that are written in Thailand are written in roman numerals and not Thai script?
  11. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I'm not talking about bar girls, sorry that wasn't very clear.
  12. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I agree and I think most of us think the same. It sort of suits everyone. The hi so girls don't really want us. And we don't want them. The lo-so girls want us and we want them too. Partly because they're easier but I think mostly because they're more easy going, more fun and more real.
  13. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    They're like crocodiles, they feed of whatever morsel happens to come their way, because they don't know how many months until the next meal. Crocodiles can survive for years without food, and months without fresh water. Just waiting there. Eyes resting on the bar top. The rest of them submerged behind the counter. Then Jonny comes in asking for directions to the post office and SNAP, jaws clench shut with 5000 pounds of metric force before rows of razor sharp teeth tear wallet from clothing.
  14. Illegal entrant claims dual citizenship at border

    It does make sense. Every news is breaking, when it breaks. Definition from Google: (of news or a scandal) suddenly become public. 'News suddenly becoming public' is exactly what this (and every other news story) is. Of course it's clickbait, but that doesn't mean it isn't breaking.
  15. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    That's why a lot of them go to to work there. Their friend tells them it's a great way to meet somebody and make money at the same time, and it sounds like a great idea. So off they go to Pattaya or BKK or Bangla Road. Of course the ones looking for a relationship (which isn't all of them) won't be interested in a certain type of farang, and that's probably why those men disagree with the above quote, because in their bubble it never happens - the girls just aren't interested in them.