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  1. Where to get a USB stick fixed/soldered in BKK?

    Went to their drop-off location today and there's nothing there to do with data recovery, just a few condo/apartment buildings, restaurants and a bar. Emailed them and no response either.
  2. Why does this concern you? There are excuses made for the subject of every single thread on Thaivisa. Why should the abusers of a 15 year old girl not be allowed excuses? You have absolutely no idea if they all knew she was 15, and it's entirely plausible that (some) of them didn't. If you find basic logic concerning then your grievance seems to be of your own making.
  3. Often the pitchfork mob make up things because they would have no use for their pitchforks otherwise.
  4. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    Are you sure they're still there? Often tripadvisor will remove the review, but leave the rating, so you might be unaware that it no longer exists. And how many negative reviews have you left? You'd need to leave a few. I don't have any stats but as a complete guess, maybe about 1 in 10 are removed and it might depend how severe the reviews are. A negative review saying "i didn't really like it here, wouldn't go again" is probably not going to be challenged by either the company concerned nor tripadvisor themselves, because it's passive and impossible to argue against. Anything that could be remotely described as defamatory is more likely to be challenged and thus removed.
  5. It's already been scientifically proven the optimum age for attractiveness is in your late teens and early twenties. So who are these guys kidding (I'm assuming they're straight) when they try and say they don't have any sexual attraction to 18 year old girls?
  6. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    And the vast majority of the people will not reply to TA, because people don't check their emails or use the same email account anymore (or marked as junk etc) or because they simply can't be bothered to. So the owner of the business can get many reviews removed simply by asking TA to remove them.
  7. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    There is a reason for everything, though isn't there. They remove reviews when they don't want the hassle of dealing with the fallout. It's a reason, sure, but it's a reason that makes a mockery of the entire purpose of a review site.
  8. Prolific liars maybe but I wouldn't say expert.
  9. Which is exactly what I am saying. Who needs to read/what are you even talking about?
  10. Plenty of people in this thread saying they probably had no idea they had any cocaine in their bags. Aren't they apologists?
  11. If you go to Koh Lanta national park, the national park staff there will come out to the tour boats to collect the ticket money. Guess how they get there? Jetskis.
  12. Have you ever had sex with an 18 year old girl? I know I have. Now take a 15 year old girl and make her look 18 (if she doesn't look it already), don't tell the guy she's 15, then let him have sex with her. Why is that sick? The forced prostitution thing is illegal and wrong I agree, but the guy would not be 'sick' in that instance as he would not be acting on any desire to sleep with children. Too many people are too quick to start shouting paedophile from the rooftops. Fair enough if it's a prepubescent child, but otherwise, you have no idea what she looks like.
  13. I think the sort of examples posted in the article are just as likely to happen when you meet people in real life, if not more likely. I don't see this as an online issue. The article has just taken 2 instances that coincidentally involved people that met other people online.
  14. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    Tripadvisor is a joke. They don't publish a lot of bad reviews. They remove reviews when the owner complains about them because they don't want lawsuits. They don't monitor their own forum, allowing users to report any posts they like with or without reason - 2 or 3 reports and the post is removed automatically. It effectively means anybody with too much spare time on their hands can single-handedly remove as many posts as they like. Their attraction listings are a total mess with incorrect locations, addresses, pictures. Fake reviews are just the tip of the iceberg.