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  1. dfdgfdfdgs

    63 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    Why would they be in on it? Not hard to walk across the border.
  2. It changes nothing now but it would have changed something if he'd seen sense beforehand. The part about chess was tongue in cheek... I have no idea what 70 year olds do. Whatever it is it has to be more interesting than being dead, though.
  3. If you don't smoke or drink (and don't have any other vices) then 250 is more than enough. That's 3 healthy pork/chicken rice or noodle dishes a day with water, some fresh fruit, and the rest on rent and electric/water/internet. Transport to work shouldn't be more than 50 baht a day if you don't live miles away from your workplace. Most westerners in Thailand keep their western lifestyle so spend way more than they need to on food.
  4. dfdgfdfdgs

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    That Pattaya park is nice actually, it surprised me. But then the only drawback is you have to live in Pattaya.
  5. It's a cute post but why give them money. Let them make their own. Thailand is not that poor. They can make 500 baht a day quite easily and live on half of that. If they choose to give the rest to their family, well that's their business. They're not going to be homeless or destitute. Better to find a girl who can support herself, plenty out there.
  6. But the last two were his own fault for giving way too much money to a worthless whore. He had a decent pension anyway. 68 is better than being dead. You can do lots of fun things when you are 68. Like play chess. And watch football. And he had a new, better missus by the sounds of it. Lots to live for.
  7. Well, this one was either suicide, murder, or an accident. Let's play spin the wheel.
  8. dfdgfdfdgs

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    That area around Lumpini isn't really bustling, it's more of a business district type of area. For real Thai community places with lots of streetfood and markets you want somewhere cheaper that the Thais can afford en masse, like Phra Khanong/Onnut or Udom Suk (both not too far from Rama 9 park but traffic around that park/area is really bad and there's no BTS/MRT so you have to rely on songtaews/buses/taxis). Places like Huai Khwang and Lat Phrao areas are real Thai places but don't fit your needs of a park nearby. The other 2 parks in central Bangkok are Benjasiri (Phrom Phong) and Benjakiti (Asoke) but neither are on or near 'bustling' roads. I always found that park at Mochit that others have mentioned to be a bit of a rundown area, and kind of far from the middle of Bangkok if we talk about the middle as Siam/Sukhumvit/Silom. But it is bustling I guess. You could try apartments on or near Silom Road, that road has lots of streetfood and decent nightlife and it's next to Lumpini. Not many condos on that road I don't think, mostly shophouses and offices and a few guesthouses. I don't know how familiar you are with Bangkok but you might be underestimating how convenient the BTS and MRT lines are. They can get you to a park within 5-10 minutes even if you stay a few stations away, so you can stay in a bustling area and commute to the park cheaply. I stay at Onnut and go to Benjasiri park regularly, takes 10-15 minutes or so on the BTS including waiting time for 30 baht and if outside of peak hours when the traffic is quieter I get the bus for a few baht. If you wanted Lumpini that has both MRT and BTS connections so you could pick pretty much any station within 3-4 stops of the park. It opens up a much bigger area to search in.
  9. The link is in a foreign language, presumably Norwegian, and the rest of the post was made by a random poster, not by any kind of official source. "Also other Norwegians living in Thailand been warning the embassy and the police that the man is still abusing kids , he also admit to a bar owner when he was drunk he had unprotected sex with a little girl!" Does it specifically say that above in the link text? Or is this just random crap posted by an anonymous person with no evidence.
  10. For the second time, I'm not defending this guy.
  11. That could have been 40 years before he contracted HIV for all you know. A condom would work fine with or without medication. If it can be proven that he had unprotected sex whilst he had HIV, then it is relevant. If that is not the case then it isn't relevant. Since there is no evidence or suggestion that he committed any offence against a child (or anyone) in Thailand, then it is not relevant. He was targeted by police because of his past history, the Thai authorites have only just been made aware of his history.
  12. Possessing child porn in Thailand is a criminal offence.
  13. I'm defending people with HIV from being called 'worthless pieces of shit' and 'maggots', I'm not necessarily defending the guy in the OP but in any case, his medical condition (HIV) is irrelevant to the story, unless there is some evidence to suggest recent sexual contact with children, of which there is none. His other medical condition (being attracted to children) doesn't make him a worthless piece of shit or a maggot either. You can argue acting on his impulses by donwloading indecent images of children does, but that's not the same thing.
  14. When talking about Thai/farang couples, most 20-something year olds with university-type girls their own age don't pay sinsot.