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  1. The Canuck application is straight forward, thorough, but nothing out of the ordinary (I do/did the applications for them). Yes, we travel back and forth often. Coming and going for them is absolutely painless (except for the 20 hour flight and finding a suitable papaya for som tam). Carrying B20K is a funny requirement, I do, but have never been asked to show it. Yip, the financial hoops, reporting requirements, future uncertainties and available neighboring paradise(s), have me on the verge of nudging the wife: Lets blow this Popsicle stand and let the Chinese finish salting the fields....
  2. Yip, my wife and her son have 5 year Canadian Visas, no additional paperwork, no reporting, no grief. I'm envious of them (and choked with the hoops I go through here).
  3. This is more about securing cheap oil, than it is environmental issues. Canadian oil prices are being pummeled/manipulated by American lobbyists. "Brent oil price, considered the global benchmark, has surged above $85 US per barrel. In the U.S., West Texas Intermediate cruised past $75 US. But in Alberta, Western Canada Select is stuck at $35 US per barrel." Our government (Canadian) has no balls (or ovaries for the pc), nothing to negotiate with, and no one with the acumen to slam the door on oil exports to the US. Oil terminals on the west coast, would drastically change competitiveness, the pricing shenanigans, and pressure the US behave (a bit).
  4. CanuckThai

    English speaking lawyer in Khon Kaen.

    I have a good English speaking lawyer in Khon Kaen. Sent you a message.
  5. CanuckThai

    Do you enjoy McIntosh Apples?

    I agree, it would be nice to have them in stores here. Hope anyone that might see them available somewhere, leaves a post...
  6. Apparently IO's can take on any crime deemed "BJ" and photo op worthy. Big Joke just cruises, and skims the juicy offenses activity? He must be loved by honest BiB digging and pounding the streets, working their asses off (if there is such thing), and have it scooped by immigration....
  7. Oh well, they tried their best. Maybe give the teaching, medical .....or wait! I heard rumors there's fast cash in bus and truck brake repairs...
  8. CanuckThai

    Entire Japanese island disappears as government launches rescue mission

    Be scared, this has Goldmember written all over it.....
  9. No nasty Visa issues here, but I am in Ho Chi Minh right now, trying it on for size. The fit is good, I like it. I have a 90 day multi entry, to try it a few more times, and bring the wife along to sniff around. I think of it, as I think of Thai Air, with my fuse for BS on its "nth" half life...a plan B, C or D is a good thing
  10. CanuckThai

    Avocado experience any one else seen this

    Looks like a good find...I'm envious
  11. The action of bouncing funds around, between here (los) to anywhere else is simple. Costs depend on your abilities , resources (bank acc's, trading acc's, forex, ecoin acc's...etc) and how transparent (or not) you require it . The more handholding you need, the more you pay (as with everything). Everyone and their soi dog is lined up to take your fee and transfer your funds (they love to see sweaty, mouth breathing farang).
  12. CanuckThai

    Avocado experience any one else seen this

    I've given up on my potential avocado splurges here. The Thai version (big, watery, tasteless) don't do it for me. More often than not, the Hass are buggered. Surprising that even back home, the Hass are in much better (perfect) condition, and ripen nicely on a counter, ....not here. I created an avocado fiend (the wife), she now shops for them and tries her luck, success rate is low, ugly and nasty looking flesh in no time (same as OP). Lived/worked in Chile and Peru a few years ago....spoiled by fresh avocados and roadside charcoal baked bread (white towel ladies when fresh). Big sigh...
  13. Might be interesting if they poke around a bit, clarify the story and a few facts. Apparently the "Thai Business Manager" has some involvement. Not that a majority Thai business partner would ever cause grief....
  14. CanuckThai

    ANUSARN MARKET Another nail in the coffin

    Yeah, I'm an occasional smoker, but never sit in smoking area or purposely choose a venue with indoor smoking. Go outside, away from anyone/everyone for a smoke, sure. I can also appreciate the putrid stench of ripe durian (while eating it), but really don't have the urge to bask in it......in a tightly enclosed area