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  1. Now don't be selfish, make sure you post a selfie, letting people know how you're feeling, with multiple "emoji". Maybe a cat or dog in the background as well.... (doesn't necessarily have to be yours)
  2. Ahhh, of course, wind and rain will be a cure all. Water quality samples and testing of lakes, reservoirs, rivers and popular beaches will be a testament, that air pollution is in good hands. Trade in your family's styling HEPA masks, for sexy chemical or dry suits for good, clean family fun at the beach.
  3. CanuckThai

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Water polishing: The term water polishing can refer to any process that removes small (usually microscopic) particulate material, or removes very low concentrations of dissolved material from water.
  4. CanuckThai

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    I can pick up the taste of impurities and process chemistry in many of the local bottled water brands. One of the best I've found, for a decently "polished" bottled water is "H2O" brand (clear bottle, blue writing/graphics).
  5. That's the way to do it...
  6. RIP to the departed. This is the LOS, so smile, just smile and have a happy Monday.
  7. I don't see why all the negativity is pointed at the victim. He stashed a few Euro in clothes (pant pocket, sock, who knows), in a wardrobe, in his condo. He noticed it missing, requested CCTV footage, told the police. Who doesn't have cash kicking around for an emergency or a planned (or unplanned) purchase?
  8. CanuckThai

    Woman’s body found in cupboard in Chon Buri river

    I must admit, some Thai lady's are very talented. This one would have had Houdini bedazzled, with being able to "securely tie the cupboard with rope", from the inside, whilst sitting on her 20kg rock.
  9. CanuckThai

    PM’s office open for Children’s Day

    Well, he's got to face questions or some form of communication from the public at some point. Best keeping it simple out of the gate.
  10. I hear there's a new laser dick whitening gear being introduced, and not to mention the new grab host/hostess app about to launch. Nay sayers and curmudgeons, the lot of you.
  11. CanuckThai

    Anyone Know About Eczema?

    There is a shampoo called Nizoral available here. Works wonders on affected areas. Cheap, and a successful alternative to "tar" shampoos and other irritated skin cleansing products. It works...
  12. Rip I hope he hasn't started a trend, when being denied a taxi.
  13. Arresting 1 or 101, all it does is create a graft vacuum for those lurking in the shadows. Logging, Yaba, land, fishing, vehicles, karaoke bars, massage shops, money laundering, loan sharks, immigration, welfare, justice system, education.......... Forget it, too many involved, at all levels, in absolutely everything. They're just going with the flow.