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  1. Notice how the type gets smaller for the other languages. Maybe should be the other way round. Press a button for your language and listen to the message. Easy for any sensible <deleted>.
  2. Now days there is no need to say "why didn't they write in Thai?" All these signs should be electronic with a button for any language they (anyone) want/s. Get yourself into 2017 Yellowstone!! Good job there were not mushrooms growing nearby!
  3. Tottenham Thread

    I can't agree with you there RP. There are only two comp's worth bothering about and that is EPL and Ch Lg. The Milk Cup is for the youngsters and the Fart Cup is for the second and third string. Any other trophies can be looked after by the academy. There are enough bodies at the club; (although I wouldn't say no to Sessignon). We can do without Barclay; a step in the wrong direction for me. Just not good enough for Spurs at this time. Rather go to the lower divisions. Just don't get injured during training lads.
  4. Fun!! The cats keep the rats away. No rats - no snakes. They do take an interest in the Koi. https://youtu.be/JMfrypNLLXU Sometimes there are a dozen or so on the pier just observing.
  5. Worst Joke Ever

    Three nuns were at the gates of heaven. St Gabriel was in charge of the induction. "Now ladies I want you to know the procedure. God has entrusted me to vet you. As you can imagine all sorts find their way here and he has to make sure you are worthy of your place in heaven. Now the theme today is the 'Garden of Eden' and I'm going to ask each of you a question. If your answer is correct you are OK. Wrong answer, or a don't know, and you are off 'down below' with Lucifer and his crew." "Now who is going first?" One of the nuns steps forward. "Ok dear, tell me 'who was the first man in the Garden of Eden?'" "Ooh, that's an easy one; it was Adam!" "Correct; come on in." "Who is next?" Second nun steps up. "Now tell me 'who was the first woman in the Garden of Eden?'" "Ooh that's an easy one; her name was Eve" "Correct; come on in." "Now you my dear. When Eve first saw Adam in the garden of Eden what were the first words she uttered?" The nun had a puzzled look on her face. "Ooh, that's a hard one." "Correct come on in. 100% today; the boss will be pleased!"
  6. The wife's brother got drunk and started getting rowdy (still lives with mum at 33). When I arrived back from the farm at 6-30 this evening the mother was at our house. The wife told me the story about the excess low cow drinking and that she will stay 'til tomorrow. And guess what; the mother being here has transformed Mrs Owl from a hissing, snarling witch into a normal person; nice even!! Strange life sometimes. I've made my bed and anyway I've a lovely daughter, a pond full of Koi carp and 32 (tonight's count) cats to look after.
  7. Tottenham Thread

    How times have changed. I started watching Spurs the year before 'the double' year. The year they got the double they only used 16 (if I recall correctly) players for a long season. You could put money on knowing the same team week in and week out. Tactical changes were unheard of. The only time regulars did not play was due to injury. The other top teams were probably similar.
  8. Tottenham Thread

    And I reckon he ill have more on-the-pitch minutes, over the course of a season than Coutinho due to his style. I tried to get Erikson in all my FF tearms.
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Good start. I see everything coming together at last. Quality manager. Extensive back room set up. Ground development. Good players. Sound finances. Alli was the best player outside the EPL the year before going to Spurs. Good for them to have gotten him. There are others that Spurs should be looking at too. (They probably are!!) Pundits are also talking about Spurs games as being the most eagerly waited. For years, back in the 1960s, the biggest game of the season was Spurs v Man Utd. As for Newcastle; a second string outfit for many years.
  10. Daughter on the left. Mrs Owl on the left.
  11. Big war this morning. I think Thai wives try to hide things away rather than come clean when they think they are in the wrong; maybe to avoid confrontation. Who knows?! The wife wanted to go to the little market on the Mcycle. It's only 2K away. No prob's there but she then said "no benzine." That's strange, I thought, only two days before I put 3 litres in. "Where is the petrol dear?" "I don't know!" I sensed a change in the voice. "Someone has used the bike and gone a fair way on it. It must have been you yesterday. It's OK, I'll put some in" "I don't know who use bike!, why you keep ask me? You want trouble?!" "Well I reckon the bike has done over 60Km and and you didn't know? How did the bike go anywhere without the key? You have the key!" To cut a long story short, it turned out that the wife's niece; 'May' - 14 years old and with two friends - had (supposedly) gone into town (20Km away). And disappeared for about 4/5 hours while I had been attending to the cat sanctuary at the farm. I wasn't best pleased when I found out. She (the wife) had given them not only the key but the OK to go to town. Been found out telling porkies again. Not one has a crash hat (the girls not the cats) and the Mcycle is just a village run-around without any MoT or the like. WW3 battle #201 started. Don't get me wrong guys; lots of times she has asked me for the use of the Mcycle. I've not refused for local trips BUT I have said NO for big road journeys. I thought me and Mrs Owl had a agreement on this. Perhaps I got it wrong again!! If I do survive 'til tomorrow I might even pray to something. But I've been told to expect a very painful end. Anyway; what's for sure is that I'm in the dog (in my case the cat) house again.
  12. What wrongs has NK done? Ok; it had a fight with SK a few years back and has done a bit of kidnapping and eliminating the unwanted. But on the whole NK is harmless enough. Much more so - I would suggest - than UK and US. Kim is just making a noise to get an edge down the road. One of the problems with dictatorships is that the 'people' of the country invariably suffer. The average NKorian has very little of anything. especially freedom. On the upside NK will not allow religion to get a foothold or commit to the world's private banking system. And those hundreds of uniformed girls all marching in harmony are a lovely sight.
  13. Glen Campbell RIP. Bill Bailey; one of my favourite comics. Not bad at the music either.
  14. For a while the officers were going about smelling each other.
  15. Worst Joke Ever

    Susie arrived home from her Saturday night out. She made a cup of tea and sat beside her older sister watching TV. How did your evening go Susie? Oh really good. I met Jimmy, the fairground worker, outside the cinema at seven. we were in the foyer and he asked me what I'd like to nibble on while we were inside I said jelly babies as they were my favourites. He said he liked them too so we got a bag. When we were watching the film Jimmy put his hand on my shoulder. Then he put his hand on my breast. then he put his hand under my bra, He whispered in my ear that he wanted something more 'juicy'. I knew what he meant so I said 'OK'. He put his hand on my knee; I laughed. Then his hand slid up my thigh; I laughed. Then his hand went right up between my legs; I laughed. Then he slipped his hand into my panties; I laughed. His hand stayed there for ages; moving here and there. All the time I was laughing. Then I felt his finger going 'you know where'!. I couldn't stop laughing. At the end of the film Jimmy said he had to see a man about a dog and left. I caught the bus home. All the way back I was thinking about what Jimmy did and I couldn't stop laughing. Sounds like you had a great time Susie. But tell me why did you keep laughing? That Jimmy was so silly. The jelly babies were in my pocket all the time.