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  1. Worst Joke Ever

    The ladies were in a hoding pen for the deceaced, ready to be allocated a gate in heaven or hell. St. Crispin was the moderator; today's question, he thought, will be about travel. The first lady shuffled to the front; she was dressed in muslim garb. "If you're going to heaven how would you get there?" "I would go on a winged horse," was her reply. "Correct!!" St. Crispin pointed to the Islam gate. Next lady, dressed as a nun, was asked the same question; "I would walk up a golden staircase." she replied. "Correct!!" St. Crispin pointed to the Christian gate. Next up was a Pattaya lady; Same question again. "I'm not sure, handsome man, a tuk-tuk maybe, but take this brown envelope anyway; it's stuffed with Thai Baht!" "Money is no good here dear." "Then; nudge, nudge, wink,wink; 'how's your father'?" "Young lady, I'll have you know my father is the all-mighty. And he is very good." "Oh really." Getting noticably excited. "He can join us any time then."
  2. Tottenham Thread

    Oh come now Bob. Euphoric after mid-week game. Down in the dumps after this w/e. Have to take the rough with the smooth more. The road to the top can be a rocky one. Only Man City have not had a 'shock result'.
  3. Biometric devices to be used to detect foreign criminals

    Not me personally. <deleted> Sorry.
  4. Tottenham Thread

    It was North London v Liverpool. 9-3. Reminds me of the England v Scotland game.
  5. Biometric devices to be used to detect foreign criminals

    Easy to enter Thailand without using passport.
  6. Public urged to not drink during Royal Cremation period

    I did have a glass or two last night NL thanks. And you are welcome to join me! Most Thais are too busy getting on with life to take notice of what the Gov' is saying about alcohol.
  7. Public urged to not drink during Royal Cremation period

    Some Thais, especially government employees, MUST be seen to mourn. Eyes and ears are everywhere in Thailand; reporting back. The people in the villages in Isaan (a lot of people) are more concerned with their rice harvest,
  8. Public urged to not drink during Royal Cremation period

    I've got a case of single malt whiskey ready for any toasting. Brought it back from Laos last week. No-one - Thai or farang - will change their drinking routine up here.
  9. Manchester City

    The u/23s are 4-0 up Hoy did the u/17s (or was it u/19s) do on Tuesday night; anyone? Burnley are 30-1 2 win. Longest I've noticed in the EPL.
  10. Tottenham Thread

    That is so right. Most very good teams have a 'toughie' in the middle, Sissoko is developing into that player for Spurs. Has a lot of presence about him. Same as Pogba for Man U. On another thought; I'd rather have Ramsey than Barkley any day. Now Wilshire is back Arsene/Ramsey might be tempted.
  11. Tottenham Thread

    Barkley would be a backward step for Spurs. Expensive, problematic and over-rated. There is better out there. I want to go forwards not buy problems.
  12. Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom

    Are these Chinese girls looking for farang boyfriends or even husbands? I got a lovely smile off a Chinese lady at Kham Chanod last week. Sort of; 'my body is yours if you want it' smile.
  13. Tottenham Thread

    Barkley is not good enough for the present Spurs squad. Watford, Brighton and Palace have better.
  14. Manchester City

    Any EPL matches can be seen FREE on the internet. 'firstrowsports'. Don't use the google browser though. Firefox is OK.
  15. Liverpool F.c.

    Like it!! Predictions. WHU came a cropper last night. Not many saw that coming (including me). And some of those unusual home results will be due to the new stadium. Just gives the away side a spring in their step. Just ask Spurs, Arsenal and Saints when they moved into their new homes. The idea that outcomes are foregone in the EPL is what makes it so good. Can never be quite sure!!