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  1. owl sees all

    ‘Suthep Party’ Floats Unity Govt With Archrivals

    Actually none of the 'supporters' seen overly enthusiastic about any merger. But it was only a starter!!
  2. owl sees all

    ‘Suthep Party’ Floats Unity Govt With Archrivals

    Dear, dear dear!!! Don't tell me anyone will fall for this!?
  3. Good post but if I may I'd like to question a couple of points! If all the ice in the ice-pack melted it would cause a lot flooding. My feeling is that the water will travel very slowly seeping into the ground as it goes. The water tables will rise significantly but the flooding might not be so devastating as some scientists are predicting. I fear for many fresh water fishes. They will have to gradually adapt to a slightly salty water; unless they are high enough up to escape the onrush of salty water. It is true BKK will be underwater, but I reckon the new capital could well be Khon Kaen. The big problem, that I have not seen addressed, is the 'big rivers' of the world (including the Mekong). These rivers will not be able to run to the sea as before and will find new routes. I'm sure the Thai authorities are up to speed on this but still worth a mention.
  4. Thanks for that bb. I was thinking something similar but now you have confirmed my suspicions. Good post.
  5. Do you recall about 40 or so years ago the 'scientists' were saying we were at the beginning of another 'ice age' cycle? I can remember a lot of stuff on English TV about it. All died a death; but a reckon a lot of research money was handed out over it.
  6. Actually 'Just Wierd' and 'bristolboy' I was referring to the mass of water that could accumulate if it was piled onto a football pitch (say Dagenham and Redbridge's ground) until it topped over (top heavy). If it was - say 1000m high - then its volume would be 100 x 100 x 1000 m3. And would weigh 10 million tonnes. If someone wanted to know the weight in Kg then it would be multiplied by a factor of 1000 (10 billion Kgs). I can't speak of just any old ground as the measurements could be different. I have noticed the all the world cup games are played on pitches that are 120 yards long (about 113 metres). People can visualise football pitches rather than just huge figures. So you were both bang on the money. But an interesting post about being sure just arose. How can someone be 99% sure? Surely you are either sure or you are not! I think it means that the probability is 99%.
  7. Not me of course BB. But in the future, we (future humans), will be true Universe Travelers. Hitching rides on meteors and other rocks to fulfil our true destiny.
  8. You are Professor Pigeon in disguise Rigby. Absolutely correct only the natural process of the Universe's cycle will destroy Earth. Most of the weapons the powers have are freely available in the Universe. Someone posted the other day that Andromeda was heading towards our Galaxy and collisions were inevitable. Exciting days ahead!!
  9. Well yes! Last night a bought a dog whistle at the Thursday market. It works good. I've got this idea to mount a replica (but much bigger) onto the gate post. When the wind blows it will whistle and scare the dogs away. When it's not windy it will have to be a fan doing the blowing. Sounds extravagant, but better than shooting them, or feeding poison or chocolate.
  10. Good post Barry! Don't let any negative comments, you might get, bother you. I had lots of criticism a while back when I said that feeding cats bananas could kill them. It's true, and eating bananas can kill people too; potassium poisoning. Just can't inform people enough. Keep up the good work.
  11. I showed Mrs Owl the figures; especially the 123,530 one, and read some of the article to her. She went all quiet. What's up love? Are you so sad about all the prostitution?! "I think number 30 on the lottery this week."
  12. They sell dog whistles at the Thursday market. Gonna get a couple tonight. Might stop me getting ripped to bits by the ever growing pack.
  13. Absolutely correct SB. But the world has cycles. Long-term, middle-term and short-term. Difficult to know what stages these cycles are in. The Sahara was once fertile. Mammoths used to walk about where there now the North Sea. I think Dagenham is in danger as well as Bangkok. Real shame about Holland. I'm in Isaan so I'm OK.