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  1. When I was the same age I would run 26 miles through the Dagenham jungle every morning. Some of it was swamp and some uphill. Fighting off preditors all the way with my bare hands.
  2. owl sees all

    Unlimited Bacon

    My fist wife was a Catholic; she liked her bacon raw (carefully cutting of any fat). Second wife was Muslim. We never ate pork. Third wife was a Christian; she liked it crispy. My last wife; a Buddhist eats pork but not beef.
  3. Well, I had a surprise today. As I walked past Mrs Owl's open cupboard/wardrobe I saw about a dozen hand bags stuffed into a plastic bag. "Wow!" Said I, "You buy at least one a month and they get stashed away in here forever. You have any more hidden away?" "Oh, not too many 'cause when I get a new one, I give an old one away." Can't argue with that logic. Same with her shoes. Easy come easy go.
  4. A step in the right direction I'd say. Sooner rather than later!
  5. This is interesting. Do they - whoever holds the dosh - pay the lawyer for you?
  6. The transfer is simply done in the other direction. The money going from UK (say) to Thailand (say) equals the amount going from Thailand to UK.
  7. No money gets exported with any of the peer-to-peer companies. The money doesn't leave the country. Maybe the money gets sent to the same bank.
  8. There are a few to compare: TransferWise Azimo Currency fair Currency direct Plug in the amount on each web site and compare.
  9. owl sees all

    Manchester City

    Kenny Dalglish was a v good player. With his back to the goal in the penalty area he was the nuts.
  10. I don't think she struggled. Maybe he shaved her pubes too? Iranian men like their women free of that troublesome hair. Domination!!!
  11. owl sees all

    THAI plans swift upgrade of fleet to reverse losses

    The first thought was they would be able to turn it 'round. Then I read the OP in full and realised that putting the TVforum members in charge would have other advantages. 01 Food: Cheesburgers, or cod 'n' chips at every meal. 02 Board meetings: Much quicker; shorter names. Fred instead of Phatimonhiotmuriti. 03: Cheaper BKK to Luton fares: Promotion fare (for 10 years) 50 squids (100 return). 04: Save fuel: Copy the Ruskies. Get up to 40k feet above, turn all engines off, glide down to 10k and start them up again. 05: Free drinks: 5 free pints of Watney's Red Barrel for all travellers. Don't drink!? No worries; more for everyone else.
  12. Plenty of nice looking ladies in Essex; especially Dagenham.
  13. owl sees all

    Are Isaan women into sweet nothings?

    According to Professor Pigeon, the best way to sweeten a Thai lady is to look into her eyes when you talk and look at her lips when she talks. If, as is sometimes the case, she has outstanding atributes, then these should be looked at (as opposed to glancing or staring) to give her confidence whilst in your presence.
  14. owl sees all

    Are Isaan women into sweet nothings?

    The suggestion of gold works wonders I'm told. I'm often complementing. Only this morning I told Mrs Owl that her tea making was the dog's <deleted>. I've got a way of sweet talking the ladies.
  15. owl sees all

    Driver's License Questions?

    I'll be 73 when the 11 year one that has two years to run is finished. I think I'd settle for a 5 year one next. Don't know why 11 years; seems odd.