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  1. Why didn't they seek permission first? Whosever wall it was would have said "yes" no doubt. Some on TVforum feel that attitude adjustment might be appropriate. I think giving art lessons at a military base would be a good thing. Don't Thais want to learn anything?
  2. It's what he didn't do as much as what he did. Oh!! Bailed out Wall Street and let the poor people suffer.
  3. These Thai people are just not art lovers as we know it in the west. Spray-painting a wall is art. Some of these up-in-arms people need to look at their filth-strewn country and stop being so petty. The spray was green. Everyone knows Thais don't like green.
  4. Improve!! On what?? So he has upset a few people, but so far he hasn't stooped to the lows of Bush, Obama, Johnson and others. Not yet anyhow! When he puts a foot wrong we will all know it Jt. If he does.
  5. Canadian man being held against his will in Thailand, family says

    I don't think this guy has done anything wrong. He is standing firm and refusing the pay the extortion money. He should try to turn the incident into a big thing; to shame the cops and Thailand. Let's hope he doesn't kick the bucket in captivity.
  6. He is new to the job. Being President of the US of A may well be a stressful post. More stressful than being married to a Thai woman even. Reagan mastered the film set and The Don has mastered Twitter and the television studio. His second term will see him in a different light. Has he put a foot wrong yet?
  7. There seems to be a lot of TVforum posters that don't like The Don. Why not give the guy a chance? He is still learning his trade. He needs a break from the constant negativity.
  8. Harry doesn't look if he has any Saxe-Coburg-Gotha or Mountbatten genes in him. I hope The Don is busy on their wedding day. I also don't want an invite. I take it you are not too keen on The Don then!
  9. I prefer 'The Don' when referring to the elected boss of USA. As for Harry, he would seem to be the only 'royal' who is actually English. At least he's not a chameleon masquerading as a decent human.
  10. Exactly!! Same as those women who are obsessed with removing their body hair. Professor Pigeon ranks Thai women #2 in the world for hair removal. Sad world we live in. Sad country Thailand.
  11. Met anybody famous in Thailand?

    I met Professor Pigeon about 5 years ago,
  12. Of course, you are on the money but not all the products cause cancer or skin probs'. Some have been tested in the West and have been banned whilst others have more natural ingredients and are considered safe. There was a programme on UK tv a couple of years back when a Nigerian lady was stopped at the airport with some whitening stuff. The customs officer read out the ingredients; one was an acid and another bleach.
  13. Good quality cheap wine

    Use reishi for the mushroom wine. As you may know it is like a balsa wood when you get it. Just smash it up (in a controlled way; wearing safety glasses if using a hammer or the like), or put it in a coffee grinder. Get a good quality water and add in the reishi. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 4 hours. Strain the fluid and refridgerate when finished. Now come the most crucial time. When the reishi has well cooled it it ready for blending with the low khow; BUT!!!! Reishi is very bitter and if it is needed to be sweetened now is the time not after blending with the low khow. Honey or molasses should be added sparingly. Carefully mix the reishi water with the low khow in a ratio of 50-50. I usually drink the wine straight away. Note: molasses will turn the wine dark.
  14. Good quality cheap wine

    I have!!? Well, I know how to make stonking good wine. Cheap too. Do I detect a touch of envy!? No need for that Sharktooth. My recipes are free for anyone to try. Just test the ginger wine (my favourite), you will be more than befuddled; I guarantee.
  15. Good quality cheap wine

    For those of you TVForum wine lovers out there I have just discovered two wines that I'm sure you will enjoy. I came back from Laos with 15 litres of top notch low khow. After a week of experimenting I have found out how to make them. Yes!!! Two great wines!!! Firstly; mushroom wine. and secondly garlic wine. Don't use any old mushrooms though. I've found reishi to be the bizzo!! And with the garlic; select the clothes carefully. After all, it's the ingredients - and the skill in making them of course - that make these wines stand out from the piss-water that is on offer in the shops. More to follow,,,,,,,,