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  1. owl sees all

    Football Quiz.

    Steed Malbranque
  2. owl sees all

    Football Quiz.

    Ok But not too hard please.
  3. owl sees all

    Football Quiz.

    In the Spurs double winning season, they lost their last home game. Who beat them?
  4. Bad behavior in the clergy.
  5. Not good monk behavior. And he seems so fat too. There is worse going on in the clergy everywhere. Just have to recognise it.
  6. You said race. I say different ways of diving. I reckon that it was one of those entries where a somersault is done in the air and the person goes in back, head or feet first. Just a misjudgment by her IMO.
  7. There are different ways of diving. Someone could dive, as they would in the start of a race, and not touch bottom in just one metre of water. On the other hand, diving in, as in springboard diving could, could be considered dangerous if the water was less than 2 metres deep. I am not sure how she could hurt herself if diving in a correct manner.
  8. owl sees all

    Canada warns U.S. not to politicise extradition cases

    This could have been sorted out diplomatically. The world (through general media) would have been none the wiser. But it was deliberately elevated to 'high profile'. This had been planned some time ago and the US has simply chosen the time to act when It feels it is most beneficial (for the US) to do so. So what is the US thinking? Well for starters the US is under pressure from losing respect as the top world dog. It sees China - and rightly so - as a serious competitor in different ways. One being - and I think by far the most important IMO - the threat to the dollar if China, Russia etc do business and stop settling in dollars. Iran! Yes, Iran. Forget big bombs. It's big oil finding its way to Russia and China that the US does not like. They are trying, as so often before, to bully the opposition into submission, and if that means bending the rules or even making up new ones then so be it. This whole thing, IMO, is about the US sending out the warning "Do as you are told or else!" I do not believe China will fold and bend the knee like many before them. I agree that this is an action of a country hanging on to their empire. Watch, and listen, for much more demonizing of US's rivals.
  9. Seeing as you originate from one of the finest fishing areas in Europe how did you get on without left-handed fishing reels. Don't tell me you didn't fish Crossy; I wouldn't believe it.
  10. Apart from the face wrinkles and the veiny hand he doesn't look a day over 60. Remember Rawhide!? "I know what you're thinking punk,,,.." Great stuff!! Mr America for many filmsters .
  11. What did Braveheart say in the film as he was on the rack? 'You can pull off my arms and pull out my legs but I will have freedom'. Just like the UK really. A little bit of suffering for a whole heap of FREEDOM.
  12. Slightly wide of the mark there SABloke IMO. But only slightly. Perhaps you need to rethink on this?! When I get my cup of tea in the morning and I settle down to consider the postings on TVForum, I always go straight to the football forums. After that, I click on 'notifications' and move on from there. Sometimes I go to 'worst joke ever told' and read Scottie's latest offering. "The ranting section", (could not have named it better, by the way), would probably get my attention quite early on. I'm interested to read what farangs are getting upset about in the LOS. A few of weeks ago, I got a cart in Tesco that was not fit for purpose. As I put the goods in it almost had a mind of its own. It would not push straight at all. I had to change it. And lose a whole heap of face transferring my shopping from one cart to the other in front of the big-titted check-out girl at number 3 till. Yet more recently I went to a pond, near Udon Thani, for some fishing, Potentially a lovely pond, with nice aquatic plants and all, but it was almost a rubbish tip. I complained vociferously, but the lady in charge just shrugged her shoulders in a 'take it or leave it way'. So, I went and got a sack from the pick-up and filled it with rubbish (mostly plastic bottles) in front of her, to make a point, and took it away with me. I just refused to fish in a rubbish tip. Instead of fishing, I went to the koi carp pond, in Udon, and spent a few hours watching the carp swim about. This is the nature of ranting! It deserves its own section. Letting off steam gives an upsetting experience closure, so to speak.
  13. owl sees all

    Tea vs. Coffee

    Great stuff. You have certainly been around the block on the tea wagon bro'. Long may it continue.