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  1. Great point. Very hard for my friend who is without limbs, teeth, penis and is both mute and blind to get a GF in the UK. All he has to do In Pattaya is roll down WSt with his ATM card between his lips and they will fight over him to give him a good time. Social service indeed!
  2. Yes why not. I take it also that a under 15 cannot have a licence, own a motorbike or get insurance. Stop the parents giving the kids the bikes and all is sorted.
  3. Apologies Chivas. I notice after further reading that you addressed the question of being ushered out or the place simply would down.
  4. Maybe because the TAT lady was talking about quality Chinese tourists and their list has three Pattaya inclusions. Be interesting to see how next year's poll is different. If Pattaya as we know it is still there!! I was sure Cham Chanod was going to be mentioned; but there you go.
  5. Is 2am the right time or was everyone ushered out?
  6. The TAT lady will be pleased with Pattaya. Quality Chinese tourists!! The winners of the 2017 People’s Choice Awards Thailand Voted by Chinese Tourists are: Luxury Hotel: Rayavadee Krabi Boutique Hotel: Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort City Hotel: Centara Grand at CentralWorld Beach Hotel: Banyan Tree Samui Airline: Thai Airways International Show and Entertainment: Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives Medical and Wellness Service: Samitivej Hospital Restaurant: Baan Rim Pa Phuket Spa: Let’s Relax Spa Golf Course: Gassan Khuntan Golf and Resort Shopping Centre: Emquartier Tourism Activities/ Theme park: Vana Nava Hua Hin Attraction: Pattaya Floating Market Destination: Pattaya The floating market is a decent attraction it seems.
  7. You are probably correct. I reckon the sponsors have pulled out. Last Pattaya marathon (July 17th 2016) was advertised as an 'International event' with 2 million Baht prize money. This year I could't find out, still can't, full details of the race. I'm a member of a couple of Thai running sites and it's almost as the event doesn't exist.
  8. These sporting events have a common following. Clubs decide in the close season what events to target. Cancelling with less than a month to go puts a big question mark against the authorities commitment to quality sport. The fact that is is now scheduled for September is of little consolation to those who had the Thai marathon (16th July) in their original programme.
  9. Marathon postponed. Moved to Sept 3rd now. Obviously the route taking the runners down W.Street. Back to normal once the International event has ended.
  10. Walking Street crackdown. Close before 3am. No persons under 20 years of age allowed No drugs No prostitution No guns, knives and weapons
  11. The wife gave me a great BJ. "Where did you learn such skill love?" "From my mum!" She replied. "And where did she learn the smoking skill love?" "From my Grandma!" She replied. "How did Grandma learn fellatio love?" A frown! I thought the posh word had stumped her; but no!! She replied. "From me!!"
  12. They put the sexy into sex. And talked about it too!! Helped Hip Hop get started. Those were the days.
  13. I agree. Think of all those Catholic priests walking about nut-less. Great thought!
  14. Well it has only been postponed so your training is not wasted. Just keep the aerobic work going for another couple of weeks. You'll be OK. As for the tourists and sports fans they are not so lucky. They would have come from far and wide. They might keep to their flights but no marathon!! What could they do instead? Sunbathe and swim in the bay!
  15. Blimey!! 103 years. He would be 160 when he got out. Bet he's relieved though. His wife might not have waited faithfully for him for that long.