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  1. I agree. I would not smoke junta weed out of principle. Just don't trust these people.
  2. Gen Prawit: Thailand is ready to host Trump-Kim summit

    Would put Thailand on the world map. Might draw international attention to things; Red Bull, multi-watches, human rights etc.
  3. Maybe she is a damn good shag. A raving monster between the sheets!
  4. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    You are right about Thailand being a leading exporter of goods. The reason for the strength of the Thai Baht is basically twofold. Firstly the foreigners coming to the country and us ex-pats bring in foreign money (as well as business, although 4 times more gets invested abroad that is invested by foreigners here). This money all ends up in the Central Bank coffers. It is worth approximately 4.5 Billion US a month. And in the coffers lies 250 Billion US; although not quite sure where it actually is. Secondly the money coming into Thailand is considerably more than is being spent. There is little in the way of investment - especially in the North East - and although the austerity looks good on the balance sheet it does not help Thailand move out of the third world. Plenty of very good reading on Thai Visa and Nationmedia for those wishing to delve deeper into this murky, money-minefield
  5. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    I cannot agree with the maths in this post. It is a multi trillion dollar industry. That's a lot of dosh.
  6. Buying a car 2.5m baht budget

    2.5 million Baht eh! Top of the range Hyundai. Second hand Mitzi Evo. Second hand Subaru Imp. Or that new Ford pick-up everyone is raving about'
  7. Which westerner would you choose to spend time with

    Professor Pigeon. He has devoted his adult life to research in order to better our understandings. Fascinating! I'll buy the beers no prob'.
  8. Technology has hardly had a positive effect for half the world. Better to help people help themselves. There are small concerns (electricity for the village; the ram jet project) that are doing just that but they have to compete with the 'big boys' for funding. I personally designed an agriculture filter that is reliable, cheap (10% of a manufactured one) and where the filter can be replaced in 2 minutes. Used all over now. And how much did I earn; zilch! Wouldn't want it any other way. You either want to help people or you want to help yourself. Easy decision!!
  9. I like your post K00001. Thought provoking. I'm not convinced about this charitable work for the world's underprivileged. Too many stories of the greedy selling off the goods and the needy going without. That's of course after it gets to the desired destination; if it actually does! The very nice salaries that some of these executives are paid also puts doubts of the worthwhileness of some of these charities IMO. I'd like to see more funds and effort put into technologies at local levels. Clean water, electricity, agriculture etc.... "Give a man a fish and his family will eat well for one meal; teach a man to fish and his family will eat well every meal."
  10. Oxfam, save the children, stop the suffering etc. UK's Chanel 4 did a docu some years ago and concluded that only 7 to 9% of 'money in' ever arrived at the desired destination.
  11. Where to buy a genuine Antivirus software package in BKK

    I've tried others that I didn't like. I have not had prob's with Baidu in 2 years.
  12. Where to buy a genuine Antivirus software package in BKK

    Baidu is free and does the biz.
  13. Little Toad is shrinking. Chan-o-cha will trip over him soon.
  14. Thailand just needs a government that actually cares about its people.
  15. I'd like to know more about this Media1. Can't beat personal experiences on TVForum..