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  1. johnnyonesock

    Best cheap physical Anti-Theft device for older pickup ?

    have a hidden on/off switch fitted inside the cab of the car spliced into to the power wire to the fuel pump..the car will still crank when the switch is in the off position but with no fuel going to the engine it will not start..had one fitted to my old banger cost 500 baht
  2. would this Frenchman have run to the police if there had been red flags with Stalins face on them (Stalin and communism is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people worldwide)?..of course not..people dont seem to understand that the winners write the history books and demonize the losers to white wash themselves....also because National Socialism extols people and country first ( a mantra that sums up the Thais by the way) it has to be suppressed by all means possible because it doesnt fit in with the elites goal of open borders and mass immigration
  3. johnnyonesock

    Proof of Residence for 5 year renewal of driving license

    the Residence Certificate was 500 baht yesterday from a man in a small office next to the photocopy shop..he also wanted a copy of my condo rental agreement
  4. i have recently moved condo and have a slip from immigration with my new address and the official stamp..i think its called a TM 30 is this sufficient for renewal of my driving license or do i require something in writing from immigration?
  5. need to renew my motorcycle insurance with them and visited Star Plaza next to Burger King in Mahidol Rd today but the office had the shutters down so i am guessing they have moved...does anyone know where there office is here in CM?
  6. I go into Tops several times a week and have never seen this cafe
  7. Austria ,Belgium, Boznia and Herzegovina,Czech Republic, France, Germany. Greece. Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland Portugal, Romania ,Russia Slovakia,Spain Switzerland..also Israel .Australia and Canada although the latter two would prosecute you under hate speech laws
  8. the fact that questioning any part of this period in history is illegal and can get you imprisoned in most countries in Europe and many have been speaks volumes
  9. there's a lesson to be learnt here buy a condo in your own name before the marriage which allows you to keep it after the divorce leave it in your will to any kids you may have with her if you must buy a house in her name then put down a small deposit and get a 20 year mortgage thus ensuring that you can walk away at any time and keeping control of her as you are the provider take note of any emotional drama that she may exhibit when performing the above actions which may reveal her true motives for being with you
  10. Marriage is a poorly thought out scam that only survives through intense social pressure, media indoctrination of youth and punitive financial penalties for dissolution. -Ronin Man Marriage = A man gives a woman cash and/or gifts in exchange for sex. Prostitution = A man gives a woman cash and/or gifts in exchange for sex.? Because women are incapable of true love, women easily get over "heartbreak" ... WOMEN ONLY HAVE HEARTBREAK WHEN THE RICHEST MAN SHE COULD GET, DUMPED HER BEFORE SHE GOT TO STEAL HIS MONEY. Women Do Not Experience heartbreak as men do, they always get over it, fast! Men can hang themselves with heartbreak, Unanswered Love is the hardest thing for men. So Hard, it kills. We should never give them our hearts, that is like giving diamonds to a lizard. SHE LAUGHS AT YOUR PAIN when she breaks your heart. Evil, no empathy, total cold-heartedness to core. sorry to be so cynical...but thats me
  11. johnnyonesock

    Thai Drivers License

    Proof of Residence from Immigration (if you have recently carried out a 90 day report) I am on a retirement visa extension and have a 12 month contract for my condo...will this suffice?
  12. johnnyonesock

    Thai Drivers License

    what paperwork do they require when renewing the 5 year driving license?
  13. johnnyonesock

    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Up For Thailand

    I need a medical marijuana prescription for my broken dreams