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  1. no..some of us know the truth about this period of history..some of us get our "facts" from Hollywood....maybe you can tell me why the hammer and sickle flag of the USSR under which up to 100 million people died or maybe the 60 million that died under Maos Great Leap Forward policy doesnt receive the same treatment?
  2. i would love to answer your comment and put you straight but fear it would get me an extended holiday..again
  3. I dont think people actually understand what National Socialism means...which is putting your own people and country first..a political viewpoint that has been made impermissible and demonised by the elites desire to flood Western countries (and only Western Countries) with the 3rd world for political reasons ably supported by their owned media especially Hollywood...the term "Nazi" is an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler's party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Opponents seized on this and shortened the party's title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive "Nazi"
  4. There is ONE side and that is against Nazis and white supremacists. correct me if i am wrong but are you saying....their rights end where your feelings begin?
  5. johnnyonesock

    Has this happened to you?

    Love is For Losers
  6. johnnyonesock

    Britain to legalize medicinal use of cannabis

    The West is now built upon multiple fantasies such as: Diversity is good for the country There are no differences between the races The border can remain wide open indefinitely and an unlimited number of invaders can move in with no ill effects Sexuality is voluntary, not built in at birth The family can be destroyed and replaced with recreational sex without damage to the culture
  7. johnnyonesock

    Britain to legalize medicinal use of cannabis

    it is becoming obvious that the establishment plans to legalise weed very soon for recreational use to allow the people of the disgruntled West to anesthetise themselves to escape the destruction of their countries via the loss of Christianity, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, heredity, ethnocentrism, convention and conservatism.
  8. theres a big difference between alleging someone is a pedophile who has been deemed a hero for his part in rescuing a bunch of kids from certain death and a throw away comment that was a vulgar opinion on the merits of an idea that even the Chiang Rai governor said wouldn't work...Musk was just out for publicity of that there is no doubt
  9. give this 88 year old lady a break..one of the most influential men on the planet has just proclaimed to the whole world that her son is a pedophile so she has a right to be angry......as to your claim that Vern was " suggesting sexual violence" ..well yes this saying is quite vulgar and although its literal meaning is "Put it in your a55." i would suggest it was meant more as "Go to hell!" (Go away. I don't like or respect you.")
  10. theres an interesting interview in the Daily Mail with British cave divers Jason Mallinson and Chris Jewell where the following points came out Plans to leave the boys in the cave until the end of the four-month monsoon season would have ended in certain death; An attempt to lay an oxygen pipe was never completed, making a dive rescue inevitable; On his final run, Jewell, while guiding a boy to safety, lost his grip on the rope guideline for four terrifying minutes in zero visibility; The safety and equipment protocols of the Thai Navy SEALs were ‘completely wrong’ for cave diving and the tragic death of one of them made the authorities realise they were ‘out of their depth’. contrary to media reports the football coach was not the last person of the 13 out, but the ninth. dont think posting the link is allowed so u will have to google the following if you wish to read the full interview 'We'll get them all out but there's a good chance some will die': British diver heroes feared the worst during Thai cave rescue and got LOST underwater
  11. exactly..their job was to be at the front exploring unknown territory to find the boys because they have 50 years of cave diving and rescue experience between them...these guys have balls of steel...the rest of the team were the backup for the search operation especially the other divers who had to transport dozens of air tanks to strategic locations in the cave via the rope line that the two Brits had laid...Hurrah for the Brits and Boo to the posters trying to minimise their skill and courage
  12. Massive 3rd world immigration into white Western nations (ie. multiculturalism) is a tool the global elite have been using to slowly break apart white Western nations. Ethnic/racial balkanization always results when different "tribes" occupy the same land. A cursory look at the last 6,000 years of recorded history proves this. The global elite know that multiculturalism will tear any nation apart from within, which is exactly why they have been pushing multiculturalism for the past 50 years on the West. The global elite want a one world gov't and Western nations stand as the #1 obstacle to this goal, this is why the elite set out some 50 years ago to destroy the West. They have no army to do so and hence they use massive 3rd world immigration to achieve this goal. Combined with massive immigration is a slick public relations campaign with slogans like, "diversity is our strength", "celebrate diversity", etc. All nonsense. Diversity is a weakness, a cancer... history proves this. Don't be fooled into believing multiculturalism is a strength. The truth is that whites are being targeted. Have you ever noticed that it's only white nations which are subjected to massive immigration and who must henceforth "celebrate diversity"?? Do you hear about diversity campaigns in Japan, China, Middle Eastern countries, African countries, etc.????? Never.
  13. johnnyonesock

    Best cheap physical Anti-Theft device for older pickup ?

    have a hidden on/off switch fitted inside the cab of the car spliced into to the power wire to the fuel pump..the car will still crank when the switch is in the off position but with no fuel going to the engine it will not start..had one fitted to my old banger cost 500 baht
  14. would this Frenchman have run to the police if there had been red flags with Stalins face on them (Stalin and communism is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people worldwide)?..of course not..people dont seem to understand that the winners write the history books and demonize the losers to white wash themselves....also because National Socialism extols people and country first ( a mantra that sums up the Thais by the way) it has to be suppressed by all means possible because it doesnt fit in with the elites goal of open borders and mass immigration