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  1. Thanks all. I'm not an infant, I understand there are risks everywhere and no guarantees. You try to load the dice in your favor, perform due diligence, bow 3 times to the ancestors and hope for the best. All in all, India sounds like the best chance for a shot at quality treatment at a low price I might be able to pay. Especially given my very unsatisfactory experience for the last six months with the predatory medical practices in Tland which has left me poorer but not any better, not even diagnosed! having said that, i called desun today and got prices that seem too good to believe. I will follow up. Asked about cost for angiogram. 9700 rupees = 5100 baht = 150 $ I believe in bangkok we're talking $1000 u.s. and up If true, this is not a small gap. This is reason to fly now. I may even put them in my will. The next part, seems reaaaaally hard to believe but I'm open to all miracles at this point. I asked if that included all costs: [again, not to belabor the point, ok fkit, let's belabor the point: tland hospitals have taken every opportunity to avoid strenuously giving an honest answer to that question and then add on boocoo extras after its done. They operate like low level shakedown artists that usually operate in alleys and darkness, I will need a stenchoscopy to get the smell of them out of my nose] ahem... the staffer said: yes, includes all costs. The next part, seems reaallly, reaally hard to believe and I would understand if he mispoke but the rest was correct .. but I asked about,, what if angioplasty is necessary .... ... and the staffer said: it is included in that price ok, we'll see. I will follow up. and. thinking I should also try to get the g.i. procedures done at the same time if i have the money I called back and asked the cost of endoscopy and colonoscopy. 1800 rupees endoscopy 947 bt / $27 2800 rupees colonoscopy 1473 bt / $43 in bkk, I believe these procedures average about $400 - 800 u.s. each. and: The package price is for the endoscopic screening only; excluding the following services. Anesthesia for colonoscopy Physician’s Fee Hospital fee Laxative/Castor oil for colonoscopy Medication fee Pathology charges Physician’s consultation before the screening date. Sedation for undergoing the Gastro-Colonoscopy Tissue cutting So. Let's see. I've been doing a slow burn about my experiences here while watching Donald Trump and the republicans destroy health care hope in usa. Perhaps the old world will lead the way for the 99%. Namaste.
  2. I guess there is no way to vet the doctors first or get a recommendation as to who is a good doctor to see... re the indian hospitals. Did you see that hospital I found before? Did you think that is too much a big, touristy kind of facility? For the christian hospitals I saw 'mercy hospital' and 'mission hospital'
  3. Thanks, I will research it more and send them my test info, try to negotiate online. I don't know about the flexi return tix. That sounds practical.
  4. ted. you dog! I want to go to India. First, let's see if insurance will pay the bills here. I should know this week. If not, will be visited after I confirm the cost for the procedure, flight and hostel in India. I'd love it! Practically housebound 6 months. Med trip to Malaysia didn't result in any recreation though. flat on bed. this is the way it is for now.
  5. Hi. I will update soon. Thanks for comments. Deerculler, I have been taking Sheila's advice. It's complicated. I also have to think for myself. Being able to get to the doctor that is recommended is not always possible without a waiting weeks... so I went to Vejthani to get tested right away for my heart as it seemed to be urgent. There are also complex insurance concerns. I saw the orthopedic surgeon Sheila recommended and he is waiting for me to get an MRI and I am waiting to save enough money for the MRI. I also had an appointment with Dr. Piyapan the G.I.that Sheila recommended on May 1st. His conclusions warranted another opinion which I have yet to get as I have been forced to focus on the urgent heart/breath crisis I am having. He didn't think an endoscopy would show anything and said I should first fix my fractured vertebrae problems and lose weight and then we can discuss g.i. options. This left me essentially where I have been left for 6 months, tests, appointments, guesses with no real diagnosis and no treatment and daily suffering with a very limited restricted life. Also, I have contacted the hospital about the pulmonary specialist Sheila recommended and I am trying to get an appointment now. I just got the news yesterday that the insurance company said they will not cover the angiogram test needed to check for artery blockage. My insurance agent and I are pushing the company. They responded with a request for 3 signed copies of an authorization form to get medical records in order to check if it is pre existing or not. So, I can do nothing else on that now as I cannot afford the heart tests at this time.
  6. Thanks Lopburi. Let's see if I get to the table this year.
  7. Right, I understand. It's a rigged system. At this age, every malady will have some connection to the past, pre purchase of insurance except accident or new disease. So, I live with it until it kills me or I can save or find the money to pay for what's needed. The hospital called asking for a copy of my insurance card to talk to the Insurance company even though I was there Saturday and they used it and should have it in the computer. I will wait and see what they say.
  8. Thanks Sheila. I will follow up on this. I"m anxious for some real results and an actual diagnosis. I still can't get straight answers about how insurance works. I will talk to the agent on monday. It seems that if you are not admitted it is OPD and then my limit is 2500 baht. so, what, the limits for surgery, ctscans, lab, etc. are useless unless they admit so I must get them to admit me for these tests.
  9. looking through my notes and found another point he made at the last re if do the angiogram.. 'if put catheter in and no problem, then finished with heart. if not normal we can make decision on the table.' hmm.. again,, seems like a lot of dark foreshadowing to me for what I thought was a relatively simple not very risky procedure...
  10. Did you have an idea about the good lung doctor to see?
  11. No, I have not seen a lung doctor yet. So, perhaps should try this first see if that reveals anything responsible for the s.o.b., if not, that leaves the heart. If yes, I can get treatment probably and then follow up on the possible heart problems. I mentioned the Chula option if insurance wouldn't cover. He gave no definite answer but I will follow up if need be. His telephone he gave me on paper with Bangkok Christian Hospital written on it. Perhaps that is the hospital number but maybe I can see him there in the future.. because if you search google for sukhumvit hospital and then look to the right capsule and click 'google reviews' you can read some real nightmare stories about Sukhumvit hospital.
  12. UPDATE: Good doctor, excellent English. Some of the advice confusing. Some of the conversation weird. Next step depends on insurance. Thank you Sheila. I met with Dr. Taworn. Impressive doctor. I had a good feeling about him. Excellent English. And seemed to be really trying to find some answers for me. He even gave me his telephone contact number at the Christian hospital to contact him Monday after I talk with the insurance agent to try, once again, to confirm coverage. The strange part of the conversation was the sense of him, like other doctors not wanting to make a decision, but to leave things vague or unknown rather than take a risk. What I mean is, I started by asking him to clarify the conflicts of opinion of the other doctors: 1. severe heart pain necessary for blocked artery diagnosis. He said no, not necessarily. Later, while asking when you would think arteriosclerosis is present and recommend angiogram he said there should be symptoms. Like what? Heart pain, he said. So,, confused me there. He talked about the CAC scan showing anatomy and not physiology but I didn't get his point about that. About the Vejthani dr saying first do lung, stomach, skin etc. he didn't think that necessary. He talked alot about angiogram and angioplasty risks vs benefits suggesting that sometimes artery blockage is not responsible for blood flow decreasing which is what is dangerous. Connecting narrowing of the arteries to eschemia [blood flow] … that some patients could have 75% blockage and he wouldn't do angioplasty but leave it. ok. why? the procedures injure the blood vessel, they ? scar I guess and thicken and could end up being more than 75%.... also, mentioned possibility of 'acute closure' happening which sounds like death follows because the blood vessel collapses.. How to connect narrowing of the artieries to eschemia? 1: tighness in the chest, pain 2. heart attack. If the narrowing causes the eschemia - then the angioplasty is called for. If not, he said, leave it. Something about can't check the blood flow? Only in the lab? I don't know. So, the conversation was fruitful but strange in the sense of: he said 'but if you want an agiogram we can do it. Hmm but as I told him, it's not that I WANT an angiogram so badly.. I would like a diagnosis. Firstly, to solve the problem of what is causing the shortness of breath. Secondly, even if the heart is not the direct culprit of SOB, the testing thus far indicates a possiblity of heart disease and isn't it wise to get a look and see?? yes? or no? there is or there isn't? rather than just sit around and guess and wonder? I asked what other way is there to check? none. Angiogram is it. I told him about the CAC scan in malaysia that revealed the calcium resulting in that doctor suggesting artery blockage that should be confirmed by angiogram. He wanted the test number and I didn't have it because I brought the CD of the test scan. But he couldn't play it, something about his computer and I didn't have a hard copy... but.. I searched by notebook and found it. The malay dr. said anything over 400 is very high and my score was 500. Dr Taworn said well, he didn't think 500 was very high. He had a patient with 800, then after angiogram.. or angioplasty? He was clear. Next important issue he brought up is if there is a need for angioplasty found during angiogram, its done right then and his concern emphasized the risks very strongly. .. I thought these procedures were relatively low risk and done by many people everyday without problem but in this conversation there was a real dark shadow of ... we could do it but.... this or this or this could happen. and the alternative is what? Not knowing? Wait and see if heart attack? I’m just trying to understand. Another piece of information he revealed looking at the tests from Vejthani when I did the 'complete' heart check, echo, blood, etc. Was that there was no stress test, maybe because of back, and the results were all 'resting' results. So, I guess that means they would be misleading , perhaps inaccurate for giving a diagnosis. Resting test is not conclusive. Near the end of the conversation he looked at the printout from blood pressure test down on four limbs simultaneously at Vejthani earlier this week which said: 'occlusive arterial disease may be present' next to two of the test numbers and said 'I think you have blockage. Or artereoschlerosis I don't remember the exact word. I got him to write a medical certificate and we decided I would call him after talking with the insurance agent Monday to decide how to proceeded because obviously if this begins with angiogram it could escalate to angioplasty, stents etc.. And I don't have the money for that. … so he's obviously struggling with risks vs benefits of doing these procedures and I am struggling with multiple afflictions with no clear diagnosis or treatments leading to healing.. … only two possible causes he said of sob, heart or lung… although later he mentions the hiatal hernia which seems to me likely also to have pressure on the lung… I said why not put both recommendations on medical cert. Angiogram and lung test and I'll try to get insurance confirmation. But he didn't put the lung dr. referral.
  13. Got it. I called sukhumvit yesterday. I will go today, they told me register at 2pm and wait until he sees regular patients. That's fine. I will give him the story including the conflicting ideas from different doctors and ask for advice.
  14. re: sheryl thanks. This is what I'm dealing with. It seems the doctors want to keep referring me to other doctors and more tests. How am I supposed to know? He didn't say 'always' have angina, but he said I would have angina, intense pain which I haven't. So, you believe that's not true either? Maybe he mentioned the anticoagulants because if they do an angiogram and find they must then use stents right away, the other possible procedures should be done first... And, please, it's not necessary to suggest I wish to see inept doctors so I can complain about them. That's unfair and, frankly, insulting. I'm doing the best I can to make choices and take positive steps to get the care I need under difficult circumstances. I went to Maylasia and found a very good heart doctor, his advice was sound, he was cognizant of the reality of money issues, and he actually prescribed medicines that helped. I tried to get an appointment with the doctor you recommended at the night clinic and couldn't. I didn't start this thread in order to complain. I'm not an immature drama queen in need of attention. I came here seeking help and advice because this is a bewildering and serious situation. If the comments read to you as just unwarranted complaints I don't understand. I may not be proceeding in the best possible way, but it seems like I have somethings that are legitimate and serious 'concerns' that I am trying to get information/ answers to not just complain about. And you, and everyone else here have been great at helping to fill in those gaps with valuable information from your experience. Everyday, I wish that these multiple injuries and ailments were treated, healed and gone so that I could get stronger and move forward with my life in a healthier way. It has been six months of pain and severe limitation. I look around me and see many hospitals, millions of dollars of high tech equipment and, surely thousands of doctors with high expertise and know this could be done, and quickly. I don't know why I am not getting correct diagnosis and treatment. I don't know why the doctors opinions differ so widely. I don't know why I spend all day getting a heart check as you advised, thank you, and the doctor tells me my heart is fine and then I go to another and he says i probably have arterial blockage. I don't know why the doctor then insists I see three other doctors first and, what, lies about angina? How am I supposed to know? Am I complaining too much about it? I don't think so. i'm trying to find a route to survival.
  15. re: Nancy comment: Thanks Nancy, I am amazed also,, I've just been running ragged from the back pain to the stomach pain, then to the heart crisis , now back to the colon / constipation. I know it looks crazy but it is a little crazy making being assaulted in all these areas at once, feeling these are very serious conditions, being in danger of having no treatment options because of funds, and then finding the experience with the doctors and hospitals not improving the situation greatly. Granted, I've switched to different doctors and hospitals but I think for good reasons and if I didn't I would't have the certain results I now have.