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  1. Tx Sheryl. I'll check it out. I'm talking with the AA broker people about a Pacific Cross policy.
  2. Thanks for that confirmation lobburi. As I thought. I'm willing to spend 10kbt/year just in case of a repeat of these kind of situations. I've found my experiences with hospitals here to be very tricky as regards fees and I can't afford to be left hanging in an emergency.
  3. I'm 60. Finally getting health insurance. I'm on a budget. I've pretty much decided on a Pacific Cross plan. I've read and the helpful agent also advises not to get OPD too costly for the benefits. with the plan I'm looking at it's about 10000 more per year. However, I had a health emergency that saw me rush to the emergency room in great pain and required many tests for them to try to diagnose what was happening. This even led to a 21000 bt CTscan. Total cost was over 30000. This was all done in the emergency room, I had no insurance. So, my concern is if I don't get OPD benefits I could get stuck with very expensive bills in a similar situation. If anyone has some advice on this topic I would appreciate it very much. Thanks. It's very challenging trying to sort all this out and seems in the end like a roll of the dice.
  4. Thanks for the comments. Flustered, maybe that's what's happening with me. Sounds right. I'll try to communicate this to the doctor I see about the hernia because it hasn't been mentioned. That procedure will be a wonderful challenge for laughter. Sheryl, thanks for the info. I have the MRI appointment first week of May but may have to change it to get more money for it. The nurse told me to call the night clinic number when I had it but can't get anywhere with it, I might have to go in person to get another appointment. Hernia action is on hold for now, I have to do one or the other first. Meanwhile, I am dealing with it, life slowed to a crawl. And trying to choose health insurance plan for the future. I will post about that next in the other forum.
  5. Ok. I went to the Chulalongkorn night clinic yesterday. Long day. Nearest appointment with the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Tawechai would have been May 29 but I was able to wait and get a walk in appointment that night after the others. I feel lucky about that. Disappointingly, he didn't even want to look at the CT scan but said I need to get an MRI and a Bone density test. I thought the CT scan would cover everything but I guess not. MRI 10000, Bone density: 3000. He seems like competent doctor. xray and doctor fees here higher than other hospitals I have been to though, strange. I have hope that if he can, he will have some idea of a treatment next. Whether I wait for healing or some surgical intervention is necessary. Does anyone know that MRI is needed if you have a CT scan? Granted the CTscan was abdominal and only tangentially picked up the backbones. He also prescribed some useful drugs which the other places did not: for osteoporosis: KAL - SEE fizzy tablets with Vit C, Calcium Carbonate, vit d, citric acid and vit b6 for pain: tramadol with paracetamol - weak but something for constipation: some kind of laxative pills I have to take another trip there tomorrow to book the appointments for tests, even though I don't have the money yet for them. They don't book appts. over the phone. drugs: 525, dr. fee: 400 hospital fee: 400
  6. If anyone knows how to view the ctscan files without the cd please let me know. I copied the cd to a doctor and he said he couldn't find the ct scan. Perhaps he needs his own viewer, I'm not sure...
  7. Thanks Sheryl and everyone. Good advice. I know what I have to do. Night clinic doctor appointment first priority. Try to solve the constipation problem. Ha. Perhaps its good I'm in BKK because, honestly I couldn't do the enema myself, reaching and bending trigger the vertebrae pain the most... but perhaps i could take it to the prostate massage places I've seen advertised and make a deal. .. I have to find some humor in this situation... oh, i read on one of the forums for patients that magnesium citrate is used b/ surgery to clean out intestines etc. I wonder if this would work, I will research it..
  8. Thanks Flustered. It is helpful to know that with the hospital pushing for an operation [the private one] the best information is from other people who have experienced this. It's strange , though,... Did your abdomen become hard and big like basketball 24 hours a day? And severe constipation. I will take your advice and have other doctors look at the ctscan and try to get an endoscopy asap.
  9. Thank you Sheila very much for the great advice. Its' been a difficult few days. 'h.h. can cause a sense of bloating' ok, but what I'm experiencing is not a sense of bloating but an abdomen that is distended and hard 24 hours a day. Firm, taut like a basketball. maybe that's the h.h. though...yes? I think you are right about my back condition not being properly managed and as soon as I can I am going to the night clinics to find the experienced orthopedic doctor from your list. They gave no meds for osteoporosis. The osteoporosis may have come from long term prednisone use for a skin condition that also was not diagnosed or treated properly. I'm not sure. I am male, btw. re: avoid lying down for 2 hours after eating: I cannot lie down, I get severe abdominal pain if I do. I have been sitting up in bed for over 2 months. Not much sleep, and probably not great for the injured vertebrae as I sometimes slip into a position that puts stress on them. I did have a skype call with the surgeon in Taiwan from the hernia clinic. He also says the h.h. can wait it’s not dangerous and to get orthopedic help for the spine. Amazingly nice man who took 20 minutes to talk to me about this. Thanks, Sheila. I will continue trying to get treatment.
  10. I will try to explain my situation. I've gotten some great info here but still I don't know what to do. I am 60 years old. Over 3 months ago I fell on my butt, hard. I began having sharp pains in my back soon after. When bending, twisting, getting up. These increased in intensity over the next couple of weeks until I went to hospital for x-ray. Compressed fracture of 3 vertebrae. I was given some pain pills and told there was nothing to do but wait for the body to heal. About 3 weeks later, I started experiencing a bloating feeling in abdomen, it was hard all the time like a basketball, even if I hadn't eaten. Then, pain started in the upper left abdomen near the ribcage and gradually increased until it became unbearable and an emergency and I rushed to the emergency room of nearest hospital. [thainakarin - this is another story for those intersted I would write it about the predatory practices I have encountered] Trying to be brief: Many unecessary tests later and with my near empty bank account blinking red, the surgeon I saw next said everyone is guessing until you get a ctscan we won't know the cause. [I later found out a barium xray for about 1000bt could have discovered it]. I had to borrow money, etc, etc. The price kept going up and then got it: 21000+ for ctscan and the hiatal hernia was discovered. So about 30000+bt later I was diagnosed but no treatment yet and unless I came up with the cash, evidently I could suffer and die. [before you ask - going back to usa is not an option, financially or in any other way. Nobody there. I've lived here 3 years.] I was told by the surgeon I needed an operation to pull the stomach down and that it was very expensive. I couldn't get a firm price, one person said 2-300,000 bt. Clearly, out of line with the real costs. At this point my daily life has been stopped dead in its tracks, I can't do much at all, I fatigue very quickly, any activity starts to trigger the pains. I can't lie down to sleep but must sit up. I was referred to Ramathibody Hospital as a more economic alternative with quality care. I think the young doctor has been trying to help me but he has so many patients to see. He didn't really do a physical exam, or ask about medications I have been taking or much about medical history. He said this is not life threatening and he has had many patients with hiatal hernia like this live with it for years. Obviously, conditions are different for different people. I can't imagine living with this hernia. Even if most of the great pain comes from the back injuries the hernia is a big detriment to living for me. I look pregnant! My abdomen is hard and big like a basketball even with nothing eaten. Very uncomfortable. I am severely constipated, takes days for bm. And again, pains are strange. Sometimes come for no reason, but they are definitely triggered by movement and position. Now, here's where it gets more confusing. The doctor at Ramathibodhi then said that the pains I describe are atypical for hiatal hernia and that they are probably from the back injury radiating along the nerves. I had been thinking only the pains directly on the back were from vertebrae. If I walk now, after about five minutes I'm short of breath and have to rest. Same happens getting up from bed or chair, sometimes takes 5 minutes to get my breath back. Sharp, shooting pains accompany this. Often on my side upper, or the back of shoulder blade, or middle of back, sometimes even lower left abdomen. I am very confused. Reading this thread: there are many people with only a hiatal hernia problem and not the back injury with some of the same pain and bloating symptoms I have! I was about to try to just get the money for the hernia operation thinking I would be relieved of daily and nighly pain and be able to recover when I received this information. The doctor said would I blame him if did the operation and then the pain was still there because its from the back. I asked is there a way to confirm? And so he wants me to consult with a neurologist. Does anyone know if a neurologist can do that? He does not know he said. Then, he wants to do an endoscopy to see if there is something else that is the problem. Like a gastric ulcer. Ok, endoscopy could be a good test but it seems the pains and abdominal discomfort must be from the recently fractured vertebrae and the herniated stomach. And.. Even though it's a public / teaching hospital, Ramathibodhi they keep charging me double or more. Endoscopy, they said maybe 10-12000. I'm told Thais pay 3-5000bt. Hernia operation maybe 120000 or more. Even the blood tests they wanted were double so I went to Bria labs myself for them and saved 1300 bt. This has really scared me. I am checking out insurance plans now so I am better prepared for situations in the future but am in a bind right now. [Pacific Coast plan is the way I'm leaning now but… it seems neither of these injuries will be covered because they will be pre existing conditions. Anybody know a solution to that, I would be interested] If there are any ideas about this situation or advice I would appreciate it very much. I continue to live with this painful condition day and night as my body gets weaker and I hope the situation doesn't get worse. With all the conflicting stories, I don't know if maybe this could become life threatening or not but I do know it is getting harder to bear. It's harder to get pain pills and have to pay doctor and hospital fees. Doctor admits may take more months for back to heal but gives 10 days of pills. … oh, I have many students in Taiwan and they have a very good health care system there, so I searched online and found a clinic that just does hernia operations. About the same price as what Ramathibodhi quoted $4000 u.s., must stay 3 days in hospital. I told them about the endoscope suggestion the woman on phone said doesn't think necessary. I am going to speak with her by Skype tonight and will mention the theory of pain from the back not the hernia. Sorry for the long post. Thanks.