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  1. Honestly, I've had enough. I don't have energy to fight with hospitals not to cheat me, doctors to TRY to understand my needs and do their job competently, insurance companies to honor their contract and pay for services and now defend myself against some of you who have turned against me, suggesting I refuse treatments irrationally or am not being swindled but am just a complainer or that shortness of breath attacks are not acute and are 'subjective', or I'm lying about laxatives not working, or 'maybe' I have back pain, or life will be good if I just go to the usa. Enough. Let's just stop. Not helpful. Do the kind thing and if you have nothing helpful to add and don't care to respect my decisions, just fade away please. Thank you. I have enough to deal with.
  2. I guess you are uninformed about what the new health care bill is threatening to do for the people. Citizens in my age bracket are penalized the most, pre-existing condition clauses reapply, most real health care is curtailed or denied, and medicare is being decimated to provide a huge tax break for the richest and most well off. That's america. I would rather take my chances with India.
  3. I didn't appreciate your earlier comment implying I cannot manage my situation and perhaps am senile or demented and, again, proferred the useless suggestion to return the usa as if that would make all things right. I detect the stench of people in comfortable positions who don't understand what happens when you lose your pension, health care, are not competitive and then have the misfortune to live in the usa. Please keep this advice to yourself. I have been perfectly capable of managing my life. This is a difficult situation and I have run into many bad experiences with the doctors and hospitals any way you look at it. Odd you could read about my experiences with the medical community here and see no fault there but blame me as incompetent. I am not the only one this has happened to. Read the google reviews for almost any hospital here and you will see many horror stories.
  4. Ok, I"m 60. And I am respectfully requesting everyone who wants to participate on this thread to not ask me again to return the usa. If you do, I will request you to not comment to me again. Thank you.
  5. No, Nancy I haven't taken it. I wrote the name down incorrectly. It was Magnesium Citrate I saw referenced on a medical forum by someone describing the medication that was given pre-surgery. Which made me wonder, how about that for me? Perhaps I just need this powerful cleaner and the laxative treatments I have been prescribed are too weak and everyday.
  6. Ayaahhhh. Now my feet and legs are starting to swell with pitted edema again. Dr Taworn had told me I could stop taking the Lasix since the edema had gone. I guess I better start it again.
  7. Truly bizarre advice. Some weeks walking to the 711 and back is all I can do and you suggest relocation to usa to begin again. What's wrong with this picture...? And what is so far out about going to India for treatment? I've done a lot more reading and I should have done it long ago. What's the difference.. a two hour plane ride, checkin to hotel and taxi to hospital with great reputation at a fraction of the cost? I have spent a whole day in some hospitals here only to charged double for services hat didn't address the problem. Has the world gone mad? Am I the last sane person here... it's possible I'm exhausted, miserably uncomfortable and in need of some relief but I seem to be making sense and rational choices given my circumstances and financial condition.
  8. Now, let's get out our calculators class. I've said I have about 50k baht left in savings to spend, subtract the plane ticket to usa, and securing place to live, and what does that leave for medical care etc. Wow.
  9. wow. I just don't know how to make myself clear I guess. I have monthly income to support myself here just fine but not in the states. Got it? The minute I land I need to find new apartment, and then have security money for the apartment and, again, I lived in the bay area, very expensive for one room with nothing in it. And I have to do this while still suffering shortness of breath and all the rest. Am I still speaking English here??? Are you just having a laugh, Teddog? How would that be better than here? I'm exhausted just trying to explain my situation which should be so simple understand.
  10. Thanks, that sounds reasonable. It is true about the laxitives, it's literally been months on them. There is obviously another problem bloating me and blocking me. Could be the gas, or blockage who knows that's why I want to check. The plan B I think is the barium enema. Perhaps that first will clean out better and the other solutions you've mentioned then, colonoscopy. I feel the colonoscopy would be good also to check for polyps, colorectal cancer etc. I have seen magnesium nitrate mentioned as a powerful clean out med pre surgery. Perhaps, I should get that. Not eating is not a problem, As I tried to explain to one G.I. who said eat 5 small meals a day, I can eat one small bowl of soup and be 'full' with a packed stomach and unmoving digestive track for the next 24 hours practically. Noboday seems to get that. This is not just constipation I think.
  11. Yes, thanks. I will try again. The samative experience is instructive to me in the sense that, even though I feel I am being cheated with the inflated prices, the doctor was competent with very good English and the first one who recognized the reality of financial matters and that offered a choice of treatments for the next step. So, I am doing what I can to be able to stay with that. I'm thinking of calling and appealing, for what it's worth to one of the top hospital managers or the leader to reconsider the pricing giving examples that he is hitting me with top of the mark 'medical tourist' pricing which is not my profile. The other charges were fair, 800 for doctor vs 1500 vejathani and hospital charge only 200bt. The meds were overpriced but we expect that, I should try to use outside pharmacies. They did charge 490 bt for a plastic finger sleeve for the digital exam which probably cost 10cents to make.
  12. I have been facing the reality from the beginning.
  13. Again, nonfactual misstatements. I am not refusing treatments. Some I cannot afford any longer in BKK if the insurance will not pay. Pacific Cross is investigating whether they will pay for pulmonary tests and Angiogram. I have also asked Samitive to submit the recommendation to Pacific Cross for a colonoscopy + biopsy or x-ray with contrast or barium enema. However, I don't know how procedure can be done if I am not 'cleaned out' first and all the treatments recommended that I HAVE FOLLOWED, laxative after laxitive have not done that job. I don't have time or money to waste on recommendations from anyone that will not lead to a diagnosis and treatment but rather seems geared to another reality that I don't live in where the patient has unlimited funds and time to perform as many tests as possible to rule out everything first. I"ve gone to SPECIFIC DOCTORS you recommended with the same results. The pulmonary doctor at st. louis has been out of the country and he will be back next week so I haven't been able to see him yet.
  14. That list shows a grand total of 1 hospital in Kolkata with that accreditation. Is the suggestion that all the others are dangerous? Come on. What part of: I can't afford the places mentioned is hard to understand?