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  1. I jump to the conclusion and I say: I disagree with you in many points. The reason is cause I think different !!!! - Higher prices: The prices are higher everywhere. That's common thing. Prices always get higher.... - Dual prices: That's normal. The aim of having millions visiting Thailand is to earn money. Some of that money is, as matter of fact, used for the well being of the tourists. Just as example: Tourist police, this is a police unit that is made for serving the tourists. The state has a huge number of police officers working in the borders and at the BKK airport !!! without all the tourists LoS wouldn't need that number.....All the infrastructure built in most visited cities..... As you know Not many people pay taxes in Los. that's one of the reasons why too many of national products are cheap in Thailand. this is a huge subject but i think it's enough what i mentioned... - Unfavorable visa terms: Well, I think 30 days visa for free is good enough. If you are thinking about 800K baht for a long visa, well, that a security and that's a part of the first point I explained above. They have to, to make sure that they have benefit from people who want stay and to make sure that people have means to stay in the country without doing a job that a Thai national would do. As I remarked that there are many farangs staying in LoS, either working or doing crimes to earn for their livings. Imagine how much it costs to fight crimes done by foreigners. - Inability to buy land: That is very annoying for me too. But I do completely understand. You see Thailand is very cheap. Imagine if we got the right to own the land, how much would it be left for nationals... And that's not all the reason behind it. Imagine, 1 million foreigners buy the 3rd of the country... Well, Thailand would be called ThaifrLand !!! think about what that word would mean. Some kind of Zimbawe !!! - We are unwelcome !!! Not true We are always welcome as long as we come for visiting Thailand and spend money. Or we stay for longer period with our means. I will state something, worth to mention: We, in Europe, experienced these last years and especially summer 2015 that huge wave of Syrians seeking asylum. The main reason why too many countries said no to welcome those people, is they come with no money. If each one of them had a million Dollars, well, the countries in south, like Greece, Slovenia.....they would fight to get more of them in the country.....
  2. QA has to departures every evening from BKK. they usually use A380 in one of them !!! As for the departure from Doha, they got 2 flights at the same time. sometimes 10/15 mns between, one on A380 and the other B777, and it just lands in Bkk and continues to Vietnam..... So if you want to fly in A380 , make sure you book the right flight.....
  3. he is not per today on the right side. he might be locked up if he isn't lucky
  4. I just don't get it Once I used my girlfriend's card to book a ticket to Los with Qatar airways. No body asked me about anything !!!! Edit** perhaps you talk about using a card for booking and then using yours to pay. I always pay when i make a booking, so the same card.
  5. A 39 years old man married a 15 years old girl !!! I recall in February I read in PattayaOne about a Danish man was arrested charged with "sex with underage boy". the boy was 17 years old. First it was an organization, don't remember exactly the name, they work against child abuse who the matter in their hands and pushed the parents to report the man to the police...... I don't get it !!!
  6. That's how tooooo many people lost their lives !!! this is exactly what the autorities MUST fight !!! to teach people how to break. the only thing they all know is how to speed !!!!
  7. Important link : https://krebsonsecurity.com/2015/10/whats-in-a-boarding-pass-barcode-a-lot/
  8. no !! I always book online and direct with the airline company. Never showed my credit card when checking in.
  9. Many sites, NOT just airlines, offer the service of saving credit card details, for next reservations. Agoda, booking.com..... I use both sites for booking hotels and my credit card details have been saved for these last 5 years. No harm done, never experienced a prob. Why ?? each time i book, I have to confirm with my 2 passwordS and other details that no one knows !!! Again sites offer this service and you can always refuse by clicking NO, when getting this offer of saving card details Last time you or.... booked a flight, you MUST have clicked on YES instead without paying attention to what you agreed to by clicking yes..... Edit** norwegian.com has my cc details too since 2010. it's the airline i use on all my trips in Europe
  10. Immigration office says that you should apply around 1 week before your visa expires !!! you are very late. In case you get stopped tomorrow, by the police for some reason, you might face some problems !!!! if you are not lucky !!!! saving 1900 can cost you lot more
  11. I'm annoyed with this problem. The thing is you can go to notification settings and block the notifications but, the downside you will not be notified of anything at all !!! except the messages !!! I did that on pattaya addicts and changed back !!!
  12. well Los = land of smiles = Thailand
  13. It won't help getting a visa from the embassy in Laos. They will still be suspicious. You are flagged now. It seems like you are living in Los. the immigration police started to crack down on visa runners. Los doesn't benefit from this kind of "tourists", claim the authorities
  14. Well, to understand these changes, one must look at things from the government's point of view. Since winter last year, after the new minister of tourism took aver the office, the government debated lot on, not just how to increase the number of the visitors, but to increase the quality of the visitors. Well, it seems that they did lot....no need to mention all these. But what worth to mention is the aim of all that work is to increase state's income from this sector. As many remarked, in spring last year they banned street vendors along Sukhumvit and that was accompanied with all the construction projects from soi 3 to 7/1 along with the constructions in soi 4. And now the ban of sale of street food. It's about "facelift", a make over..... People talk about motorbikes will get more space, streetwalkers will get back the pavement. Well, that's just a consequence but not the purpose. My guess is that they want people (mainly tourists) spend money in restaurants. Let's face it the state doesn't earn much from street vendors...there are more changes coming up. Just expect.....