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  1. There is nothing worst than to be discriminated in one's own land !!!! They are The Australians and are treated like the third category citizens !!!! 700000 ? That's whats left ????? The forgotten Apartheid. Likewise in New Zealand !!!
  2. Look around I'm sure you will fine a cemetery
  3. This bath bus is a tricky business. Some people, especially firsttimers, don't know that that bus costs 10/person only when it drives its own route and when they take it to a particular destination it works then as taxi and its important to agree about a price !!!! Very important !! In Thailand one must agree about the price before the ride and that includes MC-taxi. It's hard to bargain afterwards....to avoid discussions/conflicts
  4. Thai Driving Licence: The day after I went to Land of Transport office. All they asked was : - a copy of the passport and immigration card - a certificate of residence - 2 photos - a medical certificate from a Dr with me for DL. It's mandatory !!! It costed me 120 Baht They asked me if I had a DL from home, I said no. As I wanted to keep mine, I was afraid they would say that I should just change it.... It was mistake, cause if you give a copy of your home DL, you would skip the driving test and still get the Thai DL. I heard that after passing the test... Anyway, I got an appointment. 3 weeks later I went at 8 o'clock, We sat in a room for 5 hours, watched a DvD about many rules of driving in LoS, was like 5 hours of theory. After we took the driving test and then the written test with 50 questions. 20 minutes later I got the Thai DL, costs 205 Baht valid for 2 years.....
  5. Well, first it's illegal !!! How about the arrival card and departure card ??? will do something about them ??? It's scam !!! To be caught as overstayer is lot better than overstayer and with law offense !! that would be a criminal case !!!
  6. Obs!! I'm not American....But maybe useful for someone !! The amount you can withdraw depends on the deals you got with your bank, or the rights you have. I do withdraw 40K each time I want.... About the use of the card, once I experienced the same in Russia. I couldn't withdraw. I just couldn't. I got "transaction was denied" message every time i tried.. I called my bank and they informed me that the card use was limited to West Europe only and I could change that on the netbank. I did and then it was fine. Now I know I can change those settings whenever I want to.....
  7. I find this story hard to believe !! No matter how naive/stupid one can be. you just don't hand your wallet to stranger !!! Why didn't she hand one of the bank note they wanted to see ???
  8. You know, Thailand is cheap if you want it to be !!! Otherwise, it might be expensive !! I was staying once in serviced apart. Sometimes, I made my own dinner in my suite. I used to buy Lamb meet, imported from Australia at BigC. Well, I used to pay 400 baht, just for the meet, if I'm alone.....Cheese is expensive too. Once I paid 500 baht just for a small peace, I think it was Parmesan!!!... I always pay like 200 Baht for Brie....the cheapest peace costs like 150 Baht..... Thailand is extremely cheap if you think about street food.
  9. I know that fighting 47 men, they all get killed and that jb gets only little dust on his face is not real....all the hottest females fall for him wherever he is is not real either....but the rest is real Do you think when a government sends people on a mission to spy on other governments, they represent them selves on arrival to that country as they work for their own government and are there on mission to spy on that country's government or do some work against that actual gov. ???
  10. Well, here is an other way to look at things: Were this guy what he claimed to be doing in NK. ??? was it his purpose to come to NK ?? James Bond never revealed his id, when he arrived to countries and never revealed his missions. He always claimed to be someone else, doing something else and his purposes are completely different than what he claimed. This is classical games known to all governments.....Well, Not long time ago when USA expelled, i think, 35 diplomats who were working at their embassy in US. Were they carpenters or bartenders.. in US ???
  11. I never write the address. I do write only the hotel name and the city. that's all. no phone number. Only once i was asked to write the phone number. I did write my number from home.
  12. The people I read about who were asked about the money were either Indians or farangs with many visa runs, over stays....... When you fly from Europe, North America or Australia to BKK, they know that 20000 Baht would be for too many visitors a 2 day budget, sometimes a day budget, maybe 3 days..... they would not ask about the money at all.... They know that only your ticket costs probably that kind of money or more..... So no worries fellows
  13. I guess you need certificate of residence. You can get it at the immigration office.
  14. I personally never care about getting some discount in LoS. Never look for one. never buy those discount cards either from bars.....Never bargain either... It's soooo cheap that i really don't need, I'm rather very generous in tip and so.....
  15. I was standing next to a woman who paid 300 for hers, I prepared 600 to pay for mine. Suddenly the officer said 400, I paid and didn't try to understand anything !!!!