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  1. Make sure that she got at least 20K bath to show if she is asked by the immigration. she must be under radar now.
  2. Owner not refunding

    I guess you seem not being reasonable for 2 reasons: a- first, what do you expect when you paid 600 bath. it's a guesthouse....a sh** hole, for me b- the second, you used the bathroom and kept the keys for hours.... Thus, the room must be cleaned. that's a cost for the hotel. Once , i paid 1200 and i wasn't sure about the room, i left my luggage in the reception and went upstairs to check...I didn't like it. I got my money back and left to a better hotel....
  3. To teach English in public schools is allowed to people who have English as mother language as people from UK, USA, Canada and Australia... You say you are French
  4. I always check in 2 days before the departure. Once i did check in but never took the flight, I missed it :-((. So check in is no proof that you left....
  5. Tourist visa bank account

    Well, these are just informations to people who are interested in these things and don't have the exact infos. I spent 35 days in LoS, from the end of January to the beginning of Mars 2017. I'm back home now. On my 3rd day in LoS, I went to immigration office in Jomtien, I applied for residence certificate. in the application i mentioned that i needed for MC DL and to open a bank account. All I needed was : - a copy of the passport, the stamp from the airport (30 days) and the departure card. - a copy of the receipt that i had already paid the hotel for 30 days - 2 pass photos - 400 Baht After about an hour I got 2 certificates ! Thai Bank account: I went first to Bangkok bank, I tried but then i changed my mind cause - ATM card i was offered costed 700 Baht.... - That card is free of charge if I use it in ATMs in BKK and Chon buri regions but not free in the rest of LoS. So I went to KrugSri bank. I opened the account and paid 300 Baht and got a debit card, I can use in ATMs in the whole nation free of charge....
  6. Chopper rental

    ¡¡¡ ping
  7. Money changers

    You see you can do deals with almost any exchange office, if you want to exchange a huge amount of money. You can bargain.....
  8. Money changers

    Well, you can see the rates before entering the shop. What you see is what you get.... I used them many times when it happened that I needed Baht late at night.... no risks at at all
  9. Money changers

    You can also try exchange offices run by Arabs in soi 3/1. good rates and they're open until late and the weekends
  10. Money changers

  11. Chopper rental

    I will be in BKK in 2 weeks. I wonder if there is somewhere near Nana area where i can rent a chopper. I'll be staying in Majestic Grande.... This kind of bikes I like....This is actually the one I always rent in Pattaya....
  12. There is nothing worst than to be discriminated in one's own land !!!! They are The Australians and are treated like the third category citizens !!!! 700000 ? That's whats left ????? The forgotten Apartheid. Likewise in New Zealand !!!
  13. Where to have a nap in central Bkk?

    Look around I'm sure you will fine a cemetery
  14. Pattaya Baht Bus driver tries ripping off tourists

    This bath bus is a tricky business. Some people, especially firsttimers, don't know that that bus costs 10/person only when it drives its own route and when they take it to a particular destination it works then as taxi and its important to agree about a price !!!! Very important !! In Thailand one must agree about the price before the ride and that includes MC-taxi. It's hard to bargain afterwards....to avoid discussions/conflicts
  15. Thai Driving Licence: The day after I went to Land of Transport office. All they asked was : - a copy of the passport and immigration card - a certificate of residence - 2 photos - a medical certificate from a Dr with me for DL. It's mandatory !!! It costed me 120 Baht They asked me if I had a DL from home, I said no. As I wanted to keep mine, I was afraid they would say that I should just change it.... It was mistake, cause if you give a copy of your home DL, you would skip the driving test and still get the Thai DL. I heard that after passing the test... Anyway, I got an appointment. 3 weeks later I went at 8 o'clock, We sat in a room for 5 hours, watched a DvD about many rules of driving in LoS, was like 5 hours of theory. After we took the driving test and then the written test with 50 questions. 20 minutes later I got the Thai DL, costs 205 Baht valid for 2 years.....