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  1. Call for the Swedes! They make money on garbage! 99 Per Cent Of Sweden's Garbage Is Now Recycled And they even import garbage from UK, Holland, Denmark etc etc
  2. Page Of Remembrance

    OBS New time for ceremonies and funeral Saturday for Dennis Dicesare! The monks will be delayed so it will start 11.00 with lunch for the monks and for all guests. After that ceremonies and then around 13.00 - 13.30 the coffin will be moved to the Den Ha Crematorium.
  3. Page Of Remembrance

    Services for Dennis DiCesare will be at Wat Chetuphon in Denha.On Friday it will start 19.30 and Saturday morning it will start 9.00.The monks and all guests will be served lunch from around 11.00.After that the coffin will be moved to Den Ha Crematorium 400 meter north of the temple.Cremation ceremony will take place around 13.30.You will find Wat Chetuphon on this link and Den Ha Crematorium you see 400 meter straight north from the temple.
  4. I just wonder if that is same problem as the knowledge of English after 4-5 years of English lessons? The Thai English teachers cannot speak English themselves so how can they teach English? They should ban all movies dubbed to Thai and replace them with movies in original language and with subtitles. Then the student might be more interested to learn their own written language and at the same time they will hear some proper English.
  5. And if they checked the drivers 85% would be banned and that's including the farang drivers.
  6. Page Of Remembrance

    The night between Saturday and Sunday our very good friend Dennis DiCesare passed away totally unexpected. No information about ceremonies or funeral for the moment. Rest in peace Dennis!
  7. I don't know when it started but you can read all here what3words. I tried it and it is interesting. Here how to find out what 3 words your address is at: 1. Go to map.what3words.com2. On the upper left side you can choose what type of map. I find "Sattelite" is easier to use.3. Zoom in to the place you want to make a 3wordaddress for. 4. Click on the Red line in the bottom5. Click on "Share pin location6. Click on 5th icon from left7. Click on "Label"8. And you get your three words. 9. Copy them and start again with map.what3words.com and then paste your 3 words into the input area. When you done that then try these 3 words "refers.blows.logic" ! Zoom in as much as you can and you are at . . . . Then you probably start thinking it must be someone that choose the right words for the right place! Have fun!
  8. It was probably more easy long time ago. 1989 I bought RTW-tickets for me and my two daughters with Finair. I booked flights from Helsinki (I think you had to start there) to Singapore, stop there for a week, then to Auckland. We stayed in NZ almost 11 months and then I booked flights Wellington to Fidji, stop there for a week, then to Los Angeles, stayed in US for three weeks and left US from San Francisco going to Stockholm. I cannot remember the rules more than it was limited to x number of stops. As I said, it was probably much more easy at that time, almost no backpackers....
  9. Wat A Place

    Wat Huay Plakang, 9 Tier Temple and the Chinese Goddess in Chiang RaI. The Goddess Buddha has a lift inside, 23 floors to the top.
  10. Cats & Dogs

    One of eight kittens . . .
  11. Clouds

    View 18.10 from our balcony
  12. Golf societies

    Try this: There are at least two different groups that plays at least once a week . One is the CRAPS and I think they play Santiburi Tuesdays around 8.00. Email Rob Parish to get more details parishrobparish@yahoo.co.uk The other is a No Name but you can get details from the press secretary. basilpuppydog@hotmail.com or Leo email acesat@hotmail.com The CRAPS plays Santiburi, Happy City and sometimes Waterford. The other group I think plays mostly at Santiburi.
  13. Thinking of moving to Isaan

    As many other say, don't burn any ships, come and stay for 6 months to a year and check it out. Don't invest more than you can leave with a smile! But why are you choosing Ubon? I don't know anything about Ubon, I live in the north of Thailand. But if it is because your (girl)friend lives there then you might think about it more than once. I have lived here for more than 15 years and I met my wife 12 years ago. I lived already up in the north and she came from Isaan but there were no discussion about where we should live. My wife's parents are wonderful and I love them very much and her two brothers are great. But I would never move close to her village because of rest of the family. There are a number of uncles and aunties, many, many cousins. And some of them want to have things from the farang and they want more and more. We send money to wife's parents every month but noone else got anything. We are around 700 km from wife's village and that is OK. I wish you Best Luck!
  14. Borax.

    I use Boric accid to kill ants. Mix 1 cup sugar, 1 cup hot water, 2 tablespoons of Boric accid. I put it in small plastic bottles, max 3 cl in each, make small holes 5 cm up in the bottle. Drop a little bit under the bottle to attract the ants. They take it back to the queen and feed her and the queen dies. Normally the ants are gone within 8 hours. They will come back after maybe 2 months, out with the bottles again. I buy the Boric Accid in the shop that have chemicals for Swimmming pools.
  15. Cats & Dogs

    When I had 10 cats . . .