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  1. deeinthailand

    Good Cardiologist In Pattaya?

    Thank you! I will need an English speaking doctor that can explain well.... And that link is helpful.....
  2. deeinthailand

    Good Cardiologist In Pattaya?

    Thanks for your responses! I am also on BP and Statins along with other meds...I am not in Thailand at the moment and want to figure this out as much as possible before I go, I have an appointment with my cardiologist here and he will be asking me questions regarding available medications in Pattaya. This may be a long shot, but Do you know if Coversyl and (Tiazac - which is a brand name of a type of diltiazem (calcium channel blocker) is available, and if a regular doctor can prescribe them? I probably only need to see a cardiologist once a year, unless there are complications... Thanks!
  3. deeinthailand

    Good Cardiologist In Pattaya?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for an English speaking cardiologist in Pattaya? I am interested in finding out if there are some specific heart medications that may be available. Thanks!
  4. deeinthailand

    Recomendations For Pattaya Language School

    Thanks SO much for all of your help! This makes me feel at ease :)
  5. deeinthailand

    Recomendations For Pattaya Language School

    Thanks!! I am thinking of also having a Thai friend that is a tutor assist me as I go....I had visited a school that taught a TPR method, which used most of the 5 senses...and I am extremely motivated to learn, but I think that some methods would be a bit too difficult, at least at first....and I am also determined :). thanks for your input, helps to make me think....
  6. deeinthailand

    Recomendations For Pattaya Language School

    Hi Scott, Ummm, thanks??? I wonder if I am on a quest with no answers..
  7. deeinthailand

    Recomendations For Pattaya Language School

    Thank you! I have looked online at both of those schools. Walen method seems like it would be difficult for me to learn simply because of my own learning style. I am glad that you have had good experience with both. My speaking would be most important for me. Does Pro Language do the full ED Visa course in Pattaya? I am not sure if it is different there from Bangkok. I am looking for the right amount of hours (whatever that is..lol). That is very important to me. Thanks
  8. deeinthailand

    Recomendations For Pattaya Language School

    If this is in the wrong forum, please let me know, I am just figuring this huge forum and feel lost :). Thank you :)
  9. Hi all, I am new here and trying to look at "lots" of threads, many of them quite old. So now, 2017 I am looking to go to Pattaya and enrol in a respectable language school that teaches in a fairly easy method. I DO want to learn Thai and DO want to go to school for the required amount of hours in order to obtain an ED Visa. How many hours are actually needed per week to be legal and approved by 90 immigration reporting ? What schools are not too costly but provide all of the requirements? I was looking at PRO Language School, in Bangkok it seems to have the right amount of classroom hours, but does it have the proper amount in Pattaya? Are the requirements the same in all parts of the country? Do some schools have "special arrangements" with MOE? I really want to learn, do the amount of hours, as well as not have to pay a small fortune :) Thanks