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  1. Apparently now they are passed because the EU will charge them 6 quid for a visa....are they trying to have their cake and eat it?
  2. You weren't listening.
  3. Rather feeble acid test for democracy....If we had to vote for every rank and file official, we'd be in booth day in day out......I don't think many Brexiteers actually iunderstand what democracy means....perhaps you'd venture a definition?
  4. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    Yes...it's hardly proactive.... You have to be already drunk and in the car. PREVENTION seems to be an anathema to the RTP. I guess they get points for catching but can't show those they prevented.
  5. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    Yes...it's hardly proactive.... You have to be already drunk and in the car. PREVENTION seems to be an anathema to the RTP. I guess they get points for catching but can't show those they prevented.
  6. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    There is no time limit on road deaths in UK stats there is a national statistics office though......and the police are not only trained in road safety but also in detailed scientific analysis of road incidents.....Go to their site and you'll be bowled over by the quantity and detail of the info available.....every single incident big and small for years and years. Police and national stats office not only declare their sources and methodologies, they when collect this minutely detailed data of EVERY reported crash, one of the main differences is that injuries have 3 categories minor, serious and fatal. The situation inThailand is frankly embarrassing the police are mere amateurs when it comes to collecting stats and they were discarded as the single source about 4 or 5 years ago. Now the REAL stats I.e. the ones you can use on an annual basis are collated from a mish-mash of sources, with only a limited amount of helpful info available, how accurate is is is definitely questionable.....but it can give us as an overall picture. The thing is it's data and the results are got by "doing science" with the available data. The problem with virtually every thread on TV is that there is a positively Neanderthal obsession with one single statistic..- .deaths per 1000k - which is then simply incorrectly interpreted by those who don't know the FIRST thing about road safety....one gets the impression that because they can operate a motor vehicle they assume they are consequently "experts" ( I hate that word!) on road safety. Result ... a continuous stream of nonsense about road safety in Thailand.
  7. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    This is true and it also points out the existence of trees on the central reservations of many Thai highways, which is one example of how dreadfully the roads are designed.
  8. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    No..... enforcement is only one of the 5 Es of road safety and in Thailand the police themselves are neither equipped nor trained to deal with road safety. Firstly it requires a new police force and secondly an environment in which they can operate. ....neither of which exists even looks like coming into existence any time soon.
  9. Airbagwill

    The Seven Dangerous Days Myth

    I pointed this figure discrepancy out several years ago. This year for the FIRST TIME several papers have pointed out this statistical conundrum........ except that it isn't. Almost every country that gathers statistics has a drop in deaths and injuries over major holiday periods. Why....well I think that to credit the police is wildly optimistic....their checkpoints probably result in adding to the crash statistics rather than reducing them. There IS an increased awareness over the holiday, but to understand the real reasons for a slight decrease in death and injury, one needs to look at the demographics.....who is actually driving and where. The fact is the over the holiday there is an almost total absence of heavy goods traffic....vehicles are largely private 4 wheeled which account for about 26% of deaths on a "normal" day. 2, 3 wheelers and VULNERABLE road users normally account for 80% and crashes involving alcohol are normally 33% .So no great dramatic change, what you do have is a lot of family groups travelling long distance who are in general aware of the basics. I do wonder though how 2 wheelers maintain their percentage. Logically one could assume that use of 2 wheelers over the holiday would drop. No commuting and it would seem relatively few attempt the long journeys on a small bike. It would be nice to see where the crashes mostly take place and when....I suspect, looking at the hotspots, they occur not I much on the long journey itself, but in the areas predominantly travelled to after the family has arrived there, they then spend 3 or 4 days travelling around that region and possibly quite over the alcohol limits. Whateover the reason there is absolutely nothing to suggest that the police have anything but a negative impact on the crash rates at holiday time.
  10. Thatcher was probably the most division PM in UK history. If you want to she how she curtailed liberties and interfered with democracy, there were plenty of papers written at the time. I'd recommend McAuslan's papers on her undemocratic effects. As they are written at the time you may find his work hard to find these days.
  11. Using the word culture is for people without a real argument who want to make racist generalisations and think they can hide their racist views behind the word "culture"....a word they don't even know how to use properly. If you have a problem driving on Thai roads and find uourselfcontinually muttering, criticising even shouting at other road users....being "tailgated" breaking swerving to avoid "accidents"....I've got news for you.....it's YOU! You shouldn't driving in Thailand you aren't up to standard, and trying to lay the blame on others is just a feeble excuse.
  12. Airbagwill

    Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    The idea the harsher laws or more severe penalties will reduce carnage is so naive as to be risible. As pointed out most most Thais are simply too poor to pay draconian fines and the rich will simply get round it. In countries with low death rates fines and penalties don't work alone, they are part of a raft of measures introduced over decades that have gradually reduced the crash injury and death rates. So they are NOT as some would seem to suggest an immediate panacea or quick cure for Thailand's road woes and need to be considered a lot more carefully within a full and comprehensive policy to reduce road deaths. This is not, as some would have us believe, just a simple matter of telling the police to "do their job".... Consider how this would happen and how it would be implemented .... Thailand has a huge police force, at 250,000, over twice the size of the UK force, for instance. Thai police are a paramilitary force with virtually no training in road safety or traffic management, no proper gathering of stats, no analysis of crashes, no knowledge of traffic laws. So the first thing you need to do is set up and train a new police force inroads safety. Reform from the ground up or top down. Then there has to be a set of enforceable laws..... The current situation is a complete mess ... So the authorities would have to totally reform traffic laws and how they are enforced. Once this is set up you need a court systemvseparate and unconnected to the police and an administration to deal with imposing and enforcing penalties and fines. This all involves a major reform; the separation of police and judicial powers....... I'm sure that will fly through the legislature????....... This needs to be written into the new cinstitution. When you want to enforce road laws you also have to set up roads that are within these laws and where the laws match the roads and can be easily interpreted.. They need proper definition; signage, markings and lanes so everyone knows what laws they are breaking. Otherwise you could have court cases rolling on for years debating if some rich Thai was in actual fact driving "recklessly"....I.e. You have to define terms like ".reckless" to have concrete at law. Once this is all set up you have to eliminate corruption in enforcement, so systems of monitoring and complaint need to be established. Simultaneously you need to install an egalitarian system of admin to follow up and collect fines. This is usually primarily the courts not the police... I.e. separation of powers again. As said, before you can start prosecuting and fining people you need a well laid out and defined road system with good signage, lane markings etc etc and this all needs to be maintained.....so you will have to employ people to maintain the roads in a condition where the laws can be enforced. Then while all this is being set In place you need a long term national publicity campaign nationwide to ensure the public know what is going on and basically instill a new mind set in the populace. People from the UK will remember TV ads telling people what to do....There was also considerable thought given to what to do to help emergency vehicles. So those who think that an overnight tightening up of the law will help are simply deluding themselves. It is far, complex than that.
  13. Airbagwill

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    When people ask for "citations" on a forum it is because they6 don't have an argument. If you read my previous posts you will see how irrelevant your question is. However how about you - let's assume you have some evidence to counter my supposition?
  14. Airbagwill

    British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    "Fair point. But we also don't know if she was a complete ass either. She might have been using the no sex, emotional blackmail, sour face stone silences to try and get her own way." So you're suggesting he might have been justified in beating her to death?