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  1. stop feeding street dogs

    Only someone as illinformed as yourself could come up with that.....you have demonstrated time and again a lack of understanding on this subject which you seem think you can replace with quasi-cynical comments that are not actually even related to the discussion ...It may not be apparent to yourself but it seems abundantly clear to me. Can you actually cite a single comment on this thread you made that has any direct relevance to the topic and isn't in reality an ad hominem attack?
  2. stop feeding street dogs

    I think you are misinformed...how do they compete? How does the photo illustrate either competition or bins What point are you trying to make. I've stated that the waste disposal system is unsatisfactory and allows large dog populations to thrive....you come back with nonsense about competition and no bins. I'm aware of the responsibility hierarchy for domesticrefuse collectionandnoneofit fits into comments which appear to be based on a misunderstanding of what goes on. I also don't understand how you think this connects to the dog population...I have stated how I consider it relevant in respect of the accepted assertion that without reducing the food supply you can never reduce the dog population
  3. stop feeding street dogs

    What is this fierce competition of which you speak and please explain what bins were "removed" and why.
  4. Good to see this happening, but one hopes it isn't politically biased or motivated. the problem of graft and corruption has led to many Thai places of natural beauty being blighted by unlicensed/illegal developers whose work not only destroys what we can see but then polluted the surrounding areas with their waste and drainage. After the demolition and the mess created, follows the swirl of graft, money exchanges and negotiations to see who gets control of the land. Those who are charged with protecting Thailand's natural resources are underfunded to the point where they can't effectively operate - of course, this may suit some of the more influential people in the nation who will benefit more from unrestricted developments rather than get hampered by authorities with real power.
  5. stop feeding street dogs

    No, you are grossly misinformed - it doesn't decompose quickly even in a "hot" environment it can take up to a year and the pathogens linger on.... Furthermore, in a wet environment it ends up in suspension in the rainwater drainage etc and is spread all over the place, you may not see it but your treading on it all the time.
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    Regardless of country, I'm always taken aback by the amount of close physical interaction some owners have with there dogs.......
  7. stop feeding street dogs

    Stepping in poop is the least of your problems..... Decomposition of dog poop........ A soi dog will poop about 250 to 300 lbs of crap every year. It takes about a year for dog shit to decompose completely.... but pathogens may remain in the ground around it. Dogs are omnivores, meaning they eat animal and plant material. If your dog primarily consumes meat, his feces take longer to decompose than that of a canine eating food filled with grains. Dog poop can take a year or more to decompose. It can even mummify in a landfill, especially if it is in non degradable plastic bags used for poop-scooping. Dodshit isn't a fertiliser... as dog poop is higher in protein compared to cattle pat, it is quite acidic and will damage any vegetation it is left to rot on..... You can compost dog poo; it takes about 2 months but it is possible that the pathogens from a dogs diet may still persist so the resulting compost is not recommended for use with food, fruit and vegetable production.......... Fine for flower beds etc. so long as kids don't play in it. One gram of dog waste can contain as many as 23 million fecal coliform bacteria , this seeps into ground water and into local wells and water supplies, spreading such diseases as salmonella and giardia. Chopping it up (e.g. grass cutting) or spreading it around only exacerbates the problem and of course allows it to be trasferredunseenon people's feet or shoes...and into houses. In a tropical climate storms and flooding can deposit a film of dog shit over everything...it is left there after the water recedes. It also enters the domestic water supplies. Dogpoop in the States has the same status as toxic chemicals; it is regarded as a dangerous pollutant. Dog poop can contain hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. Long after the poop itself is no longer visible such things as parasite eggs can linger on in the soil and vefetation....This could be for over a year. Kids playing outside are particularly vulnerable from hand to mouth contamination.
  8. stop feeding street dogs

    I think you need to get yourself better informed on the uses, values and hazards of excrement. It might result in your comments being less tainted with the same.
  9. stop feeding street dogs

    Not really unless you want "your own" to be quite incorrect ... the difference is quite significant both composition and the health risks that each kind of excrement presents. As I said before, when did you last see a house built of dog shit?
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    i think that even you can google that hole in your knowledge.
  11. stop feeding street dogs

    Mostly nonsense - so you are saying that the dog problem can't be solved because Thailand, unlike other countries can't afford it? You have tried to dichotomise rubbish disposal and made assumptions about how the whole thing should b financed. which "ministry: are you talking about and what kind of bins? As for your negative views on costing they are mostly ill-founded......firstly if the government can afford roads railways utilities they can have a national policy. disposing of garbage does not specifically require an incinerator or a specific amount and if the dog problem was nationalise then economies of scale would be available. Whatever way the rubbish is disposed of it CAN be done it ways that it is inaccessible to dogs and does not get dispersed from within the confines of where it is put......every European country has achieved that. It doesn't require a revolutionary method of garbage collection it just requires that it is done properly To see the problem of dogs village by village is a blinkered approach, it needs a national change. If one region doesn't cooperate then the next region will be invaded by their dogs and all their efforts will have been wasted. Environmentally friendly waste disposal systems are not necessarily expensive either as they produce usable bi-products such as energy or even recycled materials and fertilisers.
  12. stop feeding street dogs

    I see you call for a "publication" you actually fail to specify one which point.......- It is a familiar scenario; bereft of any real argument they ask for references - that isn't an argument. do you realise that? If you doubt an argument, check it for yourself and then come up with your considered opinion. As I said earlier if you want to take part in an argument rather than just heckle from the sidelines, take some time and inform yourself first before you dive in and reveal your shortcomings on the matter. As for the matter your question, you could have saved your breath as the reference has already been given in an earlier post. - the WHO - it's a pity you clearly haven't read or understood the other posts yet still think you are in a position of form a valid argument..... it reflects more on yourself than anything else.
  13. stop feeding street dogs

    I think you don't really understand the processes. What is your view on this? What do you think, if anything, should be done? Feeding the dogs is one of several factors that promotes the dog population. It attracts dogs to an area....once in that area they will also scavenge. The amount of food available is directly related to the number of dogs in an area. Feeding the dogs also represents an attitude to Soi dogs that needs to be changed if the problem is ever going to be addressed. PS - Are you aware of the attempted culls in Bangkok and the publication?
  14. stop feeding street dogs

    You assume that garbage disposal will be a direct tax/fee on householders. What is needed is a disposal system that he's from source to dump Producers whether domestic or commercial need to have suitable bins and collection, but also the local authorities need to ensure that after regular collection the garbage is placed in dumps that are environmentally friendly and don't encourage scavenging by dogs and other animals. This is standards any clean city around the world. It also has financial benefits in both cleanliness and health. How they found this is up to the city itself....after the initial investment the running costs are no more than anything they have now. It really isn't a matter of funds so much as a matter of attitude. Once in place the benefits to locals business health and tourism will pay for it.
  15. stop feeding street dogs