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  1. Not the first time this has happened - basically farmers taking the law into their own hands....there is actually a lot of advice on this sort of problem, but some people just think they know best ,.....and don't need to tell the authorities about it. Furthermore, it's easy enough to detect if someone is setting up these fences but no-one lifted a finger
  2. Pensioners seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Firstly the dive in the value of the pound and the increase in value of the Euro will squeeze 10 to 20% off the real value of their pensions. Secondly the UK will have to renegotiate pensions with either the EU or even individual countries...in some countries they get the various increase in govt pensions, but in other countries - like Oz the pensions are frozen at one level. I also don't think the govt has as yet figured out the numbers of pensioners who will be migrating back to the UK in the next few years as their pension funds become increasingly worthless.
  3. 90 day visa extensions only at Sri Racha

    SriRcha will not Extend your B visa for a year. They will only allow 90 days. After 90 days you have to represent documents and they will then extend your B visa for another 90days at a cost of 1900 baht. This appears to apply to all private language schools. If you have a problem with paperwork after 90 days they will suggest you overstay. If you get an extension of one week, they then won't extend your B visa, you will have to leave the country. they require verification of your degree by your home country embassy, but they seem to forget about that with the 90 ruling.
  4. Vegemite

    If you have a Tops or Central you will find they stock vegemite. Vegemite is quite a bit cheaper than Marmite in Thailand. If you shop online with Tops, that is also an option.
  5. Vegemite

    If you have a Tops or Central you will find they stock vegemite.
  6. It now seems that those wishing to teach at private language schools can't get a 1 year B visa at Sri Racha. They will only issue a 90 period. This means all documents gave to be submitted every 90 days and a fee of 1900 baht. Meaning the cost per year is now 7600 baht. Has anyone personal experience of this? Does anyone know why this policy has been adopted?
  7. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Arguing with Trump is like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, shites on the board, and then flies back to its flock to claim victory."
  8. "Blaming" bad driving as root of the problem shows that people don't understand unproven. If that's as far as they can think about road safety, it is a sad reflection of their own driving abilities too.
  9. BTW it is not the users of Thai roundabouts that are ignorant..it us the way they are set up. They need to have clear lane and give way markings. In Thailand this us totally absent. The problem here is that the general rule in Thai roads is priority from the LEFT but a roundabout can only work with priority on the RIGHT. Although this is the law, it needs to be clearly marked....no such thing exists in Thailand.
  10. Roundabouts are a great way of sorting traffic, but they have to be operated correctly. The last 15 years or so have shown that Pattaya traffic engineers have no idea how to design or mark a roundabout and the repeated interference by the local police shows they are completely untrained and equipped to deal with this sort of thing. Sadly what will happen now is the installation of a piece of traffic engineering that will simply reinforce the image of complete incompetence by all concerned.
  11. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Racists like to protest they aren't racist and fascists try to kid themselves they aren't fascists Some comments here remind me of Roger Mcgough's poem... "there arefascistspretendingto behumanitarians like cannibals on a healthkick eating only vegetarians"
  12. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    Speaking as s rightwinger?
  13. Trump condemns 'hate' after protest violence in Virginia

    David Duke ... "We're taking our country back' Now where have we heard that before?
  14. The only "follow through" in this is Trump.
  15. Sorry we're not speaking the same language