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  1. Isn't hard to identify fake degrees... There is a Wikipedia web site.... Perhaps immigration could speed up the task by logging on to that?
  2. A very simplistic and naive interortation of the stats. There is scant regard to demographics, comparison with other visitors and reference to the cgangibg5 Thai domestic scene. I think the OP is based on what the OP wants to see rather than a serious analysis of the statistics...rather lo-brow reporting.
  3. Consumer rights in Thailand have changed in Thailand...they have moved from prehistory to the dark ages.
  4. This is a common myth perpetuated on isn't how road deaths are calculated by WHO and other R/S orgs in order to give internationally comparable figures. Furthermore, if you think about it, if the emergency services fail to arrive in time or not at all, you will also get an increase in those who die at the scene.
  5. QED Or are you trying to equate kinetic energy from the vehicle's mass and speed with the rate of fatalities?
  6. What equation is that? We are talking about why people die in relation to the emergency a significant part of the Thai death toll they have to be considered as part of the picture. To understand the whole picture it is useful to deconstruct the figures and of course account for the vulnerability of motorcyclists and if he groups of road users. This is not about driving cars as some clearly us about what happens via emergency services.
  7. This is a discussion about emergency services and the effect they have on survival after crashes....Your comment seems to be to display a lack of understanding of the tipic
  8. What is the phone number to report abuse of this then?
  9. This no reason to rest on out laurels The depth of ignorance and indifference on conservation issues is clearly demonstrated on this thread... The tigers are by no means safe... Normal prey for a tiger is wild boar and deer. Tigers ambush prey often while it is drinking. For this reason Tiger habitat needs plenty of streams running through it to attract prey. Lakes are no good as the tiger then ends up wrestling prey in deep water. It is welcome news that these tigers are actually BREEDING in this area, but one has to wonder if the gene pool is large enough. It is one of the main aims of tiger conservationists to link various tiger habitats as this will enable “interchange” between populations...I suspect this might be the case here. Thailand has had small successes in preserving its tiger population in the last couple of years and those involved need to be recognised for the tireless work they have put in........but it is hard to give any credit to the government who basically are basking in this reflected glory without having contributed to it in any fact their policies would indicate a deplorable depth of ignorance and indifference to the situation. If Thailand is not to preside over the extinction of this apex predator, there needs to be a massive change in attitude by the authorities. One case in point is the “pointless” government obsession with building a dam at Mae Wong........this dam which was first proposed and rejected in the 1980s, has no real irrigation or flood control benefits borders on the main tiger conservation area in Thailand Huay Kha Khaeng........if they resulting lake will affect both tigers and their prey and reduce the buffer zone between tigers and human encroachment - the result could devastate the tiger population. ...and the government spokesman’s comment? - Gen Chatchai Sarikulya, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives has proposed using article 44 to start construction and believes that “ tigers have legs to run away from the water.”
  10. I think this is a very bizarre set of requirements by S/R immigration....however will it get rid of those with fake degrees? Unlikely!
  11. UK embassy has a checklist of accredited universities... If your degree is on that they issue a note to that effect (3500 .... You then need a translation into Thai of your degree cert by a notary.....Sri Racha won't extend some B visas to the full year any more
  12. China was a major industrial power long before the west... by thousands of years....they also now manufacture goods of the highest quality.....BMW Apple etc....the problem is that many in the West are either to ignorant or arrogant to understand this..
  13. Touch of the Keystones?