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  1. I shouldn't have to answer you, if you want to post in a topic get up to speed on the basics, it's not as if the info isn't available and has been for years. It amazes me how foreigners seem to think they are some kind of superior race of drivers to Thai people, yet clearly have no idea of how to interpret what is unfolding before their eyes everyday as they drive. I find the average expat's attitude to other drivers in Thailand both condescending and ignorant.
  2. This comment perfectly sums up the rank ignorance of most expats on the topic.....just cling on to the syllogism.....lots of dead people so it must be the facile can you get?
  3. "Thai drivers are shockingly bad and dangerous" this is of course completely inaccurate. However as someone who has driven further and longer in Thailand than most Thais I have come to realize that the most vociferous critics are in fact themselves the worst drivers on Thai roads.
  4. It is a tragedy.... Vandalism pure and simple. Successive governments in Thailand have displayed massive ignorance and indifference when it comes to REAL national heritage, preferring to promulgate a dumbed down jingoistic sugary Robin Hood type of popular myth instead. This, together with their disregard for their natural heritage, is slowly strangling what could be such a beautiful country. The authorities who profess to be guardians of Thai culture and heritage should hang the heads in shame and then learn their country's proper history.
  5. Sadly this will be touted as a "solution" rather than a baby step in the right direction. Authorities will now use this as "evidence" they have done their job. Nothing could be further from the truth. In all this palaces their has been virtually no reference to the victims those who employ them and why they are so easy to exploit. This is not a solution to the best it is a bandaid but most likely just the tip of an iceberg.
  6. I get my information from multiple sources and am capable of analysing it....just work out the number of apartments and the people still missing - it's going to be months or years before they admit to it, but it ain't rocket science - at least to most us us. You are way to gullible and unfortunately calls for "dammed good evidnce" are nothing more than a sign that you really don't know what you are talking about
  7. This is the result of those who decide it's OK to ignore regulations - you know the kind, they are always moaning in pubs about the "nanny state" - something they simply don't understand. ""The problem here is not perception, but your actual culpability in an actual crisis." Grenfell Tower Residents call on new Kensington Council leader to resign amid shouts of "murderers"
  8. No sir the maths and don't be so patronising
  9. How many cockroaches does it take to change a light bulb? Nobody knows....they all disappear as soon as it comes on.
  10. As we know where and how the fire started, and that is supported by how the fire spread, you'd need a big dose of paranoia to go with another theory.
  11. Possibly the most facile response on the thread. You made a ridiculous post and now are trying to save face.
  12. Why? I don't need "evidence" as you simplistically suggest. You see this the kind of cow-towing rollover attitude that allows the authorities to get away with murder or manslaughter. I don't need any evidence....I'm basing my opinion on the information in the press and simple maths...There are loads of people missing still and unaccounted for. .It is up to the police to collate the evidence Those who start demanding evidence on forums line this are just hiding the fact they don't actually have an argument themselves. Read up, get informed and then put forward an opinion rather than naive puerile comments about other opinions that are based on a reasoned assessment of the situation. Come back when you have a reasoned opinion.
  13. I'm "reliably" informed that "crushing" a roach in fact releases eggs all over the place thus dramatically ineasing the rate of multiplication ..... Actually I think this is an urban myth....but I prefer to use a surface spray to control them. I seldom see them in my house, but then I'm fastidious about not leaving anything edible about where anything from ants to rodents can get at it. I'm frequently shocked when visiting expats houses how casual they are about food storage, and then they wonder why they get roaches rats etc. And don't forget, if you gave rats you will then get snakes.
  14. Not needed...(criminal) negligence laws cover it. The problem is that with the current investigations and inquiries the govt has effectively ring fences the whole affair. They are even lying about the death toll with a policy of dripping out figures to avoid a public outcry. Police, local authorities and government will stand together on this to protect the status quo.
  15. There appears to be a popular misconception amongst expats that cockroaches are on sale on the insect food stands. They are in fact water beetles and as a result if over exploitation becoming increasingly rare in the wild. There is a problem with insects for human consumption in that they avoid normal food hygiene and storage rules and have been responsible for cases of food poisoning