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  1. No problems. I thought the OP had mentioned the Friendship Bridge and was looking for any tips to speed up the process there.
  2. Nong Khai taxi driver (located at 1st NK border gate) took me over to Laos to get my visa and bought me back to NK. Will do same thing in 90 days.
  3. No not all. Why would you ask that?
  4. How much money to retire in Thailand.

    She has a job and you have a house? Then yes, you have enough.
  5. I was there yesterday at 1.00pm - no queues whatsoever. I paid 400b to a taxi driver at the Thai border gate. Apart from me getting out of the taxi on the Laos side to pay the 1,300b ,filling in 2 small forms & having pic taken, the taxi driver did everything. Took 1 hour for the whole process including beers and a few bets at the casino next to Laos immigration. I’ve kept taxi driver number for next visa run.
  6. I tried doing the exact same thing as the OP wants to do, but failed because there was a 1hr delay in the departure time of my flight to BKK. Fortunately I chose Thai Airways for the flight to KK because TA gave me a later flight to KK without extra any cost. Hope this helps.
  7. I want to drive to the Vientiane casino for a few days via a stopover in Udon. I already have a multi re-entry stamp in my passport to get back into LoS. Am looking for advice on what documents I (& car) will need prior to arriving at the Laos border gate. Many thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. 1 km over the limit is driving “WAY TOO FAST”......LOL. Gotta luv TVF bored trolls!
  9. What speed exactly was the dash cam truck going?
  10. The video of this accident should be shown on EVERY flight, train & ship headed for Thailand. The above words (from gunderhill) should be displayed in large print as the video plays.
  11. Do I have enough money?

    There’s no escaping the 2 year “home detention” rule, but as you’re not going back the pension is off your table unfortunately. But IF you changed your mind and did your 2 years penance AND provided you resided in AU (for 35 years after 16 years of age) AND you “moved” a big chunk of your $800K you should qualify for the full pension...and pocket about another 725,000B per year
  12. Do I have enough money?

    Nice post zaza9 [emoji106] Is it possible to “move” your assets to qualify for the pension as well? (After doing the 2 years prior residence back in Aus)