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  1. Does anyone have a link to the BBC vid relating the OP? The You Tube link and pic included in the OP does not show a 60 year old farang.
  2. Yes, indeed. You are right. Thanks for correcting!
  3. For sure there are a lot of hookers but many are not. Its not difficult nor time consuming to verify full-time respectively employed ladies.
  4. Don't know. Have never looked in "shops". But have seen thousands of beautiful, educated, respectively employed ladies on Thai dating sites.
  5. What exactly did the BBC fail to mention? Wouldn't most of met via online dating sites, like countless others do all over the world these days? If so, why would the BBC need to mention anything about online dating sites?
  6. Australian Aged Pension

    Your welcome mate. It's all part of my "CASINO GOLD" pension plan which is as follows... Rather then telling Centrelink (should they ask) that I "lost all of my money" at Thai racetracks and casinos (which don't legally exist in Thailand) and card games, I intend to tell them that I "lost" it all at LEGAL various casinos located in other countries close to Thai borders and elsewhere. I make a point of crossing Thai borders every now and again to obtain a personalised Players Reward Casino Card, most showing Photo ID. So far I have collected many Cards (2 from Laos, 1from Cambodia). I also so far have 2 Cards from Australian casinos and 2 from Las Vegas casinos. So, even though I HATE casinos and have never bet a cent in one, when I rock up to Centrelink to claim the OAP I intend to pull out about a dozen current and valid Players Cards to verify that I am addicted to Casinos and that they (the casinos) are to blame for the big drop of my cash assets in the 5 years leading up to claiming the OAP. I will then return to Thailand with my OAP and maximum allowable threshold cash in my bank, sell my hidden gold and hopefully.... live the dream. Like I say, its my plan. Time will tell...
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    Why not buy THAI gold 5 years prior, hide it, then sell it (most likely at a far higher price) after qualifying for the OAP?
  8. Why not slum it?... Monkey class for a baboon is a good fit.
  9. I prefer to fly Emirates than Thai. Because Emirates let me wear flip flops in their FIRST CLASS ON-BOARD showers. https://www.ausbt.com.au/emirates-airbus-a380-first-class-shower-spa-review
  10. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    Why not? http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/deep-fried-ice-cream/417de670-8b6b-43ce-b0db-a7cc66bc9722
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    All good David. Cheers.
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    Didn't mean to offend. But from above , at least one other regular poster agree with me (about not changing banks to save 18 bucks)...there could be others. It's a public forum so please do not "instruct" others to not post their thoughts/suggestions/opinions. Like I say, you're on a good thing with Citibank. Well done.
  13. Australian Aged Pension

    Probably not. You're on a good wicket with Citibank. Well done mate. But for everyone else ( who have been with their respective banks for up to potentially 50 years) is it worth the rigmarole of changing banks to save 18 bucks for an occasional money transfer...
  14. Australian Aged Pension

    Do you pay a fee for withdrawing funds from your AU bank when overseas?