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  1. Vegemite

    Check in a suitcase containing a single jar of Vegemite when it can be carried on? Yeah ok.
  2. Vegemite

    No not all. Friend has 40KG luggage allowance (Qantas Club member) but was only coming for short stay with no need for checked luggage. I just wanted to know if Vegemite was allowed to be carried on..as asked in OP.
  3. Vegemite

    Because friend was flying with CARRY-ON luggage only. (See paragraph 2 of O.P.)
  4. May interest.... 2016 Corruption Perception Index table. Thailand ranked 101. Approx. 75 other countries ranked more corrupt than Thailand. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corruption_Perceptions_Index
  5. You can be as harsh about it all you want, but you will never change this, or any country’s culture. Be thankful it’s not as bad here as it is in MANY other countries.
  6. If you think police corruption is bad in Thailand, you haven’t travelled much.
  7. Unsafe Shower?

    Thanks. There’s 3 wires going into the unit. They are red, black & grey. Does that mean the dangling black one is not required like the guy said? I don’t have a meter or neon screwdriver. Should I get the guy back and get him to show me on his meter rather than take his word for it?
  8. Unsafe Shower?

    My “electrician” says that the dangling black wire doesn’t need to be connected as there is another black wire already connected? Am obviously very concerned and not sure what to do. Any assistance appreciated.
  9. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    Welcome to Thailand. This is typical of THEIR road “safety” standards. Be aware of this should you venture out onto THEIR roads. Enjoy your stay.
  10. You will need a fast internet connection if using Kodi.
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    Also interesting is how she paid back the (fraudulently obtained) $50,000 and yet STILL she got a jail sentence. Aus courts these days are showing little mercy on welfare cheats...
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    Another link... http://www.news.com.au/national/courts-law/david-fifitas-wife-jailed-for-rorting-50000-centrelink-payments/news-story/b682e589013ce5f3092cfb6fe8581627
  13. Australian Aged Pension

    Today’s news: Aussie Centrelink benefits cheat gets jail time..... http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/david-fafitas-wife-told-she-faces-jail-term-for-centrelink-benefits-rort/news-story/8bbb19e3b64e34608fbef84f503116d9
  14. Footage of accident below. Would like to know who was found guilty of causing it.
  15. This is CCTV footage of the accident in which the young girl (as pillion) died. The rider (her BF) survived. I think the overtaking rider (Thai) was charged. Can anyone confirm? https://youtu.be/fQDty0rNnw0