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  1. Gregster

    Australian Aged Pension

    Great advice, thanks Elvis. What about cash in the bank (as opposed to super). Let’s say you have no super and don’t own a house nor other assets - you just have cash in the bank and you’re living with family whilst on Newstart. Do you (or anyone else) know exactly how much ca$h in the bank you are allowed to have before Centrelink start reducing your Newstart benefit?
  2. Gregster

    Australian Aged Pension

    Thanks, but I can’t read the link because I don’t have a Fin Review log in :(
  3. Gregster

    Australian Aged Pension

    Elvis, even when on the dole, I thought that Centrelink still deems income on your superannuation balance thus potentially reducing your Newstart allowance, yes?
  4. Gregster

    Australian Aged Pension

    Yes, but when you sell your Aus house to return to Thailand your pension will be reduced/cancelled because you will exceed the OAP assets/deemed income test.
  5. Pearl necklaces look better...
  6. Gregster

    Why so many mirrors?

    Is it really necessary to have 12?mirrors either side, or is it just a Thai thing?
  7. Gregster

    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    Thanks but no good. What you suggested only works if “find my iPhone” is set up on the phone, which it wasn’t :( We’ve given up on finding it because the thief can apparently do a factory reset using a computer or laptop. We just would love to be able to disable it as we have the phone’s serial and IMEI numbers
  8. Gregster

    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    My friend had their iPhone6 stolen. Unfortunately the “find my iPhone” function was not turned on so we can’t find it using GPS. The phone was locked with a pin so we’re not worried about the thief accessing the phone’s data. My question is.... can the phone be disabled so that it won’t work for the thief- even if they put in a new SIM from another provider? We have the phone’s serial number and asked the current provider (AIS) if they could make the phone inoperable, but they said they couldn’t. Just wondering if what they say is true... Or is there any other way to disable it
  9. Just finished watching “The Hurricane Heist” (2018). Don’t waste your time... unless you like looking at Melissa Bolona [emoji4]
  10. Just finished watching “The Reef”... not bad, thanks for suggesting. If you like true story movies about people trying to survive shark infested waters, check out “USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage” (2016).
  11. Gregster

    Australian Aged Pension

    This is currently doing the rounds on FB in Aus: “Malcolm Turnbull wants to increase the pension age to 70. This will mean that Australia will have the oldest pension age in the developed world. How does Mr Turnbull expect builders, farmers and nurses to work until they’re 70? Australians deserve to be treated better by this government than being asked to work until they’re 70 before receiving the Age Pension. All Australians born after 1 January 1966 will have to wait until they are 70 before being eligible for the Age Pension because of Mr Turnbull. Labor needs your help to stop Turnbull’s plan to increase the pension age to 70. Can you sign this petition calling on the government to drop their unfair plans?” [/url] https://www.alp.org.au/pensionbefore70
  12. Thanks. I’m there. Will download tomorrow. Robert Redford’s “All Is Lost” yacht-sink movie is worth a look as well. Not sharks or storms or reefs..but freaking submerged shipping containers!
  13. Saw the shorts recently of upcoming “stranded at sea” movie. Can’t recall movie name. Due out this month I think. True story about young couple whose yacht was destroyed by storm. Anyone know movie name?
  14. Yes, I meant “The Mercy”. Thanks will download. Not expecting anything revealing. Happy just to watch a yachting movie with a fav actor (C.Firth). Book/s gave me full insight about why he did it. And yes, doc was v. good.
  15. There’s also been some good books about this event. BTW have you seen the latest movie on the big screen...or is it out on DVD yet?