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  1. At which time all phones for registered democrats will have a different special vibration causing a mental reset back to sanity and cause a nationwide switch from a democrat to the republican party.
  2. Trump should return the questionnaire with his written answers redacted.
  3. timkeen08

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    I was asked the same question at our USCIS interview except he ended his question with "on the internet". I asked him if he had ever heard of a dating site on the internet for Thai women over 50 because I sure haven't. With a confused look on his young face he ran out of the room to next door. When he came back he then went on to the next question. I have only seen a red face on a black man a few times. Based on his heavy foriegn accent I doubt he understood what I said or what to do and was told something by the real interviewer next door viewing on his desktop. We met him after we were approved with a big happy smile on his face. I guess he got a kick out of it. I was a step ahead as I was well informed on how the interview would go and I pegged this heavily foriegn sounding guy as a firstimer as he read the questions off his list. That was not the only time I sent him running next door including taking a thick stack of photos that I had. I guess he asked what to do with so many photos. He came back and started sorting on the desk then gave us back most. Of course he took those 10-20 or so he chose next door. I kept him jumping with my sarcastic answers with an attitude like I am 59 and she is 53 of course this is not a fake marriage or she would be in her twenties. When asked about her mother's name I replied I don't know how to pronounce it, do you. My wife had to correct his pronunciation. We bumped into each other while she was visiting family in America and that's all it took for both of us. I was introduced to her by one of my coworkers as his wife's auntie. Married a month later, three years later we moved, and also remarried at the amphur with a much nicer interview. She wasn't 20 when we met but at 60 this month she still looks 30. I am so glad she was only Americanized just the right amount. I love that raw Thai outlook on life compared to freaked out US women. It would be a shame if she stayed much longer and had lost her Thainess.
  4. I missed the bus but I have friends who made the trip that to this day have many fond memories and flashbacks.
  5. Yes, that is what wives are for. They have trouble understanding minimum balance.
  6. timkeen08

    Eleven months smoke free!

    I quit 30 years ago, now 65. My first wife of 36 years quit the day she found out she had small cell lung cancer. She took chemo and radiation but that just gave her another year of pain and suffering. Then she died. Small cell lung cancer is the worse cancer. First it metastasized to the spine and engulfed the L3 &L4 vertebra. Basically broke her back. At the end it surrounded the esophagus and it was death by slow strangulation. 99% caused by smoking. No cure and no surgery options, 100% fatal. It has 2 stages, 1 & 4, with only 20% chance of non mestasis within 5 years of diagnosed stage 1, then it rages to stage 4. On the US SSA disability list for automatic approval. So stage 1 maybe 5 years before it starts. Stage 4, the most common, give weeks or a year if you choose nasty chemo and radiation burns. It takes years for your lungs to become healthy again. Never go back. Good luck, I hope this scares someone to quit and those that quite to never go back.
  7. timkeen08

    SURVEY: Citizenship for all?

    I guess your talking about your maid since you think so little of your ooops I forgot, no comment
  8. timkeen08

    Keeping a Toe In The Door -- Pros & Cons

    That is why I waited to retire in the US at a SSA office to discuss my plans instead of doing it online. I had to make an appointment for a day when the specialist had an opening. She did my application for me on her desktop, it was approved immediately, and I got a printout of the approval. I was told to return a week or two before we planned to leave the US. She did my permanent address change to our Thai addrress and entered my Thai phone number. I had my SSA online account way before I took early retirement for research into living abroad. I have no problem accessing my online account without a US address and phone number.
  9. timkeen08

    SURVEY: Citizenship for all?

    I have never heard of this being discussed either way among the Thais I know since I have lived here. My opinion is I keep out of Thai business. No comment.
  10. timkeen08

    What Are You Eating (Thai Food Porn)

    That looks really good. Wish I could eat curry sauce again. My wife makes THE best penang gai but it's off my list as well. I always looked forward to that once a week delight. She cooks it with big chunks of pineapple that just burst in your mouth.
  11. timkeen08

    Dizziness and nausea !

    Yes, mine is a severe stage but the disease does sneak up on you in many cases with the attacks as you discribe just starting with vertigo and balance issues alone. I hope your problem is something else. Don't rule out an inner ear tumor if you symptoms repeat through the years or worsen. The key to identifying Menieres is the ear feels full of wax but the ear stops producing wax, plus blackening of the eardrum. I hope you find the root cause of your symptoms and that it is easily treatable.
  12. timkeen08

    Dizziness and nausea !

    Menieres disease = constant ringing, continuous whirling sounds, loud noises and low frequency sounds are intolerable, feels like the ear is full of wax but isn't, not counting the virtego and balance issues. My eardrum is completely black. The other eardrum has a few black spots so I am fanatically careful of what I eat. But my Meneries disease is full blown with no hearing except for those troublesome noises that get amplified. I wear an earplug to keep those noise from hurting and driving me crazy. There is no test. It is a matter of your doctor ruling out other causes with similar symptoms like a tumor in the inner ear canal (MRI). Hope that helps.
  13. timkeen08

    Dizziness and nausea !

    I have full blown Menieres disease . I feel for you, there is no cure. My ENT doctor has the same disease so I am getting the best care possible. Combination of restricted diet and medication. Fully black eardrum. Does the OP have Tinitis (ringing in the ear?)
  14. timkeen08

    Govt’s thank-you party postponed indefinitely

    Beat me to the lack of RSVP. Most do not want, like, or need a big deal made over their help.
  15. timkeen08

    What Are You Eating (Thai Food Porn)

    Easy, no Thai food.