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  1. I'm living about 7kms from Namphong off the B2309 towards Kranuan. On my trips out I have not seen anywhere that has a decent selection of garden trees/plants. Any recommendations in my area, if they exist, would be most welcome. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. ,Their coming to take me away - he he ha ha - to the funny farm - he he ha ha! I don't think so!
  3. Cost of Cement Drive

    Thank you for all the advice. Today I have bought 240 cement at 1800 baht per cubic metre. I believe that to be a fair price.
  4. Totally agree with contributors to forum who are supporting Boris. He may well have said whatever, however I always double check what that epitome of left wing thought- The Independent - fills it's paper with. I am eagerly anticipating the departure of Mr May when Boris, Michael Gove and Jacob Reece Mogg can takeover the running of the country
  5. Cost of Cement Drive

    Thank you for that idea - as you say it looks more attractive. May I ask you for a little more info? What depth would it be necessary to excavate to? Pedestrian.and car use. Crushed rock of 5 Cms then 3 cm depth sharp sand followed by the pavers. Correct? I'm.told pavers cost about 20 baht each. Again correct? Grateful your advice. Thank you.
  6. I am preparing a budget for improvements to a house in Khon Kaen province and would appreciate to know estimate cost of Cement from CPAC, excluding the rebar, for a drive 17 x 6 metres long. I understand a minimum depth should be no less than 10 centimetres providing usa is restricted to cars. Heavier vehicles I'm told require a greater depth. Many thanks in anticipation of receipt of advice forthcoming.
  7. Help Please! I'm totally 'all at Sea'. I nèed to order an amount of factory pre-mixed concrete and I am told that it is sold as cubic metres and the price ranges between 1800 to 2200 baht per cubic metre. The help I need concerns the amount I need to order and how it should be delivered e.g all at once or in batches. I have taken all the measurements and a 'for instance' one is 14 x 2 x .15 metres giving (as I think) 4.2 cu m So let's say concrete is 2000 baht cu m, the cost would be 8400 baht or have I missed something or my maths are wrong. I am a real novice at this and am not confident I have understood what is needed. Thank you
  8. Shopping For Tiles

    Hi I have a large area of hardstanding around the periphery of our house that require to be tiles. Looking for best place (price and selection) to make purchase in or around Khon Kaen. I have checked out obvious places such as Homepro, Du Home etc. Are there other places or am I stuck with status quote? Many thanks
  9. Installing Internet into New House

    Thank you to all who contributed the many helpful replies. 3BB HAVE now confirmed to me that they no longer do ADSL, It's now VDSL and they will run the necessary cable to the house and no need to install a landline as such.
  10. I wish to install Internet into a new house. 3BB have confirmed that they have coverage at this location using ADSL, they do not have Fibre Optic. The house is 9kms from Namphong which is in Khon Kaen province. Currently because it is new, the house is not connected by a landline which I believe is necessary for ADSL to travel. There is a telegraph pole with -all thngs electric- next to the boundary wall of the house. The house is approx 20 metres from the wall. Question please: a) am I correct in thinking a landline is required añd do 3BB provide it, TOT or do I have to find a private contractor. Advice will be gratefully received
  11. Doubting My Maths

    Thank you.
  12. Doubting My Maths

    Sorry for that, predictive text. I meant layed or laid.
  13. Doubting My Maths

    Thank you for that. Can I ask the cost and how many people played the concrete and what were they paid? I have been quoted 100 baht for each metres laid which seems a tad expensive.
  14. Doubting My Maths

    Agree totally with previous poster. Regrettably I have not been present throughout the build and the builder has laid the hardstanding around the house at 4cms depth but has included rebar. On discovering this I wanted to add a few more cms on top but was told that it would not work. The builder did not completely cover the outside house ground putting only about 1.5 m width hardstanding down and leaving the rest as bare ground hence my current reason for the initial enquiry. I will be laying tiles when the concreting is completed Not totally happy with outcome but do not expect heavy use of hardstanding as fortunately only wife and self live here and no children to stamp all over place.