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  1. JackScarlett

    Cost of Building a Garage

    Extremely detailed costing from OP 'Grollies'. Thank you very much. Very helpful.
  2. JackScarlett

    Cost of Building a Garage

    I've been looking through the Forum to see if I can find relevant costs of building a 7mx5m garage but unable to find anything. Build with blocks and sloping metal sheeting roof. Not sure whether cement from CPAC of mixed on site is more cost effective Grateful for advice from anyone who has done this. Thank you
  3. JackScarlett

    Import Tax

    Sorry I forgot to add that the tables are for personal use and the qty will be 6 bottles
  4. JackScarlett

    Import Tax

    I would like to buy some cranberry tablets from iHerb (USA) and wonder what he likely import tax to be imposed by Thai customs might be. Can anyone advise who has relevant knowledge Thank you
  5. Please justify: Why would anyone trust Boris, a proven liar and disloyal team member, or Farage a coward and liar? 
  6. I have long suspected that T May - a remainer at heart - reluctantly agreed to pursue the wishes of the 17 million plus UK electorate to leave the EU. It has been written in a recent newspaper article that she would have made an excellent civil servant, but as a politician, she is below average. Reading the current news I am increasingly concerned that she - having surrounded herself with members of the cabinet who are remainers and senior civil servants, in particular The Treasury 'The heart of the remain camp', and they have planned a conspiracy to ensure that the final deal offered on Brexit, will be unacceptable to the UK electorate, and a second referendum will take place where the choice will be one of acceptance or non-acceptance and remaining in the EU. If I am correct then it will be the greatest case of conspiracy and the Conservatives will pay heavily at the next election. I am a lifelong Conservative voter, but should this concern realise itself, I will never vote for them ever again. It is not too late to retrieve the situation and achieve the full-blown Brexit that the majority voted for.. However it requires a politician who has the 'balls' to openly challenge Mrs May and if need be force her to step down and who is prepared to tell the non elected bureaucrats in Brussels exactly what the majority of the electorate want and if they say no tell them we will not pay any further money, and that negotiations are over and we will pursue our own destiny without any deal from them. As I write this I see that Micheal Portillo has expressed the same view on the majority of the above. I don't fear another General Election which is based on a single theme the EU and our relations with it and a new Conservative leader, because Labour is divided and have sold out those who voted to leave the EU and the Liberals are, well, just the Liberals with an old aged pensioner as a leader. So I wholly support Boris Johnson when he says we need a leader of the calibre of Donald Trump but I fear we are stuck with the bunch of self-seeking individuals that currently sit in Parliament. Maybe Nigel Farage could be persuaded to return to lead the fight back.
  7. JackScarlett

    Motor Cycle Licence Test

    Just told that test was all theory and more difficult. The requirement for practical had been discontinued. Maybe a case of 'misinformation'. Thank you for your reply.
  8. JackScarlett

    Motor Cycle Licence Test

    I am told that the test for getting a motorcycle or car driving licence, for everyone who requires such (Thai Nationals and Foreigners), changed recently and I am unable to find any reference to the current test requirement. So if it has changed, can someone please direct me to the relevant website. All the info I have come up with relates to the requirement pre-2018. Many thanks
  9. JackScarlett

    Advice Request

    Thank you one and all for your helpful replies. Am inclined towards the Yamaha Grand Filano but need to see it at the shop first.
  10. JackScarlett

    Advice Request

    I am requesting advice on the best m/c (scooter) for my Thai wife. I know absolutely nothing about m/cs save that they have two wheels and, in my opinion, are death traps, and I have resisted buying one for my wife until now and do so most reluctantly but 'needs must'. My wife has never owned an m/c and has as yet no licence and the machine will not be purchased until she has a licence to ride one (which has gone down like a lead balloon). To cut to the chase: What would be the most appropriate m/c to buy - Honda or Yamaha - cc, automatic, electric or kick start? Likely price. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Why not? I had a Batman when I served in British Army. Good lad. He was very happy to miss out on all the exciting things like Church Parade and Barrack Room Inspections
  12. JackScarlett

    Summer storms warning in effect in 4 regions

    Storm started at about 4pm yesterday here mid way KK and Udon Thani with heavy rain until about 1 a.m. today. This morning it is not looking very promising.
  13. I'm living about 7kms from Namphong off the B2309 towards Kranuan. On my trips out I have not seen anywhere that has a decent selection of garden trees/plants. Any recommendations in my area, if they exist, would be most welcome. Thank you in anticipation.
  14. ,Their coming to take me away - he he ha ha - to the funny farm - he he ha ha! I don't think so!