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  1. Slippery Elm

    I would appreciate information as to whether Slippery Elm powder is available in Thailand. I have tried Fadchinos Pharmacy to no avail. Many thanks
  2. Advice Required

    I have recently had a house built in Namphong Province about 10 km out from Namphong towards Kranuan on the 2039. I am not there at present but will return to take up residence at the end of this year. The builder - if he can be called that - allowed for a one metre width of concrete around the Base and out from the house and I would like to extend that by at least another metre and need advice as to the best way to proceed as I am informed that concrete comes in at about 1800 baht cubic metre. I also need a path built from the gate to the house. Cost is important particularly in the current pound v baht scenario. Path would be around 2 metres wide and approx 25 metres long. Advice and suggestions to a complete novice would be most welcome in such matters as builder, probable costs and materials would be greatly welcome. Hope I have given sufficient info to get some kind of idea. Many thanks
  3. Life in and around Kranuan

    A big thank you to every one for their extremely helpful information. It is appreciated very much.
  4. Life in and around Kranuan

    Grateful anyone living in this area let me know if there are any English speaking foreigners in this area and if so is there any social meeting place or would I be completely isolated from like company> Many thnks
  5. Other than using a Thai Bank or having money sent by transfer, does anyone now if the many Foreign Exchange Booths, which are dotted all over the place, will accept a Debit Card to purchase Thai currency. I ask as they appear to have a better rate than most brokerages in UK or Thai Banks here in Thailand. If so any idea of the cost of doing such a deal. Thank you
  6. Wifi/Internet Security

    Thank you to all who contributed. I better informed as a result.
  7. Yellow House Book

    Ah look before you leap! I would have done well to read other threads before hitting the keyboard. My apologies to all.
  8. I have a Yellow House book for a house which featured in a previous life here in Thailand. I left that house some years ago but still have the book. I am planning to move to a new house sometime next year and would appreciate advice as to how I deal with the old book and do I have to get a new one and if so, the procedure. Many thanks
  9. Wifi/Internet Security

    I am moving to a new condo building and have been told by the Management that my preferred Internet provider - 3BB - capacity is full and that I must purchase the building system, Sophon Fibre Optic. I understand that this purchase will include a router/modem. Being of an age where IT is foreign to me, I question the security of my use of the building system if I am connected to a system that can be accessed by anyone in the building. I am told don't worry you will have your own password. Okay I understand that but when my input to the outside world joins the building system, doesn't this mean that my privacy no longer exists. I am thinking mainly of my dealings with financial matters. I would welcome some advice from those more knowledgeable please. Thanking you in advance
  10. Apologies I should have said Royal Thai Embassy London.
  11. I was married at Bangrak Khet Bangkok to a Thai Lady National. I have recently been granted a Decree Absolute in the UK. The Decree has been legalized by the UK FCO, verified by the Royal Embassy London and together with a Thai translation legalized by the MOFA Chaeng Wattana Bangkok. I am now informed that I should/must register the divorce with the amphur at which I was married. Has anyone direct knowledge as to whether this is correct. I have no immediate plans to re-marry. As per usual the Consulate in Bangkok is totally useless. Thanks in advance
  12. Going to live near Khon Kaen

    Thank you for your input. Your TV name is most appropriate.
  13. Going to live near Khon Kaen

    I will be moving to Khon Kaen - I will be between Namphong and Kranuan are and would welcome advice on shopping. My questions are: will I be able to buy items such as English style bacon and sausages in Khon Kaen Where am I likely to be able to buy aircon units at a reasonable price Where is the best place to buy furniture - beds, wardrobes etc Is internet connection good or patchy will I be able to have large bottles of drinking water delivered or will I have to resort to 7eleven Apart from true vision, does the area support any other TV provider Many thanks Jack Scarlett
  14. Thank you. I most certainly do not want anything that is remotely illegal and maybe that answers my question.
  15. Shortly moving to Pattaya and I would like to be able to watch the various UK TV programmes. Understand Thai-expatTV is no more. I heard that there are providers such as Kodi etc but not being IT literate have not got the first idea of how I would install it. Can anyone please offer some advice as to my best option. Thank you