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  1. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Absolutely, we call it a washing line in UK, it's usually strung across the balcony to hang your laundry on. :)
  2. New Mazda CX3

    What's wrong, couldn't afford a pair of shoes now you've spent all that money on a new car!!
  3. Is your pool safe ?.

    Ah, come on.... Why where are we going grollies, is there a fence? :) All joking aside, I fully understand your personal desire to make safe your pool if you don't wish to keep your eyes on stalks for their visit.
  4. Is your pool safe ?.

    Don't forget to fence the river in Ardeche before your next visit. The concept of parental responsibility, child control / supervision and education springs to mind when I read this. I don't think I've ever seen a fenced pool in either a private residence or a public hotel pool outside of Oz. Nanny state gone mad. Never have I seen a river, lake, reservoir, canal or ocean fenced off. If you can't be bothered to supervise your children in potentially dangerous environments or teach them to be aware of such dangers then put a leash on them, then you can get on with enjoying a beer with your friends around the barbie... Why draw the line at pools, what about roads, cliff tops, piers, jetties, shopping mall escalators, station platforms etc, etc.
  5. To some degree yes, but there has never been a better time than now, particularly in the North of England with quite low prices, very low interest rates, lenders competing heavily for business and rents increasing. If I was interested in expanding my UK property portfolio I would not be hesitating at this time. A golden opportunity for those with the acumen, inclination and initiative.
  6. Ah, but what an investment. Just think of all that loving and fun you've had over the last 22+ years.....
  7. Ouch... Was that edit directed at me by any chance. By the way the discussion is regarding people buying a home / investment property, not transient corporate gypsies who really don't fit into that scenario.
  8. A very reasonable and considered reply. What I do know for fact is that we had far more drama with a rented property, 3 year court case sleeping with ears and one eye open, eviction with loss of our business and home because of a 'refusal to remain on the property whilst fighting the appeals', and a night in a cell (pure extortion) to boot, plus the loss of our financial investment in the lease and the refurbishment. Our recent big investment decisions have been thoroughly vetted and I can happily say I don't lose a wink of sleep over them.
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. When I phoned the UK embassy in Bangkok to ask about a verification of income letter, in connection with marriage / retirement extensions, I was told I had to attend in person with a prior appointment. Is this 'income letter' something different?
  11. I ate balut about 34 years ago in PH, not knowing what it was my companion insisted I try it. Game for anything I sucked the juice out of a hole in the shell, then she peeled the shell to reveal a yellowish looking hard boiled egg, a bit of that was quite inoffensive, then she split the remainder to reveal the fetus. Suffice to say my curiosity expired at this point. More disgusting was the century eggs I was given in Singapore, later to be told they were some sort of egg (can't remember what) that had been soaked in horses urine.... Yuk!
  12. If you don't trust the local land office title deed and their master plan check map you can get it checked by head office in Bangkok, I believe. Your lease agreement can have a certified translation which you can read and check, and if you're really concerned get a second lawyers opinion. After which the lease agreement will / should be registered on the back of the title document, which again can be translated then checked by a lawyer if you wish. If we let the corrupt system dictate our lives in Thailand we'd never get out of bed on a morning.
  13. What's wrong with leasing the land? If the lease is registered on the Chinote or Nor Sor 3 title deed it's perfectly legal and secure. To all those who have a bee in their bonnet and a negative attitude towards land / property ownership, apart from those who TRULY prefer to rent, you're either single, married to the wrong person or don't have the funds to finance a place of your own!
  14. No wonder you needed 18 a/c's if you have them in your pool room.... Or Is that a water coloured carpet in your living room :)
  15. Thanks, that gives me a good guide on prices.