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  1. Tofer

    Woman Spends 5 Days Stuck in Her Bathtub

    You dirty bugger....
  2. Tofer

    Where Would You Move?

    I honestly couldn't say. I have found building on the island of Lanta to be considerably more expensive than the mainland, materials between 15-50% more, and readymix concrete double. Labour is limited also. Authorities are over zealous in their fee charging. From a shopping point of view my only reference is the purchase of a kayak in Samui which was actually cheaper than anywhere else I had enquired. I perceived there to be a reasonable competition for business in Samui, whereas in Lanta, and even Krabi, you'll pay what they ask! To be fair, I researched the cost of building on the island before we bought the land, and was happy to proceed. What I didn't do was compare the cost of building / living on the mainland. At the end of the day we found our piece of paradise on the seafront for a very reasonable price, and the rest is incidental. Aside from costs you should consider very carefully your requirements of culture and entertainment of which there is very little around Krabi region, but the countryside and coastline are spectacular. Koh Lanta has engaged in a programme of new roads around the whole island and they will leave those in Samui a poor relation. One ferry crossing has already been replaced with a bridge and the other is muted to be going the same way. Development is strictly controlled, motorised water sports and beach vendors are banned, all positives IMO. Shame about the ferry, if it happens, which I find to be a novel experience, and only 20 mins crossing at B100 for a car. I would seriously suggest you make a list of what you need / want and visit both places to establish how your criteria fairs. Good luck with your decision. If you make it to Lanta pm me and we can meet up.
  3. Tofer

    Where Would You Move?

    Totally agree. Of course it depends what your budget is. Krabi is not cheap and where I live in Koh Lanta is even more expensive. Then again, you get what you pay for, unspoilt paradise, aside from the usual Thai foibles. Samui is way too commercialised and difficult to access.
  4. Not that I am recommending visiting Pattaya, but one of the best NYE's I spent was at a Vietnamese restaurant on top of the Pratumnak Hill condominium. The buffet meal was very good and the 360 degree views of Pattaya and Jomtien fireworks was amazing. Book early as they are very popular. They made a special effort as my wife was feeling ill, they made cow tom for her and allowed me a bottle of wine in lieu of her meal ticket. Excellent service IMO, but not cheap!
  5. If you're over 50 why don't you simply enter on a non O visa and apply for a retirement extension? No need to complicate the issue with fiancé and / or marriage intentions.
  6. Brings back memories of when I helped my Dad in his shoe repair shop on a Saturday. I would stamp the bags with the shop name using a rubber stamp and ink pad. I dreaded the visit across the road to the barber shop who was called Mr Savage, I jest not, the name put the fear of God in me.
  7. Slighty off topic, but related - I was told by DWP that the tax office would now collect NI contributions together with my self assessment tax liability. To date this has not happened. I have full contributions but assumed I am still liable for the business rate as we have ongoing letting property income, and my wife is still well short of the requisite years contributions for a full pension. I am aware the tax office do not recognise our letting income as a 'business' for tax purposes, i.e. business deduction allowances, but we always paid NI on the old system by standing order to the DWP. Why on earth they had to change the old system which worked like clockwork I will never understand. I will, of course, send them a message asking about this, but wondered if anyone had any information to shed light on this situation? Forewarned is forearmed.
  8. Tofer


    I never forget a Thai lady's comment about a particularly hairy lad she was with in the Banana Disco, back in the old days when it was in front of the Safari hotel on Patong beach road, I digress. She insisted on dancing with me and my partner and when I asked why, she replied he's like a monkey! So I guess it's true that Thai women don't like hairy bodies.
  9. Tofer


    Nope, never! Though I must confess I had longish hair and wore platform shoes in the early seventies. Never have and never would have a beard, tash, tattoo or body piercing of any description.
  10. Tofer


    Come on then, let's have a look.....
  11. Having a bath in a tin tub in front of the fire, hoping to be first in it! Splashing around in the same tin tub in the back yard on a sunny day.
  12. Hedge hopping and trying to avoid the cold frames en route. Never forget the houses up our road, all had hedges. We'd start at the top and dive over the hedges rolling onto our feet and onto the next one. I think they call it free running now.
  13. The right ones still do in Thailand! Although mine got a bit too westernised after 17 years in UK...
  14. EE bye gum, thas med me reight homesick....