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  1. HSBC expat

    Royal Bank of Scotland / National Westminster and Lloyds in UK, both had to be bailed out by the tax payers.
  2. Bangkok Bank gave me a savings account with ATM card against a tourist visa only 3 years ago. 14 years ago they gave me a foreign currency account (US$) against a tourist visa, although I was told that I should have had a WP for that. I opened a KTB account with ATM card 4 months ago with only a Thai drivers licence.
  3. is my thai wife cheating on me?

    Get an injection of common sense, then apply it.......
  4. Where to hem suit pants on Sukhumvit

    Marty's Tailors opposite Soi 11, cross over footbridge landing infront of Bangkok Bank and turn towards Nana, about the third shop along. I've been using him for 34 years.
  5. Not in any of my buildings, and my 4 storey, 11 flat block has many a long horizontal section internally above ceilings, all at 1:40, linked up with completely vertical pipes, and never a problem in 14 years, except on rare occasions some stupid tenant has put wet wipes and or sanitary napkins down the toilet.
  6. Sorry I mixed up your location. I'm surprised to hear your regs are different to ours in UK, particularly as it's a British penal colony established by POME's (prisoners of mother England) :) Obviously there are situations where vertical drains are incorporated, and I would be surprised to find any solids sticking in those sections, unless you had too sharp a bend at the bottom. 1:40 is the industry standard in UK as I was taught in college and as plumber friends have ratified, for the reasons I mentioned previously.
  7. I think you'll struggle to ensure guests only pee in your toilet, but it makes no difference if you're connecting to the main bathroom drainage anyway, smells will come up from the sewers / septic tank even if the developers put a proper vent pipe at high level - unlikely....
  8. Good luck with that, Even our current Thai landlord advised us to do our own plumbing and drainage on our current building project. Instead I designed it all, gave them detailed drawings and frequently watch over them to make sure they are doing it properly, and still I worry!!! I'm not saying there aren't capable tradesmen in Thailand, just be very careful who you choose.
  9. Absolutely, put everything down there you can physically connect. The Thais separate their solid waste from their cleaner waste, I believe because they are too mean to empty the septic tank frequently, although this is also a misconception as the solids are the only waste that fills the septic tank needing periodic removal, and even this degrades / decomposes to some degree. There is, should always be, an overflow from the sceptic tank to a soak away pit / slotted drains in gravel to carry away the water that fills the septic tank. It always makes me laugh when I see signs in bathrooms telling you not to put toilet paper down the toilet....... A clear indication the drainage is poorly designed, or they are trying to avoid emptying septic tanks. Just make sure you have proper traps to the whb and the shower to avoid those unpleasant aromas frequently found in hotel bathrooms. Pay particular attention to where you fit these 'P' traps, try to ensure the whb waste goes into the in-line 'P' trap as well (if possible) just in case you have a shower or floor drain that gets little use, as their traps will eventually dry out. As long as the bathroom is being used and hands are washed then there will always be water in the trap.
  10. The toilet in the en-suite also has a concealed cistern built in behind the loft wall. If you want to conceal anything, just remember to design in some way of accessing everything as there is always the possibility of leaks, particularly in water supply pipes and connections, plus the cistern may need maintenance to fix the flushing mechanism inside. PS. Everything you see was done by my own fair hands, and I'm a pen pusher by profession (architect), so don't be afraid of getting stuck in yourself.
  11. 100mm regardless of the bends. Ensure you run the hand basin waste pipe into the 4" toilet drain which provides additional water to the flushing to ensure everything is washed away.
  12. I just wanted to give you the full choice of options. I personally would not go down that route, as you've noted you also need an electrical connection. However, you can connect any (rear outlet - unless you want to go under the floor) wc (toilet) as far as I am aware but the macerator is a plastic unit, and not particularly attractive. I'm sure they have improved over the years but I don't believe they will be totally silent. They work on the principle that you macerate the solids and can run a smaller, more easily concealed, drain pipe to a suitable branch connection and they can run uphill as they pump as well as macerate. This unit would have to be accessible for maintenance. The images are a couple of styles we used on one of our apartments. The vanity unit in the en-suite photo is against a loft wall where all the pipework runs concealed and is accessible. The boxing in the other is designed to conceal all pipework and the toilet cistern, fully accessible with concealed removable front panels cut to suit the decorative plastic tile grid, both under the whb and above the wc. Hope this gives you plenty of ideas.
  13. Forget the admin process and forget the idea of accessing ceiling voids or constructing raised floors, either concrete or timber. Far too much upheaval, expense and legal issues with condo officialdom. Refer to my earlier post for above ground / floor installation, far simpler, cheaper and permanently accessible, modern and attractive if the boxing is integrated into the bathroom design properly.
  14. Too much. In UK the required fall is 1:40 (1" or 25mm / m run). The principle being that too steep a fall causes the water to run off too fast leaving the solids behind. With all due respect the US bldg. regs. are written by insurance companies.
  15. I stayed in a hotel in San Diego last year where the toilet cistern was at least 6" off the wall just floating around in the bathroom. In UK all the wc's I've ever come across have rear / horizontal outlets and there's a comprehensive range of flexible connectors(McAlpine) that take up the tolerances between wc and drain pipe, are extremely easy to fit and never, in my experience, give a bad seal or allow odours through. I don't believe these are available in Thailand though. I have seen some rear outlet wc's in HomePro with connectors included.