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  1. Just been to Immigration, and the lovely lady has reset my reporting schedule for 90 days from this month not the date missed last month. I got a warning only that in future it will be a B2,000 fine.
  2. Me too - USUALLY. Absolutely no excuse, although I did try to justify my forgetfullness earlier!! 555
  3. Yes I'm optically challanged also, but I certainly don't frequently drag my pp out of the drawer to check anyway. Truth be told it was probably a subconscious relief of 'job done for another year' and simply forgetting the inane exercise of having to report every 90 days, and without a calendar reminder there were other more important, in my mind, issues needing dealt with and the months just flew by. I'm just getting used to retirement and forget that there is no longer an army of admin assistants to keep me on track with visa issues living overseas.
  4. Thanks for all your advice and information. That was all I needed to know. I had no intention of trying to be devious, simply wanted to know the procedure, for warned is for armed. Yes I usually record such events in my hotmail calendar, but on this occasion I forgot in amongst the stress and intensity of the day I visited Immigration for my new retirement visa, which required many more things to be arranged / bought for our development project. Sadly my memory is not infallible in my progressing years, and I will simply have to pay the price for it. Thanks again to all who took the time to reply.
  5. I've overrun my 90 day reporting by 1 month. What are the consequences, and how best to resolve it?
  6. Tofer

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    That reminds me of the Billy Connolly joke - "sit on your hand for a few minutes and it feels like someone else is doing it"...
  7. Tofer

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Should have gone to Specsavers!
  8. Tofer

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Until they sit down to eat!
  9. Yes, not sure of the logistics. But don't try repeating my route in KL Billd766, as they really gave me the runaround and I virtually had to beg them in the end, but baffled them with a letter from the KL British Embassy saying they would not certify my legalised document, but it had an official stamp on the letter which I think confused them and I got away with it.
  10. I seem to remember, vaguely, that the Legalisation Department in UK will forward it onto the UK Thai Embassy for their input and they in turn will then return it to you at your Thai address. (Sorry, just remembered, I think I heard / read this somewhere, not absolutely sure though. I now recall having checked my documents more closely that I got the Thai Embassy in KL to certify my legalised marriage certificate, following much of a runaround to the UK embassy, when I was there getting a new Non-O visa). Billd766, we used a translation service in Bangkok for the MoFA requirements and they for, as I recall, a very reasonable fee made the translation and the trip to the MoFA to get the requisite stamps for us. Very reliable and efficient. I don't know if I'm allowed to give the company details here, but here goes, 'Master Piece Translation Ltd. Part., tel 02907-5533-36, www.masterpiecetranslation .com.
  11. Absolutely. I've learnt from my experience. But the second year I needed to go down the proof of income route as I missed the 3 months seeding period thinking it was still 2 months, they got me again as I exceeded the requirement for retirement with income. Sod's law I suppose, one day I'll get it right....
  12. Hi Bill, the legalisation procedure is straight forward, just fill in the form and pay! The Thai registration is a bit more complicated. I can't remember exactly, as my wife helped with this end, but I recall we had to get a Bangkok office to verify / acknowledge all our legalised / translated marriage documents, then a visit to the local Amphur to get another document, presumably the Kor Ror 22 UJ refers to. N.B the visit to our local Amphur required the attendance of 2 local witnesses who would state they knew us and that we are married.
  13. I can't speak for your (Pattaya) area, but I had problems because I had too much money in my account and the IO simply refused to consider a Marriage extension as it was unnecessary, in his opinion, stating "you have over 800k and only take 10 mins for retirement" was his attitude. Although I had spent a lot of time and money obtaining the correct documentation, he proceeded to provide obstacles to the marriage option. Sadly I had not seen Ubon Joe's list and didn't know I needed a witness, and one that is a government employee by the way! I am pleased to hear that PM and UJ have had no problems, but that does not mean every IO is so cooperative. It is not 'doom & gloom', simply a fact of life in Thailand. Too much work and too lazy, or maybe they make more money sat at their office desk. In my working days I would relish a day out of the office, and in our case, to a beautiful island paradise for a pleasant day out!
  14. Quite right. That was the very first thing I learnt about driving in Thailand - he who is in front is in the right. That's why so many drivers never look over their shoulder before pulling out of side roads, once on the main carriageway it's the follow up vehicle that has to make allowances. I rely on my wife to look over my shoulder, age has limited my flexibility!
  15. Definitely the left lane, it gives you a far better chance of getting across the U turn in busy traffic than waiting for a suitably large gap in the fast lane to allow you time to speed up to fit in with the flow, and there is also the possibility someone will cross lanes and fill that gap unexpectedly - dangerous to say the least! But then you have to factor in the prats who drive the wrong way down the hard shoulder and could very well end up in your front grille. Basically you need eyes in the back of your head, or the worlds best back seat driver like my wife.....