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  1. He took an innocent life and his was taken in return. I would say this was a perfect example of a correction in society. I'd like to sit all you bleeding heart liberals down in a room with the victims family / dependants and watch you explain your principles in that environment.
  2. It will certainly do nothing for the victim he's dead!!! So the victims family have to house and feed this murderer and live in fear for their lives in case he decides to repeat his crime in their household and run off into the night........ Great idea....
  3. So, he went out armed with a knife with every intention of using it to aid his theft, and you say that is not premeditated??
  4. Tofer

    Best automatic scooter ?

    Anyone have an opinion about the Honda Move? I wanted to buy my wife one since I got fed up of her dropping my PCX, but she swooned over a Scoopy in the showroom. Then she managed to jackknife that, to be fair on our steep dusty road.
  5. Tofer

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    As you quite rightly did, just walk away, there are plenty of other retailers out there selling the same / similar stuff. Conversley, we often get unmarked discounts off items in HomePro (Krabi) and then an extra bit off when we spend larger sums. They even price matched an earlier order (2months previously) on an item that had gone up in price, took the time and trouble to check through our loyalty account to find the old invoice to compare prices. Can't ask fairer than that! I don't recall B&Q in UK ever doing anything similar.
  6. Tofer

    Street fighting !!!

    I had a close call in a shop in MBK which scammed me over a SIM card on a holiday visit about 15 years ago, when I went back to complain the manageress / owner suddenly lost her capacity to speak fluent English. Thereafter an assistant, who miss heard the conversation and perceived an insult, decided he would attack me, I offered him first strike but warned him that would be his last, he backed off when I stepped forward to meet him. Then another assistant decided he'd have a go wielding a heavy plywood sign board, at this point the manageress miraculously recovered her language capacity and refunded my money. So much for Thais not being confrontational.....
  7. People can also be victims of inadequate warnings and / or negligent lifeguards! My Father drowned off Morgan Porth beach in Newquey area because the lifeguard had not attended to the warning flags and was in fact eventually found sat drinking in a hotel bar some 2-300m away from his duty post at the time. The beach cafe phoned for rescuers and advised us this same situation had occurred only 2 weeks previously. The lifeguard claimed to have gone to the toilet......!! He was a very capable swimmer and the warning flags were not correct for the conditions. We were swimming just behind him but he got caught up in a narrow rip current running side to side across the bay and could not get out of it. Also whilst we were all on the waters edge watching the rescue by helicopter, a local milkman who said he'd watch our things stole all our valuables.
  8. Wow, stay away from those balcony railings.... Here's hoping you can find a reason to look forward with optimism and enjoy the remaining years. Good luck.
  9. Wish I could live in the present, it goes by so bl..dy fast I can't get a grip on it!
  10. I live in the future on the technology of the past!
  11. Tofer

    Flat tiled roof : Any Tips for leaks ?

    Check with your local Aor Bor Tor, I don't think a timber structure would be a problem as it is considered a temporary structure, i.e. easily removable. That's the case in our area, but then we pay extortionate "fees" here for the privelage of building anything, even compliant designs. Also a timber structure (framing) could look very attractive if designed well. I would suggest the corrugated polycarbon roofing sheets, more attractive than corrugated steel / aluminium, which again give more of an appearance of a temporary structure.
  12. I met a chap who was 82 at the time and spent 12-18months each trip travelling around a country / continent predominantly overland by local transport. He was on his way to India when I talked to him.
  13. You beat me to it. Although I'd prefer a motor sailer.
  14. Don't know what you are getting all indignant about as there's nothing else there to counter my comment. Your post # 10 clearly states and I quote, "they could have just walked to the house where they saw dogs and convinced the owners to part with them for no real reason", which is what I commented on.
  15. Hardly! I doubt a devoted / responsible pet lover would part with his / hers beloved pet without any "real reason".
  16. I find this statement quite unbelievable, unless you bought all the materials yourself and only paid for labour. This would mean you never had anything manufactured to order by anyone else using their materials, otherwise you've dealt with very unprofessional businesses that take unnecessary risks. Are you seriously trying to tell us that, for instance, you had kitchens made for your farmhouses without having to place a deposit? If you were building from scratch you would have to pay up front for preliminaries without a sod being disturbed in the surface of your land towards your actually project progress.
  17. I'm guessing you've never had any building or maintenance work done in Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter, judging by your comment...
  18. How can you catch their eye, their windows are so heavily blacked out you can't see b.gger all....
  19. How is water monitor offensive? I would suggest a more suitable expletive would be 'Smong ta kee'.. (sh.t for brains)
  20. Yep only deviant Americans and a few others...
  21. Been mugged twice by the RTP! First incident over an accident, not my fault, but was forced to pay. Second was pure extortion by police conniving with some litigation adversaries who'd lost face, including being dragged out of bed in our hotel and locked up overnight, my wife included, and she had nothing to do with the problem other than being my wife. Having been squeezed for 165k I was then marched off by the immigration police, because I'd spent a night in a Thai cell, who then proceeded to squeeze me for 10k (tried for 20k) to avoid being deported. I should add this was all in that totally lawless den, Phuket!
  22. OK, so the Russian guy is surely going to get his just deserts, and we all sincerely hope this poor young woman is recovering well. What really concerns me is the distinct lack of any information about the company she was employed by. There is a deafening silence in that direction..... Considering there appeared to be no security to protect her carrying those large sums and no news comment from them, that I am aware of, have they just buried their heads in the sand?
  23. Tofer

    Buying a car 2.5m baht budget

    45k is very cheap. You can only buy a motorbike for that!
  24. Zaza9 gave you a good link. In there is reference to David Pagan Butler who has numerous YouTube videos showing his cheap and easy diy approach, also using his 'bubble pump' system (airlift) which looks cheap and easy to install and maintain. Worth a look at.
  25. Tofer

    Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    Power and delusions of grandeur, that's what's wrong with her, or maybe she's just not a nice person, and / or has no idea how to treat staff / people. Obviously too late now, but I would never let anyone into my business until they had bought it. I would simply include a handover period of say 1 month to show the new owners the ropes after payment in full.