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  1. PAV123

    FB " For sale in Khon Kaen "

    Came over this FB site today, so I tought that I would share it with you;-) PM for info.
  2. Anyone who knows if there is a "public" used car price list, which is regularly updated? Looking for a used car to a friend of mine here on the internet, but prices vary quite a bit, for the same type of car, equipment and year model. Any good advice?
  3. Anyone know if there is a Dentist in Khon Kaen who can give an "All On 4" treatment? A link or phone number, price?
  4. What is the difference between Isuzu D-max, Hi-Lander and V-Cross ? Which one of them is best, and has the most equipment?
  5. PAV123

    A good watch repair shop in Khon Kaen?

    Brilliant mate, I will give a try... Cheers;-)))))
  6. My watch needs some help .... suddenly after a shower, after and owning the clock for 7 years, I've got some moisture under the glass. Have not had the watch with me in the shower for 3 weeks, and had thought that the moisture below the glass would disappear ... So ... I need some help to fix the problem ... but where do I go?
  7. PAV123

    Which car / brand should I choose?

    OK folks... fun is over, hahaha. But thank you all.
  8. PAV123

    Which car / brand should I choose?

    So SUV no good? OK... I think pickup more ok? I shop Toyota or Ford or Isusu???
  9. I want a new shiny car, 4 doors and 4 wheels ... not a 4x4, but one with 4 wheels (and a spare wheel in case I would puncture on a sidewalk). The car must be black in color, have the capability and capability of the iPhone plus a little bit if I rotate myself away in a jungle with wild elephants where there is not much power to and charge the phone. Thinking a Pickup will be ok, but I'm unsure ... Noea said t one should choose an SUV ??? What is it? Have heard about Toyota and Isuzu, but never a SUV? What is special about an SUV? Cheaper? Better? OK, hope you will help me a bit, is a little insecure ...
  10. PAV123

    Where to buy Jeans/Shirts etc. farang size?

    For us who dosen`t live in or near a big city, is there any webshop`s in Thailand where we can order from? I have tried Lazada, but did not find much that I liked to be honest;-)))
  11. Where du you shop Jean`s/Shirt`s etc. farang size? I have problem findig some;-)
  12. The Ford Everest 2015 - 2018 is a good looking car, with good driving comfort and good safety. But, how about reliability and maintenance. Someone who has a 2015/16 with high km. who can tell us a little about this? Have read on the Forum a lot about FE, and many think it's better / safer and buy a Toyota Fortuner or Isuzu MUX, as they are more reliable and cheaper parts. True or false?