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    Rice harvester

    Now THAT is a bit more helpful, Hereinthailand, but for your information I have been married to a Thai lady for over 15 years now so I am totally aware of what you are telling me. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt AND set the rules. However, securing knowledge of the Thai way of life was not the purpose of my original post. I am a solicitor so it comes natural to me to cross the tees and dot the i's, which is the reason why I have been searching this site for knowledge. Incidentally, throughout the time my wife has been in the UK there have been no demands for money from her family, she has worked very hard to accumulate a nest egg and, IF we decide on investing in this business, it is HER money which will pay for the majority of the investment and SHE will own all the assets. I'm not going to live forever and investment in ANY business - whether it be the farm or something else - will be her security for the future. Although I understand where you are coming from I think it is most unfair of you to tar ALL Thais with the same brush.
  2. darbyman

    Rice harvester

    Very helpful, Hereinthailand, and quite original. Thank you
  3. darbyman

    Rice harvester

    Thank you for your input. This is exactly what I am hearing from F-in-L. Since he is a very well known guy in the area I doubt if he would find difficulty in finding the work. All I need to find out is the viability of the enterprise.
  4. darbyman

    Rice harvester

    Hi, I've been searching this site for info about rice harvesters. Not much being said about the subject for quite some time, so I wonder if the subject is now a non-starter. The reason I ask is that my Thai wife and I have lived in the UK for several years now and, since I've come up to retirement age, we will soon be ready to return to Thailand with a bucket full of money. Father in Law owns some 100 Rai of rice fields in the Phitsanulok area producing two crops a year. He has often bent my ear about buying the larger variety of harvester not only for his own use but for hiring out. The suggested rates have been for two machines in the baht 2,000,000 area each and a wagon to carry them. I guess that would be an outlay of 4.5 mil including spares etc. Since a good proportion of the money will be coming from my wife's hard earned cash I would need a pretty good reason to veto the idea if, indeed, I need to do so. F-in-L is a well respected figure in the area so I don't think he would have a problem finding work for the machines but I know sod all about the subject ( my occupation is solicitor which is as far removed from rice farming as you can get) and wonder if there is anyone here who can advise regarding costs and viability. Any serious input will be much appreciated.