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  1. Malinitour Apartments are really close to the beach, the prices are the lowest in this segment. Check the photos, I think it is a very good offer for families, there are even kitchens in apartments so that it won't be a problem even to cook something.
  2. If still actual, check Shanghai Mansion Bangkok , very decent hotel, I think. My fam and I stayed there last September, I was impressed cos it is positioned as 4 stars hotel, but the whole impression was like from 5*****. Prices are rather affordable, I think ( starting from about 70$ ).
  3. Volve hotel will be suitable to you, I guess. The price is rather loyal comparing to other hotels. As been already mentioned above, you can really cook all this in a microwave.
  4. Agree I forgot Venice
  5. Pink color wow like it
  6. good cosmetologist will help you
  7. Agree !!
  8. I wouldn't repair any Apple device by myself ..
  9. In Thailand definitely Pattaya
  10. Barcelona and Amsterdam if you meant Europe
  11. Stunning!!
  12. 80 per kilo