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  1. Nice Family Hotel close to the beach??

    Malinitour Apartments are really close to the beach, the prices are the lowest in this segment. Check the photos, I think it is a very good offer for families, there are even kitchens in apartments so that it won't be a problem even to cook something.
  2. cheap hotel further out of Sukumvit area

    If still actual, check Shanghai Mansion Bangkok , very decent hotel, I think. My fam and I stayed there last September, I was impressed cos it is positioned as 4 stars hotel, but the whole impression was like from 5*****. Prices are rather affordable, I think ( starting from about 70$ ).
  3. Volve hotel will be suitable to you, I guess. The price is rather loyal comparing to other hotels. As been already mentioned above, you can really cook all this in a microwave.
  4. Agree I forgot Venice
  5. Looking for pink hair color in Bangkok

    Pink color wow like it
  6. Blackhead extraction?

    good cosmetologist will help you
  7. Airpods

    Agree !!
  8. Apple Watch repair

    I wouldn't repair any Apple device by myself ..
  9. In Thailand definitely Pattaya
  10. Barcelona and Amsterdam if you meant Europe
  11. Pictures of your front gate

  12. How much do you pay avocados in Thailand ? why so expensive ?

    80 per kilo