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  1. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    Illegal hunting?
  2. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    You need to go there for your self, and give you time, and maybe a few more long stays before you can make up your mind. Always have a plan b, and do not get stuck and no return ticket. I can understand some have regret they ever thought they could make it. I was raised on a farm and have worked with my body all life, but North and Isan is so challenging when it comes to clima. You have to get up before sun to startt work, relax in daytime, and some few more hours in the afternoon to get anything done during the days. If I buy land for my gf, I will make sure I have enough money to hire workers, and of course be present myself whenever anything important has to be done, even I know my gf family work hard, and do a good job, it is in my interest to learn og know whats happens. Phetchabun is a lovely area to settle, and I have seen land there have gone up in price the last years. Many BKK people invest there now.
  3. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    There is so many empty condos, so living in a complex can be more quiet than living that any village around. I have rented a condo for soon 2 years, and no neighbours exept during offical holidays once and awhile. I will say yes to both options, a nice piece of land countryside, and an nice quiet appartment close to a city seaside.
  4. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    I have seen they enjoy farang drinks to with coke and ice. Green import bottled beer is also very popular. But the shop next door sell lao Khao, and the locals meet there every morning for their breakfest before they hit the road with their speedy two wheel tractors
  5. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    When I arrived outback, the men was shocked to learn the farang did not drink Well my gf family do not drink either, so I fitted in pretty well. Just her cousin was dissapointed, for he hoped to have a drinking partner who paid his drinks
  6. This fake newsand science times? Huh, and we still poluting our life with cheap shit and expensive waste! Who is going to pay for making our life better and healthier? We are living in a tiny eco system bubble! And we ruin it for no common sense! Who going to pau? Your children!
  7. Maybe, but you see now, the cities in europe start making car free zones, and China is pushing really hard to also make their cities greener. It will take time, but future will be brighter. Everybodu understand we need better air, or what? How many times have you heard about tv members complain about airpollution here? People die of airpullution, struggle with astma and so on.
  8. You would need an russian sponsor to do so, or maybe Nigerian or so
  9. Hummin

    I would like to retire on a farm

    I understand why people start drinking in the outback now, or start drinking more! Well, if you manage a farm with dedicated trustworthy workers and family, it can be a walk in the park, but in most cases, that is not the situation. I would plant hardwood, and make sure they could take care and also visit so often I can myself. Also plant areas with other things, and a fishing pond, is what I would like to start with. Start small and expand if it works out well. However, I know I can not live there to long myself, and need timeouts when other people care for my gf investment.
  10. I always bring tiger balm or simular with me when travelling, and if there is someone with bad odor, you just put some of it in your nosw. Bad odor do not kill you, or squeese you
  11. Hummin

    Hua Hin is dead

    And tourists is not changing their behavior with new apps and other techs? New type of customers doing different things, and have different needs. I like Hua Hin for what it is, and perfect base for me. Middle of everything, and not to far from BKK.
  12. Hummin

    HiSo wedding what type of gift.

    If they pay your air ticket, transport, hotel, food, drinks I guess 10 000 would be ok Golden rule, never less what you or yours getting as guests in the weddingpackage! If your «ticket» value is 1500,- for the food and drinks included singer dancers etc, then you give 1500! Why change the golden rule? Be sure they tell you what the wedding cost, and how many people invited, so easy math!
  13. Hummin

    Hua Hin is dead

    Oh, I want to live Hua Hin, what to do? Start bar or restaurant? No wonder everyone have a bar or restaurant for sale! The last 10 years, Hua Hin is not only Hua Hin center anymore, it is spread out to north to south and inland, no wonder there is less people around. A new big shopping center as well, and people have grown old and spend more time home.
  14. For me it is like denying smoking is not dangerous and junk food is good for you, and you continue smoking in front of your kids, in the house and in the car, and at the same time feed them with junk food. How hard can it be to understand?