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  1. Hummin

    This thai girl

    Well, for us who is still here, it just mean we are better to suck it up, live with it! It doesnt mean Thailand is perfect!
  2. I read it 12 years ago, and worse stereo typical book, is hard to find even in BKK Books. I accept others to have different opinion and experience, but do not expect everyone to see the same.
  3. Really? Thailand fever is a guidebook to thai western relationships? Seriously!
  4. Hummin

    Thailand - Not for me

    Freedom to choose is the answer!
  5. What is her options except you to make money? What did she do before she meet you?
  6. I guess it starts with you, and ends with you when it comes to what we want in this life. Nothing wrong with either car or dog, but an gf or wife who can be with you, and stay with you, is priceless if there is more good than bad. Give and take still works also when it comes to passion and love. Feeling alive and being somebody for someone, is what gives you energy to meet another day. have a nice day.
  7. I could not replace a human with a dog. Well if you someone blindly follow and act like dog, you should get a dog, and not a gf or wife.
  8. Hummin

    Thailand - Not for me

    Canada, and some Europeen contries have reached some of the most perfect systems for humans ever in History, but also been a very short period it have worked like that. Most who is not from those countries, or those who have run/escaped from those countries av several reasons (economic fear of sharing might be one of them) Say it is not sustainable societies. Well we see how other countries treath their people, and how the situation is in those countries they prefer as a better system or better living terms.
  9. Hummin

    Thai"friendly"....share your insight.

    What a cosy club society there is in here ?
  10. Just a written notice of Delay not more than 24 hour, and no fine.
  11. I got delay of not more than 24 hours in my passport, after missing the exit by 20 min passed midnight. Long check in line. Will that make any consequenses for my nest trip? I have been in and out Thailand back to work for two years now, and most of the time I had tourist visa, two extended stays by immigration, and landpassing twice in a year last year. This trip I got 30 days on arrival, extended 30 days at immigration and did one landpassing, and missed the check out from immigration by 20 min. Next trip I am going to stay less than 30 days. Could I have trouble if I do not get proper tourist visa before arrival? I can prove income and work in my orign country.
  12. Hummin

    Thailand - Not for me

    Minivan and busses does not have a good statstic compare to numbers!
  13. Hummin

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    I still strong advice him to se a specialist!
  14. Hummin

    Thailand - Not for me

    If People was happy, we would not have 33 000 000 gods, 16 different bibles, 3 Korean , 2000 different budhist sects, and 227 867 registered members on tv! happy people just doest give a dirt about what other people think, and live their life without fear and being Conscious ??