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    Medication availability

    Thanks again makes sense. now i need to find out the closest location to obtain when i travel.
  2. gperrien

    Medication availability

    Thank you. Sad part is I can not take that other medication at high doses I get jaw tremors. So well see what kind of letter and supply i can get and bring in. I hope to be there for the full 6 months of the visa i am to get so i would need to have atleast 6 months worth. if not im going to talk to my MD and see if i can get off this medication safely.
  3. gperrien

    Medication availability

    Hello, I'm wondering if my medication is available in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I take Brexpiprazole or the other name for it is Rexulti. Is this available in Chiang Mai or anywhere in Thailand? And how much? I take the 2mg. Ill be coming sometime in June or July and would like to know if available or if I need to bring a large supply with me if that is possible as well.