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  1. Hail folks. I know this topic is old, and I've read around; still there is a question I'd like to get your opinion about. I've bough OPPO smartphone to replace my iPhone; next day I realized that I simply can't migrate to Android platform and went to the store. The owner said that he's not giving money back (even though the condition is untouched), so the only option is to choose another Oppo (supposedly, the more expensive one). Reading the older posts here, I found out that there's a kind of rule, which allows to return anything within a week; my experience confirms that, I had several successful cases, but with Makro/Big C/Tesco and every time the goods were accepting with no questions. But there's no evidence of that rule in any official acts. The other sources says that all sales are final and it's easier to give up (as usual in the most cases, what drrrrives me crrrrrazy). So are there any official ways to push the owner? Thank you.