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  1. Hahaha. She is a Deaf lady. Therefore, thw Deaf lady doesnt speak and read lip at all. How can she communite? It is sign language. Obvoisuly, someone has no education in Deaf community.
  2. I can image to be a Deaf guy. Deaf people have a life such as work and travel. Because you have no experience to understand how to feel to be Deaf person's life. Of course, the hearing people look for a easy life to hear everything. Therefore, the Deaf people arent 100% dumb. I see some the hearing people are really dumb. So they are just a human being. This lady who passed away is really damn hot. My facebook feednews was covered of her pictures by her friends posts. They were sad and cried that she is in RIP. I also dont think it is right to add her picture here.
  3. At the hosptial, she is already passed away. She is in rest in peace. The polices cannot find more the evidence from that lady. It is kindly of hard to find proof if her hubby did go wrong or not.
  4. The writer must be getting wrong information. She is not mute. She is a Deaf person. You all said how can they agrued? She uses sign language. Therefore, it is not a lot of hand waving and gestsure.