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  1. Hey I post from bars as well. Ever been to Hua hin lol. There is nothing to go out and see! Im about to go to the gym and promise not to post from there but may post from the mall at lunch. Just click the follow button it's better than being stalked [emoji15]
  2. Wrong I'm actually spending a month in Hua hin. Yep booring and looking forward to getting back to lower Sukhumvit [emoji12]
  3. Well considering they did a back flip and are now saying side sois will be allowed to operate so why not have the street food festival? Side sois are streets.
  4. That makes no sense. If your business is suffering you don't rent out your shop front to a business that's competing against you. Maybe rent it to a hat seller but never a food and drink seller However I was talking about the thousands of mom n pop resteraunts across Thailand . They are hard workers to, why do they have to pay rent and tax?
  5. cunningstunt

    MAS signs up minute-by-minute plane tracking system

    Wow only took 3 posts and we have some one bashing bangkok. Only on TV can a story about an aeroplane in Malaysia turn into a story about failed cameras in bangkok
  6. You simply can not allow squatters selling anything to not pay rent or pay tax. How would you feel if you were a small resteraunt owner or bar owner and they set up in front of your shop? And you have to pay tax and rent... Yep thought so
  7. This campaign will kick Cambodia tourism in the guts. Half the tourists are there for the hassle free drug culture
  8. You nailed it. I caught the catamaran to hua hin last week and was at bahli hi at 9 am for 10 am departure... I have never seen anything like it! The pier was completely full like an exit tunnel after a major rock concert. There were hundreds and hundreds of them. Clearly the tourist demographic in Pattaya is changing Relying on "porn" the beer bar girl saying no boom boom now many customer gone no longer holds any weight.
  9. Anything that does involve concentrating on the plot. Sorry but cartoons or some type of fantasy with dragons and warlocks. Best of luck
  10. cunningstunt

    A determined drive against food stalls

    Nonsense. Tourists agree it's just to sweaty. Or maybe your just an obese expat that can barely make it out of your room. Every expat I know has adapted to the heat and for those that didn't the last place to eat would be out in the burning sun.
  11. cunningstunt

    A fine old mess

    These head injuries will come back to haunt you in later life. You just had 2. How you know that's the end of them, sounds like your on a roll. Bycycle in bangkok is insanity.
  12. Most of the links you will get are going to be dead or 15 years old. TV is great for where is the cheapest pizza or happy hours in beer bars but the majority are struggling to pay 4k rent. Not the place to ask about condo purchase unless you want a run around
  13. cunningstunt

    A question for condo dwellers

    If they are thais below you, nothing on God's earth will disturb their sleep. You should be worried about what will travel up through your floor
  14. Nearly human trafficking?
  15. OMG lol. I don't drive. Did I say I want to change anything. Step back from the Hong tong my good friend What's stressing you out dude? It's an open forum you can talk.