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  1. Always seen this guy seat of outside the cafe shop of Platinum Fashion Mall.. Always wonder why he had not been arrested ..
  2. We are not British citizens in the eyes of the FCO we are basically customer nothing more also am sick and tired of seeing on Twitter / Facebook LGBT from the embassy ... And this is only been thrown down everybody throat because he is gay .. all these party's about it too could fund better projects .. End of the day it's very true The FCO promotes the United Kingdom's interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.
  3. Will not be so long until it's the other way round ..a lot money being pump into the neighbouring countries at the moment ..
  4. How shocking ...
  5. I hope they get the death penalty..
  6. Where there paks there is problems always ..
  7. Very true .. indeed even homeless people back in the UK are finding so hard .. and it's amazing they only talk about Paks what about other people in IDC .. it's a joke don't you think they haven't suffered in these conditions .. Paks never change to be honest with you ..
  8. Yeah and that's why they are stuck because everything being over loaded at the moment with all these people it's crazy these days when you turn on the news .. also we can't even look after are own homeless people .. these days because the system is over loaded ..
  9. They have money to fly out of Pakistan but still they came to the worst of places instead of looking at there options and then the complain because they didn't do there homework plus they would have know the situation what they were going to face due to other Pakistan people anyway no sympathy from me .. can't wait until we have a travel ban in place in the UK ..
  10. Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who are suffering from inhumane conditions in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Note to self don't go to these places if i was a asylum seeker.. - See more at:
  11. fco spend by foreign policy priorities for supporting british nationals is only 3% these days it could be better to be honest with you when you look at what the whole budget goes on around the world .. The Foreign Office spends more than £14m per year on private school fees for children of its staff, including £6m for staff based in the UK. Departmental Overview 2015-16 Foreign Commonwealth Office : FCO Annual Report 2016 :
  12. Wow 14,200 THB / 1,000,000 THB All this best ..
  13. The FCO promotes the United Kingdom's interests overseas, supporting our citizens and businesses around the globe.