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  1. Statutory Pension Scheme (RMSPS) and the Royal Mail Pension Plan (RMPP). ..... £26,118 80. £621 x 2.5%. £300 x 2.5%. You also build up a lump sum benefit each year, in a similar manner, of. (typically) three times the value of the pension. 7 ... You will also have the option of taking all your benefits together from age 55. https://www.royalmailpensionplan.co.uk/sites/default/files/documents/rm_section_ab_guide_to_benefits_booklet_pdf_9.08.12.pdf
  2. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    Agree and Thai press isn't the best in the world as we all know over the years ..
  3. Police crackdown targets overstaying foreign criminals

    Over 57,000 Thais are overstaying in South Korea meanwhile ...
  4. Could it be related .. This story seems very odd .. Mystery over dead girl’s fundraising page after cops urge people NOT to donate https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4852386/fundraiser-chloe-miazek-aberdeen-fake-police-warning/
  5. am enjoying the peace and quiet
  6. but have some new tanks from china ..
  7. HAHA i go via that route sometime for pantip and its always packed with them .. you cant miss them because they are so loud ..
  8. They could also do with raiding Soi Phetchaburi 19 and all around baiyoke sky hotel area as it's like little afica these days with them and it seems to be where they hang around in the day and where most of the restaurants where they come from are based ..
  9. Pheu Thai’s search for a leader

    would be nice if could go back to 2004 things we're a lot easier and the pound was like 75B.. them we're the days ..
  10. better stock up before 7-11 and all other places shut then .. always got the small thai shops anyway even i can get a drink at 2/3 am in the morning ..
  11. Wish it would drop to around 24-26c in Bangkok as just looked at the weather app on windows 10 33c
  12. they were police officers and they kick the person of the bike i would say reckless driving ..