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  1. Sky New Live Stream YouTube Gone

    I wonder why this has happened .. What are the reason anyway am looking at al jazeera ..
  2. Sky New Live Stream YouTube Gone

    Just logged into YouTube and was going to catch up on some UK news to find this ..
  3. Well if they sold the old airport they would have funds to make a few more airport terminals and runways plus staffing would be in order on top of this too ..
  4. They have a modern airport too yet they force people use and old airport for domestic flights just imagine what the staff at the old airport could be doing at the new airport plus the revenue they could make from the land could easily sort out and bring it much up to date with the airport they already built ..anywhere else in the world they would have done this but not here it's all tits up even when you look at gov house near the old airport that looks nice with what they have done with all the gov departments in one building ..
  5. in china surrogate mothers when don't get paid fees for having other people will throw the baby of a build or bridge moral of the story is nothing surprises me anymore these days we live in a crazy world ..
  6. I think it's wrong that some agents charge the maid when receiving work 25% commission on the salary when it should be the family who should pay the fee after all it''s the family who needs the maid or nanny in the first place ..
  7. could be worse my wife recently got a new passport and went to gov house near the old airport 4 pages wasted on stamps talk about being excessive that is crazy to say the least on stamps ..
  8. Would be better doing away with Don Mueang and only using Suvarnabhumi Airport full-stop it's a hassle for domestic flights coming of a international flight these days then add travel time between airports and other delays it would be better using the land at Don Mueang for condos or offices ..
  9. Elevator counterweight kills Phuket hotel worker

    Every job has it's up & down and in this case someone was exactly going down ...
  10. So, I was reading that Qatar has given Neymar 300m euro to be the poster boy for their world cup. Neymar has bought himself out or Barca for 199m euro with the rest of the 300 going on agents fees etc..... then PSG have signed him on a free, which keeps them clear of FFP...... Some would call it dodgy, but you could argue it's a legal and creative way around FIFA/UEFA's FFP rules..... What it says to me is that it's a major step forward towards a European Super League. So it doesn't matter that Neymar has gone to a weaker league, because for the time being it's all about the Champions League.... which I think will morph into the Super League.
  11. Myanmar workers leave Thailand in despair

    I have been waiting for this to happen for years about time all this stop anyway with a lot of investment happening in Myanmar it shouldn't take them long to find new work also Myanmar, Cambodia to launch joint tourism action plan stuff is also happening but will also taking time this seems like a counter measures without involving Thailand anyway ..
  12. Oh no it really sounds like there's a serial killer on the island.
  13. Always seen this guy seat of outside the cafe shop of Platinum Fashion Mall.. Always wonder why he had not been arrested ..