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  1. Windows 10 is just as bad ..
  2. Amazing how much data they have on users .. Just look at this tweet plus there is more info how much data they have ...
  3. it's amazing how much data they have on you... Even through the us of the Facebook app there is a lot of evidence if you click on the twitter link ..
  4. Who's a cheeky monkey then ..
  5. So disgusting how low can Thais go these days ..
  6. and 500 baht in fine. what the heck ..
  7. This is so messed up it's shocking ..
  8. Amazing this scam has been going on for years it's the end of the month nearly and the boss doesn't want to pay them a salary .. so call in the officials and am sure they will get a cut out of this ..
  9. Most likely interfering with local laws as there are two sets of rules these days one for expats and the other for Thais ... it's amazing when expats have problems they don't wish to know or help as we have seen over the years on here but if its human rights or whatever bs involving Thais they are like flies around shit with there manipulation and these people fail for it every time..
  10. Am sure that will get outsourced like everything else these days ... By the way people the land was given to them .. it's mentioned in this True Brits The British Embassy In Bangkok .. amazing nothing much has changed since this was aired back in 1993 it would seem they just push everything on to other people to sort out while they soak up the sun..
  11. Consular Section: Mon-Thurs: 08:00-11:00 / 13:00-15:30Fri: 08:00-12:00
  12. Just seen this while back in the UK, I wonder how this is going effect expat living abroad and what new fees are going to be on offer for expats living abroad .. amazing but they need to find money for the new blue & gold passport anyhow .. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/news/passport-fees-to-increase-making-postal-applications-£1250-more-expensive-than-online/ar-BBJZXUO?li=AAmiR2Z&ocid=spartandhp
  13. even looking at this do they really need all this staffing and this isn't even including local staffing a bit crazy if you ask me in all fairness .. http://www.mfa.go.th/main/en/information/1694/25738-UNITED-KINGDOM.html
  14. Agree even look at the bottom of this http://www.aiasathorntower.com grade a offices for rent .. what's the point even offering a service when they offer little help or support what so ever .. its seems like a butlins all inclusive holiday for these civil servants ..
  15. Totally agree with you spot on .. Steve