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  1. Update: I think I may found the problem: Unbelievable that I missed it. It seems to be broken off and badly connected. Girlfriend just told me PEA is closed at 3:00 so I guess I have to wait till monday .
  2. A well its time to find a "professional" then any ideas on where to find one?
  3. Alright, I'll take a look tomorrow morning. I'm not going to mess with anything above the main breaker. The thing that makes no sense is that Grey is live and Black is Neutral. The white cable connected to the Black cable (above the main breaker) goes to a screw which is connected to the earth rod. I loosened the white cable on the screw side and could see some light sparks forming. When I turned the power back on with the white cable not connected I was very surprised. Not only was the power not working but the white cable was actually a live one now.
  4. Meter is a regular 15(45) I've measured both at the main breaker and at the socket (same result)
  5. Yeah, the safety cut was a nice suprise althought one kabel seems to be connected right after the main switch. We are renting this place so im searching for a cheap solution. Thanks for the help
  6. This is my fuse box. Wiring is really a mess. I've seem to have 1 phase black/grey coming in with the black attached to the earth
  7. Hello, we recently rented this 3floor old house in Bangkok and are expierencing some problems with the electrical system. The problems occur when we turn on some demanding equipment like the AC, Water pump or the hot shower. I've measured the voltage with my multimeter and under normal circumstances its around 223 Volt but when turning on the AC it drops 189 Volts and stays that way. The hot shower is the worst as it makes the voltage drop to 150V. (lights just stop burning) What could be the cause of all this?