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  1. w59

    From city life, to country life.

    I enjoy the peace and beauty of the Thai countryside and love spending our vacations up country. I grew up in Amish country and have never enjoyed the city or understood why people choose to live in such hectic and overcrowded rat races. Never needed the restaurants, clubs, bars or shopping and my living was purposely never dependent on being in or near a city. Meaningless diversions that take us away from truly living. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. It took my daughter and only child a while to get used to dad being married to a girl a year younger than her but over the years it has all worked out and the two of them are like sisters now. Now the issue is that my daughter just had a baby and my wife is having a hard time being called "granny!" Lol Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. The smell of fried fish permeating the house at 7 am! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. Met John Wayne when I was a kid! I was working a summer job doing some painting on a boat parked next to his Wild Goose in Newport Beach and he drove up one day in the coolest limo I had ever seen and the owner of the boat we were working on introduced us to him! He was very nice to us! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Hide the sharp knives! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. What Americans do not understand, me included until the last few years when I became a Buddhist, is that in the Asian and Latin countries people work to live. We live to work. We are slaves to our possessions, fear their loss and crave more when we get bored with what we have. I like their way far better having lived in both Mexico and Thailand. Not everything needs to get done right now. Do not let a "to do" list get in the way of enjoying the moment. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. We live in Arizona. Years ago when I was living and working in Thailand and dating my wife, she used to tease me about the heat. I told her she didn't even know what heat was until she lived through an AZ summer. She didn't believe me. 13 AZ summers later she now gets it and we are looking forward to our annual vacation to Thailand in June to get away from the heat! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  8. My wife loves anything with a ghost or a good comedy. Will Farrell is a favorite of hers. And of course anything Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung will also work! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. I think Thais are happy with less and don't live their lives in fear of losing what they have as we in the West do. I'm an American and have always found the Brits extremely pleasant and good humored in general, so I can't speak from their perspective, but we Americans are far too concerned about what we have, keeping it and getting more as opposed to discovering who we really are. Things are starting to change towards a new consciousness here but we have a long way to go. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. I married my Thai wife many moons ago and could not be happier. I love her smile, easy going laid back nature and great sense of humor. She is always thinking of others and has a kind heart. Yes she has many of the stereotypical behaviors spoken of on here - loves food, a good nap, bad Thai tv shows and mirrors! Occasionally goes off the rails over odd things, especially if she feels she's getting ripped off, gets hungry, or thinks another woman is looking at me, but it never lasts long and her sense of humor more than makes up for it. But more than anything it's because of the love and respect she has always shown for me and my family. It's a pretty simple formula that has worked for us - I take care of her and she takes care of me. And she does so in a way no Western woman can compete with. Can't ask for more from a relationship. 13 years of marriage and still going strong! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. w59

    Welcome To New Members - 2018

    Hello All I'm a new member to the forum. I've used this forum for many years to get information about my travels to Thailand but had not joined. Thought I should. Always enjoy the discussions and insights. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect