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  1. "Bangkok" means what?

    You're kind of a <deleted>, aren't you? How's that working out for you in real life, far away from the security of a keyboard?
  2. "Bangkok" means what?

    Speakers of Northern Khmer who are Thai citizens (that is, ethnic Khmers who have lived under Thai rule in Surin, Sisaket, and Buriram provinces for several centuries) refuse to call Bangkok กรุงเทพ when speaking Khmer; they call it เมืองกอก instead. They also refer to Khorat only by its older Khmer name. This is interesting, because for all other place names in Thailand, "Surin Khmers," as they're often called, use the current Thai names with standard Thai pronunciation; it's only with the names of Bangkok and Khorat that they insist on using the older names.
  3. Thai Airways frequent flyer card?

    Please let us know if you've actually been able to get that TG app to work. I never have, it's worthless...can't even log in.
  4. Thai Airways frequent flyer card?

    I highly recommend getting the app Evernote for your phone (I also use it on my computer, and if you get the pay version, you can sync all of your folders between the two--it's $45 a year. The free version, I believe, lets you sync just one folder). Anyway, I use Evernote just for things like this: membership numbers, addresses, etc., that I need quick access to wherever I am. Way better, IMO, than carrying cards or a physical notebook.
  5. Koh Chang would be so much nicer if they didn't allow cars like Koh Samet.
  6. POTY -- 2017 -- Poll 1

    Excellent suggestion.
  7. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Oh, will you stop it already...he is correct, and at this point you are making a fool of yourself. See attached.
  8. Best way to Phnom Penh from Thailand?

    You are FAR safer in the air. You obviously must know you're exaggerating to an absurd degree when you make a statement like "falling out of the skies like flies." Go ahead, name, say, 5 fatal accidents involving "these Asian airlines" which have "dropped like flies" within, say, the past two years. I'll wait.
  9. EVERY WOMAN YOU KNOW has been sexually assaulted, groped, or propositioned for sex by a stranger. Think about that. Every <deleted> woman in your life. Your sisters, your mother, your aunts, your daughters. They may not be willing to speak about it, but they have. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
  10. AN OFF COLOR JOKE?!? We're talking about a man who had a secret button under his desk to lock his office door when women he wanted to assault entered; who pulled out his penis in front of coworkers, who raped a woman over his desk...and you come in with this <deleted> about off color jokes?!?
  11. Distinction of "city" words in Thai

    จันทน์ means "sandalwood" (including its use in the name of Vientiane), not "moon."
  12. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    I love how he recommends using a smart phone app to find cheap places to eat, yet the monthly cost of data for a smart phone is somehow absent from his budget.
  13. Thai puns needed

    เฮา is the Lao pronunciation of เรา...though the meaning is not exactly the same...using เฮา in Lao as a singular first person pronoun is rather rough and crude, potentially arrogant on the part of the speaker (it's fine used as inclusive "we;" non-inclusive "we" is พวกเฮา). but it works in the joke because it wouldn't be unusual for a kid to talk that way, especially to a farang, and especially when the farang initiated it. if that joke is told right, I guarantee it will get a hearty laugh out of any Lao speaker (who also happens to know the English phrase "how much," and I would assume that a huge portion of the population does, especially when one pronounces it the Thai way). There's a store in the Udon airport called "How Much," with a big English sign out front...when I told that joke to the owner, he doubled over in laughter for several minutes.
  14. Thai puns needed

    Yes, they absolutely work. My girlfriend thought the เก้า / ก้าว one was hilarious.
  15. Owner not refunding

    Yeah, it's amazing that they refunded you anything. Just chalk it up to experience and always ask to see the room first in the future.