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  1. Police monitoring Facebook?

    Actually, recently several Thais have been arrested and charged with "promoting the consumption of alcohol" for posting photos of themselves and others drinking on Facebook and other social media (no, I'm not joking about this). So far, I haven't heard of any foreigners being charged in this way, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility, I suppose...
  2. I think 3000 a month is still possible (I paid that around On Nut 14 years ago)...but you won't get one that looks quite as "nice" as the one in your photo; it'll be more basic. Also, don't expect something for that price to be within, say, 500m of a BTS or MRT station. But...possible. Look past On Nut on the Sukhumvit line, or a comparable distance out on other lines. Up Ratchada a ways, maybe? I lived on Ratchada soi 1 over a decade ago (behind Fortune Mall) for 5,000, an easy walk from Rama 9 MRT station.
  3. Wait, the OP is saying that somewhere at Suvarnabhumi, there is a carry-on baggage inspection security area at which you are on Thai soil on the one side, and when you come out on the other side, there is no immigration checkpoint for you to go through, just access to the international departure gates? I find that VERY hard to believe. Can someone else confirm that such a security checkpoint exists? I highly doubt that it does. It might have at one time, when the immigration checkpoint used to be situated before the carry-on baggage checkpoint, but things haven't been that way at Swampy for several years now.
  4. Yeah, they would say it to your face even if you spoke Thai and they knew it...they have no filters in that area, the Thais.
  5. Really...they should get the beg-packers in on this. Oh wait...it would require something resembling work. Never mind.

    In the US, we have a MUCH bigger problem with "white nationalist" (Nazi) terrorism (since 9/11/2001, we have suffered an average of 300 attacks per year by homegrown white terrorists), but we're starting to really step up our resistance to them. They currently have an enabler in the White House, and a big part of our strategy is removing him...I'm hoping by the end of this year or early next year.
  7. Yeah...here's how concerned Trump has been in the past with "preserving history:"
  8. Best way to send package to Bangkok from U.S.?

    I vote for USPS. I just sent a small package to a friend in Thailand that way; it cost $18 US and arrived in a little under a week. Make sure you take all newly purchased items out of their original wrapping, and don't include any receipts or invoices in the package. Mark it as a gift on the customs form, and declare a low value (they used to let you declare a value of $0, but no more...I declared $5). I also recommend that you have your fiancée type her name and address in Thai (with only one large word in English at the bottom, of course: Thailand); print it out and tape it on the package. The address will have to be written in English on the customs form, of course.
  9. Not sure of the nuances of the ถีบ version of this phrase, but it's obviously a take-off on the much more popular โสดโปรดจีบ, "I'm single, please flirt with me"...also the title of a pop song. It could just be considered funny on its own terms, i.e. because they replaced จีบ with the rhyming ถีบ.