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  1. It was a joy to travel in Japan recently and find out there are no ATM fees for foreign cards. Same in Indonesia.
  2. Watch it...I guarantee that, among the villagers, there's at LEAST one Thai who believes that 1) if you had never come to Thailand, that house would never have been built, in which case 2) those kids would never have had sex in it, therefore 3) you should be financially responsible for the child (if any) produced from their coupling. Go ahead and laugh (and yes, I'm joking here), but this is not that far off from some Thais' justification of why the farang is ALWAYS the one responsible in any road accident involving a vehicle he's in (even if he was just the passenger in a taxi, for instance)...
  3. I've always found the courts in the states where I've lived very understanding and accommodating re: circumstances making it difficult to do jury duty (Massachusetts, Illinois, California), including excusing me because I had already bought a ticket to travel to a conference, already bought a ticket to travel to Thailand, and couldn't find a a substitute to teach the subject I teach at my university...each time, all they required was my word.
  4. When I first started traveling to Thailand (1999), I remember that Thai bank ATMs took a fee (on foreign cards) that was exactly 1% of your withdrawal amount. Ah, memories.
  5. Same here (to the first paragraph of your post), I've used my Schwab card on visits to Thailand for about 6 years now, and I've never had a problem getting ATM fee reimbursements, like clockwork at the end of the month.
  6. You have been reported to the moderators.
  7. I think Bangkok is a GREAT city for food...but you need to understand its strengths. Incredible Lao and Thai food, of course, but also Southern Thai (hard to find outside that region, especially at Thai restaurants in other countries). Chinese goes without saying, if you go to the right spots. Lots of top-notch Middle Eastern and Indian food as well. The Japanese food, if you go to places that serve Japanese clientele, is quite authentic...I've had better ramen in Bangkok than I found in Tokyo, and there are some wonderful Izakaya places around. I've had plenty of quite decent Italian food in Bangkok, too (but you have to be willing to pay the high prices). Note that I almost never go to extremely "high end" restaurants in Bangkok, but if you were to seek them out, you could probably find decent French and other Western cuisines. One can find passable German food as well. What not to eat in Bangkok: hamburgers (unless you're willing to pay around 400 baht for one at a quality place), Mexican food (Tacos and Salsa on Sukhumvit on Sukhumvit soi 18 used to be quite good, but not lately...all other Mexican restaurants I've found have failed miserably, especially that awful Filipino-Mexican chain, Sunrise), reasonably-priced Western food in general at most places (I do enjoy a nice English breakfast, but as I'm not English, I'm not sure how authentic what i'm getting in Bangkok is).
  8. You can find them, but it'll cost you...gotta go to the "high end" bars. Those bar beer and gogo "cocktails" are never going to measure up.
  9. I don't ride minivans in Thailand anymore (hoping to live a few more decades is all), but back when I did, my 194 cm height never got me bumped...?
  10. Obama has way too much class to bad-mouth Trump. Besides, it's simply not necessary. Trump says more bad things about himself than anyone else could every time he opens his mouth or his Twitter app.
  11. Chou Anou "What you're referring to (and what the reply above yours is referring to) is Thai racism against the ethnic Khmers that live in large numbers in Buriram and Surin. It's common to adopt a form of racism against immigrants to one's country that ascribes some sort of evil, magical danger to the immigrants." No, she told me women in Surin have the ability to make men fall in love with them if they cast a spell. She is from an adjoining province and has more superstitions than you can shake a stick at. As an Isaan women , ethnic Laos, I would suggest Thai racism is not a philosophy she subscribes to. Welcome to ThaiVisa, I look forward to your fascinating insights and razersharp observations. Like this Sadly, many ethnic Lao are guilty of this attitude toward ethnic Khmers as well (though there does tend to be more solidarity between the Khmer and Lao, since the Thais in general look down on them both) every human society, there always seems to be an ethnic or religious group that other groups decide will occupy "low man status" and be designated the "exotic other," worthy of suspicion and fear for their "strange ways," and in Thailand, that's the Khmer.
  12. Some interesting observations here: "...the military attack to street vendors signals something broader and more sinister than putting aesthetics over culinary, social, and economic concerns. It’s about imposing an authoritarian order over Bangkok and crushing whoever defies it."
  13. What you're referring to (and what the reply above yours is referring to) is Thai racism against the ethnic Khmers that live in large numbers in Buriram and Surin. It's common to adopt a form of racism against immigrants to one's country that ascribes some sort of evil, magical danger to the immigrants.
  14. But seriously, you won't have any problem flagging a taxi at that time of day, nor will there be much traffic. Just follow one of the basic traveler's rules worldwide: always flag a moving taxi, never get into a parked one, especially in a tourist area...and make it clear that you want them to use the meter.
  15. Boy, the OP must have gotten some sweet deal on the RT plane ticket from their country, if they're so worried about spending 70 baht on tolls...I guess that could blow half your trip budget right there, huh?