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  1. I just knew when I saw the title of this "article" that almost every responding post would be a certified tinfoil-hat nut job rant. Ah, Thaivisa members, gotta love ya. The low-IQ crowd sure does love to flock to these bat-<deleted> conspiracy theories, don't they? Lemme guess, most of you are "9-11 truthers," anti-vaccine, "moon landing was faked," "chemtrails," and "flat earth" proponents too, yes?
  2. Does that mean they'll never act in a Bangkok theater production again?
  3. Adult men don't wear shorts in public, except on the beach.
  4. "When you lift a stone ANYWHERE where men have power. Always something nasty." There, fixed it for you.
  6. Because she's a piece of <deleted> racist <deleted>. Do you really need it spelled out for you?
  7. Yes, it is a sad fact of life indeed that the dullard "officers" at Immigration and customs checkpoints have so much power in determining who enters and who does not, and how people entering a country are treated. In the US, anyway (and I'll bet it's similar across the world), these cretins are pulled from low-IQ sector of society. It's likely most of them have never traveled internationally themselves, and cannot speak a second language (okay--those last two attributes describe probably the majority of Americans, haha--but still). They tend to be rather slow-witted, most likely are racist, and I'd imagine, probably religious too, and probably own I said, not very smart people. I'm betting most are Trump supporters. Here's an example of their "analytical skills" in action: I have long hair. After continually being profiled and pulled out for a luggage search returning from Southeast Asia (of course, they suspected I had drugs), numerous times, I finally got the bright idea to put my hair in a ponytail going through immigration. Guess what? They never profiled me for a luggage search again. They're told to look for long hair on males, and if that same long hair is pulled into a ponytail, well, they don't see any long hair, so I couldn't possibly be carrying drugs. If I were in the habit of giving advice to actual drug smugglers, I'd say, "get your hair cut short, they'll never bother you." Idiots.
  9. This is true, the first late day if you're leaving by air is a "grace day" and you're not fined. However, I'm pretty sure that all airlines worldwide (certainly all of them leaving the US, and Thailand, which I can speak to from my experience) require that you show the credit card used to purchase the ticket at check-in. This is for international flights only, not domestic.
  10. Let me get this straight...the "nanny state" as you so colorfully quote tired conservative language, is bad, but you living off your wife's higher salary is good? Okay, gotcha.
  11. Haha, of course he's "interested in what others think"...he posted his personal problems on a notorious forum like Thaivisa for all to dissect and criticize!
  12. Not true. It often boils down to what kind of crappy mood the embassy person interviewing the woman applying for a visa happens to be in that particular day. The system is NOT always fair. And those <deleted> farang embassy employees may speak very good Thai, but they have all the social graces of a monitor lizard...there are some truly mean <deleted>s in there. They look at the applicant in front of them and make up their mind within a few seconds, no matter how eloquently the applicant may try to argue her case.
  13. The US too now, apparently.