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  1. Thai puns needed

    เฮา is the Lao pronunciation of เรา...though the meaning is not exactly the same...using เฮา in Lao as a singular first person pronoun is rather rough and crude, potentially arrogant on the part of the speaker (it's fine used as inclusive "we;" non-inclusive "we" is พวกเฮา). but it works in the joke because it wouldn't be unusual for a kid to talk that way, especially to a farang, and especially when the farang initiated it. if that joke is told right, I guarantee it will get a hearty laugh out of any Lao speaker (who also happens to know the English phrase "how much," and I would assume that a huge portion of the population does, especially when one pronounces it the Thai way). There's a store in the Udon airport called "How Much," with a big English sign out front...when I told that joke to the owner, he doubled over in laughter for several minutes.
  2. Thai puns needed

    Yes, they absolutely work. My girlfriend thought the เก้า / ก้าว one was hilarious.
  3. Owner not refunding

    Yeah, it's amazing that they refunded you anything. Just chalk it up to experience and always ask to see the room first in the future.
  4. Koh Samet

    Something trivial like 100-200 baht. I talked my way out of it by speaking Thai to the collector a few years back, not sure if that was a fluke or not...I've paid it other times.
  5. Thai puns needed

    Ah, okay. Was trying to make หกล้ม work...but yes, ก้าว is definitely better!
  6. Thai puns needed

    Here's a Lao (Isan) one: a farang is traveling through Isan, and speaks no Thai or Lao. Near the market, he sees a kid eating ข้าวต้มมัด. It looks tasty to the farang, and he wants to buy one himself. He asks the kid, "how much"? (when you tell the joke in Thai, of course you have to pronounce "much" as Thais do, มัด). The kid answers: เฮาบ่อได้มัด! แม่เฮามัด!
  7. Thai puns needed

    ที่หกเหมือนกัน Okay, here's one: an old woman from the provinces arrives at หัวลำโพง station on her first trip ever to Bangkok. She tells a tuk tuk driver where she needs to go, they negotiate a price, and finally the tuk tuk driver says โอเค! Not knowing any English, the woman asks him what โอเค means; he explains it's a way of saying ตกลง. They set off through the streets, and at one point hit a huge bump, and the old woman's wallet drops onto the road out of the tuk tuk. Remembering what he just taught her, she frantically yells to the driver: น้อง! กระเป๋าตังค์ป้าโอเค! กระเป๋าตังค์ป้าโอเค!! Of course, the driver just nods and keeps on driving...
  8. Thai puns needed

  9. Yeah, I smell a rat here. If this is even a real story by Mr. Only-One-Post (and that's a huge "if") OP, how certain can one be of what one's wife, or possibly her close friends or relatives, do in their spare time? A former Thai girlfriend of mine's sister with a history of, er, bad choices, went to jail for 8 years for dealing yaba, and everyone in the family still swears up and down they--and she--have no idea how those pills came into her possession...
  10. Kurt Cobain did that at least once, I believe...though in his case, I think he asked other concert-goers to beat the <deleted> out of the guy.
  11. Poo-inducing sugar-free gummy bears lead to inter-office legal threat

    That's like a thief breaking into your home, and then suing you for damages when they slip on something and throw out their back...
  12. Koh Samet

    Koh Samet is not the place to go for nightlife. There are a few backpacker-ish beachside bars with those annoying fire dancers on the beaches closest to the pier, but that's about it. The farther down you get (away from the pier), the nicer (IMO) and quieter it gets, and also the more Thai it gets (lots of groups of Uni friends, a fair amount of groups of gay Thai friends). I always stay at Vongdeuan Resort, which has their own boat to get you there (right to their beach, bypassing the pier where the ferry docks) from Rayong. I would say that none of the relatively easy accessible beach destinations near(-ish) Bangkok, Samet, Chang, Hua Hin, are where you would really want to go for nightlife...you'll need to head much further south (and in general, pay a lot more) for that.
  13. Others probably have much more experience than I do, but I would say that all other things being equal, a [well-paying] job is more important than having land and money. My personal experience with this is that my girlfriend, age 50 and primary caregiver for her young grandson, who owns her own apartment, was quickly rejected for a visa (no job, supported by me).
  14. Police monitoring Facebook?

    Actually, recently several Thais have been arrested and charged with "promoting the consumption of alcohol" for posting photos of themselves and others drinking on Facebook and other social media (no, I'm not joking about this). So far, I haven't heard of any foreigners being charged in this way, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility, I suppose...