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  1. I walk past here twice a day during my daily walks.There used to be a very old man who lived along there who would keep to himself.He was there 24 hours a day.He never asked me for money but would smile and say sawadee every time.During that time i bought him a mat, blanket and small pillow.Every week i bought him noodles,water or rice from down the street.I went away for a week and when i returned he was gone.On asking the nearby motorbike taxi guys they told me the police had come and taken him away.What ever happened to him i will never know.It wasn't too much longer after and more people had moved in along there.Now i just walk past and wonder about the old fellow.
  2. I fly Air Asia often.They advertise themselves as a budget airline but with premium service. I find them a lot cheaper than their competitors with friendly and helpful flight attendents.Yes I do agree when booking on line it does take you through a maze of options and questions.Having used this service many times now I know how to navigate through it with not much effort.My biggest problem with Air Asia and I have emailed and complained a couple of times.At the beginning of last year they ceased their service to and from Kuala Lumpur and Adelaide, citing lack of passengers and the cost of flying into Adelaide twice a week.After this Malaysian Airlines immediately increased their fares.Every time I flew either into or out the planes were always either full or three quarter full.Many flights i have taken from other destinations since are often the same.Then it must be down to cost. Come on Air Asia recommence your flights in and out of Adelaide!