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  1. After electing reagan and dubya bush no one should be surprised that absolute head the balls can become president of the most powerful country in the world. They have don themselves proud with this goon. Lying and verbal backflips come as easy to him as breathing. Those that have voted him in ( no not the putin supplied russian hackers ) will be the those worse off . A Huge proportion will lose access to healthcare. The jobs he is going to get them will all be zero hours and < minimum wage. Lets face it moving manufacturing back to the usa from china and other low cost countries doesnt add up unless the owners are guaranteed cheap labour. Who is going to buy a us made 1000 dollar fridge when china can land you a bigger and better one for half the price. Gonna make america great again for ..... white supremacists
  2. Like seagulls to old chip wrappers the responses on here. Old angry farts with their unlived lives out in in force. Hate the truth dont they.
  3. Like the innocent brazilian they shot on the train a few back. Watching the poor bugger for months believing he was an arab terrorist . What a balls up and utter disgrace. British and intelligence should not be part of the same sentence.
  4. One can only imagine the reaction of the usual suspects had this been thai airlines and not united airlines. All the usual cliches Bullies Cowards Corruption Bottom line is it hopefully wont reoccur
  5. You must never have been in bangkok, pattaya or phuket then. The overall premise is correct . If they are on tourist visas and cant support themselves financially other than by begging they need booting out. That is what would happen to them in the west. Then again we are bound to see the usual suspects turn a topic around in order to demonise thais. Never ceases to amaze me how quickly certain people will turn any topic atound to this effect.
  6. Boots on the ground.... ye gods. It's 2017 man not 1917! The usa has been there and done that with the boots on the ground and got all the t shirts. Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq. The only time boots on the ground has been successful has been granada and panama ...surprise surprise. People who play too many computer war games and have rambo posters on their bedroom walls are quaint though.
  7. They have a nuclear capability which is why obama tried to get them to tone it down. ISRAEL having a pop gives them a reason to use it. ??????????????????
  8. Thats the thing though isnt it? Those that like to see others fighting with lethal weaponry have little or no idea what the reality is . Armchair jingoists. The middle east is already a powder keg. People salivating at Israel reentering the fray against Iran arent thinking things through. More death and destruction mainly perpetrated on the weak and innocent. A worsening of the refugee crisis. Iran welcoming an opportunity to unleash its nuclear arsenal. Oh but hey Israel gets to show Iran who's boss in a skirmish between anti aircraft missiles vs f35's. Computer games and their players..great bunch of lads.
  9. Good job that story wasnt about a thai picking on a 14 yo. The usual suspects would have been licking their lips
  10. Hardly surprising...the inmates have taken over the asylum. Reduce corporate tax from 35 to 15% GO begging for a wall or fence that wont change a thing cost 21.6bn. Get rid of obamacare and put healthcare out of reach of a FURTHER 20m americans. Canadians will need to build a wall methinks
  11. There is quite a lot to be said for luddite philosophy
  12. This is what an elected government buys you. Then again the pedigree of her brother and puppet master should have made it abundantly clear that she was as untrustworthy as a hungry fox in a hen house.
  13. How quickly people forget the release of documents detailing all those avoiders and launderers who put their money in the cayman islands. This actress is guilty of not having enough money to take advantage of such 'vehicles' unlike eg the father of the uk's previous pm and other guardians of our democracy and its supposed systems of fairness. IIT would appear donald hasnt lodged a tax return since adam was a boy other than an extract of one..yes one. Sorry to upset people but this sort of thing is rife everywhere in the world. If anything thais lack the sophistication in concealing their earnings and the sources of these earnings compared to what goes on in the west. Reading this forum one could be excused for thinking that like bad driving, cowardly attacks etc etc thailand alone does these things. Increase taxes and pay for the infrastructure to monitor and administer these excesses and who knows. We all live here because it is cheaper and/or better than where we hail from Give and take is in play here.
  14. It amazes me that people move several thousand kms and then spend their time time bleating about their new domicile. Hate and have no respect whatsoever for the locals, despite coming from countries eg england which has the highest incidence of cctv coverage in the world or the usa where gun crime and gun ownership is making the place like the wild west . LIke it or not we are guests in this country and more respect needs to be accorded the hosts. Thailand hasnt got the infrastructure of the countries we hail from. Public servants are on a pittance. That is why it is so cheap to live here. If you cant cope with that then you shouldnt be here.
  15. Well would you believe south yoorkshire police allowing a forced prostititution ring to flourish in rotherham uk for over a decade? Amazing isnt it. Police, army, public service etc etc all over the world contain bad eggs. Check out a senior nsw cop called roger rogerson. A credit to the force.