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  1. Foreign tourists arrested after naked romp on Pattaya beach

    Ah so the wrong in this situation lies with Thai people...there's a surprise
  2. Well done. A marvelous and much needed initiative. Yet another wonderful example of thai compassion in action.
  3. You ruined it by continuing after 'what can I say'.
  4. There are many of us on this forum who are married to thai ladies. I have been with my wife for 10 years. I find your insinuation that she like all thai females lacks sexual mores as highly offensive. If I were to express how I really feel I'd most likely be banned. Yet another on here who feel it appropriate and even amusing to blacken the name of all thais based on little else but dissatisfaction or life having passed you by. I hope you are proud of yourself
  5. Constructive criticism needed from politicians: poll

    Whereas your mockery of 2 entire groups (thai students and thai politicians ) is constructive????
  6. Constructive criticism needed from politicians: poll

    Yeah he should do what thaksin did...if the media criticised him he blacklisted them or bought them out
  7. Our Epic Adventure In Bagan, Myanmar

    Lovely read that. Myanmar is on my list of must visit places. It wont be the same but Somerset maugham spiked my interest in his writing of the old colonial days.
  8. It's not simply about whether they have a degree or other proven ability/experience to teach. That they are appropriate adults with no record of abuse in other jurisdictions is / should also be proven . In Oz to work in schools, hospitals or anywhere that children may be subjected to the presence of an adult a working with children card ( wwc) is mandatory in tandem with a police clearance. It is very rigorous and has to be renewed every 3 years. Problem is bad people slip under the net like saville and harris ( even in that shangri la of perfect society the uk ) but some rigour in the checks would certainly deter a goodly proportion of potential wrong uns. Of course a degree is a good indicator of ability but I know for a fact there are many english teachers with just a 4wk tefl course under their belt who do a fine job. The money angle is a red herring in my opinion. 35k thb pm is an amount many can more than survive on unless you're a bar rat of course.
  9. So you are seriously suggesting that 50 % of school age thai females are gay??? Troll post at its most blatant? Or do you hang around schools and have regular contact with this demographic? The latter being the case I'd be careful the police dont get on your case.
  10. Construction of new parliament faces more delay

    What's a 'gloden'?
  11. Build assets using public money/borrowing and then lease them to the private sector who invariably bleed the users dry to turn a buck. More money in his mates' pockets. How typical. Govt says ' sorry but we cant control what the private sector charges'. Marvelous! No doubt there will be land cleared and set aside during this 'infrastructure' push that trump will get to put one of his tacky edifices to ego on. This putting him out and about to do what he does best ( tell lies and spread fake news ) isnt going to make a jot of difference. His vanity wont allow him to stop using twitter when he is in a fit of pique. Now the rest of the business community and most of the republican party have abandoned him due to his climate change clanger I expect more rats to jump ship. Mike Pense is going to make gerald ford look like roosevelt
  12. Exactly Well done the rtp for creating a rapport and means of pursuing these scumbags. Despite many on here being adamant nothing would happen ..less than a week later these heinous people are banged up. Oh ye of little faith
  13. Great post and extremely well said. The knockers will be seething
  14. Phuket public hospitals roll out free flu jabs

    Well done phuket govt hospitals