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  1. Advice sought

    I just found this site but cannot find any threads on palm oil in the search facility! Are there any that someone could direct me to please? Cheers John
  2. So I went along to Chaeng Wattana (building B, enterance 2) this morning at 9 am and finished in under 2 hours! I planned to arrive earlier but the bkk traffic got me! All went smoothly. 1900 baht lighter for 30 days extension, no overstay stamps or charges were incurred! I did not get arrested ;-) Cheers again for all the helpful posts folks!
  3. Ok, thanks for the advice people! I intend to go tmrw and get the extension! Which is the best place to go in bkk to get this sorted or are there multiple, I'm currently in Bang Kapi area!? Immigration office at Chang Watthana Or Chamchuri Square Building are these both options?
  4. Thanks for the replies gents! So are there no negative consequences of overstaying a few days with regards to getting visa in the future?
  5. Hello all, I was looking for a bit of advice please!? Last month I did a visa run to mae Sai to extend my tourist exemption visa another 30 days and that expires on the 22nd April (tomorrow). I plan to leave the country for home in the next few days but the flights tomorrow and the following day are hellishly expensive. I'm current on my way to bangkok. So I have 3 options as I see it. 1. Go to the Bkk immigration office tomorrow (April 22nd) and extend another 30 days (1900 baht) and fly back on the 24th/25th at significantly lower flight cost 2. Overstay my visa 2-3 days, and rock up to the airport and suck up the 500 baht per day overstay fine. Hoping I don't get picked up by the police in the next few days 3. Fly home at great expense tomorrow 22nd April (uneconomic and damaging to my social plans for the weekend :-) ) Both options 1 & 2 are cheaper than flying home on the 22nd April (tomorrow) So my question is this! What option do the great and the good here suggest is the best option? Secondly are there any longterm negative implications of 2-3 days of overstay stamp on my passport, when considering that I plan to return to Thailand in 2 months time and spend 7-9 months per year here, on and off going forward!? Thanks for reading this far ;-) Cheers John