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  1. PCX 2018 vs Nmax 2018

    From what I read very little has changed on PCX 2018, in fact the last few years. I think some LED light, remote key, shape of the rear lights, some panels, 12v charger and few other very cosmetic stuff... (nothing to say I buy PCX 2018 because it's so much better than, say 2015...!). Well, it has I missed it...lol
  2. I heard (from the dealers and a few others) that most of the Chinese bikes like Lifan, Keeway, Ryuka etc. are bought in from China in pieces and then mainly assembled here, well, maybe mostly. I am not sure if they build and manufacture any part in Thailand, important parts like engine, frame, shocks, exhaust etc.... !? I am sure others know more about it....
  3. PCX 2018 vs Nmax 2018

    NMax has 13" wheels vs 14" of PCX, also some people report quite a bit of vibration felt from NMax at certain RPMs. On the other hand NMax has a more powerful engine and a bit lighter in weight, so has higher top speed, and at 6000 RPM it kicks in their variable valve actuation mechanism that gives it more torque and acceleration. Also PCX has a larger fuel tank (as mentioned consumption on a scooter is really not a big deal). All of this mentioned on the other thread.... But the price of PCX quoted by dealers now make it a bit ridiculous to buy, so NMax becomes an outright winner if dealers are adding 15k on top of RRP of PCX... ! Here is my little chart - non accuracy disclosure etc. ! lol Honda Forza 300 Yamaha XMAX 300 Suzuki Burgnan 200 Honda PCX 150 Yamaha NMAX 155 Yamaha AeroX 155 Year for spec 2016 2017 2015 2015 2015 2017 Power (HP) 25.48 27.60 18.1 13.1 14.8 14.8 Torque (Nm) 26 29 16.8 13.1 14.4 13.8 Cooling system Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Front tyre 120/70-14 ABS 120/70-15 ABS 110/90-13 ABS 90/90-14 CBS 110/70-13 ABS 110/80-14 ABS Back tyre 140/70-13 ABS 140/70-14 ABS 130/70-12 ABS 100/90-14 CBS 130/70-13 ABS 140/70-14 ABS Curb Weight (kg) 194 179 163 130 127 117 Power/Wieght Ratio (HP/kg) 0.1313 0.1542 0.1110 0.1008 0.1165 0.1265 Overall length (mm) 2,185 2,185 2,055 1,931 1,966 1,990 Width (mm) 750 775 740 737 740 700 Ground clearance (mm) 135 135 130 135 135 142 Wheelbase (mm) 1,540 1,540 1,465 1,315 1,350 1,350 Fuel capacity (litres) 12 13 11 8 6.6 4.6 Top speed (km/hr) 145 165 120 112 120 120 Underseat (litres) 48 45 45 25 ? 25
  4. What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    Had my dear old Suzuki Hayate 125 scooter serviced today (so cheap, highly recommend Suzuki dealers in Phuket Town), all good to go now, They tend to want to change everything, but the parts are cheap and they don't charge for labour, you tip something at the end. Next week a trip to Krabi and Koh Lanta is coming up, so need it in top condition. In the trip to Surat Thani and Koh Samui from Phuket last month, it did not let me down once, 72,000 km and counting.... lol The only trouble I had with it a few weeks ago was that I left the ignition on (lights) and forgot about it for 20 or 30min, the battery is a bit old so it went flat (although it has kick start, EFi won't work with a flat battery, a bit useless really). The guys at the mechanic shop wanted me to buy a new battery (and said they had no recharging - lie.. !), so I took the battery out and took it to the next shop up the road, recharged it for 20 min, back and put it on, start with a flick, still going strong. It is old but as long as it start with the first push why bother buying another battery... !
  5. Ryuka RA1 and RA1-S 200cc

    I went to 88 bike in Phuket Town today, they still couldn't find the note about the price for Ryuka RA1 (cruiser), but one of them said about 56k, this is almost 10k less than quoted in Koh Samui, but I don't count on it being accurate. And she said it takes 2 months to order it... ! While I was there I sat on and tried seating position and the seat comfort of all their Chinese bikes, GPX, Legend, Stallion, Ryuka Infinity 125, GPX Demon,150, 250, 400. I must say they were all terrible except one, their seat was so hard and I was not comfortable sitting in those position at all, maybe 1 hour max, and you have to get off for 1 hour to recover...!!! But the only Stallion 400 that they had there was very comfy, seat soft and I think it also had a larger handle bar, so you sit very up right. That is something maybe I can get used to, but at 115k it's a bit pricey for a Chinese bike to use for for a few years and right it off (throw away after).... ! Also they said 3 years engine only warranty for all of them, anything else, breaks, electric, instrument, exhaust etc. nothing else is covered ....!? I also went to Kawasaki in Phuket, they have larger engine bikes and W800 (nice looking bike), but no W175 (or W250). He said he has 18 W175 on order and you are looking at 2 months in the queue (at 86k baht all in). I couldn't believe it, is it that popular and Kawasaki can't get them in quick enough - although it could be just salesman bullomotion talking....
  6. Total scam, I would never buy any vehicle if I can not see and talk to the owner that has his name on the green book....pass. When I went to change the green book to my name from my friend who sold the bike to me, he had left the country just a few days before that day and after giving me all the forms he filled up and signed in front of me. But the copy of his passport's visa page (required) was 1 day passed on that day. The guys at the land transport office noticed it right away and said the owner has left the country as his visa expired yesterday....!?! He had signed a power of attorney but that was not enough. They went back and forth and called the main boss, he came over and said where is the owner and I said he is my friend and left yesterday but I couldn't come yesterday, it's just one day for heaven sake. He said if the visa of the buyer or seller expired they don't do the transaction, but as it is only one day it's okay..... what luck ! Although office by office may differ, that is what they said in Phuket. (I bet Thai agency guys do this stuff all the time, after farang owners have left, but they know how and where to pass the tea money....)
  7. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    In Patong, Phuket, a renter offers XMAX for rent, but silly prices like 1200b per day .... (when Honda Forza can be had for 700b) ...! I met a guy who rented a Honda X-ADV for 1500b a day, now that may worth the extra, but XMAX has just a novelty factor I guess.... No need to test drive this, if you have the money and want to buy the XMAX just go for it, can't go wrong...
  8. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I thought you wait 1000 km for a new bike to bed in rather than testing maximum speed... !?
  9. You might also like to try and sat on a Suzuki Van Van 200cc, but I generally didn't like it, not much of a highway, comfort bike, abnormally big fat tires for off road and doing crazy maneuvers I guess, also not much power and low top speed from what I read...
  10. I was thinking about W175, but I think 175cc will be too weak for anything really, up the hill or highway - you could well be on a 150cc scooter. At that price you can also check Stallion 400cc, that bike has an exceptional engine, 4 valves and EFi from what I heard, not sure how the body will hold up though....(some second-hands selling at 80-90k) W250 should really be in 120-130k range, I have no idea how they come up with 220k, don't they want anybody to buy it... !? (A bit like bar girls giving the farang silly prices when they don't like them and don't want to go with them....! lol) They say it is the tax on W250 because it is made in Japan, I mean is the tax +100% ... !? Considering most other things are the same I wonder how much really cost more to make a bigger engine, just cast iron block for 75cc more than 175cc, is it the price of extra steel... !?!?! I think the manufacturers really ripping off consumers on that, say 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 400, 500cc, considering same SOHC, 2 valve, air cooled, how much difference is really in the cost of making of these !!!?
  11. If you can read Thai (or use Google Translate) here is another two Phantom 150cc cheap options (if not expired old ads): http://www.mocycdd.com/mocycdetail/3203-Phantom-150cc-18000 http://www.salemocyc.com/มอเตอร์ไซค์มือสอง-ยี่/honda-phantom-150-ccเดิมๆสภาพดีสีสวย-2 Watch for scams, never send money until you seen the goods.....
  12. Although this ad below does not say 150cc , 2 stroke, you can see the radiator from the photos. I bet he takes any offers now, he has been trying to sell it for a while and brought the price down: https://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/mcy/d/honda-phantom-great-bike/6442285367.html https://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/mcy/d/honda-phantom-must-see/6477869299.html https://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/mcy/d/honda-phantom-must-see/6477869299.html It's funny he fails to mention what the bike spec is, think the buyer will be that stupid or blind, amazing, people advertising like that... !!!?
  13. Ryuka RA1 and RA1-S 200cc

    Replied to Richyba in another thread...
  14. Ryuka RA1 and RA1-S 200cc

    Quick question, do Honda shops still supply parts and repair old Honda Phantoms ...!? I see so many around - I guess they must, is it normal shops or Big Bike dealers... !
  15. Ryuka RA1 and RA1-S 200cc

    I was trying to find a Kawasaki dealer in Phuket to see one of these and check it out, they look nice. Even their old Estrella or now W250 is better with more power, but that has silly prices ... The next best thing in this category is Stallion 400, this bike has an awesome engine, 29HP, 4 valve and dual exhaust ports, with EFi , it's quite above these non-big name, usual bike league, then again at 115k, as they say , you get what you pay for...