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  1. The Yamaha 135cc Nouvo is a much better bike for that price, high mileage not an issue if you test drive and engine sounds good and CVT clutch pulls okay...
  2. I doubt you have problem having been away for a year, they have never ever questioned my friend over the years once away for 6 month , if it's easy and convenient to get SETV then that is of course better and a piece of mind (probably cost the same)...
  3. My UK passport only has a few pages left but expires in Sep 2021, I have to change it shortly (going for a 50-page large one this time), but will loose 3 years, damn, with all my travels should have bought the large one last time - no other option now..... Also will be in UK for something like 3 weeks and I may have to use the 1 week fast-track and pay even more.... They say it takes 3 weeks to deliver a new passport, but people get it in two weeks most of the time, not sure, a bit risky to miss my flight over it... !?
  4. I had my 1-year extension and re-entry permit on my old passport this year and exit the country a few months ago. My old passport is pretty full and I have to change it, which I do in UK. I am told I can return to Thailand with both passports and there will be no problem. They should check my re-entry and visa on old passport and then stamp my new passport with a entry stamp. But will they also transfer the 1-year visa to new passport at entry !? I am guessing maybe not... In any case afterwards when my 1-year visa expires I have to go for an extension again, this does sound odd that I have to transfer the 1-year visa that is about to expire to the new passport when I am just about to apply for a new one. Have you guys tried it and been told to do this ... !? (in my case I have entered the country without the visa on the new passport, so what is the point of moving the visa at the time of renewal... !!!)
  5. If in good condition that sounds a bit on the low side, it should sell for 80k on the market, 75k at worst. I don't go with any formula, to see what is the going rate check the ads on the web for 2nd hand bikes and get a feel for the price, of course they always put 5k too much on ads to leave room for haggling, but it usually is the best approach... (I doubt you see many ads for your bike though, they are rare, specially the new 155cc ones).
  6. Agusts

    Retirement visa Phuket

    Is there any official reference or link or announcement on the web to this from British embassy...!?
  7. Agusts

    Stallions 400cc - Any good?

    You can pick one of these 400cc, or many other Stallions, up for half price direct from factory if you are near Bangkok... (they have a sale on) https://m.facebook.com/MoMoMotorbike/photos/a.1101997699942847/1341934279282520/?type=3&source=48
  8. Agusts

    Yamaha GT 125 vs Honda 125i Click

    Aerox has two shocks at the back, makes a difference than Click's one shock... But Click has foot floor board ...
  9. Agusts

    Forza shocks

    How much do you weigh...? Ride with pillion...? Why not change the stock shock to max and see, easy to do...
  10. Agusts

    Minor accident - and now?

    If people blow the horn on risky maneuvers or close passing /overtaking a bit more there will be far less accidents.... Yes, yes I know, you like it quiet and some people get pissed on even a short horn sound , but if it saves an accident or injury or life even, why not, I do it...., I don't care !
  11. Agusts

    Honda Forza opinions

    There was a good question about differences in models, no one replied... So is there a major difference between say 2013, 2014 and 2015... engine, brakes, shocks, instruments etc.... !? P.S. what a buy of a 2016 Forza for 90kbht.....!!! ? You stole it.
  12. It looks the part, but i guess hard to get parts and service in los, I wish lifan would have more dealers... specially in the south. Some amazing bikes coming out of China next year, check out MoMo Motorbike on facebook...
  13. Agusts

    Price for my Phantom ?

    These are popular with some expats, but because of age not sell for much. I went to see and have test driven quiet a few, but decided not to buy Phantom. They usually ask for 40k, but sell for 35k, or in between - condition average to good. As yours is in excellent condition with top box, you can start around 45+ and expect to get 40-45k, good luck....
  14. Looks nice, redesigned body too, front disk have holes for ABS, but it does not mention ABS in the specs...! ? But only 120km max speed, I guess it's heavy... Any idea of price...?
  15. What is 250D stands for...! New model...? I heard of 250P which has fuel injection as oppose to carb, but what is a D version....