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  1. Thanks for all the info, some good points and suggestions, I read more archive about Honda Phantom and even new ones out of factory gave people a lot of headaches, although I must say quite a lot of these were sold, so need to look at the stats properly - I think they sold 5 or 10 times more than say Boss (or the new Chinese that didn't even existed for so many years), hence more report of troubles. I am in no hurry, so will rent until a special opportunity come up and then maybe will consider buying a cruiser. But you must admit the joy of cruising on one of these should really outweigh being on a scooter at 80kph... !
  2. After renting automatic scooters over the years ( I usually spend half a year in LOS), I am thinking of buying a used bike, but it looks like I need two, a small one (scooter) for around town and another (cruiser) for long trips... (hard to get two at the budget of around 40k baht) I like the scooters, they are small, convenient and auto, great for around town and shopping - specially those with flat foot-floor , on long trips, I found that place perfect for putting luggage etc. (where would you put luggage on a cruiser.. .!?). But going on a long road trip with a Click, Mio, Skydrive etc. is not that pleasant, a bit rough, shaky ride and handling (all of these also have only one shock, the two shock ones have no flat foot-floor, except pricey Honda SH150), sitting position a bit tiring, the wind blew me away on various occasions, and not a lot of power (although I found 80kph even hard to deal with on a scooter with cars passing by and pushing you around). But that place to put the luggage is great specially if you carry a passenger. So I have looked at small cruisers like Phantom 200, Boss 175, Lifan (250-B v-twin) and Keeway (Superlight 200), mainly because of their comfortable sitting positions - I am not a biker and hate to sit on a standard bike like CBR or Ninja (that's just me). So I am looking for comfort, reliable, easy handling ride, not a racing machine or one to show off. The cruisers are also all manual, it's been 30 years since I rode manual bikes, but I think that is not majorly concerning - would be a pain for short distances in traffic and around town though (by the way I am usually around Puhket/Krabi area). Another concern is where you put your luggage, if alone I guess can put it at the back and wrap it up somehow, but if with passenger that't not possible (I guess rack sacks on our backs are the only options) - not a fan of those saddle bags and Givi boxes...(I doubt they can take a lot anyway). Now as for the models, I read a bit, I know these are under-powered considering their weight, Phantom's gears a bit iffy with 6 up and hard to manage but also the camshaft tensioner thingy (I am no expert) having a fault that blows up the engine every so often (!?!), on the other hand as a Honda, easy to find parts and repair. For Boss it is a bit harder to get parts and repair and also even less power. Both of these can be found at 40k baht range for a 10-15 years old. (What issues to look out for in such old bikes !) The Lifan and Keeway of course are Chinese, so plastic and unreliability and all that, but maybe have newer/modern stuff on the dash, light etc. and you can get 2 or 3 years old for 40k baht - Lifan has more power with 250cc and v-twin engine, but the question is how long they last...! What about parts and repair... !? I assume the ride on all these four is very similar as they have similar sitting position and shape etc. - would it be a lot more fun on the road than scooters (or not) !? So just give me your comments and correct me about my assumptions and if it were you what would you buy with 40k baht - or perhaps I would just keep renting (which I probably end up doing.... lol)
  3. That is an obvious cause but he said the tire pressures were correct ... (I guess to counter that feel on a new Aerox R you can let some air out !).
  4. I have rented a lot of scooters in Thailand and other countries over the years. My friend bought Aerox R recently and I tried it, I must say the handling and the feel, balance all excellent, better than PCX and a lot of others I have ridden. Only had two gripes, one there are very sharp plastic edges up front where if you are tall you could hurt your shin if not careful (this is rare but I say it because my friend did it already after a few weeks riding his new bike). Second is that the ride is a little rough, it is like you feel every bump in the road, I prefer a softer ride myself. Nothing majorly concerning but I noticed it right away, it is either to do with shocks on the R version being a bit stiff/sporty, or just being a new shocks/bike - and I did ask my friend and he said he had just set the tire pressures according to the manual. If it was me I would just buy the standard/cheapest version, an excellent bike as it is, and probably does not need those extras....