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  1. No, I wanted to try the new Honda Rebel in Ao Nang and Krabi town, they had big signs on them, when I ask the ladies I like the bike but want to just sit for a minute to feel the sitting position, they looked horrified..... and said no way..... !!!! lol As for HP, I think those that Richard queried are fairly accurate, the Boss I'm not sure of, I got that from some obscure internet page..... And yes the torque is also important, should have collected that too. Have no idea about Platinum Monaco , it might well be 250cc....
  2. Thanks for posting this useful info, with the exception of green book translation, did you have to do anything beforehand, or all insurance, visa and other fees were obtained and paid for at the border... !?
  3. I was at their shop in Phuket town on Saturday, nice bikes - and unlike Honda they let you sit on their bikes (!?). But I like the sitting position, seat comfort, and shape of the cruisers...
  4. To say I still have ambitions about cruisers and be true to the thread title, I gathered some vital stats (that where important to me) about budget cruisers mentioned, not easy, some from Indian pages - so correct if anything wrong: Lifan 250-B carb (2013) HP 18 ? Dry Weight 136kg Ground Clearance 150mm Seat height 700mm Wheel base 1495mm Length 2215mm Tyres (back/front) 130/90-15,3.00-18 Brakes (back/front) Drum/Disk Lifan 250-B or 250-P (EFI) (2017) HP 18.4 Dry Weight 152 Ground Clearance 150 Seat height 671 Wheel base 1495 Length 2250 Tyres 5.00-15, 3.00-18 Brakes Drum/Disk Keeway Superlight 200cc (2013) HP 12.74 Dry Weight 134 Ground Clearance 120 Seat height 730 Wheel base 1440 Length 2260 Tyres 130/90-15, 110/90-16 Brakes Drum/Disk Keeway Blackster 250 V-twin (carb/EFI) - Dorado (carb !?) HP 19.18 Dry Weight 170 Ground Clearance 150 Seat height 688 Wheel base 1540 Length 2250 Tyres 120/90-16, 110/90-16 Brakes Drum/Disk Honda Phantom 200cc HP 16.48 Dry Weight 140 Ground Clearance 130 Seat height 699 Wheel base 1505 Length 2256 Tyres 130/90-15, 90/90-17 Brakes Disk/Disk Kawasaki Boss 175cc HP 15.2 Dry Weight 127.9 Ground Clearance 155 Seat height 681 Wheel base 1471 Length 2155 Tyres 130/90-15, 90/90-17 Brakes Drum/Disk Honda PCX 150cc Scooter HP 13.5 Curb Weight 132 (Dry !?) Ground Clearance 138 Seat height 761 Wheel base 1317 Length 1931 Tyres 100/90-14,90/90-14 Brakes Drum (combi)/Disk I added the PCX just for the comparison. Also found two other Chinese cheap cruisers: Zongshen Ryuka Cruiser 125cc ---> new price = 43k baht !? (this must be really under-powered at 125, reviews are not that good as expected, but looks nice though) Platinum Monaco 200cc ---> 65k baht !? (not much info about this one) I am now trying to rent one of these for a few days to see if I like riding this type of bikes, hard work finding one in Phuket, been to a few places in Patong, Rawai and Phuket town, they all have large engine Harleys, Kawasaki Volcan or Honda Shadow etc. which are quite big and heavy with large engines and of course quite expensive. The guys at Patong beach who used to do it are gone. (In Rawai one guy has a totally modified Phantom with 400cc engine, huge shocks, forks etc. and so much customization it is nothing like the original, not much point of trying that...). I keep looking and if you guys know a place/person let me know, I am surprised the Phantom is not in more demand/offered for rent, there are so many of them about....!
  5. As far as I read about it, you need her ID card (or copy) and a proof of address, now that comes in variety of forms, depending on if she owns the property or rents - I think all Thais know what this is and how to get it....
  6. How about MRI, it's far better and more accurate, it can even help to a better , more guided biopsy, highly recommended now over just PSA ....check it out.
  7. While we are on the subject, what does this compulsory insurance cover and who....!? I hear it's the so called 3rd-party as it's called in UK. I bought the scooter from a friend and transferred the green book to my name, but that insurance till Jan 2018 is in his name, dies that mean that insurance does not work if I have accident now...!
  8. Checked the speedometer a bit more, with a new GPS app on the phone and also riding next to other bikes, theirs are about 5kph slower than mine, so mine is about +10kph too much (and theirs just +5 kph too much) - I had also adjusted the tire pressures, in case. So checked on the web, the old speedometers of old bikes were so easily repaired and adjusted - I am talking about 25+ years old, but I doubt these newer bike/scooter speedos can be opened and adjusted like that. Any ideas.... !? Although not a big deal, just annoying to always discount 10kph off what is showing (I saw a guy on youtube put stickers on the glass for new speeds....!!! that is called a practical workaround, until it is washed off by rain
  9. 20-years old Honda Dream, and you're really attached to it...!!! I suggest you buy a new one for the parking lot and take this one to bed with you.... lol. Sorry, couldn't resist, but the problem you describe probably calls for an engine overhaul, or a new engine for that matter.... Good luck.... (with the hip I mean ! )
  10. Oily patch, down the hill, nasty, glad you're okay. What speed where you doing approximately...! ? And I assume there was a slight curve of some sort if the bike ended up on the other side, no....?
  11. Went to Krabi immigration office today, was in and out with a visa extension stamp in my passport in less than 5 minutes flat... !!! Didn't even fill any forms, just signed the blanks (I assume they fill it later), wrote hotel address, gave them photocopies and one photo and 1900b. So fast and no other farang there except a couple who were also out after me, no queue or waiting, amazing, I must say, better than Phuket town....
  12. To save 3000 baht just do a quick read about Wave disk breaks and those extra shock tanks, I doubt they make a huge difference in the performance of a scooter - I just came across an article about Wave disk breaks, mainly used for race track bike performance to avoid overheating during high speed competitions, in fact they eat break pads quicker than normal and have less breaking power at lower temperatures, hardly useful for a scooter around town or even at moderate speeds on the road. I am no expert, I just did a Google search and read a few pages....but I know manufacturers add these extras to grab a few box, so like to check if they worth it. Saying that the reason for going with R version for better colors, or colors that you like, is a good one... !
  13. The RRP prices are given at the bottom of Yamaha website in Thailand: R version is 66,900 baht, but if I was buying I would buy the Standard version at 63,900..... difference is just wave front disk and rear shock sub-tank... !
  14. I tried a little bit a few days ago, didn't like it, it smells awful of course, but I tried to see what does it taste like, to me it is like raw onion mixed with something like mango, really weird taste, not for me... so many other fruits that don't need any trying....!
  15. I'm glad you have a comfortable ride, I was just looking at some photos on the net, and it looks like the position of the pegs are further forward on most other cruisers as oppose to be Rebel .... I really need to try it myself...