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  1. Yep, the very same, he never gives up, still updates his ads.... playing the numbers, I guess some poor guys may respond, who knows...
  2. That's interesting, so you guys can drive a car in UK with a 5 year car Thai license without IDP...! I didn't think they were so relax about this in UK. I know you can use some English language licenses in some countries without IDP, but Thai in UK is a bit odd. In any case I'm interested in motorbike license, I already have UK driving license, but not motorbike one....
  3. Okay, understood, I can get it with 5 years license but not 2 years temp license, thanks ....next year
  4. As it says in the title, is that possible - please not recommend "get it from your home country" etc. , I know how to do that already .... I have Non-O visa and 1 year extension etc. ...
  5. Agusts

    Stallions 400cc - Any good?

    I am surprised it only goes comfortably to 100km/hr with that engine, and not going over 5000rpm is like using half the power and engine. My little 125cc scooter does 100km/hr (flat out , but still). I thought this should do more..... In case anyone interested a farang is selling one on BahtSold with some extras and good price - a bit high mileage as it was used for touring but I think it was well looked after.
  6. Test drive one first, for power and vibration (Phuket Suzuki has many colors of this and one for test drive), I have a Chinese copy of this (150cc though) I bought in another country and the vibration is quite annoying. But this is Suzuki, so it must be a bit better than copies ! - I think half the bikes coming out of China are copy of this model, but with higher cc.....
  7. Agusts

    Synthetic oil.

    Yes, how much you rev the engine is also important. Although generally a 4 cylinder car engines (water cooled) and 4 liter of oil in it last longer and preserved better than a small 1 cylinder motorbike air-cooled engine with 800cc of oil - you can go a lot longer on cars with no oil change than bikes .... (on geared bikes with slip clutch the oil is used there too, I heard that shortens the oil life too).
  8. Agusts

    Synthetic oil.

    That's a good info to have, but when I check oil or change oil and see it has changed color so much, even 100% synthetic but comes out so black after 5k km, you wonder what happened in there. I don't like the look of it, I am sure the oil is fine but what causes the color to change is the reason I think most people change oil sooner than they should..... !
  9. Agusts

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    Depending on what year the CB300F is make sure it has sorted the engine problem , I read there was a big Honda recall due to that a while ago..... After Hero Monument square on the way to the Phuket airport there is a Benelli shop on the right (a few hundred meters or so I think), check out their TNT 250 and TNT 300 models, you might like the 300, not quite one of the big 4 companies but worth a look at those prices. I never tried any of these, but on the paper Yamaha MT-03 is hard to beat (2 cylinders, 321cc and ABS etc.).
  10. Agusts

    Tricity conversion...?

    This new Nikken is very interesting, of course bigger shocks and tires ans so on, but fundamentally it is the Tricity concept, so two wheels upfront "better than one".... ! I really need to test ride one.
  11. Agusts

    What Did You Do to Your Bike Today ?

    A lot of rain about in low the season, good luck and keep it under control in the wet. By the way, didn't the chain break cause any undesirable issues at 150km/h - I don't know, slight jamming or impeding of the rare wheel and you could have grown wings and off the bike.... !? (I had a belt broke on a rental scooter once at about 70km/h, but that had no effect fortunately and I stopped safely.)
  12. Agusts

    Tricity conversion...?

    I think the new model has disk breaks front and back. The standard version has that combi break like the Honda (89k baht), the ABS version - front and back I think is 99k baht. But a very heavy bike, 164kg the ABS version. https://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/commuter/tricity-155/feature I need to really try it in the rain going downhill slope and on the wet corners to be convinced that it is better than the NMax with same 155cc and ABS front/back and lighter at 127kg and at 80k baht... That is if 20k baht better... !!!? (Although if it can save a fall in that condition, it could be worth it.... In normal condition and dry surface, no point really unless you are a novice or something else.)
  13. Agusts

    New Models For The Thai Market

    I don't think even Honda knows....lol, what a mess on their own various websites they can not decide what engine they put in that bike... !? I also heard it was over 150 but then last couple of years they decided, for Thailand, they go under to 149 to avoid the Thai tax bracket..... In any case, I am sure they don't have different engines and whatever it is, it's the same they use for Click 150i...And it is still less power/torque than VVA 155cc of Yamaha.
  14. Agusts

    Tricity conversion...?

    No comparison of an engine overhaul and changing a complete engine to another model - all the other stuff that has to be changed (it's water cooled, EFi, fittings etc.). And ABS on top of that, and dealing with mechanics !.... Not worth it. Incidentally, as I found a Tricity owner, does the two wheels up front really make a difference, how safer, more comfortable are you !? I guess round the corners and on the wet it matters.... !
  15. Agusts

    New Models For The Thai Market

    Fatter tires too, same engine as PCX, they reckon it will be around 60k baht, so a bit more competition in 150cc scooter range, this one with flat floor/foot board, but only one shock in the back (I am guessing). Lighter than others, so should be nippy ... !