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  1. Agusts

    Price for my Phantom ?

    These are popular with some expats, but because of age not sell for much. I went to see and have test driven quiet a few, but decided not to buy Phantom. They usually ask for 40k, but sell for 35k, or in between - condition average to good. As yours is in excellent condition with top box, you can start around 45+ and expect to get 40-45k, good luck....
  2. Looks nice, redesigned body too, front disk have holes for ABS, but it does not mention ABS in the specs...! ? But only 120km max speed, I guess it's heavy... Any idea of price...?
  3. What is 250D stands for...! New model...? I heard of 250P which has fuel injection as oppose to carb, but what is a D version....
  4. Agusts


    I'm surprised it felt good on highway cruising, after all it has the smallest tires of scooters in this range of ~150/155cc , but I get your point about engine power and acceleration, it's the best on the paper, BHP to weight ratio, comparing to PCX etc. Cross winds and also big trucks and busses going by is always a problem with small scooters, that's why I think a Forza or Xmax will be far better on highway - of course at double the price...! And thanks for the review, always good to hear other people's opinion.
  5. Agusts

    Retirement visa Phuket

    Easier via email/post, just download the 2 forms from UK Thai website (or email them and they send it to you) , fill up on computer (use some PDF editor or print/scan), then scan or photograph your income statement/evidence and email the lot, you receive back in 10 days or so by post.... You have to put your CC detail on one form for £52, not a big deal, if you can't trust British embassy with your CC who can you trust...! ! ! ? lol
  6. Agusts

    Online 90 day TM47 report

    I'm pretty sure if you leave the country the 90 day reporting resets and start again from when you re-entered.... No idea if online system can/will tell you, but in the office they do.
  7. He told me if you have given hand drawn map and photo of you in front of the house the last time and we find it on our computer system, they don't ask for it again if you reside in the same place, nor do they want certificate of residence if you already done it and it's on the computer .... (they put a lot more stuff on their computers now.)
  8. Agusts

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I think I remember seeing my friend's Aerox user manual and it said you can put 91, 95 or E20...Though I don't swear to it. 100% synthetic oil is the one that last longer and holds its characteristic better say for farang who may leave a bike for many months unused, with regular use and service you can use any oil....
  9. Agusts

    Honda PCX150 Randomly Stutters, then dies...

    Sounds like you are onto something with the side-stand switch, otherwise fuel system, pump, filter, EFi etc. .... Another cause for squeak are bearings on back wheel, but that sound usually keeps constant, put on main jack have someone on front to stand and push down, then turn the gas and listen to the back wheel.... It's like low pitch screech.
  10. +1 for rent first and get to know about riding and riding in Samui, then if you liked it and can stay longer think about buying. In low season there must be good deals for 3 months rental...!
  11. Agusts

    2015 Yamaha MT-03 for sale

    Maybe it's an auction.... ! lol
  12. Agusts

    Suzuki GSX-R 150

    I think Z250SL is the one cylinder, smaller brother of Z250, but it has ABS which is a big plus. I read pillion seat a bit uncomfortable for long ride...! Small and nibble it says in reviews... Have fun.
  13. Agusts

    New Models For The Thai Market

    The Suzuki Raider has a 4 valve twin overhead cam engine. I noticed the 4 valves, I think the new Yamaha 155cc engines have 4 valves too - it may be the twin overhead cam and high 10k rpm - that is their differences....
  14. Agusts

    Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    The only drag with NMax is it's small 13 inch rim sizes, although they are fat, I am too lazy but can someone "please" compare the actual outer diameter of the tires for these two (that is to add the tire thickness to the rim size) and let us know... !? (Because I think that is the ultimate measure of the effect on the road, not just the rim size).
  15. Agusts

    New Models For The Thai Market

    I am amazed at 13.6KW (or 18.4HP) power claim even at 10k RPM it is usually beyond 150cc engines (Yamaha gets 14.8HP out of their new 155cc on NMax and Aerox), so I wonder if this has more valves or dual exhaust ports or something special... !? (13.6KW is 200cc engine territory...)