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  1. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Now that looks like a beautiful cruising / touring bike..... Just look at the seating position in this photo, must be so comfortable and powerful : I bet it cost a fortune too....!
  2. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    Note that VVA is a two step change and only kicks into the next step at 6000rpm, no changes below that... Is the ABS only on front wheel break, or front and back breaks !?
  3. Kawasaki Super Cub 175

    Photoshoped, seems to be two front break disks...!!! (or does it have two front breaks...!?)
  4. Cambodia Trip

    "...if sterling recovers...." Sorry to say, you have to wait a long time, I've already given up, 5 , 10 years, who knows, maybe more. (sorry off topic)
  5. Cambodia Trip

    I rented a scooter when in Sinhoukvile (sp?) , left the light on from the night before, the next day police stopped me and wanted to fine me for lights on, I think it was sorted out with just 2 dollars tip, a lot cheaper to negotiate with police there than in LOS.... One thing I remember was traffic lights, basically nobody worried much about them there, everybody just looked right and left and if clear go through. I found Cambodia really dirty and not much concept of hygiene, a put off for me for otherwise a nice place and cheap. Also watch your belongings, I saw kids stole stuff from a guy who went swimming right in front of me, they disappeared very quickly...
  6. Thanks, I will have a go at this in January, hope the rules don't change by then. I plan to come in with visa waiver, then get this letter from UK embassy, then go to Phuket immigration and apply for 90 days non-O visa, and after that try the one year retirement O-A extension, from what I read that is doable.... Was planing to do it with 800k but it would be far better if I could use my monthly payslips that meets and exceeds the monthly financial requirement....
  7. That's good to know, so what should I do in case of payslips, what does UK embassy do for that then...need other docs etc. ....! ? (I guess can't do this in Phuket, have to go to Bangkok...!). I rather try this income route than 800k, it's not a good time to exchange £ to THB... (if ever a good time, after brexit and all...!)
  8. I read somewhere that not any income is accepted for this OA visa, it must be a pension payment of sort (kind of has perpetuality and stability), is that true... !? It must have been UK citizen related I think, so UK embassy notorizes your income saying what it is and where it comes from, but is it okay if it is monthly payslips (say for remote consultancy work) and not a pension payment based on government/company or private pension money into your account...!? (How would they know anyway...!)
  9. Just a quick feedback about the Keeway Superlight 200cc that I rented and went to Krabi and back (from Patong). Well, it turned out to be not such a good bike after all, problems with engine, breaks, so so gears and lights and so on. To start with it had a large round seat, but then my knees were up at the top of the gas tank level, so I thought if my legs were 10cm or 15cm shorter I would be more comfortable (I am 175cm, 5-10"), I felt no lumber support, like I was squatting a bit. But the pegs were flat and large, so that was very nice. The tires were also huge, and nice shocks/forks, you don't really have to worry very much about the potholes and the road, it goes over anything without feeling too much the bumps (that is as oppose to my scooter of course). But the gear changing was a hassle, I knew that as I used automatic for years, but the gear had to travel quite a bit (about 5-10cm I would say) and needed a strong wack, hard if you don't have a boot with hard top side (no heal change lever). I could never get it into the neutral either when stopped, but it would sometime jump into it from 1 to 2 - a pain occasionally. I wouldn't want to ride this in a town with heavy traffic. Back breaks made a horrible noise, even when warm it made a loud scream, funny as everyone knew I was coming, annoying but I guess that can easily be fixed. Now the main issue was the engine, I don't know what was wrong, but it would rev happily when not in gear to 7000rpm, but under load it would only go to 5000rpm (in all gears, but worse in high gears), then started to stutter and have hiccups (like heavy laboring etc.), it could have been an easy carburetor issue, but I think most probably the piston rings and engine was gone, hard to say, but it was a pain, up a slight slope or even on the flat, couldn't go faster than 70 kph, even slower than my scooter, got worse on the way back. Noise and vibration from the engine and the rest was also quite noticeable, but then again this bike was not a good example, I have seen (never tried) other bikes in this category around town making less noise and moving much smoother when they take off. Also the GPS on my phone showed +7kph is on the odeo, but I am thinking maybe I need to check my GPS properly first ! By the way the side wind disturbance was still there, less though, although the bike is heavier it is also bigger in size, but generally it is more grounded than a scooter for sure. You need to get used to the big handle bar and long wheelbase and large tires for leaning and going around the corners, big difference from a scooter, but it comes naturally after a while. Other cars still don't give a damn though, I think for Thai car drivers anything on two wheels don't count as a vehicle on the road... !? (I open another thread about Thai driving/riding habits....) The gas consumption was about 4.5 litre per 100km , give or take - with large 11-12 liter tank it can go about the same as scooters or a bit more with that consumption... Okay, perhaps I should have tested this bike properly before taking it on a long trip, but I can't believe they rent a bike like that, even when I returned and told them, they said there is nothing wrong - Keeway maybe under powered but it shouldn't be like that... !? All in all, I didn't have a good experience with this bike, but I would like to take a Phantom or Boss for a ride, just to see the riding position and comfort on the road, I am not a speed freak, so don't mind these under powered bikes as long as they give something extra over scooters for longer rides (which I didn't feel much with this bike). Ultimately to avoid the hassle of gear changing, maybe a second hand PCX/NMAX is a better option for the long trips.
  10. Beware of Bangkok Bank

    Pib; there is also sometime a foreign exchange rate loading charge with card withdrawals, western banks are terrible on that, the only way to know the amount is to check the exchange rate on internet for mid-market price on the day and compare with your statement later. Also I will have to trust bank clerks very much to hand over my farang credit or debit card + passport, they can copy all the info on the front and back of the card (which they need to process the transaction anyway), and passport details.... They can go shopping on internet or make another cash withdrawal at their heart content - I then need to chase my bank to say it wasn't me....!?!?!
  11. Yamaha nouvo elegance.

    As long as you can establish it didn't have a serious accident and the chassis is intact, everything else can be fixed reasonably, even the engine. (Although not easy to check that...) I know of a scooter that has a warp chassis (I think anyway, and probably due to accident, or drop in a big pothole), and the rear wheel is not quite aligned, so every few thousand kilometer the whole auto clutch and transmission has to be repaired and renewed - no one knows exactly why...!
  12. Honda PCX v Yamaha N Max

    That's bad news about vibration, I guess it's not much or we would hear about it more, can those who ride both of these a lot give more feedback please....! (I think you get some vibration on all bikes, so it's really a comparison, I've only ridden PCX and that's a bit front-heavy hence maybe why less vibration felt....)
  13. I don't know about Chiang Mai, but here in Phuket they give you the residency registration letter for buying or selling bikes or cars or for driving licence etc. in 15 min (no need for any docs from land transport) , I took that with other docs and copies to Land transport office and transferred the bike to my name, 30 min wait, then back after a few days for Green book..... very easy, forms had to be filled in Thai, and signed by two Thai witnesses... one small hassle was they couldn't read and copy chassis number off the under bike's handle bar, so had to go to dealer to do that...
  14. So finally found a Keeway Superlight 200cc for rent in Patong (a few years old and about 14k km on odeo - also on sale for 49k baht), although they want to keep my original passport, there is no getting away from that for non-scooter renting here. So I am going to rent it for a few days and ride to Krabi and back and see how it goes and if I like it. Although the battery was dead it started fairly easily manually - they are going to recharge the battery. I asked them if it is in good shape to go to Krabi and back but the two youngsters running that place know little about this bike, or anything, they just keep saying "chai", I hope it is, it looks in good condition and sounds healthy (I just think it was not used/rented for a while), no idea how good the clutch is though, is it 5 or 6 gears by the way, they don't even know that... !? My only concern is what I do if it fails on the way or in Krabi, I hope small issues can be fixed by local mechanics, any major problem requiring parts will be a big hassle...