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  1. New Honda PCX : how much ?

    What about Nmax, that's a more equivalent to PCX in my opinion than Aerox...!
  2. So when you die the left over of the lease is not inherited by your beneficiaries until the end of 30 years completed... !? That's a bit odd and not like any other lease I have heard of (like in UK 99-year leases that many flats are based on) ...
  3. It was okay, and I still had money left over from 266b ... lol
  4. All done, the inspection is 60b and the rest I stated (324+100). They didn't check the chassis on mine, but was doing it on another bike... ! Nothing was really checked, just stuck a probe in the exhaust and that was it. But the girls inside between checking their makeup and their phone every 10 seconds managed to get one Thai character wrong on my number plate (I checked the numbers but didn't bother with the characters).... dooooh, learn.... ! So after 30min wait in the queue, the Transport office's old lady noticed it and sent me back, test center is very near and it didn't take long and although they had to do the test again (it's all computerized, can't just scratch and correct !), it was no charge and quick, as advised before I didn't wait in the T office queue again either, in and out the second time. After that my shrimp dish for lunch came with chicken instead after I mentioned it twice and to two waitresses, oh well, what's the point, it's LOS. I wonder how these people manage to make this country such an economic powerhouse of Asia (half the stuff manufactured here are probably below standard or wrong and had to be discarded... !? Imagine all the errors in those characters and numbers that these people can throw up .... )
  5. Yamaha Xmax 300 coming to Thailand?

    A guy in our street now has a Yellow XMax , it's a thing of beauty, but I noticed the the back shocks are almost at the end of the back seat, very strange, they are at exact 90 degrees vertical, a bit like NMax, but way further back. I think Yamaha decided (figured) this is the better arrangement than having it closer to the middle and at an angle forward..... (in fact I never understood those bikes with shocks almost at 45 degrees from the back wheels to the body, surely that is not an efficient way to absorb wheel movement up and down and rider on top of the seat weighing down ...!?)
  6. It's perfect for Big C's parking lot, other than that just nostalgia, it looks like if a big farang sit on it and go over a big whole in the road it might break from the middle..... lol (and a touring version as well.... pulling our legs, yeah, take that for Lao, Vietnam round trip....lol)
  7. Thanks for the replies, I also now found out that the insurance is 324b (in the Green Book it says 124cc for this bike) and tax 101b but the inspection could be anything, from 60b to 150b..., either way it's not a big deal one way or other. If I do it myself I'll report back of the exact inspection cost.
  8. There are good feedbacks about Filano, it's a good choice for around town, and even further. The guy asking for 50k for a 2nd hand is dreaming a bit, he is lucky to get 45k or even lower. Most 2nd hand prices I found given here are 10 or 20% too much, I guess they put room for haggling.....
  9. So my 6 year old 125cc scooter need a tax+insurance renewal (plus inspection as it is over 5 years now), I went to that place a bit further up opposite the fire station in Patong and the guy said 750 baht for everything and be ready the next day. It sounded a bit too much to me, no idea how much the inspection is but tax and insurance are not that much. What is the approximate for each of these three items !? (I don't mind riding up to the reg. office in Phuket town one day to do it myself, although still need somewhere to do the inspection thingy - bike is not modified in any way and works fine so that should be straight forward...! Although when I went to change the Green Book to my name they couldn't read the damn chassis number and sent me to a mechanic to open the whole front of the bike to get it.....doh, I hope they don't want to do that crazy thing again... !)
  10. That's great thanks, I am surprised they are so relaxed about it considering they want the same day bank letter for the money in the bank....
  11. I rode Wave many moons ago, the semi-autos are fun except downshifting as you said, I found the best is to delay the downshift way way later than you do with bikes with clutch, because with clutch you can control it a lot better.... stay in higher gear until you almost stop or want to accelerate again...
  12. So I am here now on SETV valid till 18 Feb 2018, if I want to approve/certify my income for Jan 2018 with UK embassy it may be too late as I am told I need to apply for conversion to 90 days non-O with at least 15 days remaining on my current visa (in Phuket anyway), so might just go with Dec income (plus Nov, Oct of course), hope that is sufficient... !
  13. Insurance for 125cc scooter

    Thanks for all the replies, it seems CTPL works for up to 30k, but for the higher amount you should not be at fault (see the link), hence my concern. And of course I have CTPL, it's compulsory... I will check out the other options suggested...
  14. Inflatable kayak

    Yes, I also like to know how much it is and the size !? and/or where is Suripol... (so I can go and ask them)
  15. I think this has been discussed before but worth bringing it up again, as I use my scooter more frequently and on occasional a road trip I see a need for some sort of better insurance. As you know the compulsory government one (CTPL) is very limited, here is what I found it covers: https://www.frank.co.th/en/motorcycle-insurance/compulsory (assuming it is still accurate....) As I understand it in an accident the farang is always at fault against a Thai, so the CTPL insurance will be of little use (see the chart in the link), and in any case you can always just slip or loose control on your own. Also my scooter is not worth anything, so not really interested in covering that, but you could smash into a new Mercedes and that will be very costly ! So here are my questions: 1- Does the general health insurance covers motorbike accidents !? If so is it a lot more expensive than getting a motorbike insurance (is it worth considering) - I am only here about half a year and age early 50s ! 2- What is a useful, reasonable insurance company or broker that can help with extra scooter insurance (preferably in Phuket, Patong area) !? And about how much would it be... (I read someone pays around 2000b per year). 3- Anyone actually claimed on CTPL or a motorbike voluntary insurance !? Is it just a waste of time/money as you end up paying out of your pocket as (rich) farang..... (any experience) (Forgot to mention another issue and that is even I have CTPL, the other party may not have any, which is not that uncommon, no insurance or tax etc. - so not sure if CTPL works in that case....)