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  1. thanks for the guidance. ill keep you folks posted incase i find my way in.
  2. Yes an update.... i asked my agent , if i could apply from another city in india . It isnt allowed , since my passport was issued in bhopal ( central city in india ) . Bhopal comes under the New Delhi jurisdiction of all applications of visa processing . Sheer Bad luck.. this means if i reapply i will have to go through the same embassy that rejected me in new delhi..., i cant apply from a friendly consulate , i thought might have existed in another city. We as applicants dont have a choice of choosing the thai embassy that are located in different states.
  3. Thanks. I find this answer very convincing and closest to chances of refusal . i will attach my void visa soon for all to see. you are so right . the visa actually came through. and clearly shows the expiry date of 3 months. som eofficer at the end of the line , put a void seal. Thanks again ..you really did hit the nail on the head.
  4. Nobody is kind enough top off anybody's bank balance. Had I known bank transactions would create an issue, I would have presented a different bank showing regular transactions. I guess everybody has more than 1 personal savings bank account .
  5. I think this is one perfect answer, closest to the actual reason for rejection . Thanks. Next time will be careful and remind myself , a Thai tourist visa of 60 days does not come easy .
  6. Yes I got to learn today. Indians cannot approach the Thai embassy directly. We have to go through a channel , and VFS global handles this. Thanks for throwing light on this .
  7. Hi Void on a visa granted simply means Not valid. May be some good soul at the embassy passed the visa , and the last officer out of sheer disregard or a personal hate attack, stamped the VOID seal on it. please come back to this forum in 2 days. I will get my passport back . will attach the void seal. Thanks.
  8. Thankyou. I will surely take your suggestion . And hope to try again in the coming months. This time will personally try at the Royal Thai embassy in a different city in India . Most rejections have been happening at the New delhi Thai embassy. And i must say , India is always under scrutiny due to some mischief makers. Some rotten apples spoil the barrel. And the innocent bear the brunt .Appreciate your view point.
  9. Thank You Sir for your Honest and very transparent answer.. You lighten my worry. Yes you are absolutely correct. I have heard of many Indians going to thailand with the intention of only a tour, and end up sticking on , working there and extending stays, and hooking up with thai women for purpose of marriage and visa. this could be the real reason too..Thanks again.
  10. My nationality is Indian. Applied for Thailand tourist visa ( 60 days) for the first time in April 2017. Got back my passport, with a void stamp . I have a close friend in Thailand, she is Thai national. Using her reference had submitted all required documents - My travel agent in Jabalpur submitted the following documents to delhi office who then submitted to Royal thai embassy in delhi. The story below takes places in a span of 7-10 days. ( to give you a clear picture, i had not presented any hotel bookings and itinerary, since i would be residing with my friend below , for which the proof of address was attached) 1) Her Passport copy with signature. 2) Her proof of address 3) Her employment certificate ( she has been working in the same company 10 years. has a a great track record) 4) My passport 5) My desired passport photographs 6) My employment certificate 7) My bank statement ( initially submitted 3 months statement, later was asked to submit 6 months statement. I used this bank account to do very small amount transactions, like sometimes 1000 rs or sometimes go upto 20,000 rs. just maintained the minimum balance of 1500 rs every month, that the bank requires.. Finally presented a closing balance of 200,000 INR ( indian rupees) The thai requirement of closing balance was only 40,000 Indian rupees. I presented 160,000 indian rupees extra. 8) My income tax returns ( This again , was asked to submit later on by the agent , which was the requirement of the thai embassy at that moment. I work privately from home, so dont make much money. Hence, dont pay income tax, make less than 2,40,000 rs annually. 9) My return ticket to thailand.( clearly under the 60 days duration. had booked return for 55 days ) 10) Letter of invitation duly signed and my relation with invitee, a close friend. The application was submitted after songkran festival ( big festival of Thais 13 apr- 16 april. ) on 17th april the agent at delhi submitted all documents to Royal thai embassy . and on 20th morning i got the news - MY THAI VISA IS VOID !!!!. This is terrible.. i just want to know what you guys think about all this ? am i the victim of racism ? If all my documentation is authentic and duly submitted whatever the thai embassy asked for , what influenced their minds to VOID MY THAI TOURIST VISA. what is their psyche here? what were they thinking ? why did they reject my 60 day thai tourist visa? note ---- i wasnt interested in the 15 days visa on arrival. since 15 days is too little to trip and cover most places in Thialand . i didnt want rush and wind up my trip early.. so i opted for 60 days visa. ( is this racism , or is the embassy biased about something ? why are so many complaints rising and indian forums coming up, with the same issue of being denied thai tourist visa , deeming our visa as VOID ).. hope someone here has the RIGHT answer to my question. I would not take any chances of trying for a thailand tourist visa again. read some place , some unlucky ones , got 2 voids stamps.... how stained !!! IS THE INDIAN TRAVEL AGENT TO BLAME ? A LAPSE ON THEIR PART ? OR IS IT JUST A WICKED GAME OF THE ROYAL THAI EMBASSY FOR DENYING INDIANS TOURIST VISAS ? THE WORST PART IS ---- THE ROYAL THAI EMBASSY AT DELHI DOES NOT GIVE ANY REASON FOR REJECTION ... LEAVES US WONDERING , WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ??????