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  1. maybe this was the game plan give her plenty of time to safeguard her assets everyone wins The Junta keeps face she keeps her dosh
  2. sort of inactive post with all the perks!
  3. you should if you're working and pay tax!
  4. we are all appalled! and saddened by the loss of life!
  5. Corbyn calling for requisition of empty properties to house families
  6. understand I am shocked and greatly saddened by the loss of life I lost a dear friend to fire
  7. can't you bring that forward and peg it to the Baht
  8. has anyone thought of blaming the result on the Russians?
  9. it would seem that at least one of the organisers is a staunch Corbyn supporter
  10. what are you proposing? Anarchy?
  11. the referendum was not legally binding parliamentary sovereignty rules
  12. most of the protesters have no direct contact with the block