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  1. are you from Barcelona?
  2. since when have facts got in the way of bigotry?
  3. Yellow shirts jailed for storming NBT station

    yes security guards!
  4. yes one side has total amnesty written into law and the other side failed to get their amnesty
  5. either exit or remain not half measures
  6. yes but you have to win one first unless you have the joker(army) hope we are going to get an election
  7. just don't mention the handbag
  8. so how do you define a "lobbyist"?
  9. What about Royal Dutch Shell? That is if your country is the Netherlands?
  10. are you suggesting banning lobbyists?
  11. they just hurdled the fence to enter Thailand( and if you could hurdle the fence the other way) mmmm If it is that easy I must keep this in mind for my plan B
  12. Human Faeces believed to be Premchai would make a good heading
  13. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    children's day