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  1. 840 MILLION so it has been reported !! And its still NOT OPEN YET !!
  2. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    what interest rate would one get on 3 million baht??
  3. no way no way no way they need to be educated in a very big way to be smart on the roads....many do not even know that there is a Thai highway code and if they did they WOULD NOT EVEN READ or UNDERSTAND IT
  4. 4 killed, 7 injured in head-on crash in Kalasin

    IT STATES that the Police are investigating.....strange, as MOST reports state that the Police will check the cctv !!! without cctv these bib HAVE NO IDEA how to investigate
  5. why no African Countries? OR FROM.... Greenland....???
  6. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    when is is suppose to open??
  7. Can't Get Torrents

    i have had NO problems .....
  8. WOW how did you guess this.....it is always very busy after it has been a holiday.......go check it out.....!!
  9. Hua Hin to Pattaya Ferry

    There were suppose to be two more boats, ROYAL TWO and ROYAL THREE to be used on this route..............do not know if they are being used.....any one KNOW if they are??
  10. THEY have built a stupid tunnel costing millions....waste of money which could have been used to create footbridges over second road....!!!
  11. I seem to remember some years ago they moved many people from swampy to DM to ease congestion at DM They should have enough people trained for both airports !!
  12. yeah I was thinking of going to the celebrations.....no doubt monks will be in abundance to enhance the opening
  13. do you NOT KNOW how to use GOOGLE MAPS ....or any other mapping websites ???
  14. so your going to go watch the GREAT OPENING of the hole??
  15. Better CLOSE/REMOVE ALL 7 elevens from around schools then !!!???