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  1. Pattaya to U-Tapao transport choices

    as far as I know I WAS NOT the Thais who built the airport....AMERICANS did for Vietnam war
  2. can get Yingluks driver to take them across the border to Cambodia !!
  3. YOU must be joking......a smoking ban will not stop all the crap from being deposited on any beach....
  4. WHICH/WHAT law states that one CAN NOT drive a person in a vehicle over a border crossing??
  5. yes where are these results...........it was reported that tests were being undertaken......SO WHERE ARE THE RESULTS???
  6. so it is okay for brainless thais to BUY guns....IS IT???
  7. Unregistered drones BANNED in Thailand

    it was 100,000 baht fine or one year in jail IF caught smoking....NOT TEN YEARS.....sorry you are talking about an E cigarette... thort you were on about the no smoking ban on beaches
  8. should have been sentanced to clean up Pattaya and Jomtien beach would keep them busy for many weeks/months
  9. well it can not be 2017 can it......or do you mean could be 2019 or even 2020 ???!!! The TUNNEL comes to mind with this one...
  10. who is going to control/enforce this ridiculous idea/rule/law??????????????????
  11. ROADS ARE SAFE.....it is the drivers who are no good
  12. i do not know age limit for the UK to drive an arctic....tractor and trailer of 40 feet in length
  13. Drink laws?

    AGREE with you....he surely would be under the limit.....which i think is 50mgs
  14. as far as I know there are different classes of driving licences.....having said this I not know what driving tests have to be taken