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  1. Not sure if you've read my "8 pages long" thread. But here lies the problems I'm facing in short: 1.I've spent the most of the last 4 years in Thailand switching from tourist, student and work visas depending on what my ex could get me. 2.I overstayed for 2 months due to illness in 2015. Overstay seems to be a problem not easily overlooked from what I've read. 3.I'm not sure if the false record at the Thai police would give me any trouble getting in Thailand. 4.For reasons above, I want to be careful applying for my visa this time. As a rejection might equal to more problems adding to my record as I was told. But thanks for your suggestion. The letter isn't mandatory but in my case, in order to convince them, I was told that it would help.
  2. Hi, I'm still having trouble getting the letter. Could anyone kindly tell me, would it improve me chance with the embassy or later with the immigration in case my only option left is VOA, if I get a new passport? I've been told that instead of asking for a replacement, just a new passport. Is that how it works? I don't think a new passport would help with the Thai embassy as it is required to present your old passport if your new one is like a month old. So, it comes down to what if I just buy the ticket and try my luck with VOA? Would they check my record there? And with my previous encounter with the Thai police, would it put them on alert to check things more thoroughly? Thanks again everyone :}
  3. Thank you BritTim. I guess the safest way is to get a visa at the consulate. They do mention that if your passport is new, you'd have to provide a copy of your old passport. So I guess I'll try and find someone who can provide me with the letter.
  4. Thank you ubonjoe for the clarification. I wouldn't mind doing VOA or visa exempt if you think they are possible. At this moment I simply must get to Thailand, 15 days should be enough for what I have to do. So the same question I have asked earlier... 1. Am I qualified for visa exempt with a Chinese visa? 2.And if you think by getting a new passport I should be able to get a VOA, would I get into trouble getting into Thailand, i.e. getting through immigration?
  5. Thank you. I'll be very careful and as courteous as possible.
  6. Then there would be nothing to prove that I won't be working in Thailand this time. And I would be most likely rejected.
  7. I too, am very grateful for UBJ's help as well as everyone else's on this board. As a hopeless newbie I can't tell you how much it means to me to have your advice to guide me through this difficult time in my life!
  8. Like ubonjoe said. Another thing was suggested to me by the consulate at the embassy yesterday, visa on arrival. But it's too risky for someone with my messy record. I regret deeply for trusting my ex completely with my visa each time we had to renew it. What he did, buying working and student visa here and there really hurts my chances of traveling abroad anywhere without being cross-examined.
  9. Sadly that is not the case. My mom lied to me that she could help me figure out a way to solve my problems once I came home. Now she's happily living in the UK away from her responsibilities. If my mom was a decent enough parent, she would have talked things out with my ex's family during her stay there. Instead she spent almost everyday there in spas and church.
  10. I understand. It doesn't necessarily have to come from my bf but it would help. I'm not going to get myself in trouble. Just want a peaceful resolution that I deserve. I've been doing all my preparations for the trip and struggling with my illness on my own. It seems there's an obstacle with each step I take. It's disheartening knowing that my family don't care enough to help.
  11. I've tried with the traveling agency but they refused because I had a record of overstay for 2 months back in 2015 due to my illness. It's not a fake letter per se. As the purpose of my visit really is tourism, and that I wouldn't work in Thailand which is what they want to be sure of.
  12. Thanks for your reply. The letter is not required per se. But due to the fact I changed the nature of my tourist visa to working visa during my stay in Thailand back in 2015, the staff advised that it would increase my chances if I provide them a letter from my Thai bf. More ironically I was told being a young female Chinese citizen would always raise suspicions in my situation, as they would easily assume that I'm engaged in some unspeakable profession in a country infamous for it, since I spend so much time in Thailand. But getting wrongly judged is the last thing I worry about right now. I blame myself and my ex (who told me his financial state couldn't afford for us to get married which would grant me a more permanent visa) for leaving behind such a messy record on my passport. I need a native Thai to write me a letter stating the purpose of my visit this time. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing that now that I'm not even in Thailand pls?
  13. Update: Turns out I do need to provide proof for the ticket purchase. But the thing that's troubling me now is, they require me to submit a signed letter of my "bf" stating the purpose of my visit this time is strictly tourism. Because back in 2015 My ex bought me a working visa lasting a year. So they are suspicious that I might go working there again this time. And the fact that my "bf" is Thai could help. So the obvious problem is that I no longer have this bf. But it's crucial for me to get this signed letter. I'm thinking of asking a Thai native to write me this letter, of course they don't necessarily have to pretend to be my bf. Except I don't know any Thais that could do that. What should I do? Please help.
  14. Thank you Moonmoon. I have done as you have advised. Will try my luck again tomorrow morning. They are making the process extremely difficult. This is my first time applying for a foreign visa without help of traveling agencies or family. Not only did they move their office without updating the new address online anywhere, they never pick up their phones. The interesting thing is that I often visited the place as a child when my dad used to work for the Thai embassy in Beijing. Life has a funny way of dropping easter eggs in our lives. I'm still very nervous about the outcome as so much of my life depends on it. But thank you everyone on this board. I truly can't tell you how much you have helped me and boosted my confidence :}
  15. That's very reassuring. Thank you ubonjoe. The only area that requires about a flight number is on the application form. No proof of ticket needed. So is it ok if I just fill in a flight number given to me by a traveling agency without actually purchasing the actual ticket? Also on the same form I'm required to fill in contact and address for my visit in Thailand. I was told to just fill in a hotel's info. Once again it's rather ridiculous seeing how one should book a hotel AFTER obtaining the visa. But I guess for most cases getting their visa issued isn't a huge problem.