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  1. 20000 bath is a joke. They should pay 2 million bath penalty and at least 200000 bath to every customer or else they dont feel how wrong it is to advertise like they have done.
  2. This just show how stupid many people are in Thailand even if they have an education if they think this is a matter of the police. I think I will try to find this director on facebook and ask if he really is this stupid. Haha
  3. Well I find it strange that Thai goverment say they dont follow their own citizens when thai citizens have to fill out an departure and arrival card? That is survaliance of its own citizens. Or 1984 is another word for it. Just look at all CC cameras everywere. No other country has that many CC cameras... Not that I've seen anyway since I come from Sweden...
  4. No, it's not. But I dont want anyone to live on me. And if she has a higher education we are more likely to be on the same intelectual lvl.
  5. Queens english is something I remembered from school. However my english is more with american accent since I've studied there.
  6. Well I'm Swedish but bi-lingual since I've been speaking english since I was about 4 years old. And I mean that it is how someone pronounce the words. I dont know thai yet, however if someone speaks bad thai and is thai one can hear how badly they speak. I asked my girl friend about one guy who is cleaning clothes if he spoke bad thai just by listning how he spoke and she said yes and laughed. She said that there is one way poor and uneducated thai speaks amd then there is a more finer way to speak thai and more educated people do.
  7. Well usuly if some expat really wants to learn thai they will be able to pass the thai goverment 6th grade test only after 1 year of studing. And then usuly be better in correct thai then the uneducated thais them self. Haha
  8. Well who in their right mind wants a woman who is uneducated? And they make around 10k bath/month any way except my girls mom who is uneducated and work as a sales person and makes around 30k bath/month. However if my gf wouldn't have had an higher education I would never even had gone on a first date.
  9. Who needs a car or motorobike in Bkk? My appartment is in On nut and fully furniture and ac and everything and it only costs 8000 bath/month.
  10. Well 40k bath/month is a lot. I usuly never spend more then 20k/month and that with condo and food for 2 people. And we eat out everyday and not 30 bath street food.
  11. Well you should have taken him into your line instead.
  12. Well if someone has a wife that doesnt work everyone should write a pre-nup that states she have to work. However if ones wife for a short period of time does not work I think it's stupid to pay anything to her. Does the msn payinh his bargirl/prostitute wife really feels better when paying for sex? I have noticed that there are 3 kind of thai women; the bargirl/prostitute, gold digger (same as prostitute) and then there is the educated woman who has a good job and works hard and says she doesnt want any money from her husband even if she only makes 25k bath/month and has bills for 20k/month. That's the thai woman to find and of course she signs a pre-nup that if she ever fools around with another man she looses the custody of their Children.
  13. Captain/Skipper for a 15m Yacht

    Wouldnt it be better if the personnis not thai? I guess the person then have more safety training and experience [emoji16][emoji85]
  14. Does anyone know were I could find either a naprapath or chiropractor in Bangkok? I need someone that knows how to give a real sports massage/deep tissue massade and not those thai massage and from someone who has an education.
  15. Then they should just as well get a prostitute because it's the same as paying once wife.