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  1. DjSilver

    NE live in village monthly

    5000 baht is to much. You should give nothing at all.
  2. 1000 baht fine for a traffic violation is nothing but a joke. It should be between 5000-10000 baht so it terifies people from not breaking them.
  3. DjSilver

    Is "Farang" Derogatory?

    I am myself a white european and I myself use the word farang for other white people when I talk about other white people that I dont know.
  4. Have Thai courts ever been pro human rights or for real justice?
  5. Yes, the Thai police doesnt have anything better to do than to crack down on people usuly of non Thai nationality. They should work more of stoping the racism in Thailand.
  6. DjSilver

    Proper clothing at Chaengwattana Immigration

    I went there yesterday wearing shorts, polo shirt and running shoes for my 1 year extension O-visa and nobody said anything to me or my wife. And everytime I've been there I have always had shorts on. So there is no trouble wearing shorts.
  7. Really? You write here before you contact your embassy? Woow, I am impressed
  8. I cant see that she has done anything wrong. Let her sit there and have people take a picture. Thai police should do real crime investigation instead and hunt for real criminals.
  9. DjSilver

    Should I take my passport to Bangkok with me

    And I dont even bring my passport only my Thai ID and Swedish driving license when flying domestic from Bkk to Phuket. I really aint a fan of those who always bring their passport everywhere.
  10. 10 years, why havent you gotten a resident permit yet?
  11. DjSilver

    running bare-chested

    At the park in phrom pong I see many Thai work out without there shirts on. So go ahead it is no problem.
  12. 20000 bath is a joke. They should pay 2 million bath penalty and at least 200000 bath to every customer or else they dont feel how wrong it is to advertise like they have done.
  13. This just show how stupid many people are in Thailand even if they have an education if they think this is a matter of the police. I think I will try to find this director on facebook and ask if he really is this stupid. Haha
  14. Well I find it strange that Thai goverment say they dont follow their own citizens when thai citizens have to fill out an departure and arrival card? That is survaliance of its own citizens. Or 1984 is another word for it. Just look at all CC cameras everywere. No other country has that many CC cameras... Not that I've seen anyway since I come from Sweden...
  15. No, it's not. But I dont want anyone to live on me. And if she has a higher education we are more likely to be on the same intelectual lvl.