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  1. thats the price you may have to pay for buying chinese sub i guess ? 555
  2. you are an idiot with no sense of dry humor , you need to get off the turps your safe mate??
  3. humpty dumpty trumpty had a great fall , all more trumpy tower hotels to be built negotiated very well for the family business
  4. nothing new they been doing this for centuries
  5. spy on what ?? look at hun sen ex khmer rouge ass hole took part in the killing fields, detested by most cambodians but there all to afraid speak out or up in public
  6. won't get 14 years in australia , maybe 1 or 2 years Australia is a joke with crime and time, you can kill someone or kid with a king hit and get off
  7. fk i feel sick reading this ,
  8. crikey nothing better to do what an fn joke this is
  9. very disgusting behaviour and low iq presenters should all be sacked and producer's etc, to allow this disgraceful low intelligent fun at someone being killed on video Sue the f- - k out of them , that will wipe smile off there faces RIP and condolence to family members
  10. RIP waste of young girls life over rejection , 4 years now since thai military coup ? junta have proved one thing,the gun rules in thailand. so sad to watch this video
  11. where does it say she's not ' crikey you use same opening words in different articles or topics daily normally you write people are not reading article property as well ? are you the proof reader of articles for thai visa 55555 definitely good for a laugh
  12. who cares male or female? it's WRONG either way
  13. Mad mick

    Public hearing on driving penalties

    well that will ease traffic congestion in the entire country by 50%