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  1. leaning tower of bangkok , that post got you back on tourism map , not a fine , a medal for great free world wide advertisement ? ever heard of the leaning tower of pisa , jaunta don't get it
  2. nothing new look around sukhumvit from soi 3 nana bring girls in as sex workers exploit them by their own people No work permits or checks . police at non active post soi 4 100s of them working in all types of work
  3. My rant ..great do it more often pick them out or stop them full stop " when in middle eastern countries to work + live or visit we have to abide by their country laws and r picked out at airport ? ? ? bags taken apart looking for alcohol , cigarettes , sexual explicit items , etc , no fn difference When immigrate to Australia once here try and convert us like the crusades 100s years ago , change our laws to suit them , granted government pensions , family subsistence money , free access to government lawyers + $30,000 start up money + home provided , low rental + a car , power , gas , funded schooling for islam all paid by the Australian taxpayers , most spend their time in coffee shops doing nothing but talk and complain , change our way of life to islam using legal aid government funded money paid by aussie taxpayers " like the fn crusades " Once in Aussie now they want ! sharia law bought in " if so go back home to country of origin with your archaic laws : one reason u left war , family honour killings , fighting each other shia / sunni islamic war " only time they stick together when they want something or running drugs " head off to fight for whatever side in the middle east for isis etc against the country that took them in ,,, later return and straight back on unemployment money " they apparently fled for a better way of life " if you don't like Australia don't come back , we have to abide by their laws fair enough , cover up , no alcohol , no talk to women in public etc list goes on , cover up at beach we abide by it then abide by ours . we dont get government grants legal or other in any middle eastern country ..
  4. exactly right lives and working in thailand, and does not realize thais are racist go out more often , example national parks , taxis , water , markets buy food , buy a car , motor bike , a house , land , u have to send the misses so price does not go up upon arrival to negotiate " thai price "farang price all because we are white " not just blacks " whites are considered to be wealthy " double standards in kwailand country falling apart by self implosion .
  5. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    its an fn joke they don't know what they are doing , one thing 4 sure after 3 years they have fd thailand up more than anyone could believe is possible ,
  6. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    welcome to kwailand amazing thailand , go vietnam stay 5 years on tourist multiple entries 3 x 3 months after 5 year can apply for dual citizenship and vietnamese passport + keep your country of origin passport , no need for dumb 3 million baht left in bank , for what not 10 years only a 5 years , then they change the rules who know's the place is a screaming mess " thai immigration wont get their heads around it , for decades waste of fn time
  7. don't come to Australia most of ours are built in the city of melbourne ' look like government housing commision highrise buildings , all hall ways internally are fire rated plasterboard and all units divided by same product plasterboard , cheaply built , expensive to buy ! not builders problem , Architecturally terrible , Developer dream they make the most profit with no overhead on building maintenance , all upon the builder approx 7 years .,
  8. the country's going down the drain at a rapid pace , military spending out of control , a lot of kick backs for the elite jaunta illegal coup boys , no wonder have so many young thai poo ying hanging around with the non elected pm
  9. used to be known as the jewish stock take
  10. Thats right it means nothing most r purchased. Welcome to the real world out side of kwailand
  11. He's off his head this jaunta unelected priminister world recognition of what !!!
  12. probably had a mental breakdown who knows ? many reasons why people do this type of thing or jump out of windows, fall off balconies .i think she needs medical help the kids gone that's the saddest part of this whole tragic event / murder or whatever , she needs help institutional medical treatment . i dont know really , feel sorry for all ! RIP to the child not just thailand it happens every where in the world daily , some people just snap lose it , too late now .