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  1. Netizens Rage Over Dog Killed In Truck Hit-And-Run

    Neither. I eat meat although not a great deal, the meat I do eat I try a much as is reasonably practical to ensure has come from ethical supply chains. Meat comes from farms, not supermarkets. My exact words were; "it would also not surprise me if he does it to a person in the future" That reads to you that I'm suggesting "it is an unbreakable, undeniable chain of events"? Again, it would not surprise me if he went on to do similar to a person in the future. Now this is one of the more idiotic posts I have read on Thaivisa, there is something called 'intent', though you may have trouble understanding it's meaning with your simplistic views, you may as well ask someone why they got cancer if they don't like it.
  2. Better a job in Ubon than a bullet in the head. Thailand is rotten to the core with a few sweet spots in-between.
  3. Netizens Rage Over Dog Killed In Truck Hit-And-Run

    What does that have to do with having respect for other living things? Some people are all take, personally I prefer to not cause suffering to other people or animals if I can avoid doing so. It's just a personal choice.
  4. Netizens Rage Over Dog Killed In Truck Hit-And-Run

    That doesn't surprise me, it would also not surprise me if he does it to a person in the future.
  5. Netizens Rage Over Dog Killed In Truck Hit-And-Run

    Apparently done deliberately, the same piece of dirt would no doubt have no reservations about doing similar to a person should he get upset with them.
  6. No they can't arrest everybody, but they can start killing people again.
  7. There have been a number of cases of foreigners killing themselves at the airport in Bangkok after checking in for a flight home, so yes, I would say sometimes they do.
  8. Yes that is what I thought, a little lost in translation issue. Cheers.
  9. The Koh Tao mayor had the following to say about it, "The coverage damages the island's reputation and we have to take decisive action not to allow foreigners or other people to attack our economy". Rotten to the core....
  10. I see now that a Surathani prosecuter says the Samui Times will face a libellous lawsuit and a charge of violating the Computer Crime Act for damaging the reputation of Kho Tao by calling it 'Death Island', the Surathani authorities are bringing the action and suing them.
  11. Yes, I know where the railway police station is, but still at a loss as to where Nopphawwong (นพวงศ์ ) train station is. I don't believe there is such a place. This is not a criticism in any way of any of your posts, just trying to verify facts that are being put out there, they are stating she tried to jump in front of a train at Nopphawong train station, and I don't think there is actually such a place.
  12. A Thai man from Udon who is the owner of several well known restaurants in London told me that he heard from someone back home that the driver had already paid the police and left the country for Cambodia. How true this is I have no idea, are there any recent sightings of him?