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  1. Committing fraud and if the card is lost or fails to work what then?
  2. 25k v 1900 baht is not cheap
  3. But corrupt and illegal
  4. It's corruption, not confusion and should not be given into.
  5. Orton Rd

    7-Eleven wages war on plastic bags

    go in daily seen no evidence of it yet, they even bag stuff up already wrapped in plastic
  6. 'Duty free' is the biggest travel scam
  7. At the petrol stations there is usually a queue waiting to put air in the tires, or somebody actually parked up in the space. Was thinking of buying one of those little inflaters that you plug into the 12v outlet in the car, but do they work? Having bought a few things recently like a dashcam that died and one of those touch up scratch pens which was useless I am a bit wary of these things. They have one called my carr in Big C that says it's 300 psi, 695 baht would that do the job on a Vios?
  8. The lie that kicking out thousands of trouble makers equates to 'genocide' if they had been subjected to genocide there would have been hardly anyone left to get shot of. Ethnic cleansing is a sob story, ethnicity has nothing to do with it, it's religious cleansing of a minority religion that has caused nothing but trouble, in the long run it can only be good for the country.
  9. Appears to be very easy to get on, if you catch my drift.
  10. Too many people fall for the sob stories about these people and ignore the crimes they commit, or put them down to provocation. The root of their problem is their religion which makes it difficult for them to integrate into other cultures. They only just got rid of them so why would they take them back and if they were treated so badly why would they go back?
  11. Orton Rd

    "Proof of Income"

    They all accept money in a Thai bank book for 90 days and a letter from your bank, I can't see why people make such a fuss, it's not difficult
  12. Pity they have not eliminated cutting up young girls genitals, beheading people, stoning them, public whipping and of course murdering journalists and flushing the remains down the sewer. I really don't think the Saudi's have anything to be proud of.
  13. Easy to guess the religion concerned before reading it!
  14. Been there twice, never again. Last time just for a check up, I assumed it was a govt Hospital from the look of it and the crowds, Mrs said it was private. Check up results were a bit concerning with high levels on a few things and carried out after an hour of arguing about the price being 50% higher than the original one given a couple of days earlier. When I had the check up done again a few months later back home nothing was concerning at all, everything normal. That was a year ago and they were using the car park as out patients then, we had to park down the road at a hardware store. The only time I went to Bang Mod was with a neighbour who being pregnant had an appointment at 2PM, Doctor turned up at 4.50 with some excuse, going to the Bank I think it was. The best Hospital I have been to is Bangkok Hospital for treatment and price. That poor women would probably have died anyway, the distance between the 2 Hospitals is less than a mile so about 5 minutes at the most at that time of day, they would have passed a nearer one at Nakornthon Hospital a few hundred meters from Param 2, good Hospital, why not go there?
  15. We had a gang of 4 one day, one asleep at the back presumed hang over, one pissed off to watch muay thai on the tv, one doing a bit of sweeping up and another one who the wife questioned. Are you drunk she asked him, his reply was of course I am, how can work if not drunk!