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  1. Out of her depth, she should stick to woman's lack of rights in the Islamic world
  2. There is no such thing as protective good fortune, or karma, they were just lucky
  3. I have seen quite a few reports claiming he went in after them when the parents called him, him giving up his food for the kids, bit of a sob story about his dead parents and how he was a monk. Looks more like he just did not think, which is the cause of so many deaths here, but he got away with causing just the one death so far. He will have to be made out to be a hero as the world is watching, so him irresponsibly taking them in there in the rainy season with rain forecast will just get glossed over.
  4. Very little coverage, but look on YT and every media outlet in the world is covering not much going on in the cave. 40 dead is just not very 'entertaining' it seems, that's how they present everything as a drama, a race against time. Dead kids in the sea is not interesting enough for them
  5. if most Thais were kind and honest this would not be a news story would it?
  6. Orton Rd

    Is TM30 essential?

    Samut Prakan
  7. could have been worse, it might have been a transgender
  8. True if not for him they would all be at home safe and sound.
  9. so going in the week before with heavy rains forecast was not wrong, taking kids in with zero caving skills not wrong, having no equipment not wrong. Nobody is ever responsible here are they.
  10. What about signs warning about using your brain and not going in when the rainy season is here Thanks to the idiot who took 12 kids in flip flops there, he should face charges and man slaughter if anyone dies
  11. Orton Rd

    Is TM30 essential?

    As stamped on 90 day report receipt, law dates back to the 70's
  12. How long will the coach get for taking 12 kids, who cannot even swim or dive in a serious cave system the rainy season, minus equipment apart from flip flops?
  13. Orton Rd

    Is TM30 essential?

    Nobody claimed otherwise, but SOME immigration offices are enforcing the law that your arrival HAS to be reported to them within 24 hours of arrival, the TM7 does not count, neither does it if you have lived at the same address for 30 years
  14. The real message should be DON'T go into cave systems in the rainy season
  15. Orton Rd

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    They are all beautiful- at first, then you try to have a conversation with them