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  1. Drinking bad, beer girls arrested, vapping 10 year sentence, laughing at a dog 15 year sentence, gambling illegal- yep its the land of smiles every day here.
  2. So 1960's , I like a bit of nostalgia
  3. Will they do for the Lincoln memorial as well? Although not a slave owner he did represent owners in court to get run aways sent back, he is on record saying he was against mixed marriage and voting rights for blacks, and he did have a plan for after to war to ship ex slaves back to Africa, Lincoln was a racist no doubt about it. His only goal in the war was to preserve the Union and he said if he could do that without abolishing slavery he would.
  4. Wikipedia: Most estimates of the Muslim population give a range around 100,000 total.[9][10][21] Islam remains a minority religion in Japan, and there is no evidence as to whether its numbers are increasing. Most of those are foreigners.
  5. Refugee is not the same as asylum seekers, were you one yourself?
  6. New Tyres for Vios?

    where was it in BKK, oh CM right?
  7. On what basis are these people asylum seekers, asylum from being illegals in another country ? Sounds like an abuse of the asylum system, if there is still one. Asylum used to be for spys and ballet dancers, now it's anyone who fancies living elsewhere but who cannot possibly get a visa to
  8. Highly likely they are Muslims who follow the Quran to the letter, we are just lucky more do not, even if they have sympathy with those that do. Giving them quaint little names to try and distance them from the source for their motivation does not work. They are motivated by the Quran and the life of the Prophet.
  9. Are you claiming this was not an Islamic attack? it has nothing to do with the left and right in the west, everything to do with a 7th century religion made up by a former terrorist who said he had been made victorious by terror, his followers did this.
  10. If it's a prison sentence these illegal rulers have every right to be worried
  11. Another ISLAMIC terror attack you mean, lets not descend to the standards of the BBC. Of course it will not the the last, Islam has been at war with the infidel for 1400 years.
  12. New Tyres for Vios?

    Thanks that's about what I thought
  13. New Tyres for Vios?

    What is a good place to go, are cockpit garages ok? About what would a new set cost these days? Ours are 5 years old but only done 22k, seems like the right time for new ones though.
  14. Thai/UK taps same?

    Would a sink tap bought in the UK be the same thread as the ones in Thailand? Cannot find the one I want here so was thinking of getting one at home and bringing back, not if if will not connect up to the nut of course