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  1. Samut Prakan funfair accident leaves 14 injured

    They are talking about building a cable car across the river to the other bank of Samut Prakan, no thanks!
  2. why do they make poor families buy as many as 5 uniforms, scouts, guides, ordinary, sports etc? Totally unnecessary.
  3. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Not really, we all know Thais are rubbish at maths, he probably hit the wrong key on his calculator!
  4. who voted Tusk into office?
  5. No Islamic countries obviously where in many it is illegal to be gay and where you may even be killed for it
  6. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    I cannot be bothered to look it up again, but did see that after Russia and about level with India Thailand was the second biggest wealth gap in the world with half a % owning over 50% of the wealth, Russia was 75%.
  7. Just how stupid are some of these people?
  8. Do not confuse Muslim bashing with bashing Islam, Islam needs to be bashed back to the 7th century where it belongs. Muslims are just as much victims of it as the rest of us, they kill each other in the name of the non existing Allah as well!
  9. Not everyone uses ATM and do you really think they collate from the records of all the exchange outlets? It's guesswork more like just based on the numbers, which is why the hardly spend at all Chinese rate so highly.
  10. Even if so the guards would be drunk, asleep or AWOL
  11. How does anyone know how much a nationality spends, apart from on recorded hotel expenses?
  12. Thailand will NEVER reach the standards of the Japanese in anything. This week a Japanese rail line apologized for a train leaving 20 seconds early, can't see a Thai company ever getting the trains to leave within 20 minutes of the timetable.
  13. Difficult to discuss anything with most Thais as logic and reason are like kryptonite to them and have been replaced with emotion and anger. and face of course.Disagree with them and you are 'attacking' them put some facts before them and they are likely to get frustrated and angry because they cannot think anything through or see another's point of view. Don't argue with a Thai woman especially as you will be at a disadvantage straight away because men have a need to make sense, women are in it for the shouting and point scoring
  14. Isis say they are Muslim and carry out the commands of the Quran to the letter, and follow the example of the prophet who said he was victorious by terror, so who is anyone to say they are not?
  15. 4 Mosques in Tokyo then no wonder we were fortunate enough to miss seeing them