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  1. will he be saving pigs, cows and sheep next?
  2. Or, Innocent shopper murdered by Palestinian terrorist
  3. Tickets for AKB48 are over 4k- 8k baht, they have almost sold out!
  4. There is one at the bottom of our soi, seen him about 4 times in the past 4 years. In all day with the curtains drawn 24/7 and in the middle of nowhere, not at all suspicious i'm sure
  5. Orton Rd

    I noticed The Stickman's column is back

    You dont know him if you think he never does anything for free!
  6. Orton Rd

    I noticed The Stickman's column is back

    The bar reviews are surely only of interest to visitors. His photography is first class and above all else he is the most decent and helpful person I ever met in Thailand.
  7. Morning Musume are much a older group than AKB48, same sort of idea. Difficult not to like!
  8. we wont be getting 2 bottles of decent wine for 400 baht though like back home!
  9. ABK48 are more of a brand than a band, I think there is only one original member as they graduate (leave) all the time, to date there have been over 300 members. It is not just one group, there are 5 teams that do slightly different presentations, some are more idol/mature/meeting and greeting etc. They also can change teams and are voted up by fans, providing they buy certain merchandise. I like them but I find all the other sister groups serious over kill, several others in other Japanese cities and of course all around Asia including Thailand. They have their own theatre and café in Tokyo and the café is fun. It is at Akihabara station and they play the MV's all the time, there is also a shop there, but I cannot remember any music on sale, more idol merchandise. The waitresses dress in similar uniforms to some of the group costumes, like maid cafes you only get so long, an hour I think. Robot voice but better than the official guide
  10. Fon and Mike as well from udon, not many concerts these days, one at Victory monument on the first Sun of the month but the place is far too small. Went down to Pattaya cafes a few times, not many of them left around now anywhere, mostly beer halls and Taweng Deang places, they are better than nothing.
  11. Siriporn used to do some great concerts, saw her 5 times in one week once, happy days
  12. Her best ever MV, IMO, wat fairs are probably the most fun I have ever had here in the past 25 years, they almost always feature concerts.
  13. I tend to believe this guy rather than the lefty Guardian, UN or other liberal do gooders
  14. My friends and family do not include a troublesome migrant group belonging to a religion that does not integrate resulting in conflicts with the host population, so it does not apply. when even passive Buddhist cannot live with Muslims I know where the blame lies.