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  1. Usually they want it sent to Western Union in a third party name who has no idea what they are up to. Could even be a falang attempt, seen something like this before on another expat forum. They always use the threat of Police/jail/blacklisting.
  2. It would be easier to say what British values are not, I think we all know where to point the finger there, it's a religion trying to impose it's values on the British instead of integrating alongside us. British values are not acid attacks, not gang rape and gooming, we do not have a history of slicing up the genitals of little girls for 'cultural' reasons. We are one nation with one legal system, we don't want another one running along side it for another group. British values do not include polygamy, marrying your first cousin, who was the product of another first cousin marriage leading to birth deformities. British values are not anti Gay, anti women, anti Jews and anti life.
  3. The usual standard is: where you come from where you go Thai lady very beautiful Man U very good falang have big money sorry no small baht
  4. Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    The most important change needed is a REAL driving test with draconian measures for officials selling a licence under the table
  5. we all know that what is really important here is money and face
  6. Returning goods to Lazada

    I have to return a box that is over 20k, they say Lazada automatically arrange for a pick up at house, but did not. So I have the sticker for 7/11. Before dragging it to 7/11 are they likely to reject the box? it's only just over.
  7. 39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    Young husband of Mrs cousin died yesterday just 21, they had a baby last year, hit by a lorry at night up country. He had no lights on his motor bike (using the light on his phone!) speeding and no helmet, amazingly the lorry driver admitted fault and will be paying out.When will they ever learn?
  8. No chance, she's finished.
  9. Meaningless as far as electing the President is concerned
  10. One of the benefits of getting old is that you see how much a waste of time and money chasing women has been in your life, Thai women more so. The thing I most regret is spending so much in bars here in the past, they mostly hate us anyway as the cli[p shows too clearly.
  11. Can anybody think of one original Thai invention ever?
  12. I'm not surprised, there is always something to laugh at after all
  13. So most cases are not from pets. They seem to have forgotten our part of Bangkok, nobody has seen or heard of soi dogs or pets being vaccinated. I think the numbers they claim to have vaccinated are not entirely true, but there is probably money to be made here somewhere.
  14. Results of health check up- Uric acid?

    Ordered exercise bike and will get fish oil pills (don't eat fish) already cut down booze by 50% in the last year and always had high fibre low fat diet. Thanks a lot for the advice, better than the Dr gave!
  15. Results of health check up- Uric acid?

    I started off by thinking about the Uric acid as that's is what the Dr mentioned but when I looked at the numbers others things like the TG of 262, got that a bit wrong, and the diabetes test at 6.6 seemed far more of a concern