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  1. some stuff is fake of course, same headphones for example just cannot be 6k and 999 baht. I'm surprised how much advertised has no warranty. My wife and I both ordered phones this week total saved on shop price 2.5k, so it can be worth it. Their search engine is not very good though.
  2. But a threat to gays, several Muslim countries with sharia still have the death penalty practicing homosexuals. I would say that is a threat.
  3. The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money- Baroness Thatcher
  4. Bikes always drive far to close to cars, drive straight at them to squeeze by in the middle of the road and ignore any lane or priority rules.
  5. slap on the wrist compared to 35 years for fb comments
  6. They always seem to be bald, and drunk strutting around as if they are some sort of conquistadors just because they have a bit of cash to splash around to buy sex. Disgusting animal and too many more like him.
  7. Had a package showing 'delivered' to me last week at 4.29, it was 1 when I checked. I emailed them and asked how it could show delivered in the future. They ignored the question but it turned up at 4!
  8. Neighbor had one off in Bkk at local clinic 6k, he though that was expensive!
  9. Give granny a gun and let her deal with the bastard
  10. Yes parts of Rome look like an African third world graffiti covered slum, horrible.
  11. All the Thais I know wish he would refrain from his Friday night lectures, it interferes with the lakorn
  12. Bleach, toilet cleaners are utterly useless. Neat bleach left over night.