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  1. Ex-soldier charged with murder of his girlfriend

    Stupid noob question: why does the video blur out his handcuffs? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. I don't think that a statue of any historical figure are something that is issued randomly. Generally it's got to be someone who is worthy of veneration.
  3. Even your hero, Steve Bannon, said there was no military option. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/08/17/steve_bannon_rules_out_a_military_option_in_north_korea_and_contradicts.html
  4. Wat Arun renovation done properly, say officials

    I think there's some sort of Grand Opening scheduled for November.
  5. I'm afraid that this may portend "interesting times" in the future.
  6. Any flooding in Chiang Mai?

    Flash flood @ Mae Sa: http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/flash-flood-at-mae-sa-waterfall/
  7. Any flooding in Chiang Mai?

    Can't have that.
  8. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Thanks! I actually found this site that reviews some of them: http://www.chiangmailocator.com/
  9. No petting in the grizzly bear enclosure as well....
  10. I think he was referring to the Korean guy, but I could be wrong.
  11. Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Aw, I was hoping for a map.
  12. So they weren't concerned with the decay of public morals as long as they got their sleep.
  13. The Powers That Be have finally decided that they will place boats in the moat for tourist transportation.
  14. Will it continue to be a good place to search for underage drinkers?