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  1. Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    Maybe you need to start feeding the dogs. They won't hate you so much.
  2. Korean Air flies to the states, don't know about Canada. Stops in Incheon.
  3. Aren't they supposed to fuzz out their faces in the pic? Save their mothers from losing face etc?
  4. Three 14 Year Olds Snatch Tourist’s Phone

    Mercy, mercy, young criminals, what's this world coming to.
  5. Let's invite them to the Olympics, make them compete alongside the south Koreans. WHAT?! Oh, that'll change things huh? North and South Korean Teams to March as One at Olympics
  6. Cuckoo in Thailand?

  7. Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    No, they're not going away if you don't feed them. They're not pigeons.
  8. Cuckoo in Thailand?

    Koel, I think is the name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koel "Ko-EL! Ko-EL! Ko-EL!!!" That one.
  9. That's the least of Thailand's environmental problems.
  10. Prison is too good for these dastardly souls!
  11. People who flee these countries are usually the smartest ones. The ones that stay behind and continue to ruin those places are the ones that we don't need.
  12. Yes, if he had a gun and pointed it in the right direction.
  13. Well, thank you for clarifying that important point.
  14. Killer elephant being hunted in five provinces

    Must be a rather large elephant if he can be in five provinces simultaneously.