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  1. Let's just hope the Red Wa Army has their way with her..Again and again and .....Probably worse than prison.
  2. I feel sorry for her loss of family, but people must be responsible for their lives. Surely an 81-year old and a 68- year old from England should have medical coverage by their home country and they should have been responsible enough to secure medical travel insurance. However there are enough soft-hearted people in the world who will contribute to her care. Good for them!..I just don't agree with this being the way to go nowadays.. All to prevalent because of the internet. It will make a lot of people a lot less responsible when they think they'll be helped by society..
  3. Ah!.Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on their made in Thailand Harley choppers ...What an un American thought. Hopefully will drop the prices in half..Haha..! Doubt that.
  4. I believe it should be titled" Thailand has the world's stupidest motorcycle riders" I've been riding here for 25 years from six months in Samui to the other years centered in Issan (UBON). I love riding bikes here and (thank God) have never had an accident. But I am careful and figure I know where danger lurks.(But it can strike anytime) My opinion, 95% of the accidents are brought on by themselves through recklessness, drunkenness, speeding, total lack of braincells and sheer stupidity. There are of course accidents caused by cars and trucks hitting bikers, again for mostly the same reasons. I believe one day I'll be taken down by a teenage female rider or an oblivious 55-year old market lady. Until then I'll keep my eyes peeled. I still believe it is one of the best places to motorcycle in the world. I hope to continue touring for another 10 years.
  5. I pity Jake and wish him a speedy recovery. In addition Jake should realize that Thailand is not the place for him.
  6. Good!..Hopefully another scumbag will be removed from Thailand. Amazes me just how many low-life criminals end up here. Very impressive that the RTP managed such a slick operation. I'm sure the British police were in on it.... Well done!
  7. RIP...68 is too young but he hopefully passed away living the life he wanted.
  8. Most likely it is the same rickety stairway I climbed 25 years ago to get to the viewpoint. The local builders clearly never envisioned 1,000 people a day scurring up to the top.
  9. I am presently a teacher here and have a one-year visa and work permit (expiring next year). I have placed 800 K Baht in my bank. Will I be able to change my current visa to a retirement visa in a few months, without leaving the country? Thanks
  10. Vietnamese men are now coming to look for sex from Thais? The world has gone haywire. ...Does that mean he got rewarded for FREE!