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  1. Timeframe for Import Permit

    I cannot answer your question, but maybe James from Relo4paws can help you. He mainly does export of pets, but maybe he knows about import as well. He is very often at the Animal Quarantine station in Bangkok anyway. You can contact him through his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Relo4Paws/ He and his crew are extremely busy, so you may have to message him a few times before you get an answer.
  2. I just got my first dog that most likely reacted very badly on the Bravecto. His kidney levels went through the roof. Also the owner of this dog weighed up the benefits against the possible side effects and decided to give his dog this product after doing quite some research first. But little did (could) he know that his dog likely was in a high risk group for side-effects of this product. Based on the beautiful shiny and soft coat and huge energy level of his dog, although a bit on the skinny side, he thought his dog was in splendid health. And yes, no more ticks. But in this case also almost 'no more dog' and likely a dog with permanent damaged kidneys. The dog is not yet 1-year old.
  3. Insect eggs under dogs skin

    Fly eggs and after that maggots. Maggots eats the flesh and can make huge painful wounds in a VERY short time. If so, you need the stuff/powder that kills the maggots. That serves as an antibiotic at the same time. I forgot the name of the powder, but most pet-shops have it. And your vet certainly will know. Indeed you first cut the hair around the wound. Then put the powder in it. You can repeat that a few times. Wait a little and you will see the maggots crawling out. You can take it out with a tweezer. Repeat a few times to make sure all maggots are out and or dead. If not, repeat the process. If done well you will see the wound starts healing in one or two days. You can put antibiotic powder in the wound and give the meds the vet provided. Also cover the wound lightly. Not too tied or the healing process slows down. Wishing both dog and owner a speedy recovery.
  4. Pet Cremation in Chiang Mai

    Frontline also has Fipronil as has many tick/flea-shampoo's. I find it a bit hard to advise a product. We use, depending on the dogs Frontline, Tictox powder, coconut oil, or with one dog vinegar. I know of 2 dogs who almost suffered from kidney failure after getting a newish tick/flea medicine. The product worked like a dream, no more ticks. But then it was also almost 'no more dog'. So for now I stick to the products I know.
  5. Pet Cremation in Chiang Mai

    Yes, still around and active in the doggy world. Thank you. :) I hope all is fine with you and Sam. :)
  6. Pet Cremation in Chiang Mai

    Super! Thank you for that additional information, Khun Flare. Very good to know. :)
  7. Pet Cremation in Chiang Mai

    The crematorium in Pratu HaiYa cremates pets: https://goo.gl/maps/uE65WcGJWkz It used to be 500 baht per pet. Not sure if that is still the same fee.