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  1. Who oh who has lost his, her or their dog, or knows this dog? This dog was found trotting on the superhighway between Yok and Star Avenue/Mc Donalds, and has been spotted by 2 more persons in that area, about 2 weeks ago. He is an Jack Russel (type?) intact male of around 9 years of age. For an older dog his teeth are remarkable clean and sparkling white without any plague. And despite he was walking on the street he had no ticks or fleas, and his coat looked dirty, but beautiful dense and shiny. He is friendly towards people and ignores barking and growling dogs at the other side of the fence. He loooovvvvves females in heat, though. He may be old, but his hormones are similar to that of a teenager. (tomorrow he will be neutered). He is used to walking on a lead. And when given the chance he is a good climber (over the backseat of the car or fences). He is very good at begging for treats. On Facebook it has been shared via Santisook (Eng&Thai), some English Chiang Mai pages and only Thai: pnref=story has been shared 160 times. Further, I have put up posters at the Animal Hospital and a pet shop behind Big C Extra, Ran Raksath, Rimping and a petshop in Star Avenue, Fah Sai Animal Hospital and Thong Lor. Unfortunately, till now we've got only 2 responses of people who have seen him walking. Nonetheless, from my observations I have strongly the feeling this dog has or had an owner who very much loves or loved and took good care of him. And that this dog escaped rather than that he was dumped/ abandoned. Maybe, the owner is not around and/or is not on Facebook. So, who knows or recognizes this dog? If you do, please, PM for details Thank you.
  2. Too much bones, too little meat. Too little variation in the animal protein. Any organ meats? I suggest you read the info on the website I provided above. Your dog's diet is not balanced. (that may add to the issue, but may not be the cause. Time will tell)
  3. Bullies are prone to skin issues and it's is often triggered by the puppy-vaccinations. Many are intolerant or even allergic to processed chicken protein. But as you give raw, I'm not sure. Nonetheless, you could have a look at that. And also have a look at this website to check if you give enough variation in your puppy's diet: The skin issue can also be demodectic mange. Have seen that a lot in Bullie-puppies. The many vaccinations given within a short period of time to an immature immune system can do a lot of havoc. Demodectic mange is immune related. A healthy immune system can keep this parasite in check, but a suppressed one not. And if then, the puppy already has a predisposition to this kind of dis-ease, it can be an unpleasant bingo. I would be careful with supplementing the diet. Over-supplementation can also do a *lot* of damage. But sometimes a teaspoon of coconut oil (slowly going up to a tablespoon when your pup reaches adulthood) can do wonders.
  4. It indeed shows all the symptoms of Vestibular syndrome: Important is to find the underlying cause (if possible), such as the big ear infection you already mentioned. So, a full check up at the vet, ear cleaning. and whatever fluids and meds the vet prescribes. You may have to hand-feed him the most delicious juicy stuff till he feels good enough to eat on his own again. My late GSD, see avatar, got VD around the age of 1 year. He never really recovered from it. Later he developed skin issues that got worse and worse over time. Because of that I always thought he had a low working thyroid (also because all results came back below the average), but the vets didn't think so. And now I read this: "In some cases, low thyroid levels may cause vestibular disease issues" ( I really do hope your dog recovers fast.
  5. maybe you haven't checked prices for a while? we took a male cat to SAH for neutering about 6 months ago and were quoted 2500 - possibly a little more. we decided to double-check as we thought we had paid 2500 for a female cat at Baan ka Maew. when we called we were quoted the same for the male at SAH. they said 2500 for a female cat was "a price from many years ago". when we checked with a vet in Sansai - also male=2500. we like SAH so we went there. final bill was 2690. they give you an itemized list attached to the receipt of all the medicines used for the anesthesia, how much gas, oxygen, how many cm of plastic tubing, gauze, cotton, syringes, etc., etc. - everything itemized and charged for. Maybe prices have changed in town. The vet in Doi Saket (Dr. Goy, lovely vet) asks 600 baht for the neutering with medicines. I just double-checked because, indeed, it has been a while since I had a cat neutered.
  6. There's a LOT of spraying going on in the rice fields, which are being made ready to cultivate. Can it possibly be something like that instead of deliberate poisoning? Thank you for the warning, though.
  7. To my knowlegde neutering a cat should be between 600 and 900 baht. It's a routine operation which any vet should be able to do properly. Spaying a cat is more than neutering and is a little over 1,000 B. Haven't had a cat S/N for ages, but had a 19 kilo dog spayed 2 months ago at about 3k baht. (for comparison) The nice thing about the Small Animal Hospital is (IMH0) is that after several of their students flew out to study abroad, they came back and brought their knowledge and expertise with them. And you can notice that. There are many good to very good vets in Chiang Mai, many with extensive practical experience, but they are all general practitioners. A handful may have done a Masters in only 1 subject. Downside of the SAH is that you always have to wait at least an hour. I often loose a whole morning.
  8. 6 meters 3" diameter metal poles for 300 baht. You can ask the shop to cut the poles into 2 or 3 meter pieces, or whatever length you prefer. Shop is on left side, when coming from Superhighway and heading to the railway station. About half way. Don't know name of shop. And 10 meters rolls of 1 meter high and 2" chain link fence for 680 baht. Shop is just before PTT station and next to big pet shop on Mae Jo road, just passed the Mee Chok market. They also have 1.20, 1.50, 1.80 and 2.00 meter rolls and with 1.5 " chain links.
  9. Doi Saket. Close to the mountains and the Mae Kuang lake. Easy to be happily grumpy hidden away in between the many trees.
  10. Went this morning for my 90-days reporting at Immigration Promenada. . Same experience as Lannathaijohn. I was called within minutes after receiving my number (058). All went on a very friendly and efficient note. Whole procedure didn't take longer than half an hour. That included the copying of my passport pages and filling in the TM47 document. (my printer gave up) Thank you Immigration.
  11. Are you on Facebook? If so, I can pm you a contact, who is THE person to talk to. From (working) GSD to Mali to TRD breeder.
  12. No, he is not too old to learn new tricks. But knowing the background of this dog, the cause of his barking (anxiety and not dominance), the fact that your dog has been able to practice and refine this behavior for 4 years, and despite of all the attempts (punishments/corrections) to stop this behavior it has gotten worse not better, the desensitization and counter-conditioning process (which I think is strongly indicated here) will take (considerable) time and needs your full involvement, commitment, change of mind-set and above all patience patience and more patience, because the behavior modification progress goes with baby-steps, progress and set-backs.
  13. There is blackening of the skin, hair-loss, violent itch that causes ongoing biting and scratching, which as a result causes secondary bacterial infection. These are also symptoms of a very common fungal or yeast infection, named Malasssezia pachydermatis: This fungal lives naturally on a dog' skin but can multiply and cause harm when the immune system is weakened. Blood parasites weaken the immune system. But also, blood parasites have a chance to multiply when the immune system is weakened. Most dogs carry a few blood- and/or intestinal- parasites. Too many parasites cause dis-ease, but a few actually can cause a strengthening of the immune system. So, the real question for this dog is: what caused/is causing the weakening of the immune system? Blood parasites and skin issue are more likely a result of this. What is the vaccine history of this dog? Over-vaccination can cause auto-immune (skin) diseases and problems with the thyroid ( a world-wide health issue under the dogs and heavily under-diagnosed by the vets, again worldwide, who more often than not aren't able to properly read the test results ) And one of the adverse reactions of the Rabies vaccination is ongoing violet itch, often between the toes. And what is the dog's diet? I've seen several dogs now, including labs, with similar symptoms. All were fed chicken-based and often low-quality commercial diets (everything that is available in supermarkets is of low quality). Many dogs, worldwide are intolerant or even allergic to processed chicken protein. The dogs, I've seen, improved considerable after switching over to a brand called 'Premium Edge skin and coat': It's not cheap, but also not much more costly than Hill's Science Diet or Royal Canin. In Chiang Mai it's a 15kg bag for 2,650 baht and only available at Ran Rak Sath on the Superhighway, between the Big C Extra and the Makro, almost next to the Green Leave Petrol Station and opposite of YOK. It is very possible the dogs would have improved on another skin-and-coat diet with the same ingredients as the PE brand as well, but my experience is with PE and I've seen at least 15 dogs with symptoms similar as show in the pictures improve on it big time. Another option is, like what has been written above already, to try a raw food or BARF diet. I've also seen many dogs improve a lot on only switching to a raw food diet with a large variety of raw ingredients (not only chicken carcass with so once in a while a raw egg). In case, you are interested in this diet, please, do read up before you switch: It is also possible this dog has AND blood parasites, AND mites AND a fungal/yeast infection, all caused by a weakened immune system. A good immune system starts in the digestive track, and ONLY HEALTHY animals can be vaccinated (something to keep in ind when the Lab is up for his next booster (according to the vet).
  14. It seems rules have changed. Better to contact Thai Airways and (I think it's) Nok Air directly.
  15. I want to contact this clinic but unfortunately you omitted to give a number and I can't find it in the Facebook search. Greatly appreciate anyone helping out with contact info for the clinic. Tel.: 02-5576608-9, 080-4993265 Line ID: parichartsah