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  1. Harley Davidson Bikes Loud armchairs, for old men in Thailand.
  2. Im not against a roundabout, im against the idiots that refuse to use it in the correct way. That's 99% of Thai Drivers / Riders. A roundabout requires a thought process to navigate one, this is to much of a challenge for 99% of Thai Riders / Drivers. Me first get out the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Make it 20,000 fine, or he will just carry on doing it. boss will pay
  4. Good But i hope they in stool some extra traffic lights in the central reservation and remodel the Whatboon entry and exit points, also adding extra traffic lights.
  5. Refreshing to know that , ( bad guys ) are behind this bombing Amazing Thailand.
  6. Naughty monks dealing in Ya Ba Can they sink any lower.
  7. Think the only answer to the Riding and Driving problems in Thailand. Is heavy fines, public shaming, and good old Public floggings with a very big stick. If its minors that have transgressed, beat both the parents. if you can find them
  8. Foreign criminals in Pattaya, big deal And the Thais are all just model citizens in pattaya. all sounds like the usual, smoke and mirrors
  9. Deep down does she care ? No. All crocodile tears.
  10. Are you suggesting some government officials are dishonest in Thailand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What ever next This would never happen in Pattaya
  11. Thailand has the most selfish , stupid riders / drivers in the world. They even kill there children on the roads, and put it down, as just bad luck.!!!!!!!!!! Shameless Riders and drivers of Thailand.
  12. Op, Go ahead, just keep a watch out for possible floaters. Ps I prefer white water rafting at Sabailand,
  13. Give her, her job back, toss pots. Thailand should start acting its age.
  14. Im in my mid 50"s ( going on 14 ) never touched one till my 30's, a dam, job promotion made me do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!