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  1. Wonder if they have that special smell, if anyone here has spent any real time in Africa will know what i mean ?
  2. Thailand thinks its on a par with Singapore. Oh do behave.
  3. Motorbikes Pattaya Tai

    Good job boys keep up this good work.
  4. Thai parents are devoid of all responsibility. when it comes to children. Shameful parents and Police who watch children ride and drive every day. with no license and no care for others.
  5. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    Sorry unable to post suitable reply.
  6. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    Please supply a date for this.
  7. Here we have it, official concrete prof that, roundabouts are just to difficult a concept for Thai Drivers / Riders. LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    We don't require a Mall in Jomtien. it attracts a certain type of person , that we don't want They can all stay over in Pattaya , thank you.
  9. New Price "Wine" in the box???

    Maybe they were 10L boxes
  10. Amazing Thailand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The council are a 100% correct,. Remove the roundabout immediately. Thai drivers are not intelligent enough, in road skills to effectively make any gains in higher traffic flow from the use of a roundabout, they even make a traffic jams on the roundabouts. Amazing Thailand.
  12. Traffic hell when terminal 21 opens ?

    T21 will have no effect on soi 6 ( your just full of wishful BS ) Soi 6 has been the focus of the anchorites for a couple of years now. its eventual relocation to elsewhere will happen in the future. But it wont be due to a new shopping mall in the vicinity. get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hope she never has children. it would be criminal to pass on her genes
  14. Anyone caught traveling on a fake passport should be arrested on suspicion of terrorism. and thrown in jail for ever. Unless you have a real good excuse !!!!!!!!!!!!