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  1. Will you need, copies of the front, back, side, and sim card of your phone , when you go and make the application.
  2. Oh come on , there is more to Thailand than, bar girls, booze and massage parlours, isn't there ?
  3. it happens here as well. But think maybe, they just push the boats back out to sea.
  4. Get um, the disgusting free loading foreigners, get out. Good job Mr joker, for taking these scum bags down. Today's other news, 70 more people were killed on the roads. many more died in hospital latter, also hundreds were injured. who gives a toss. The authorities here don't, they are way to busy with photo shoots. TIT. Right i'm off to the temple to buy a lottery ticket, i see some lucky numbers in those pictures.
  5. I'm not so sure about this idea. as it requires some level of intelligence to operate it. So could be a non starter in Thailand
  6. That may well be true, But Why then do they do this, whilst 5 up. Ride the wrong way up the road. Play on the phone. Crash red lights. Speed. Ride with no insurance Ride with no licence. Ride whilst piss up. I know after 20 years here. maybe get your ex girl friend to tell you the complete and honest truth. ( LoL ) Be careful it may involve broken little face syndrome.
  7. stanleycoin

    11 ‘Forbidden’ Careers Opened to Foreigners

    Today there will be 20 over weight Thais complaining about Foreigners take there jobs at the pie eating stalls.
  8. Parents are to selfish and lazy. Breakfast, if any, consists of the food cart out side the house. Preparing food for the kids to take with them, requires effort. No chance. TIT. Ps Maybe a slight safety issue as to what, will not go off, if left in a plastic box for 4-5 hours with no refrigerator, but fruit, and some other stuff, yes why not.
  9. No need to call the lady names,. we're all grown up's on Thai Visa, you know.
  10. One more shining example of useless comparisons to other countries. Around 25,000 dead every year, in Thailand, they have the number 1 slot of the worst driver riders in the world for a reason. Apologist's, please take your blinkers off, its getting boring now.
  11. stanleycoin

    NLA, DLT and DDD sign MOU to boost road safety

    That's nice. problem solved, good job.
  12. That's a funny analogy. not all doctors are good people.. A few months back was it not a piss up Doctor who run over a security guard and dam near killed him out side a hospital. anyone remember the poor guy ? Some people are just bad people on the roads. poor or not, third world or not.
  13. 1) The caring Thai way. 2) The selfish pig. My money is on no 2.
  14. Maybe they don't need the death penalty in Thailand Nature will always take its course, just may need to wait, a little bit. Don't you just love the way they take care of there babies.
  15. There should be an immediate fast track breading program set up to get these snakes out into the community ASAP. ok maybe not, not so good for small children.