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  1. Normality will be resumed in a short while.
  2. Nah. Come on , its up to people what they do to themselves. But they neeed to be sure as it may effect there relationships with others who don't share there love of Tattoos. It's also the Tramp stamp for ladies in Asia.
  3. Who hates anyone. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from the ( Bad Somchais ) I just like the truth, even if it is in short supply here. But it's only love, that keeps me here. Not the fools , idiots and apologists.
  4. Think she should get her eyes fixed first. that looks well bad. Ps That happened to a mate of mine, he was looking at Japanese teen porno, to long on the webb.
  5. I can't tell the difference between a Drunk driver or Sober driver in Thailand They behave the same on the roads. Fast, Selfish, Stupid.
  6. Rage is just bubbling under the surface. Thailand is a very different place then it was 10-15 years ago.
  7. Beating up and old lady. You disgusting pig.
  8. Cracks me up when you see them, all calm at the Temples, with the flowers and incense. waI-ing and knelling. What a laugh, Angry, Raging Somchai nuts cases inside, with a gloss of varnish on the outside.
  9. Normal behaviour, of the Thai bad Somchai. what's new. Ps, Hope he has a fatal accident with a tree on his next journey.
  10. Mate , don't sell yourself so cheap. i will help you. Zero charisma. Never know when to laugh at a joke. Bad hair cuts ABBA. Bad breath. Brown Cheese.
  11. It stops there growth as a nation and as individuals. its also a hiding place of the coward.
  12. stanleycoin

    The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

    And what do you think sir. ?
  13. stanleycoin

    The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

  14. A little tad, over the top, but I like your style.
  15. stanleycoin

    The dark secret of Thailand’s child brides

    Muslim paedophiles. That's unusual. Like all religions, Evil to the core.