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  1. Hunt for monk who allegedly hacked man to death

    I think lord Buddha would be very displeased if he could see how far from his teachings, Thailand has gone.
  2. Reckon the old guy has been no stranger to fighting over his life time. his just old now and in Thailand, still giving it large. As for gardening tools, well, not seen many gardens in the back of cars, in the last few years. he was bang at it. He was also lucky the cops were there and plenty of people around. otherwise he would be dead or at best in a hospital bed. Put the Thai guy in jail as well, no good people in this road rage incident.
  3. No i don't. I could have been mistaken and it could have been Songkrain on one occasion. and possible I was hit on the bike twice with the remnants of a Slush puppie thrown out the window of a passing vehicle, by a lovely Chinese child, (Thai's would never do that sort of thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Who knows. Anything is possible in pattaya / Jomtien / Thailand. its Amazing Thailand, you know. But feel free the floor is yours.
  4. You not been here long enough. seen it a few times in the past.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think she had already broke the terms of her visit visa !!!!!!!!!!!!! buy working. This is what was at the bottom of the article.
  6. Suspected German pedophiles arrested in Pattaya

    Man, your resent dealings with the police has affected your outlook on the police and Thailand, thats understandable, maybe if it happened again you would handle it a bit different , maybe not. But all your posts are just anti everything. Let it go, if you don't it will just consume you and your life here. Don't take this the wrong way. But it's time to move on.
  7. Well at least they have being stupid down pat. Well done, good job Amazing Thailand.
  8. Why Few Thai Women Are Saying #MeToo

    I to, have been violated in this way and much, much more done. Way to disgusting to talk about on Tv. i feel ashamed and dirty of what was done to me.
  9. Come on mate. It's got to be Aussies. Base ball caps, campish clothes, and a man bags. Aussies to a T
  10. Blown a Bearing not a seal

    Thank you Rimmer. Just got two off the shelf there. they only had the 6003-2Z not the 60003RS but thats just the metal shield or rubber shield. not a problem for me. I must have walked past them 20 times in the past and never noticed they stocked bearings. Thanks again,
  11. Blown a Bearing not a seal

    Hi I need two new bearings in my cross trainer. I just went to what i thought was an SKF Bearing shop on the Sukhumvet just north of Naklua. Big SKF sign has gone and can't find the shop, has it closed or did i miss it ? New location ? Does anyone know any other bearing shops in town ? I need two 60003RS bearings. If not there is always Ebay, but it will take a few weeks, I may get to fat if i wait that long !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Stan.
  12. More idiots on the roads. This is not news, it's a way of life in Thailand. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Me first im so important, get out the way, and so on and on. Looking and thinking about the road ahead is a alien concept here. Amazing Thailand. Next
  13. Labor Ministry promoting Safety Thailand

    sounds like more fake news, from one of the many Troll Farms in Thailand.