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  1. One glowing example of why you should never ever except, Thai Time. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Free money and they all come on the dot
  2. This is the best Transportation system for most in Thailand. Maybe then they wont kill there Children, Family, Friends, General public and us. The official worst in the world.
  3. Can you translate your post into English please.
  4. You reap what you sow, Pattaya. You made us Falangs unpopular and disrespected us for drinking all your beer and spending all our money in your bars, restaurants, and on your ladies. ( bad people we were ) Now you have the new quality tourists you wanted so bad. this is nothing to what you will see in the coming years. Good luck
  5. I have seen Thai people fail the reaction test twice and still given another go, till they pass, and she got her license before me ( falang is special ). As for the depth perception test (if it's still there can't remember last time ) what a joke, watching people do that was. Just Amazing
  6. Samut Songkhram governor reveals anti-rabies measure

    Think Thailand should take this rabies outbreak a more seriously If the international news starts to pick up on this the tourist industry will take a big knock. Wake up Thailand, and start to put the dogs down, the wild dog population is out of control.
  7. I don't understand why they don't just have a vending machine outside to get your licences from, as they are the most worthless bits of plastic in Thailand. Or maybe just get one free with every 10 lottery tickets or one Amulet you buy at the local Wat. Also your licence can just be handed back at the Wat in the near future. by a family member !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If the kids had stolen money from a house in the next village, no one would care, what so ever. The parents would also try and make out it never happened. it's only an issue because it' was a temple. and also because people lost face in public. Deep down this is zero about right and wrong and justice. It's all about little broken face syndrome. Anyway, They should have got a belt round the head when they got home.
  9. Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    Should be same price for all normal adults. ( with a few exceptions ) Greedy little pigs.
  10. But its true. Lord Buddha would be totally pissed off if he could see what his teachings have been turned into. Also not one week now goes by now, with out some new low committed by one of the saffron boys. Ps, I have no time for any religion or followings, or its followers im a born again athirst. i except death is final and it will come one day. but that's just me.
  11. Worst finger pointing this year. coming from the Ministry of do nothing for years.
  12. Yes yes, but this is Thai Buddhism, it's special.