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  1. Naughty Saffron boys. at it again. Amazing Thailand
  2. No , that's what Hillary said after it all.
  3. Its in Jomtien , if its the one i know, oops, was told about
  4. Safety first, from the caring public service drivers of Thailand. makes a pleasant change for it to be trains and not vans and buses. Good job
  5. Answer to headline. Only if they can change the way parents drag up there children. most of the behavioral problems you see in Thailand are a direct result of bad parenting from day 1.
  6. They all have tools in there vehicles. As the tool they were given at birth is so inadequate. It's a compensation thing for there ego.
  7. The blame is in this order. Thai Parents Thai Education system Thai Police I sure there is a lot more, but the above will do for now.
  8. That's because they all cut there teeth in Pattaya. Most if not all need a re-bore by the time they get to Hau Hin. The most boring place in Thailand.
  9. This is all Bs, BKK is ok. Loads far worse. Go play around Africa, India, south America. or the best of the crap London Heathrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im ashamed to be British with regards to that unfriendly airport. BKK is ok
  10. Don't see whats the problem is. Thailand is as safe as Houses.
  11. Normal upward trend, of the wonderful Taxi drivers of Thailand. they used to be so friendly 20 years ago. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.
  12. One more Big Welcome to Thailand, advertisement for TAT. Truly a nasty attack, on one of it's valued tourists. Hope he wins.
  13. I love smart phones, social media and the internet It brings the best of Thailand to the top of the list. Good job
  14. By September !!!!!!!!!!! Well done, its called a home run. Normal life will carry on after September Amazing Thailand.