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  1. Finally they caught someone! I knew all along it wasn't an innocent small child, guy waiting patiently at immigration or random tourist at an airport. Best to search me again though maybe I commuted a horrific crime from check in to duty free.
  2. Another word for ma / very

    Aroi Wer - So Delicious Aroi Jang Loei - Damn Delicious Aroy Lai - Very Delicious Aroi Aroi - Very Delicious Aroi - Delicious Aroi Jing - True Aroi Dii - Good Khot Aroi - ??
  3. So it's only people from one area that are dying of this? But the food is eaten everywhere.
  4. Another word for ma / very

    Yes Maak without the k is still very. And they drop the final consonant. Like aroy ma, geng ma, suay ma. What other word can I say for ma?
  5. Another word for ma / very

    I hear Thai people saying a wide variety of 'very' but can not catch what they are saying. Something like wer, la, lai, tee sut. Are there any good variations of ''Ma''?
  6. The UK doesn't have illegal immigrants they have legal immigrants that have lived there for generations. You really think an ''illegal immigrant'' can walk down the road file all the forms wait for months and claim government benefits? This is lie crated by the racist politicians in the UK. Demonize a group and win the white vote. Even better since that group doesn't even exist so it cannot fight back. But let me entertain your argument/newspaper headline. If the evil brown people pay taxes by eating food and putting fuel in a car than they pay taxes and via general taxation they have a right to claim the benefits. I am sure you are busy promoting child abuse and anti human rights like with this Nigerian family but if you get any free time try to take a walk around London or Birmingham and speak to some of the locals that have lived there for the past 100 years maybe share your thoughts with some Gurkha soldiers. Use some of your German money to catch the bus home after.
  7. What are these Thai letters?

    Thank you all for the detailed replies.
  8. What are these Thai letters?

    What are the letters? I cannot find them on my alphabet or vowel sheet.
  9. I've done this before she has nothing to worry about. Just get a new one at the airport. Probably best to ask in the first area not leave it until passport control.
  10. Types of Taxi driver: - Silent - Talk about football and general chat. - Angry short guy - Old guy smells of curry - Illegal driver need to pay before destination and you are his friend if anyone asks - Guy that coughs a lot (the beatboxer) - The one that is clueless has no map or gps in the car - Female usually uber or grab you often sit with shopping and baby toys - Laos Taxi look really shady but actually quite good
  11. Like the super huge ones in public toilets. Where can I buy one?
  12. I think there's a visa for gun firing in the air as a celebration. You have to have 21,000 Bhat in a bank and provide 8 passport size photos.
  13. Can I foster a child in Thailand?

    Okay will do. I got a reply from GRACE as well. He said they are running a training course for foster parents.
  14. This is why I don't hold on to the handrails on bridges and skytrain because the wires are right next to the metal handrail.
  15. Why was he searching for sexy kindergarten teachers. He should be sued for harassment.