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  1. You can't always rely on a goverment URL. There so many things they leave out. For example proof of residence and utility bills.
  2. I heard teenagers doing a spicy noodle challenge and than saying: girl 1: Ped mai? girl 2: Ped maaaak! girl 1: Yang yang. So I assume ''yang yang'' means 'I have not yet got the spice so I will eat more'. She than went on to eat more. In this case there was not a yang question just the statement ''yang yang'' alone. Is this correct? My Thai girlfriend said it's slang and not correct but she says this to a lot of things.
  3. They need the cave visa. Must go to immigration to proove you are working at the cave on the day you should be actualy working at the cave + 8 photos.
  4. johnray

    U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls

    Why not just 'child soldier training center'. Not as catchy. It is ironic that the feminism movement has been hijacked and marched off to war. Rather than becoming neutral less manly men and more manly women; we just have the same old thing but now women with short hair marching to war. A desperate attempt by our dictators to steer humans into having something to die for rather than something to live for.
  5. johnray

    Woman Accidentally Enters PIN Code as Tip at Cafe, Ends Up Tipping $7,700

    Hilarious. Idiots in a rich country that tip people for no reason. If you want to ''tip'' someone walk 3 streets down and give to the poor.
  6. There are no labels and I can't trace back the tube from the window. Honda City.