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  1. johnray

    U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls

    Why not just 'child soldier training center'. Not as catchy. It is ironic that the feminism movement has been hijacked and marched off to war. Rather than becoming neutral less manly men and more manly women; we just have the same old thing but now women with short hair marching to war. A desperate attempt by our dictators to steer humans into having something to die for rather than something to live for.
  2. johnray

    Woman Accidentally Enters PIN Code as Tip at Cafe, Ends Up Tipping $7,700

    Hilarious. Idiots in a rich country that tip people for no reason. If you want to ''tip'' someone walk 3 streets down and give to the poor.
  3. There are no labels and I can't trace back the tube from the window. Honda City.
  4. johnray

    Place In Thailand Without Dogs?

    The busy business areas. I find most of the dogs like small roads and villages.
  5. Which ones say print, copy, paste and save as. http://i64.tinypic.com/e8pzpx.jpg Thank you for your help.
  6. johnray

    My boss wants to make a bank account for me?

    So this normal for employer to open bank accounts for staff?
  7. johnray

    My boss wants to make a bank account for me?

    Thank you for the replies. Is there such a thing as ''kbank company account''. I don't get what it is. Maybe she wants to hide money in the account and avoid taxes or something. Or blackmail me later on about visa status and so on.
  8. I have had my money paid into my own account for a year and no problems. But now she has asked all staff to sign a kbank opening form (form is in Thai language) and provide a photo copy of passport. I asked her why this is and she just keeps saying sign the paper I am slowing down the company wasting time money and energy. She said something vague about a company account. Than mentioned ''she has to do the payroll'' ''all the other staff have done it we are waiting for you'' but I don't see why she cannot use my normal bank account that I have full control of. She says she will not pay me if I do not sign it in 3 places with passport copy. How can she make a bank account for me without me being there and why does she reject my normal kbank account? How can I have two bank accounts at the same bank? She is a really shady woman from what I've seen and heard and I don't trust her.
  9. They move superfast. The ticket numbers go out of order. 5 people at a time and one security guy grabs you by the arm pulls you forward than shoves you aside. If you miss it you are screwed.
  10. They need the sex on a sewer pipe visa. Just provide 15 photos and 100,001 bhat in a bank provided within 30 days of arrival but the bank must be 3 years old and in their name.
  11. If I drop something and a baby picks it up and hands it to me how to say thank you. Is it kob khun, kob jai or kob chai?
  12. I saw a monk plug in a light and he pulled his hand away quickly trying to outpace the spark (or whatever else the socket was doing on that day). Maybe the connection in the UK is deeper inside the socket so you never see it but the Thai ones are right on the edge so you see the spark. But just guessing.
  13. I have always wondered why the flash and sometimes crack when putting the plug in. Even in modern condos and schools.