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  1. Have they tried putting sandbags into drains? The previous governor said that definitely works.
  2. Sorry Don't Drive Drunk Foundation, but the Brown-envelope Bail Bond Foundation showed up first.
  3. Such a sacrifice and show of courage, to do the right thing, is a good example of social responsibility. This humble, selfless act should make people proud of their fellow citizen. A LinkedIn user would have never stopped to do that.
  4. The good news is that the Chinese managed to deliver their first sub all the way to downtown Bangkok.
  5. Oh no, he didnt ! Did he just do the chicken dance ? OMG yes, he did the chicken dance ! Songkhla needs a new monument built on that spot. Better make that a victory monument.
  6. I think I have also seen him at another rally somewhere.
  7. This is good news. Users can be easily identified now because they will grow a beard and hangout at Starbucks.
  8. There must be less tourists dropping cigarette butts around Benjasiri park.
  9. Yeah, one poorly executed blow job doesn't adversely affect a tourist season here.
  10. Yeah, it's called the element of surprise. They teach about these things in army school.
  11. Look for confessions hidden in letters to the editor. Might find some clues there.
  12. What comes first - chicken or egg ?
  13. For this very reason, I always try to keep my cars on a short leash.