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  1. That's the one with the walking ATMs.
  2. One Turkey doesn't a Christmas make.
  3. Is Thailand full?
  4. Hope each got at least a I-Heart-Phuket t-shirt, and one go at an all-you-can eat shrimp buffet.
  5. Starting with discovering amazing stories in TAT press releases.
  6. Does this mean people can no longer use those stupid bus stops in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th lanes?
  7. How did he know it was halitosis and not the creamy moomoo?
  8. Such a good life could drive anyone to drink and jump off bridges.
  9. That last dig was totally unnecessary.
  10. Hmmmm......Ladyboy vs. Cabbie.....I'm cheering for the popcorn vendor.
  11. They should arrest the foreigner and deport him immediately for being in this story.
  12. Investigators are already huddled in a conference room for hours. In 4 hours, they've come out once, that was for more tissues and another barrel of handcream.
  13. Looking at all the constant soundbytes, already 50% there. Just need to work on the "tech" part.