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  1. Phuket tourist falls out of speeding tuk-tuk

    I did read the article - I was only wondering why the police didn't want look for the driver without first finding the tourist - considering this :- Is that clear enough for you now?
  2. CAT stuck a device on the wall.

    Clearly, a job executed with pride. That's the right angle to catch even the most crooked and elusive frequency in the known electromagnetic spectrum. That glue appears to be from the finest sticky-rice technology as well.
  3. Phuket tourist falls out of speeding tuk-tuk

    Yeah, how about police finding the driver first.
  4. Phuket tourist falls out of speeding tuk-tuk

    Asking the driver where he was taking him, or where he picked him up from, would be a good start.
  5. Why can't they just unblock their own toilets?
  6. Good thing they didn't also write down her middle name.
  7. Nida poll reports high approval ratings for PM since 2014 coup

    If only there were elections, he could contest and win tomorrow.
  8. So, basically every budget airline passenger then.
  9. THAI blames outsourced worker for looting

    What was he doing? Pretending not to be checking his mobile phone?
  10. Auto-gate opened at Suvarnabhumi for Singapore nationals

    If they do this they might need to add four more floors at Orchard Towers.
  11. PM aims to turn Northeast into ‘Mekong economic hub’

    Nothing worng with its current status of laokhao hub.
  12. Charge your phone, read a map, scan a QR code - just make sure you don't break an ankle standing on the broken sidewalk.
  13. Three students wanted for fatal skytrain brawl surrender to police

    See, even murder suspects get a happy ending.