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  1. Not at all. Generally the world gets rid of a lot of rubbish and it has to go somewhere. It usually ends up in Spain and they don't even wake up in the afternoons.
  2. I'm pretty sure if he had a piss test he'd fail yes. That doesn't make him a druggie. Just some kid from Spain talking whilst he's high on holiday. Nothing wrong with that apart from moaning about the cleanliness here when as I have so many times Spain is a dirty dump
  3. I'm sorry that you took my comments so seriously. I'll stand by what I said though. He was high on a beach preaching. I reckon he's a lovely bloke. Just keep your complaints to yourself when your sat on a beach and even your bird can't bear to look you in the eye 5555.
  4. ok boss. heard and understood. can I not say one more thing though?
  5. nope. I know what he said and he can do that back in spain
  6. father fintan has said I am not welcome here anymore. moderators please close my account on the fact that I don't agree with father whatever his name is ; )
  7. and what evidence do I need? it's all there on video. tourist on drugs moaning. what else do you need to add? this is not trolling. this is honesty
  8. It was a pool. honestly I wasn't trolling. just laughing at you
  9. you're just looking for an argument and I can't be bothered, trust me, you are wrong old boy. don't believe me? take a look at yourself in the mirror? what do you see? seriously take a look
  10. you probably shouldn't have said that. most people don't come for cheap sex and drugs or whether they are expensive or not. your 1st 3 sentences weren't far from the truth though 555
  11. but it would be good manners and you'd appreciate though? I wouldn't complain what a shit hole the place is. I would tidy it up
  12. I give up with you lot. have a nice day. I will not repeat myself for those that have trouble understanding
  13. yes. it's nice place to be. if that is not your feeling then bloody hell mate. you know what to do