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  1. Worms found in famous local canned fish tin

    ok fine. but correct me if am wrong. he did say all thais eat them, which they don't
  2. Fears grow across the Atlantic over Brexit fallout

    the ones we choose? *well those living there, think i lost my right to vote along time ago 555.
  3. Fears grow across the Atlantic over Brexit fallout

    (did i not read somewhere they would keep most EU laws). if you did you read wrong *"LOL"
  4. "before joking that his home must not have internet" 555555
  5. UJ will be able to answer that. i wouldn't have a clue
  6. i think you need to pick it up in person using your old passport. appointment when i did it was just a few days
  7. its usually only a few days, just go on the site and choose a date
  8. i got a new passport last year from trendy and it only took ten days from my appointment to pick up. i thought it was a pretty decent timescale
  9. Prawit probe must show integrity, says Abhisit

    borrowed. easy answer. no conviction of any sort for him. borrowing watches and jewellery 555 yeah right
  10. Worms found in famous local canned fish tin

    strange that you say all the thais eat grasshoppers and other insects. i know very few that would eat them
  11. Thais to get tougher on drink driving re-offenders

    i am told that in europe now all new cars have to be supplied with breathalyzer kits in them
  12. Gen Prawit: Don’t worry I can clarify

    555 who borrows a watch? bs
  13. Extend an extension?

    well he would have saved himself time and money if he did. anyway this topic is boring so this is my last post on this. he should have just paid the 2k on leaving ,easy. that's all *No, your opinion is irrelevant* close the forum then if opinions don't matter
  14. you shouldn't think like that mate seriously. life goes on
  15. good for you. i'm different. i love my wife and the only thing i worry about in my relationship is when one of us passes and we arent together. you haven't met the right one. i hope you do