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  1. sure you can't fit in anymore stereotyping into one post? anyway agree with a poster above, not sure there was any need to show the girl next to his body like that. RIP French guy
  2. an elite card, a certificate of appreciation and i think even a 2 week holiday all expenses paid was mentioned plus a grand party was had for all involved. not sure what else you want Thailand to give them? not sure many would be overly interested in an honorary degree from a Thai uni. I think the Thais have shown a lot of gratitude to those that were involved
  3. you probably already know and i know it's not what you asked but just thought i'd point it out in case. you can get the same visa from HCMC, same as savannaket only difference is just letter from mrs required. if you're paying 3k each just to go to savannaket then need to stay a night in muk and hotel then flight back. as you are in bkk non o ME from HCMC can be got in one night, direct return flights, and depending nationality no visa required for vietnam so maybe an option for some. could be quicker, cheaper and less hassle for those in bkk.
  4. it's just a saying for gods sake 555
  5. they use recorded delivery and couriers and do thousands a year, not sketchy at all info may be useful on this thread
  6. "They also said that an elderly monk was in the car with her but he disappeared in the confusion." that's it monk, get the hell out of there. the driver must've been his sideline chick
  7. just wondered as hers is still in her thai name but haven't had any reason to change. before you can do anything here such as change her name i am sure they would need the kor ror 2. you would need to send your marriage cert to the uk for them to do their legalization part, they then post that with the marriage cert to the thai embassy London who do their bit and they then post back everything back together to you. very straight forward. all details can be found here https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised
  8. he wrote the names on a piece of paper to be passed out whilst in the cave of the british rescuers and said they need to get them over here to help. they would ultimately be crucial in locating the team. had he not known the names and expertise of those rescuers and had them contacted as soon as he did we may have had a very different outcome so do tell me how some on here think he deserves no credit
  9. cool, that's basically what i was asking. was there a particular benefit to doing that or did you change it as you just prefer everything in your married name?
  10. no, you're missed my point. i'm not talking about getting kor ror 2. i am asking is there a reason for changing her surname on her passport which is what the OP wants to do
  11. just out of interest is there a reason she needs to change her surname in her passport or just prefer it that way?
  12. i'm sure it wouldn't be difficult organize sending a female officer and be in the presence of uk specially trained staff but anyway, we shall see what happens