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  1. that's a shame. don't go to papa disco, full of <deleted>. the people that stabbed you were burmese fishing people or from the jungle. and yes everyone has guns here but they don't cause problems to foreigners, they were burmese i guarantee it. those don't even get bullets wasted on them. they get kicked to death if they mess with the locals. little bit of education for you. 18 years in paknam on and off ; ) oh and what gangs? there's only families
  2. thank you very much. i know alot more than that but that gets me home when i'm pissed 555
  3. i'd understand if they were hot and didn't have fake tits. too many people been slumming it on here if you think they're hot. far from it. blowie in the toilet max thanks. sorry 555. i am serious btw
  4. i think there's a bit of truth in that. i often get the girls from our local karaoke to get me home to bed. i can't do anything with them as they know my family. "i'm wasted. get me home" do that nearly every time i'm out. Mao, ow kahp bahn krub 5555
  5. they did a crack down about ten years ago in chumphon. police came from bkk and locked a load of people. they're all out now and off the drugs so it worked. maybe they should do it again
  6. Savannakhet Multi-Non O.

    so you just confirmed you need the original. good lad 55
  7. he's paying the right people but his time will come
  8. i understand what you're saying mate but they've gone too far. people want an election. i can feel it. personally i quite liked the junta but their time is up
  9. i just want him and his sister to fly back if he's got the balls. what would they do? couple of weeks in jail and possibly an election soon after
  10. but you might have to mate
  11. Savannakhet Multi-Non O.

    it can't be that easy and they check so unless you like sitting in jail and eating shit, don't do it 555 **don't suggest that route to anyone on the forum. they'll end up in jail mate
  12. Savannakhet Multi-Non O.

    yeah but they'll arrest when entering thailand. i would have thought so anyway
  13. Savannakhet Multi-Non O.

    then if checked which they do from time to time. you're looking at prison mate. fck that
  14. Savannakhet Multi-Non O.

    they are a friendly bunch. one of the girls is hot too **don't tell the wife i said that 55