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  1. well done nardrunner. good effort and thanks for clearing things up for the reasons why and the honesty. you don't have to answer to the negativity on here but you did. good for you. i'll also make a contribution. might take a few days though, i'm broke 5555
  2. let's just look at how bad this is. he didn't post pictures of a sexual nature on the web of an ex of pics she had posed for. he filmed her in secret with out her knowing which is <deleted> creepy and then posted it directly on her facebook for all her contacts to see professional, family, friends etc. he has to go down hard for that. that's the worst most vile cowardly weasel thing anyone could do to an ex. well there might be more but then they dont bear thinking about. i hope this little sewer rat goes down hard. imagine thats your sister or daughter. he should get banged up for time for that.
  3. bet you didn't expect that welcome back did you. horrible bstard. look forward to seeing the punishment for that. i reckon its gonna be pretty bad
  4. certainly paid in more than me old mate because i've been here since I was 19 and was born in Germany. the only time i spent in the uk was at boarding school and xmas every year visiting family. but lets not share stories and details. the comments were about thai immigration and their policies regarding foreign husbands and settlement. btw i don't care how much you earnt really mate but you brought family into it and i doubt very very much you paid in anywhere near what my brother is paying into it unless you had your own hedge fund but you were talking salary so i guess not. don't big yourself up and make assumptions about other people because what you think is large others might think is <deleted> all
  5. "you can't work", yes people can. "no free healthcare". it's actually paid for out of working peoples contributions in the EU so not free. "no benefits available" you just looking for somewhere to get a free ride? "you don't need any money to stay in the EU" 55555. really now
  6. what makes you think that? it's actually not that difficult if you can be bothered to actually do it. the criteria is pretty clear. i don't know his situation
  7. i got married in 1999. i learnt not to let things that i can't change bother me a long time ago. if you've been married 15 years you could have been a citizen by now if you really put your mind to it and wanted it ; ) but let it out, it might make you feel a bit better for a short period of time 5555
  8. 675,000 baht each!! does a bloody drone pop out of it and fly after you down the road land and your bonnet and issue the ticket to you or something. 675,000 baht speed trap 555 only the best for the thai BIB
  9. you seem to know more about this guys military service and also the amount of money he has so far raised, would you mind sharing please
  10. "This is not the 19th century. The Empire is long since gone. The globe is no longer charted by Englishmen in pith helmets marching over tiger-infested hills" what are you talking about? put the guy down as much as you like, he's had an idea and he's set out to do it. fair play to him i say
  11. TVF, things are done a bit differently here. you'll get used to it 5555
  12. yes it does if conditions are met like most other 'normal' countries
  13. the investigation had literally only just began apparently and it seems the police just got lucky the first kid reported it just in time. that's if any of the allegations are true of course