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  1. laugh all you like gaff. he was good and had an amazing life be it short. good till the end. not bitter. when he came here and sold out impact and you saw the frenzy maybe you'd see how little you are. keep laughing
  2. the guy's a legend, not for every generation but credit where credits due: )
  3. you knew what i meant quite clearly. jeez are you bored to look it up. i've said what i wanted to say. and that is all from me on this thread
  4. easy mate. friend got his by post last month. requirements as UJ said above for both multi and single
  5. i'll get hung for this but, who cares. reading some of these comments, thats a fricking schoolgirl and probably underage *uni girls i'm all with you but that's a schoolgirl. i mean really. is it just me or are some of these comments just a tad nonsey and inappropriate
  6. Algerian arrested for stealing from Korean tourist in Pattaya

    why because he can afford nice things and that means he deserves to get robbed? strange mentality ** actually i assume you were just joking so take that comment back
  7. vietnam property prices were much more expensive when i looked into it than thailand and this is also what i am told by a few friends that moved there from thailand recently
  8. i suggest watching with the volume off. christ that womans screetching is horrible
  9. OP, if you can i would suggest trying to get short term, say 3 month rentals, in different places to see where you might like to eventually settle. As I assume you don't have connections here you might find life easier in places with an already established expat community whether in BKK, Hua Hin or Chiang Mai wherever really. To get an idea of property prices in different areas check out things like gumtree or dd https://www.ddproperty.com/en Most rentals will say 1 year minimum but lots will do short term lets rather than leave them empty, if you eventually think you might buy you can see sales prices on there also but you'll be best sticking to condos as officially you can't own land and i'd be very wary of the long term lease options on offer. You have been here and decided it's probably a relatively easy place to settle down and i would agree with you on that. Good luck
  10. a basket of goodies and sorry i was drunk. ahh that old chestnut
  11. in the news they are saying a shock death but i remember about 2 years ago when he sold out the impact arena and said this might be one of his last major performances due to serious health issues. i am sure there was mention of cancer then
  12. so sad. RIP fella. Live a life you will remember!
  13. if it's time to go it's time to go and best to go out smiling. RIP fella
  14. that has to be one of the most bizarre requests for advice i think i've read on here. almost unbelievable