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  1. i think Washington DC would suffice
  2. “If they do not surrender, we will issue a summons. If they do not respond to the summons, they will face arrest warrants,” he said. what can you say, the procedures are designed for the police to do as little as possible until absolutely necessary it would seem
  3. nah, they're all full of shit already ; )
  4. Happy enough

    Pork ball seller murdered in Nonthaburi over 500 baht debt

    the pure stupidity of it all still amazes me with these things. for a start they certainly don't sound as if they can pay any money to get out of it. so over 500 baht which she was told she was going to get back the next day, she and her husband end up apart and in the slammer for many years and a young guy loses his life, bloody crazy oh and she was right, she won't be able to sell luuk chin anymore
  5. the guy was probably ill. if not his bowels then perhaps his head. anyway what i find fascinating is the lazy <deleted> jut sat there next to a fresh steaming turd. i mean seriously wouldn't you just get up and move away
  6. probably not so useful when it's 3 on 1 though and if they started losing no doubt more 'mates' or weapons would appear
  7. Happy enough

    Belgium man, 39, dies in high speed Phuket motorbike crash

    seeing as they know his nationality and have informed his embassy i would assume they know his identity
  8. Why be jealous and post silly recordings. Just wait til the girl leaves knock on the door and tell the bloke you want to borrow some sugar or something. Take it from there, could be you squeeling in the bedroom instead of on facebook, a much better out cum
  9. nah, they worded it badly, he wasn't wearing a helmet. they meant 'he's been to the lazer clinic and so has a white helmet' could be thai
  10. "Col. Suthep said he was unaware if Ben had taken a breathalyzer test after the crash" well course he didn't, why would he be breathlyzed when he said "he had been drinking until 1am but was not drunk when the crash took place" he wouldn't tell porkies would he and of course your colleagues would never take a bribe to avoid the breathalyzer would they? . . . . .course not
  11. 4 years on the run? 4 years sat in that cake shop more like
  12. "Washington DC of the United States of America " "to the US capital of Washington DC" 2 paragraphs of the report and i now know that not only is Washington DC in the USA but it's also the capital. Learn something new everyday
  13. Happy enough

    Video: Granny gets flattened - social media hunt on!

    seriously wouldn't surprise me if the dopey driver didn't even realize he'd hit her. some of these guys are just oblivious. anyway luckily she got off with minor injuries that could've been really nasty.
  14. you didn't steal your giks mothers honda wave last night did you?