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  1. At the end I think it all comes down to who, out of the two contestants, offers the biggest envelope and to whom it is offered.
  2. I expect they will have their smart phones and notepads and other appliances confiscated along with their temple credit cards and expense accounts and personal airline booking authorities. Maybe they will even be banned from riding around in the temple deluxe pickup trucks. Stupid old farts.
  3. "Real criminals"?......By that I take it you are meaning senior civil servants, politicians, military generals, the police, the judiciary, local government officials, village leaders et al?
  4. All too tricky by half. The hole this incompetent and untrustworthy military government is digging for themselves just gets deeper and deeper.
  5. Can that be taken to mean you won't be attending?
  6. Equitable Education bill gets nod

    The principle of what they are trying to do seems well intentioned and deserved. But again it seems the military's answer to everything is to throw big heaps of money at whatever the problem is. They just love creating idealistic "funds" with committees to distribute the money; a fair portion of course which would be distributed to themselves to live the high life while holding "meetings". Much of the rest will disappear into the pockets of civil service administrators while some will just disappear completely in the usual fashion. What comes out the end for the children is anybody's guess. In one breath Chalermchai says the fund will have an annual budget of 25 billion baht and in another next breath Patrawart suggests that while budget is for 25 billion they might only get 1 billion or as little as 500 million. That is a huge variation and in itself raises serious questions as to whether they really have any idea what they are doing. This lot sound like nothing more than a bunch of starry-eyed academic dreamers.
  7. This is complete nonsense, These weapons were not his. Like watches, they belonged to friends who just left them at his house for safe keeping.
  8. The Thai military these days are basically cowards as they have been in the past. Not much different to when the French and the Japanese arrived on the scene when they promptly rolled over. They showed a bit of token courage when the Vietnamese came down down through Laos. The Thais panicked thinking they would be next in line. The rest is history. Can anyone in their wildest dreams imagine Generals Prayut and Prawit gallantly leading the charge against any invader? All Thais can sleep in peace knowing these two highly decorated and battle experienced soldiers are guarding over them.
  9. Nor is there any audit or any accountability or feasibility plans linked to outcomes. It is free money for as long as it lasts or until the well runs dry as a result of numerous forms of embezzlement by politicians, civil servants, the military and assorted levels of district management. The 300 million will all be gone before you know it and the farmers will be left scratching their heads wondering what all that was about.
  10. In this case I imagine deferrals come at a price which is not being reported in this story for obvious reasons.
  11. Forbidding the taking of photos was probably the catalyst that ensured the story made the news.
  12. Yet another pissing against the wind exercise by Amnesty International. Doing nothing more than justifying their existence and fat salaries.
  13. Thailand to declare IUU-free Thailand

    This would have about as much value as the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) declaring that Thailand is corruption free.
  14. It is nothing about what they all do. Everyone knows they do nothing. It's all about jobs for their mates and what they can get out of it. Plus a bit of networking on the latest corruption deals and how to get in on the action.
  15. I always feel pleased for these freeloading government bigwigs poncing around investigating anything they care to nominate. At the end of the day all it amounts to is an all-expenses-paid joyride in a helicopter followed by an all-you-can eat prawn buffet lunch attended by lovely ladies. And then later back home to the missus with a stolen bagfull of prawns to try to salvage matrimonial harmony. I know about these things.