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  1. PM Prayut seems to be Chairman of just about every committee in existence in Thailand. He probably needs to satisfy his enormous ego or protect his fragile insecurity. One or the other.
  2. Something else happened in 2014. This must have something to do with military standing orders.
  3. Election possible late next year, says Pornpetch

    The jokesters are out in force. There will never be an election while PM Prayut keeps on offering up uninspiring 20 year plans. Twenty year plans are designed for 20 years, not for some mythical near future election. He sees himself the power to be for a very long time.
  4. Steroids and amulets make a great tag team. The new wave Buddhism.... expect more of it.
  5. Election possible late next year, says Pornpetch

    With all PM Prayut's 20 year plans it is hard to expect an election before 2037.
  6. No worries. PM Prayut and his soldier boys have it all under control.
  7. And there is no prostitution or corruption or even a dark economy which represents about 43% of the GDP.
  8. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    A show pony without substance demonstrating concern for farmers. I suspect he is vain enough to think the locals can't see through him.
  9. Prayut reaches out to Central residents

    Seeing that photo of General Prayut sitting astride that rice contraption looking stupid in his immaculate business suit make me feel a little sorry for the man; not to mention the embarrassment he brings upon himself. You can bet the locals would be sniggering behind their hand.
  10. With an economically incompetent military government running the show while walking the slow path to bankruptcy with it's multitude of expensive military toys and HS trains criss-crossing the country this parental generosity plan will be short lived when budget reality takes hold. With Thailand 4.0 at a standstill and with all the wondrous Prayut 20 year plans ahead Thailand will eventually be left in the dust of it's other prospering neighbours and eventually become the Greece of Asia.
  11. Because that would be the human and good thing to do! Just read through some of the posts here- even people, who have nothing to do with this, are posting hateful BS! I have little hope for the human race! You will probably have even less hope for the human race once the mighty Thai military get their hands on their beloved submarines. They could then blow their boats out of the water undetected at periscope depth leaving survivors to drown and no evidence left. With both unwanted refugees and illegal fishing boats the RTN now have an excuse for their subs.
  12. Thailand inks partnership with Japan

    Just like they did when the Japanese invaded Thailand who did the great cowards roll-over followed by the collaboration with the Japanese. Just to make it easy for the Japanese to stroll through and conquer Malaysia and eventually Singapore. Not surprising they now they buddy up to their Japanese mates. Money up for grabs!
  13. I suspect it was the same "big group of officials" (38 delegates) who accompanied him on his "working" holiday jaunt to Hawaii last year. That trip cost 20.9 million baht.
  14. The military government is infamous for making a stuff-up of just about everything they touch. It has become their trade mark. Primary school children would have better organisation skills than these generals. They can't even take money out of the pockets of drinkers and smokers without making a complete mess of the tax system. Shades of the military management fiasco with immigrant workers.
  15. This is Mickey Mouse money when compared to the budget deficit. Last year the deficit was 390 billion baht. This year is predicted to be about the same. Think about the future and what the military economic gurus have planned. Submarines Fighter/bomber aircraft Naval rocketry Artillery Armoured personnel carriers Tanks High speed trains criss-crossing the country Low speed dual track trains. Tunnels highways under just about every hill in major cities outside BKK. 18 billion from booze is almost nought compared to what will be spent on military big ego ideas. Thailand is heading toward bankruptcy. Sooner it happens the better as it might help clean the place out dreamers like the military with it's thousands of freeloading Generals.