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  1. Well done to this man. Unfortunately Thailand can only afford one Superhero and that happens to be the PM so we will have to call him something else. Otherwise you know who might throw a tanty.
  2. So no matter who it might be you advocate retrospective law? Someday this corrupt government might apply a retrospective law to you and I hope you can squiggle out of it. Second thoughts, I hope you can't. People here in Thailand are now living and walking a legal tightrope which is getting tighter all the time.
  3. Corruption House should be a welcoming doormat for foreign dignitaries.
  4. Just love that photo of Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam, a noted "illegal" expert, doing his "you're a naughty boy Thaksin" schoolmaster finger wagging. And Thaksin, after school you will write out 100 times......"I will not take money from others and run away".
  5. A couple of those boys could pass as university graduates. What are they doing in primary school maths competitions?
  6. I suspect you don't have any idea of the military term "short-arm inspection". Suggest you look it up.
  7. That surprises me. I would have thought Tibet would be at No.1 position in the Chinese welcoming/friendliness/hospitality ratings.
  8. Wonder how much finally goes to the state after individual "administration and collection fees" are extracted.
  9. Rapists always seem to get early release. There was another one in the news the other day who raped a nurse in the Nong Khai Hospital. Is it because rape is only considered to be a minor offence? Thailand it seems is a man's world. Obviously women don't have much say determining the law within this sexist justice system.
  10. Presumably the classrooms have wifi in which case students can use the phones to look up the answers to their exam questions. They are a necessity to help ensure every student qualifies.
  11. Yes they want to increase income so they can increase taxes to pay for their waste. Just love the line about .....“If they have good skills with gun making, they may work well for authorities in the legal line of gun manufacturing,” Good idea PM. Then after they learn from the professionals they can go back to the underground to make bigger and better guns. What is it about this man and his government that makes them keep coming out with asinine ideas?
  12. I wonder does she also carry out "short-arm inspections" on the troops.
  13. The golden goose is invincible. It cannot be killed. Because the golden goose is Thailand's hidden economy which is claimed to be one of the biggest in the world. Here is a fascinating story headed ....Thailand’s Shadow Economy Among Biggest Globally. Opening paragraph is a wonderful teaser and says: Ever wondered why Thailand isn’t simply falling apart in its endless spiral of corruption, military coups, over-challenged governments, volatile economic environment, substandard education and poor law enforcement? It’s the shadow economy, stupid. A "must read" story if you want a good laugh and have it confirmed what you already know. I love this comment..."The junta says its crackdown on corruption has disrupted black money flows and thus slowed down the economy, which is a quite bizarre rationale"
  14. They wouldn't have a clue about battle. They rolled over to the Japanese, had a brief skirmish with the French and won a few territories which the Allies made them hand back. Then to celebrate nothing they erected Victory Monument. Later they gave protection to Pol Pot whose murderous regime killed nearly 2 million Cambodians. So I urge the Thai military go see Dunkirk with their taxpayer subsidy; they might learn something about courage.
  15. And what about Police Lt. General Sanit Mahathavorn who is also a member of parliament who receives 600,000 baht per year from the alcohol producing companies. Marketing and sales promotion advice and "services" he gives perhaps? So it is confirmed yet again there is a different set of rules and laws for parliamentarians and government officials than there is for the Thai civilian population. This place is going from bad to worse.