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  1. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    Good old Article 44 to the rescue again to protect Prayut's ever mounting insecurity. Where will it all end?
  2. Five arrested in Chantaburi for overstaying visas

    Some crackdown! Five penniless illegal immigrants out of 200,000 working without a permit. And they are a declared a threat to national security. Even adverse weather now has been declared a threat to security according to Prayut's rulings. The insecurity phobia is mounting.
  3. Where is Article 44 when it is really required? Someone needs to tell PM Prayut and the National Anti-Corruption Commission that the police are involved in corruption. I am sure they would be shocked to hear the righteous RTP as upholders of the law are instead breaking it to steal from others and line their filthy pockets. They used Article 44 to fix those sleazebag officials stealing the temple renovation grant money. And that would be peanuts compared to what the cops get their grubby paws on. But that was "government" money and maybe there is a difference between "government" money and innocent people's money.
  4. Thailand as a whole is rotten to the core with corruption. It's reputation for having one of the highest black economies in the world is also well deserved. On the other hand I also think it is the grease that keeps the honest part of the economy turning. Take way corruption and the black economy and the whole place would implode.
  5. Well done RTP; another drug pusher off the street. A most successful lure. Let there be more luring of similar villains.
  6. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Thank you Simoh you have satisfied my intrigue. 1. You give no explanation of the Thai year on year comparisons like you prefer to do. 2. You claim many economists are not interested in trends of any sorts 3. Investment analysts are not interested in trends either. 4. You are dismissive of World Bank economists. Thanks Simoh. Now I understand completely. Good luck with your decisions.
  7. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    I am intrigued and need to know more about your reasoning. If you speak of year on year comparisons (and you don't like averages) do you meaning one year compared to the previous or next year as be the case. Disregarding the coup factor of Thailand what analysis would you make of these successive year on year comparisons. 2010......7.5% 2011......0.8% drop of 6.7% and 2012......7.2% gain of 6.9% 2013......2.7% drop of 4.5% What trend would you conclude from each set of numbers?
  8. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Well please explain why 10 year growth figures don't mean anything. Always happy to learn something from a world economist. The World Bank will also be interested I'm sure.
  9. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Nice to know you speak for everyone else on the planet. You must be remarkably insightful. Not only me that uses them but Thai government conveniently uses GDP growth figures on those occasions they need something to brag about. Refer headline please.
  10. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    I don't consider myself to be a spokesperson. A number of other people have spoken up and made their contribution on the subject and you have "slagged off" at a few of them also. You do nice work Ron.
  11. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    And the World Bank thinks it is meaningless also and that's why they publish such figures? Why don't you drop them a line and tell them they are wasting their time publishing GDP growth figures for developing countries. I am sure they will sit up and take notice of you.
  12. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    Why would people in other countries "slag off", as you so charmingly put it, because their countries are going gangbusters while Thailand is standing still or as some people seem to think going backwards. Getting a bit sensitive are we Ron when the feedback you invite from Thai Bashers is not the feedback that you like to hear. Comments and sometimes criticisms of Thailand are not always what you call "slagging off". Criticisms can sometime be constructive. Take your bitter pill and swallow it like a man.
  13. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    You wouldn't be a farang basher by any chance would you Ron? Your comments about "what the west has to offer" is meaningless and I suspect you haven't got a clue yourself what you are meaning. Such a comparison has little relevance. You should be comparing neighbouring country's GDP growth. Please allow me another bash. Thailand's GDP growth for 2017 ............3.3% Vietnam's GDP growth for 2017 ............7.5%. Cambodia's GDP growth for 2017......... 6.9% Myanmar's GDP growth for 2017.......... 7.7% Laos' GDP for growth 2017.....................7.3% These figures at least mean that these countries GDP's are improving at more twice that of Thailand.
  14. Charges ready against NOB ex-directors

    Article 44 strikes again! Seems like Article 44 is used for just about everything these days. From sacking people to acquiring gold mines and everything in between.
  15. Thai economy to grow by 4% in Q3 :DPM Somkid

    I seriously doubt that Ron. But I would like to offer my small contribution. This story was in the news just a few days ago. Does it get repeated simply because the military want to brag about it again. Nothing to crow about really; the truth is the Thai GDP growth figures bounce around all over the place......... quarter to quarter and year to year. So good growth for one quarter means practically nothing. That doesn't stop a bit of military mutual backslapping. Even annual GDP growth figures go up and down like a hookers drawers as can be seen below. Nothing consistent whatsoever. Maybe poor statistical recording.......whatever! The World Bank prediction is for a Thai GDP growth for the year 2017 as 3.3%. The average GDP growth since 2006 comes out at a lowly 2.9%. 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 5% 5.4% 1.7% -0.7% 7.5% 0.8% 7.2% 2013 2014 2015 2016* 2017* 2.7% 0.8% 2.8% 3.2% 3.3%