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  1. The odds are even greater if you drop your tickets on the street and they are "found" up by an ex-policeman.
  2. I didn't say it was. The word Tha-ism is the clue. My comments were in reference to someone in particular whose name I am not allowed to mention in a disparaging manner.
  3. A "pass the buck" flow-chart exists for these sort of occasions. The person at the top who has ultimate responsibility puts the boot up someone below them and they in turn put it up someone under them until all the blame publicity finally stops with some subordinate who had little or no control over the situation in the first place. Similarly there is a reverse flow-chart for the occasion when others in the lower ranks do something masterly and praiseworthy then the credit for that goes back up the ladder to the person at the top who then makes public announcements proclaiming the glory of the achievement for themselves. Thai-ism
  4. We should all be thankful he hasn't written a lamenting ballad about Thailand's infamous road death toll which has international recognition. The buck stops with the man in charge! All he is doing is running from responsibility and blaming others; as per normal.
  5. Vendors Cash In Before Traditional Garb Fad Fades

    All with tags saying "Made in China". Economic progress for China inspired by The PM. Well done General. I salute you.
  6. Not enough twerking. But maybe she is worried of repercussions from the Senior Twerking Inspector.
  7. Why is it I get this feeling that any time soon there is going to be a "special" guest appearance of a self-proclaimed very important person? Perhaps even a singing role. That should sent the ratings through the floor.
  8. Nigerians arrested over alleged romance scam

    Exactly. They came into Vietnam by the loads about five years ago under the guise of playing soccer. They soon set up their prostitution and drug rackets and other scams. The police twigged and rounded them put them on a truck to the nearest border never to be seen again. Seems Thailand has ended up with them. Around Nana you would be forgiven for thinking you were in darkest Africa or the Middle East.
  9. What can you buy for 1,000 baht in Thailand?

    Two bar fines for takeaway entertainment.
  10. One is left to assume they let the other 1755 piss-heads get back on their bikes and drive off into the sunset. With their pockets being a bit lighter. You have to wonder if any of them were in the first day death count of 39.
  11. I suspect he diplomatically organised the invitation for himself to visit the USA. No doubt he pre-arranged his own hospitalization for the operation. That way the public get to fund his travelling and other accommodation and incidental expenses. He only has to stump up the surgeon's fees. Like stealing from a blind man's begging bowl. Crooked as they come.
  12. 39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    But it seems no bus crashes yet to bump the average sky-high. Only a matter of time, sadly.
  13. You have to wonder what they expect for 833 baht......or US$27. Trousers and shirt made by the Saville Row tailors of Thailand. I wonder if the price includes police fashion accessories such as medals, sewn-on insignias and assorted paraphernalia like lanyards.
  14. The ruling of the Central Administrative Court was to quote: "The court, however, ruled that there was no difference between the buses being fully assembled in China or in Malaysia as they serve the BMTA’s purpose to serve Bangkok bus commuters." To further confuse the matter the court also said: "....the buses which were supposed to be fully assembled in China was not an essence of this procurement contract although the contract stipulated that the buses must be fully assembled in China". I think they may mean Malaysia rather than China so there may well be grounds for appeal. I wouldn't be surprised if this decision by the CAC was "purchased" by interested party/parties who had a lot to lose. When circumstances like this bring three parties of dubious integrity together (Customs, BMTA and Bestrin) there is sure to be trouble as they fight over the spoils.
  15. Prem praises Prayut’s ‘Thainess’

    Mutual grovelling and ass licking. How sickening!