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  1. Just more bungling and incompetence by the junta and it's leaders who imagine themselves to be wonderful and insightful guardians of the country. They can never seem to get anything right. Having a corrupt civil service to implement their dumb policies doesn't help.
  2. Cadbury

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Are those plastic signs they are using to try to discourage the use of plastic bags? How about they put up some cardboard signs warning about the use of plastic signs.
  3. Captain Pugwash Carpenter with his motley crew Master Bates and Seaman Stains have been around long enough to know the drill. The Goodship Lollipop was sunk from the word go because the Pattaya police were not invited to be shareholders in the venture. Promoting the love cruise right under the noses of the police was an insult to start with. Not paying the "certification fee" for an authorised sex cruise was his next big mistake. Others should learn from it.
  4. Apparently not. Have a look at this banner. A once-off just for the opening of the naval exercise. Must of cost a fortune for the plastic and artwork. And the next day it is thrown away. Must be a recyclers nightmare and the country is covered in these heavy duty plastic advertising hoardings and now as it seems Big Joke's ostentatious self publicity banners.
  5. Big Joke might think he is making some dent in the online gambling but it truth he is trying to push <deleted> uphill with a chopstick. If this government had a half a brain, which it hasn't, they would legalise betting for certain sports with restrictions, like registered bookies and time and bet limitations. Think of the taxes they would collect for hospitals and education er......for junta and PM popularity buying and more helicopters and huge heavy duty plastic backdrop signage for Big Joke.
  6. I did that some years back and when I went through inbound immigration and the officers opened my passport and saw the retirement and re-entry stamps they either laughed at me or smiled and smirked. Then they would stamp it and politely wave me through.
  7. The education system is right up there with the RTP in the corruption stakes. School directors and their selected underlings are masters at milking the system. No different to any other department in the civil service. It is just the means of how they do it and size of the take that is different. From school lunches to stealing from the destitute.
  8. The man's ego and self-conceit is such he would consider recognition of his birthday as good enough reason to delay the election. I am beginning to believe that as the PM's popularity drops the less likelihood there will be of an election. When it gets to zero all bets for an election are off. This ill-equipped and unqualified junta with a totally corrupt civil service will just continue blindly on into uncharted waters until they finally send the country broke with their wasteful extravagances.
  9. A courageous story which clearly points out the shortcomings of the military junta and It's autocratic leader. History has shown that military officers are far from being the best people to run a country simply because their life's experience revolves around a parade ground and either barking or obeying orders. They just lack the basic skills needed to do a very difficult job. Their culture is built around obedience and nothing less will be tolerated. Compassion and humanity is not in the generals genes and ordinary people are seen as just toy soldiers and a means to an end. With them running the show Thailand is stuffed. They make a mess of everything they touch and their world is built around dreams.
  10. Honourable people being honoured by a not so honourable person. They irony of it.
  11. Great photo. The goof looks like a rabbit caught in the glare of approaching headlights. I almost feel sorry for him. He would have done himself a favour if he had stayed at home.
  12. It would be reasonably safe to assume some members of this government have their fingers in the till of the chemical manufacturers. Politicians getting paid a bonus to allow big bad business to continue would not be unheard of.
  13. So the Thailand 4.0 road map has taken a cyber security detour. Something that would delay Thailand 4.0 was inevitable. The government needs to mull this problem; maybe even form a committee or two.
  14. Cadbury

    World Cup kicks off huge illegal betting spree

    They can't stop it. They might just as well do what Vietnam had the good sense to do and legalise it and collect taxes. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2017/02/04/vietnam-legalises-football-racing-gambling/
  15. I wonder who the judges are that sit on the bench of the Court of Appeal? If it happens to be judges other than the ones who live in the houses I am sure they will look after their mates in a traditional Thai judicial manner. If it is the judges who live in those houses then the ruling will come as no surprise to anyone.