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  1. Juan B Tong

    Octopuses get very friendly when they're on MDMA, study reveals

    Yeah. My octopus is also into drugs. It was OK at first, but then it got attitude and started beaugarding the joints. It later moved into the big bong which solved that problem.
  2. Like some of the ‘twits‘ here on TV, seems Elon had to take it personal and to name calling when someone didn't agree with him. Mr. Tesla can drag this out for a long time, so I hope the cave diver's lawyer is on contingency.
  3. Dear Snowflake, Doh!
  4. Juan B Tong

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    Such misguided individuals are the root cause of the soi dog problem.
  5. Note: Many fossils were saved and are now employed in various civil service positions.
  6. Actual amount of cash expected by needy students will not be affected. However, Toyota Dealership Salesforce Association plans to march on EEF office to protest delay.
  7. Ahh. But the make-up sex will be great! All 5 minutes of it.
  8. Juan B Tong

    All Luxury Watches Returned To 'Friend,' Prawit Says

    Justice has been served.
  9. Juan B Tong

    Phuket underwear thief caught on CCTV

    What a sicko! Stealing freshly washed knickers. Any self respecting perv nicks knickers before they are washed.
  10. Juan B Tong

    stop in pattaya driving a new car

    Yeah pretty amazing you have to go to the cop shop and didn't have to pay tea money on the spot.
  11. Juan B Tong

    Anyone know what these are and should I remove them ?

    Ut ultrices vestibulum magistratus Quite common in Thailand
  12. Juan B Tong

    Cave heroes to receive royal medals

    Per Wikipedia, Elon can easily get his own medal. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Direkgunabhorn " DonationEdit Donations for public use of cash, property or goods can also earn membership of the order. The class obtained is relative to the amount donated, as per the following table: Donated amount Class of Order 100,000 baht Silver Medal 200,000 baht Gold Medal 500,000 baht Member 1,500,000 baht Companion 6,000,000 baht Commander 14,000,000 baht Knight Commander 30,000,000 baht Knight Grand Cro