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  1. More predators to be found in the tourist bars in Pattaya and online.
  2. Juan B Tong

    2nd hand bike issue ?

    Hey, just keep it simple. Go to an established dealership. Buy a used bike from them.
  3. Juan B Tong

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    Two pussies in your house. Abandon her you dolt.
  4. Help me out guys. I look at the photos here and I cant figure it out Who is taller?
  5. Juan B Tong

    Burning rubbish in middle of Bangkok?

    Yep, your wasting your time.
  6. Juan B Tong

    How to get rid of unwanted cats?

    Easier to neuter a female cat than to castrate it.
  7. A medium? Next time he should take a Large or Extra Large.
  8. Are they pixilating water bottles now?
  9. I thought they would be bigger. They look like toys!
  10. Juan B Tong

    VIDEOS: Phi Phi ferry lashed by severe storm

    Any sailor knows it's impossible to photograph high waves and those waves must be at least a meter or meter and a half! How did they live through that hell?
  11. Juan B Tong

    Accident Waiting To Happen In Nongprue

    Ha ha Lets activate the stop lights to control traffic When has a stoplight had any effect on traffic in Thailand?
  12. I can't believe this. How did he get the Thai womén to pay Bt 3000 to go on the cruise?
  13. Yesterday's love was like a warm summer breezeBut, like the weather ya changedNow things are dreary, babyAnd it's windy and coldAnd I stand alone in the rainCallin' your nameOh Stormy, oh StormyBring back that sunny day
  14. The woman is suffering from Canine Rewarding Associative Problem (CRAP). It begins by feeding soi dogs. Which is gateway behavior to CRAP.
  15. Dear Canada, Thanks for accepting all the antiwar draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. Please extend the same offer to the 'Never Trump' bunch. We can get along without your maple syrup, but can we keep Capt, Kirk?