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  1. When you make a sunday roast but don't cook veg for the Thai. Just raw broccoli and carrots. Still has gravy and crushed chillies replace salt and pepper.
  2. Taking My Son out of Thailand

    I have travelled out of Thailand twice with my 5 year old half sister. She is Thai, I'm not. No questions asked.
  3. Pattaya Traffic Violation

    <deleted> you lot get tiresome sometimes 😂😂 if he was complaining about BIB you would have ranted about them. As he was admitting a misdemeanour ( a minor one at that, as traffic was at a standstill) and praised the BIB you are now bashing him. Women are never tired of bewailing man’s fickleness in love, but they only seem to snub his constancy.
  4. Do you mean the Pakistani community, the catholic priest paedophile rings or the 1970s80s celeb paedophile rings. It matters not what community you are from. It seems that dirty bastards find eachother. No surprise if you are of the ilk that preys on children you will find others in your own community that do the same.
  5. It's not about the country it happened in... there are dirty deviant evil paedophiles all over the world. Sawadee1947 encouraged me to not only listen to one voice. If more people listened to the voice of the girls and the one adult who tried to help in Rotherham it would have been stopped. This child felt she didn't have a voice for whatever reason. I just can't understand the victim shaming and paedo excusing going on in this thread. The girls in Rotherham were taken to men as far as 50 miles away to be passed around for their pleasure so if some of the 40 men didn't live in the village... I don't understand the point being made. Whichever way you cut it, that child is not to blame for any of it.
  6. Have you ever been a 14 year old girl? I'm not sure many would feel brave enough to say no to 40 men. The cases in Rotherham highlight just how vulnerable girls (or boys) of that age are. We don't know the details, could have been a grooming case. Quite frankly I don't give a shit if the CHILD in question dropped her knickers and begged... it is up to him, as an adult to not rape. It is not up to a victim to not be raped. I don't believe in the death penalty but in cases like this I do wrestle with myself.
  7. London embassy answer call between 12 and 2 or something. It says on the website. I have had lovely staff when there in person. Not so much over the phone.
  8. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    Hey I'm no sycophant. Particularly when it comes to the lesser of 2 evils. I just can't see how Prayut can come out of this looking good. So she paid her way out, through an underling who no one could blame for taking a bribe? He can't keep his ranks in order or maybe cannot afford to? Face lost. But he isn't going to prosecute the one suspected of helping her flee? Stinks Or she was aided by the regime, from the top, as they knew jailing her would mean a resurgence of the Shin support, which they can ill afford. Masked as a getaway without their knowledge, well they still look a bit shit. Face lost. Or she got away pure and simple, they are incompetent. Face decimated. Any which way the junta look like clowns. Where she is and how she got there is irrelevant. As an add on, as some other wise soul said... it matters not what we think. Junta and shins alike don't care about our thoughts or opinions. They will continue to do as they please. Unfortunately at the expense of the Thai people they assume to serve.
  9. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    I'm not convinced there wwre orders either... i think the rumours are true. They are as incompetent as they sound.
  10. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    So what is your supposition?
  11. Is there someone who can get things to this family, a welfare pack. School supplies, clothes etc. If I were to send donations over. More money donated can hopefully be spent on food and medical expenses.
  12. Most of victims from same family too. Just so sad.
  13. Yingluck ‘may seek UK asylum

    Yes assisted i would imagine part of the deal was authorities could say she jumped bail, their face saved. She was protecting her people, har face saved. And maybe a 42 year sentence for someone else as a sweetener...
  14. You're not doing it right if you are paying 200bht each ??
  15. This! And no even 100s of thousands of citizens can't decide what to do about mass immigration but standing united is ONE major tool in the fight against islamic extremism. Plus this is a nation grieving and demonstrating, coming together and sharing is a part of healing. So why exactly are they morons?