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  1. calexapic

    Where to spend a night in chonburi?

    Bang Saray? Lovely beach and nice seafront restaurants. Perfect for a quiet stop off. Jomtien and Na Jomtien are both great for families.
  2. No because most can't afford. WHO is yet to recognise the importance of mould avoidance as a therapy, still choosing to subscribe to the paradigm that psychiatrist treatment is the way forward. A glass house would be easier to wipe clean. The sufferers I know of are bed bound in a normal home or as in Katie's case in a caravan, currently in Portugal depending on donations for life saving treatments daily. Please take a look at her plight.
  3. Lots of CFS ME sufferers live a life if mould avoidance. See the film Unrest or follow Katie's journey: an experiment to save a life on Facebook or the millions missing.
  4. calexapic

    How do I get custody?..Thai Law

    Bit judgy there. OP my Dad went through the same but knew that legalities for dads are tough so his daughter always lived with him. Never with grandparents. I'm sure Thai law states mother first then mother's mother in terms of custody rights. In terms of knowing for 9 months and being able to plan... in Dads case they were together through pregnancy even though Dad wasn't 100% convinced the baby was his. Split and paternity test followed. He pleaded poverty so his daughter was never a cash cow. Hired a good solicitor and mother agreed. Fast forward 4 years and Dad sadly died unexpectedly. In his will he asked that I take care of his daughter, my sister. Luckily mother didn't contest at the time as the custody rights died with him. So now she lives with me in UK. In terms of custody now it will cost me a lot and all solicitors have advised from a Thai pov it will mean either a monthly payment to mother or a big enough lump sum. UK law papers need to be served on Mother in Thailand at my expense. So my advice... speak to grandparents, see how the land lies. Can you have your daughter a few nights a week. Then build it up. Go from angle of good schooling if she is with you. Speak to a lawyer and take some advice. And PLEASE have all the ins and outs sorted if anything was to happen to you. Good luck and well done for trying to do the right thing now. Ignore the deadbeat Dad comments, it has obviously been a hard time for you and maybe you weren't in a good place to be a Dad but it has played in your mind. It's going to be a battle but don't give up on her. Best case scenario you all get a place in her life to bring her up.
  5. When you make a sunday roast but don't cook veg for the Thai. Just raw broccoli and carrots. Still has gravy and crushed chillies replace salt and pepper.
  6. calexapic

    Taking My Son out of Thailand

    I have travelled out of Thailand twice with my 5 year old half sister. She is Thai, I'm not. No questions asked.