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  1. Please print the guidance that allows seasoning to be waived at an IO's discretion. Do you think the 10K incentive is within the guidance of TI.
  2. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the new notification 0029.173Wor4950 in pdf format, both Thai and English they could post, thanks.
  3. 2019 is a transition period. You are only required to produce proof of deposits from January up to the date of this years application, so if your extension application was submitted in August for a September renewal, you'd only have to prove 8 deposits, Jan - Aug. That's how I interpret it. Extensions renewals from Jan 2020 require the full years statements.
  4. Tanoshi


    As an aside, if you decided to visit Lao and obtain a ME Non Imm O Visa based on marriage, that Visa can allow you to stay for a total of 17 months, with only 3 border runs, before renewing the Visa. Each 90 day entry can be extended at your local IO by 60 days to visit a Thai wife (1,900 baht), so first border run could be up to 150 days. If you exit/re-enter just before the 'enter before' date on the Visa, you'll be granted another 90 days beyond the Visas expiry and can extend that by 60 days, totalling almost 17 months. You could within the last 30 days of any of the above 90 day entries apply for an annual extension if you so wish.
  5. Tanoshi


    Correct. What method would you use as proof of income, 400K deposited in a Thai bank for 2 months prior to the date of application, or, 40K per month deposited in a Thai bank account, which under the new revised order for income based applications could mean you need to prove these deposit from Jan 2019 up to the date of your application.
  6. Tanoshi


    If your some 3 hours north of Bangkok, your local office at a guess would be Lopburi or Nakhon Sawan, neither of which make the final decision on a marriage extension application, they are just the starting point.
  7. Surely, you mean 'I see no reason why they should not accept them for the income proof'
  8. 2.18 of the new rules states 'average' monthly income of xxxxx 2.22 doesn't state 'average' monthly income of xxxxx, but that could just be an accidental omission. For example, the combination method, remains a total of 800,000 baht per annum, they cannot specify a minimum monthly figure because the deposited funds could vary in each case. I'm of the opinion that IO's will accept x monthly deposits totalling either 480K per annum, or 780K per annum. I believe they'll be flexible in their approach, relying on the bank letter, or totalling the annual deposits from bank statements and dividing by 12.
  9. Tanoshi


    From the conversation he had with your wife and subsequent mention of criminal checks and an '0' Visa from the US, it appears he was thinking of the Non Imm O-A Visa, which would only be available to you from the US and requires a health and criminal record check. You would then only be required to make 90 day reports at your local office. Some offices are reluctant to accept applications for 'marriage extensions' if there is an alternative. I get the impression the IO is just jealous of a young, financially secure foreigner and/or is after a back hander. You could ring the Immigration hotline 1178 for further advice on the situation. It could though, as Joe suggested, be less problematic to get either a single or ME Non Imm O from the Savannakhet Consulate based on marriage, then already possessing a type 'O' Visa apply for the extension based on marriage.
  10. Most offices will do it within the last 30 days of your current permission to stay.
  11. Tanoshi

    Visa Expiry Date

    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I thought if you had a Thai child out of wedlock, Immigration also required a court order 'legalising' you as the father.
  12. Tanoshi

    Visa Expiry Date

    Your Visa became invalid (used) the day you entered Thailand, because you used the single entry it allows. You were given a 'permission to stay' stamp until 10th March. You cannot extend a 90 day entry from this Visa type, unless your married to a Thai or have a Thai child. You can apply for a 30 day extension, which will be subsequently refused, but you will be given a 7 day extension to leave the Country. You could exit locally and re-enter on a 30 day Visa exempt entry, or apply for a 60 day Tourist Visa at a local Thai Embassy/Consulate, both of which could be extended by 30 days at local IO's.
  13. If you entered Thailand on a Non Imm O Visa, you can apply for an extension (local Immigration office) within the last 30 days of the 90 day entry provided you can meet the financial requirements.
  14. Many thanks for that update Jack. I know a couple who were refused, stated not possible, but appears their documents were obviously not in order.
  15. The issue is some expats live month to month, relying on their pensions. Some have no Savings. The UK state pension at todays exchange rate varies between 22,500 - 26,500 baht, paid every 4 weeks (not monthly) To meet the min financial requirement (40K) if a family member, they rely on private or company pensions to make up the difference. Some of these are only paid quarterly. If you don't have Savings to cover the monthly difference between 25K pension and the 40K monthly requirement, then you have little choice than to transfer what you can for 2 months, then the remainder in the 3rd month. I agree with Pib, that the common sense and logical means to test an individuals monthly income would be for the bank letter to state the overseas deposits for the given period, then Immigration divide it by 12. For 2019, the period could vary from 6 - 12 months, so Immigration would divide from Jan 19, up to the date of renewing your extension.