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  1. I've moved 3 times into privately rented accommodation and in each case, being aware of the requirements in the Immigration Act, stipulated that the landlords supplied copies of their Tabien Baan and ID card. When I filed the TM28, I also filed the TM30 as the 'tenant', along with copies of the landlords TB and ID. Never had Immigration blink an eye. I don't know if the landlords were even aware of the requirements to file the TM30. I'm a grown man, living in a foreign Country now, I don't expect my Mother or anyone else to do my dirty laundry anymore.
  2. That's what I said I think you misread my post Are you stating he can only apply for an extension before his Visa expires (17/1/2018) and not after the Visa expires, but he has permission to stay for another year.
  3. Assuming you re-enter Thailand on 5th Jan 2018, you will be given permission to stay until Jan 4th 2018. Your Visa will expire on 17th Jan, 2018, so remember if you want to leave and re-enter Thailand after 17/1/18 you'll need to purchase a re-entry permit to keep your permission to stay valid. You continue to make 90 day reports at Immigration. You can apply for an annual extension of stay during the last 30 days of any of the 90 day periods of permission to stay. One thing to bare in mind, if you plan annual/regular trips back to your home Country, make sure the dates don't coincide with your annual extension renewals. If your not in Thailand when your extension is due for renewal you'll have to start all over again and obtain a Non Imm Visa first.
  4. Agreed, although it isn't clear. By either/or, I meant as in this example; 8.Proof of Funds; If using the funds in the bank method an updated passbook and letter from the bank dated the same day as the application. Funds in the passbook and letter must match. If using the income method, a letter from your Embassy confirming income, OR, you can use a combination of the two methods providing it adds up to 800,000 baht per annum.
  5. I also found his list confusing; Visit Bangkok Bank, downtown Lampang, and obtain a Letter of Guarantee of Deposit. Go to bank on the morning of 26 27 April 2017. Make copy of Letter. B100 Make copies of every page of bank Savings Book for last year, May 2016 through April 2017. Sign every page – make copy (1) Make a copy of the Income Verification Form from the US Consulate. Where's the either/or, surely not supplying all 3?
  6. Claiming denial is always much easier than claiming fault, just ask your local PM.
  7. But it's not in Thai language, it's in English. You just don't understand what you read! Purpose of Visit = Retirement. Type of Visa = Non Imm O-A.
  8. Says he who claims it took him 3 years to figure out how to obtain a Non Imm O-A Visa. Open thine eyes and yea shall see, alternatively visit Specsavers. The same site also states the Non Imm O-A Visa is issued for the purpose of Retirement (twice in fact).
  9. I have the same Aus blank stat dec that UJ has already provided. I also have a completed Aus stat dec which I can send via your PM. It contains personal details, so not suitable to post on the forum. No appointment or proof of funds required. I assume you are aware the Australian Embassy recently moved to it's new building; 181 Wireless Road Lumphini Pathumwan Bangkok 10330
  10. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    Unfortunately I only read his e-mail tonight telling me he was going today, after being out most of the day.
  11. And those who tell you there is no such thing as a 'Retirement Visa' are correct. As you already correctly stated what you applied for and was issued was a Non Imm O-A Visa. In the US they refer to the Non Imm O-A Visa as the 'long stay' Visa. I have yet to see a Visa issued by any Thai Embassy that has the word' retirement' or 'long stay' printed on it. Non Imm O-A Visa, the Non Imm O ME Visa and Extensions based on retirement are often referred to as 'Retirement Visa'. The fact is they are all issued for the purpose of Retirement, but they all have different conditions of use. Telling me you have a 'Retirement Visa' usually means you have one of two Visas issued by a Thai Embassy, or an Extension issued by Immigration. And your guess which one, is as good as mine.
  12. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    Hi yes thanks, I was asking on behalf of a friend in Buriram. He screwed up his O-A Visa, so got a 30 day Visa exempt entry but left it to late to do a conversion. I told him to get a 30 day extension, which he has, and now he's preparing his documents to do the conversion to Non Imm O and retirement extension. I've run him through the procedure, forms and documents required, but he tells me when he applied for the 30 day extension and mentioned coming back to do the conversion, the IO said he'd have to get a Visa across the border first, or for a fee he could handle it. Anyway I've sent my friend back today with a TM87, TM7 and all his documents. Hopefully he gets a different more honest IO. I just wondered if anyone else had successfully completed the conversion process at Buriram since all Immigration offices have been informed to handle these types of applications themselves now.
  13. Have your tried exiting the Country and re-entering on the so called Visa you obtained from Immigration using a TM7. It would by your definition of a Visa allow you to enter Thailand.
  14. The agent you use may be well connected, but not very well informed. If your paying him to act on your behalf, you have to question why he didn't inform you of the requirement for someone to file the TM30.