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  1. Whining on the forum won't solve your mate's problem. He got scammed, live and learn. Go file a Police report, but you'll have to get out of your armchair to do it. It's because people do nothing (except whinge) that these scammers get away with it. Or your mate's a fool.
  2. And it might not. I'd always advocate taking proof of address in the form of rental agreement or landlords Tabien Baan and ID card. No harm done if their not requested, but egg on your chin if they are and you didn't take them. As for the long list, just which one of the 4 photocopies won't they request.
  3. You don't go on a site someone sends you...……..f**** sake. To many Frank Spencer's in Thailand without any help from Betty. And why, as your so concerned, haven't you taken any advice and reported it to the Police.
  4. So your advising him proof of address isn't required at CW.
  5. Tanoshi

    How to watch the FIFA World Cup finals: live stream?

    With English commentary Early days, but some shock results so far. I rather fancy Spain to win the Tournament this time around. France, Germany, Brazil all firing under par.
  6. If you enter on a Visa exempt, you'll have 14 days to submit your application. If you can make an appointment and obtain your Income affidavit from your Embassy within that time, then it's doable. Copies of photo page of Passport. Visa exempt stamp Entry stamp TM 6 (departure card) Income affidavit. TM 87. 2,000 baht fee. You will need some form of proof of address, be it a rental contract, copies of landlord's Tabien Baan and ID card, or a letter from the Condo management committee. Thailand is quite strict on knowing the whereabouts of foreigners.
  7. The 1 year extension based on retirement is issued while you wait. (It's a permit, not a Visa). 1,900 baht. You can apply for your multi re-entry permit at the same time. (3,800 baht). No reason other than allowing yourself time to open a bank account, find somewhere to rent, and get an income affidavit from your Embassy.
  8. Good choice, gives you more time to organise and prepare. Go after 30 days, but while you still have at least 15 days permission to stay. You'd be applying for a Non Imm O as part of a conversion from a TV entry to an extension based on retirement. Form TM86. The Non O allows a stay of 90 days. If you need to leave the Country apply for a re-entry permit. Within the last 30 days of the 90 apply for the extension. The extension runs from the expiry date of the Non O, so no time lost. You must report to Immigration every 90 days if staying in the Country, you do not have to leave. If you want to leave purchase a re-entry permit.
  9. Technically, your application is still under consideration, you are certainly not on overstay.
  10. Tanoshi

    Shop Loyalty Cards

    You probably just weren't aware you were receiving anything. Despite promotional offers Big C sometimes run (spend over 1,000 baht get 100 baht off) if you have their card you accumulate points with every purchase. The total points earned are shown on each receipt. These points accumulate very quickly and can be used to discount certain items, or if left, at the end of each quarter they automatically reduce your bill at the checkout by 70 baht per 10,000 points. We do a weekly shop averaging 1,500 - 2,000 baht per week. End of July is deadline for redeeming points this quarter and we currently have over 38,000 points. After this weekends shop they will total over 40,000 points. The week after we'll redeem the points to receive a 280 baht discount on the bill. Both the wife and I have cards, so when they offer the promotional discounts like 100/200 baht reduction when spending 1,000 baht, we check out when we hit the 1,000 baht mark, then use the other card for the remaining shop. We often get 200 -400 baht discounts.
  11. What's your nationality? If your from the UK no proof of funds required.
  12. That is the correct procedure, although you will have to register the marriage before they issue the Kor Ror 22. They should be able to do both same day.
  13. Being over 50 is a condition, same as financial qualifications. Extensions are issued based on Marriage or Retirement. The reason of issue is clearly stated on the extension.
  14. I assume your flying back home for a short break. If so, wouldn't it be easier to just apply for the Non Imm O ME Visa there.