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  1. What unusual circumstances you find yourself in! 1. You shouldn't, because you are the owner, your Chanute is your proof. 2. No. She will have to register herself in another Tabien Baan. 3. This can vary depending on the local requirements of the Amphoe. This is all I had to supply, but many have reported differently. Original Documents. 1. Passport. 2. Approved Translation of Passport Home Page into Thai, with attached photo. 3. 2nd Passport Photo for application form. Copies. 1. Passport Home Page. 2. Passport page of current Visa or Extension. 3. TM6 (Departure card) 4. House owners Tabien Baan (signed with tele number) 5. House owners ID card (signed with telephone number) 4. In my case about 1 hour, others have reported days, weeks. You should pay a visit to your local Amphoe office first and enquire about their procedure and what documents they request.
  2. If they ask for proof of address and you don't have it, then it's a revisit. If you take proof of address and they don't ask for it, you've lost nothing. Going prepared is key to being successful in the minimum of time.
  3. You were the one that complained about your bank. If your happy to take a 1 hour trek to another branch, why complain in the first place.
  4. Your wrong about that. http://www.dpa.or.th/download/article/article_20111018160602.pdf
  5. Passport Copy of passport photo page Copy of Tourist Visa Copy of entry stamp Copy of TM6 Departure card. Proof of address. Completed TM7 form. They may ask you to file a TM30. Forms can be downloaded here:
  6. So your issue is with your bank supplying the letter, not with Immigration. So change banks!
  7. Updating your passbook is a cinch, do you mean obtaining the letter is a bit of a pain, and why?
  8. You were given permission to stay for 30 days without a Visa (Visa exempt entry) You can extend your permission to stay for another 30 days using the formTM7. (1,900 baht).
  9. That is not a new process. That has always been the process to have a UK document legalised to be accepted in Thailand.
  10. Should be stamped permitted to stay until 2/3/2019.
  11. As an example of your posted plan. Visa issued 26/2/2018. Enter before date 25/2/2019. (The validity of the Visa). Enter Thailand 3/3/2018 - stamped permitted to stay until 2/3/2018. Exit Thailand 18/12/2018 to spend Xmas in US. Enter Thailand 20/1/2019 - stamped permitted to stay until 19/1/2020. Proposed visit to Vietnam 5/5/2019. (Visa expired 25/2/2019). Purchase single re-entry permit 1,000 baht. Enter Thailand 19/5/2019 - stamped permitted to stay until 19/1/2020. (The date you were last permitted to stay from your final entry to Thailand on the Visa). If you wanted to maximise your permission to stay, you could do a border run (out/in) on 24/2/2019 and you would be given permission to stay until 23/2/2020.
  12. The 'enter before date' will be dated 1 year from the date of issuance. The validity of the Visa is separate from the validity of permission to stay. With your planned itinerary as long as you re-enter Thailand before the 'enter before' date of the Visa, you will be given 'permission to stay' for another year (no fees). The Visa will expire on the 'enter before' date (so will the multi entry condition) but your 'permission to stay' is still valid. During this 2nd year of permission to stay you can continue to make 90 day reports at Immigration. If however you want to exit/re-enter Thailand within this period you need to purchase a re-entry permit (single 1,000 baht, multiple 3,800 baht) which will keep your permission to stay valid. When the Visa expires on the 'enter before' date, the multi entry condition of that Visa also expires.
  13. The OP means the Non O Visa was applied for the 'purpose of being a dependant'. i.e. A child would be a 'dependant' of their Mother or Father. Extensions of stay are issued based on the 'purpose' of either retirement or marriage. The stamp above the extension permit denotes the 'purpose' of issue.
  14. Tourist Visas are limited to 60 days permission to stay (although a 30 day extension is available) so they usually want to see a flight itinerary with a return date. The Non Imm O-A Visa allows a 1 year entry and if you exit and re-enter Thailand just before the 'enter before' date of the Visa you will be granted another 1 year permission to stay. You could alternatively visit surrounding Countries numerous times returning to Thailand each time. It's impossible to provide a flight itinerary for your possible plans over the next two years. Quite often, those with a Non Imm O-A Visa will obtain an annual extension of stay from local Immigration at the end of that Visa.