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  1. Basically your choice of transfer methods is either Domestic ACH, SWIFT, International Wire....the later two being pricey fee-wise. While Domestic ACH transfers from already established U.S. ibanking ACH transfer links are still getting through to Bangkok Bank accounts it's highly probable that will stop in the near future. -------- funny, I setup transferwise today, and it offered two choices ACH and Wire, for $1000 it shows "Wire" as less expensive by about $1 FWIW Maybe one can set up both Schwab International and Domestic Accounts to have the luxury of free Wire transfers
  2. khlongtoey

    DTAC is crazy- Explain for me?

    the router/s (there are like 2-3 on each floor) are in the hallways ; and the owners don't allow anyone to even move antennas ; so that won't work I did by a Wifi extender, which I'm hoping might help , but as a backup I'm thinking some kind of DTAC 4g hotspot, though not sure how the 4g is in the new condo, I haven't moved to yet
  3. khlongtoey

    DTAC is crazy- Explain for me?

    pantip plaza ? what did you pay for it, so you plug in a DTAC SIM card into it and it works better than a mobile phone used as a hotspot I imagine?
  4. if he entered on Nov 10, got a 1 year stamp, can he get the re-entry Nov 13 ( Before the actual visa has expired? or must one be in-country and wait till a day or so after the Visa expires?) I would guess the former?
  5. So what is the timing to apply for the EOS (ext of stay), any time during the 2nd year, while on re-entry permits? Can I wait till the last month of my final 1 year I am stamped in for ? Or how close in advisable? If you mail it to LA, it probably requires another $20-$30 for the 2- way pre-paid preferred special shipping type, unless you want to mail your passport in the regular mail $30 for criminal background check here
  6. khlongtoey

    DTAC is crazy- Explain for me?

    is there a DTAC data-only unlimited plan that I could use for a laptop without slowdowns 4G unlimited, I had one for my phone in the past, but can't seem to understand DTACs website the wifi in my condo is shared by other tenants(probably insecure), and often goes up & down or is slow, though I do use a VPN most of the time. Am also curious if anyone can recommended a 4g hotspot device, instead of using my Android phone as a hotspot cheers
  7. khlongtoey

    My First Prostate Exam - Advice Please

    Tom: thats correct, it's really fairly simple, but there is lots of 1/2 truths and skeptical information attached to anything regarding a person's personal "hygeine" areas; There are 2 classes of drugs "the alpha blockers" & "the shrinkers" (& sometimes one pill with be a combo of the two types) ; If you were to look at a diagram of the anatomy , it should be easy to understand. Bladder has to drain , 1st it must exit the bladder via a valve( which is where alpha blockers act on) ; Then the urine must continue along the ureter/urethrea( the pipe from your bladder through the penis in order to urinate) The pipe goes through the prostate, hence size changes can reduce the diameter of the passage, if this happens you get backflow, and the bladder doesn't fully empty , so one has to get up at night more often as the bladder refills faster. I believe that's the general outline, probably some caveats or minor errors in my explanation ..... eg. what drives how long the bladder valve stays open Prostate is a slow growing gland, my urologist says 6 months to decide how well a shrinker is working. PS: WCH in my understanding might raise your top (systolic) 10 points but not 40 ; I would keep an eye on it. There is a simi official method, to reduce the confounding factors, take it when you 1st wake up in the same position laying or sitting, before you start walking around , if it is high on the Left (L), take it on the R also, whichever arm is highest , wait 5 minutes and retake it again on that arm, keep a written record you probably don't want to live with a SBP of > 130 IMO ; of course ; YMMV depending on your other "risk factors"
  8. khlongtoey

    My First Prostate Exam - Advice Please

    Silosin is an alpha blocker, it isn't going to shrink anything, it may help with your symptoms almost immediately but keeping your bladder valve open to allow better bladder emptying
  9. khlongtoey

    ACH Payment to BKB NY

    Whats the deal with TWise? I signed up, read their help section, watched their little youtube video, with them pledging they are so great and new blah blah, but still can't sort out the mechanics of what they are and do without actually starting a transfer, other than "we have bank accounts" in many countries. So, a bit hesitant to give them my Bank or CC details, if this is their approach "just trust us". Is it US bank to Thai bank or is it US CC to Thai Bank or ? sigh
  10. khlongtoey

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    Or "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." A variation on quote attributed to Huey Long. Anyway, no point engagning in any "poll" from the SVR SF , when they can't spelll "insidious" correctly
  11. khlongtoey

    “Buddy dive” planned for Tham Luang rescue – news report

    I would guess the reason there are 40 foreign divers, is because regular open-water & cave diving are very different, I noticed one of the photo had a farang with a Nitrox tank for example. If heavy rain is starting may well be a very good idea, to have started this now, if the water volume going through funneled areas make the current too strong to move upstream , especially. seems cave rescues require 1000s of people ; may be less difficult than organizing better ocean and road safety really godspeed john glenn
  12. I'm wondering how many underwater sections are narrow ; the "two feet width" stuff they allude too, and if there is any vis at all usually, and how much the current changes, Even if they get "oxygen" in, I wonder if they also need CO2 scrubbers ; they need exhaust I think, other than whatever the stream is absorbing ; May be some thought also, about getting them all out if your going to get any out, sad to say
  13. khlongtoey

    LDL and statins

    You can also look at your 10 year risk of heart attack/ MI ; use the American Board of Cardiology, your LDL can be quite high and if you < 5% may still not 'need a statin' frankly, even the lowest dose of 2 different statins, and while using high dose coQ10 gave myself mental vagueness, and I can't live with that , not to mention the low grade muscle aches, that might be age might be the statins , etc for the right person, they are great , but I don't think I'll ever be able to take them
  14. well at least he got the elephant bag, I would like to see some pointing, and why no wand in the metal detector, it's not the MRT? :)
  15. should just close this topic, not OK to insult any monk/s in LOS IMO I did enjoy that there was some local hilltribe intervention as well, having to do with bleeding it, placing it's head on an alter and taking it home to boil to read its intestines :) http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30349134